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Belle Bird Botanica


hi there - wanted to review you but I couldn't see how to do it - just wanted to say - your cedar and frankincense oil beard oil is AMAZING!!! We don't have any beards but use it for everything else :) Even scenting our furry labrador! Great work!

Belle Bird Botanica is a family of plant-based, natural skincare products that are made by hand from a lovingly formulated blend of organic oils & butters.

Originally designed as all over body moisturisers that actually last, Belle Bird Organic Balms are packed full of incredible ingredients that not only nourish your skin but they smell delicious too. Using base oils of the amazing coconut & sesame oils, Belle Bird Organic Balms are hand made with love in Piha, Aoteoroa.

Operating as usual


Clematis paniculata ~

Puawhananga ('flower of the skies'), is the most popular of the native NZ Clematis species, which adorns the upper layer of the native bush ~ trailing up forest trees and providing a remarkable spring display of white flowers from September to November. Traditionally this blossom was known to be a harbinger of Spring and warm weather, so not only is it just gorgeous to see blossoming but also the warm weather it welcomes in. Blessed to have this beauty tangling it’s way through our garden forest. 🙏🏼 17/09/2020

Pink dolphins resurface in Hong Kong's waterways since pandemic

Because everyone loves a pink dolphin.... 💗💕 🐬 The colourful dolphins have returned to frolic in the ferry lanes.


Happy Monday 🦋


Who doesn’t want a little bit of sunshine on a rainy afternoon? 🌞🌼☀️

“You are the Sunshine” is a divine and sumptuous face cream and a song of love to you. Wake up everyday and be reminded how beautiful and radiant you are. Not only by being the best version of you but by making a commitment to using products that are people, planet and animal friendly. 👧🏽🌏🐭

Made with organic and plant based extracts that promote tissue repair, diminish redness, boost collagen and soften skin. Be a beautiful you 💛


Fresh batch of Baby Balm on the shelves this morning. A most beautiful hue of orange tinted by the inclusion of Calendula infused oil.

Calendula Officinalis contains various carotenoids, flavonoids and saponins which all work towards soothing and regenerating chapped, dry or irritated skin.

A beautiful oil to use on babies as energetically it is warming, coaxing us into a brighter disposition and offering a glimpse into the sunny possibilities. Calendula magic is the magic of nuturing potential. 🧡


Enjoying some time in the garden this weekend, thought I’d share some gorgeous late winter hellebores.... happy Sunday everyone 🖤💜🖤💜


I think Spring is coming... 🙏🏼🌸


How beautiful is nature?
Autumn in Switzerland ❤️💗


Very excited that Serial Box have included Belle Bird in their Plastic Free July gift box. Check out this sweet little ensemble of plastic free goodies that’s going out to all their subscribers. 💜🧚‍♀️


“Plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.” 🌸
Jorge Luis Borge

Gustav Klimt


Hello lovely people 🌸 just a wee note to say I’m taking a break for a week. If you need any Belle Bird urgently, please place an order today. Otherwise all orders placed from tomorrow will be processed on Wednesday the 24th. See you soon!!
Meg Xx


The good 'ole Belle Bird staples to get you through winter. The NOURISH balm to keep skin from drying and chapping, it is soothing and restorative after your shower or bath and the NATURAL LIP BALM to keep on your desk or in your handbag, perfect for dry lips or cuticles. Both are subtly vanilla scented but no overpowering synthetic scents and ALL natural with organic ingredients. Nourish yourself this winter 🧡 #madewithlove 07/06/2020

A factory in Turkey started to produce roof tiles that serve as bird shelters

So very sweet.... 🐦 The Turkish company Hitit Terra is now manufacturing these roof tiles that double as bird shelters. The Hitit Terra founders, Cengiz Başaranhıncal and Ali Arslan, said that the idea to produce bird nest tiles came after they saw the design on social media. Ali explained that the price of the tile ...


Wowee what a week! 🦋

I am exhausted, grateful and truly humbled. After posting Belle Bird onto a NZ made products page I have been totally blown over with the most gorgeous, incredible response!! People LOVE supporting local business and even more than that they love to see real people behind the businesses. To everyone that got in touch or ordered, it’s been a real honor to chat with you and pack up your Belle Bird packages. Some of you I still need to get back to and I’ll be in touch really soon. Thankyou everyone from the bottom of my heart. Have a wonderful weekend 💗🙏🏼🌸🦋✨🌈💫🌷


Good morning from our beautiful Rose lip balms. Delicately scented with the pure therapeutic essential oil of Bulgarian rose and lightly tinted pink with herb Alkanet. 💗Energetically the herb Rose can uplift the heart, remove stagnant emotions, prevent depressive moods and assist connection between the brain & the heart. A beautiful little tin of love to carry anywhere with you. 🌷💖
. 16/05/2020

76-Year-Old Man Has Collected Scrap Metal To Feed Stay Cats Every Day For 22 Years – Dog Dispatch

What a sweetheart 💛🐱 Heartwarming 76-Year-Old Man Has Collected Scrap Metal To Feed Stay Cats Every Day For 22 Years He has not missed a day ❤️ C. Olmstead April 22, 2020 Share Willie Ortez is a 76-year-old man from Hartford, Connecticut who has a huge heart of gold. For the past 22 years, he has been feeding stray ...


How beautiful and bright is this divine Calendula oil?

•Certified organic this oil is energetically aligned with joy. It is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, anti inflammatory, a great promoter of skin healing and very gentle.

•It’s perfect addition in the beautiful Belle Bird baby balm. Ideal for bottoms, cradle cap and cracked or sore ni***es. Also very beneficial for anyone with very sensitive, dry skin or eczema.

• Delicately scented with the most heavenly organic Neroli oil which itself is antibacterial and promotes a calm state, supports healthy digestion and can relieve itchiness and minimise stretch marks. •



The newest and maybe the sweetest arrival at Belle Bird is the Plant & Petal handcream. Perfect this year for Mothers Day or for anyone needing some nourishing from all the hand washing we are currently doing! Made with a divine blend of organic plant oils, butters and natural flower extracts, this rich cream is deeply moisturising without leaving hands feeling greasy. Lightly scented naturally, without any overpowering synthetic fragrances. The perfect blend, just as nature would have it. 🌱💚

~ free giftwrapping on request ~ 26/04/2020

Husband Plants Thousands of Flowers For His Blind Wife To Smell

The power of love 💗🌸🌷 Man’s romantic gift to his blind wife is so spectacular it draws visitors When his wife suddenly lost her eyesight, a retired farmer found the best smelling flower he could find and planted thousands of them around their home to lure her out of the house and out of depression. …


Catching some beautiful shafts of afternoon light 💚💛💚 ~ hoping you are too. X 15/04/2020

Coffee Cups Embedded with Seeds Grow Into Trees and Wildflowers

Gosh wouldn