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Community car sharing service on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand Welcome to the NZ Carsharing. We are a social enterprise promoting more sustainability for our community.

As a green and conscious business we believe that it is important to create a harmonious way of living by sharing resources cooperatively. For us the carsharing is primarily an opportunity to grow our Selves. All gains and profits go back into the organisation. In growing our Selves as human beings we dare to share which makes the community sustainable, resourceful, harmonious. The sharing of reso

Operating as usual

[10/18/20]   Dear friends of NZ Carsharing Ltd

In case you missed our last post we have pushed the pause button on our initiative for now .
Thank you for your support over the last twenty year's and we'll see you again in the future.

Kind sharing.

Paul Gilligan.

[06/24/19]   Dear Carsharing members ,

It is with a heavy heart that I am closing the doors of nz carsharing Ltd due to difficulties beyond my capabilities.

It's been my passion for the passed twenty years and I can honestly say that the financial aspect of it wasn't a issue, I only wanted to keep our company affordable hence taking care of the business side for the most part without taking an income from it.

Thank you very much to all of you for supporting me over the years, I've learned more than I could have imagined.

All the best

Paul Gilligan


[03/15/19]   Hello carsharing members,
As you probably have noticed, AT (Auckland City Transport Department) have allocated a second carsharing carpark along side the existing one we are using at Matiatia.
This one is used by City Hop at the moment, so Waiheke Island currently has two car sharing companies to serve the community.

Happy sharing


Its been seventeen years since I discovered my passion for sharing and being a mechanic I naturally turned to car sharing.
A big inspiration has always been John Lennon’s magical creative insightful songs. The one that keeps on surprising me with such wisdom is ‘Imagine’. Often when I hear this song I have another realisation of how this is so beneficial to who we are as a human race, becoming much more open and happier than ever.
Happy sharing :-)

[01/23/17]   Free carsharing!
We’re offering one free day of carsharing with our Auckland car ‘Maru’.
Located in Parnell (by the rose gardens) this car needs a new license card to be put in before 26 Jan 2017.
Simply take the new card with you from Waiheke and put in on the window screen before you enjoy it for the day.
If you’re not already a NZ carsharing member, we'll throw in a free casual membership as well :-)

Post your interest below or text on 022 357 0142.

Happy sharing,

[01/01/17]   HAPPY CARSHARING NEW YEAR one & all, 2017 thank you for supporting us and the coming year ahead, Happy Motoring

[05/31/16]   We had not forgotten our promise, but when our 200th member signed up mid March we were a bit distracted … since our youngest, Finley Gilligan, also joined us then.

Congratulations Caro and Ammi!

Since you already have the membership we are offering two days of car sharing for free. Enjoy :-)


Our youngest - honorary - member joined in March. His name is Finley Gilligan, at two months old he’s testing out the NZC baby car seat. :-)
By the time he’s licensed to drive, our vision is to have an all electric car fleet throughout New Zealand!


Our 189th member joined today, and we are looking forward to welcoming number 200!
Invite your friends to like this page. They can join up via
The 200th member will receive a free one-year membership (value $60)!

[06/10/15]   ** interim-coordinator for this winter & new phone number **

Dear car-sharers,
NZ Carsharing is proud to present its interim-coordinator for this winter: Karen McMahon. Karen will be handling all your bookings from 12 June until 5 September, while I am exploring new carsharing opportunities in Europe.
During this period car keys pick up and drop off on Waiheke will be at 28a Hill Road, Palm Beach. (The mailbox at 13 Glen Brook Road is no longer in use from 12 June.)

From Friday 12 June NZ Carsharing also has a new phone number: 022 357 0142. Please update your contact details.

Thank you for your support and happy carsharing!

[01/05/15]   HAPPY SHARING NEW YEAR FOR 2015 !


New Car for NZ Carsharing – a donation by a community member!!

New car in our fleet named “Pounamu”.

What a wonderful thing to do – donating a car to our community of about 130 carsharing members!! Thank you Janet and Peter!

This new car will be parked in front of the Oneroa Bowling Club for all members to book as per ususal.

Any other donations or affordable cars?? We are looking for the following:

1. a camper van to park on the Coromandel close to the arrival of the Orapiu ferry and

2. a people carrier (9 seater van) that we get regular requests for

Any donations please contact Paul Gilligan +64 27 481 1482 or [email protected]

[09/04/14]   Part 6.

I don't know about how it was for you this passed Winter ? and now that we are in the first week of spring 2014…. I would love to here from you, anything at all as to what you would like to be able to do in terms of your Transport requirements in Auckland and Waiheke island and for that matter any other locations that you would like to have access to a vehicle ? Id love your suggestions please.
Im " ploughing the income back into growing our Carsharing Club "
so we together can make our community a Transport design that works for you !!!
Lets get started in designing a place that helps to improve the way in which we live and create a lifestyle to lower our costs of living, intern reducing some stress related to this.

Until then, take care :-) Happy sharing…..


[07/10/14]   Part 5.

The Dilemma I have these days is that I trust that I am being the best I can be about what was famously called " The inconvenient Truth " in terms of one person can make a difference in respecting our planet Earth !
As I consider myself a curious person and from as far back as I can remember I like to know how things work ?
I was a member of a Group called Earth First back in 1990 plus many other initiatives over the years and as part of this area of my life I also have been interested in Shared living Models and would love to live in some form of shared accommodation one day.
In my personal experience of living in a large house with other like minded people I found it difficult that way, but without the financial resources of buying into a block of land with others, I was willing to sample a variation of Communal Living and have plans to grow myself to a point where I could transition into a shared living lifestyle block sometime in the not to distant future.
Until then I have promised to take baby steps hence my love of Carsharing which is a wonderful experience at " square one " for me personally, anyway off I go now, talk soon :-) Happy sharing……..

[07/01/14]   Breaking news,

NZ Carsharing has two trailers now, one a Cage trailer and the other a standard size trailer as part of our fleet.

[07/01/14]   Part 4…
I had many sleepless nights ! with questions running around in my head about how to move forward with my car in Auckland, questions like " what am I responsible for ? this lead me to put pen to paper as my list of responsibilities where vast, I had bits of paper everywhere ! I had better start to put all of this in a book and before I knew it one process lead to another and out popped the very first for the want of a working name " privately owned car to friend " small working Manual BUT this lead to even more questions like car insurance, maintenance, was I breaking any laws, etc and what is a fair amount to ask my friends to pay each time they want my car for the day ? as I left school at 15 years old, I had know idea of how to work out the costs ? I looked for other examples ? where do I look and who do I ask ?

[06/02/14]   Part 3...
In the first few months one friend after another found out about my spare vehicle in Auckland and as I only wanted the use of it every so often it was working well were we would share some of the on road costs. Until one day I received a call from another friend ( that had her car parked near mine ) saying hey, did you know that your car in Auckland was parked jutting out with a big dent in the right hand side ? !! this was shocking news to me, what had happened ? well as it turns out I never found out ! as no one new anything about it ? so I had to pay the Panel shop to make repairs to get it back on the road. This was decision time, if I wanted to carry on down this path or not and after much deliberation I decided to keep going.

[05/19/14]   Now that I had come up with this idea of sharing my car with friends, I thought this was going to be easy ! but Ooo No ! I faced many challenges, the first thought was, will they return my car the way they found it ? and if they didnt would they be proactive in having it repaired to the same standard as they found it ? and further more how long would it be off the road being made good ? then what if they didnt have the money to pay for the repairs ? Talk soon Paul Gilligan

[05/18/14]   Dear NZC Members and friends, As I have lived on Waiheke for yolks and I remember the day some twelve years ago that I was calculating the On road cost of running a vehicle in Auckland and I realized that I couldn't justify carrying on paying for it on my own anymore, so I though I better put on my " creative hat " and come up with a way to pay for it !
What came back to me was like the Beatles Song " With a little help from my friends " and thats how it all started back then……
From Paul Gilligan


We have a new bank account - please see here: and thank you for changing your banking details!


Membership fee due for the new tax year...
please see your email or Member's Manual: 22/01/2014

The B Team

As a conscious business we support the B-Team. The B Team believes business leaders attending The World Economic Forum in Davos have a powerful opportunity to advance the interests of people and planet Our mission is to deliver a Plan B that puts people and planet alongside profit


After negotiations with Auckland Transport end of last year, we have now been advised that we will have a dedicated car parking space close to the Matiatia wharf for an NZ CarSharing vehicle as part of the redesign of the parking solution in Matiatia. This will come into place in a few months, we will keep you posted here!


Some of the ideas from the carsharing community for further enhancements. So appreciated!
• Fuel Meter
• Digital meter of fuel consumption in liters
• Electronic solution with navman
• Research how other carsharing models handle damage to the carsharing car
• Possibility to get insurance for carsharing car
• Rental homes and cars


NZ Carsharing's cover photo

First Media Exposure for NZ CarSharing 28/11/2013

First Media Exposure for NZ CarSharing

NZ CarSharing AKA karpool is in the news - see Gulf News from Nov 21st 2013 on page 22.
Full article is on our website


Checkout our new website (still under construction):
Any feedback most welcome!!!

[11/28/13]   NZ CarSharing Member Guide

[10/17/13]   Did YOU know that Car Sharing was pioneered in NZ on Waiheke Island by karpool 10 years ago?? :-) 17/10/2013

Carsharing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Did you know there are Car Sharing services available in over a thousand cities in many nations? Checkout Car Sharing on Wikipedia Carsharing or car sharing (in the UK known as car clubs) is a model of car rental where people rent cars for short periods of time, often by the hour. They are attractive to customers who make only occasional use of a vehicle, as well as others who would like occasional access to a vehicle of a diff...


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[07/19/13]   Applying for Membership ?


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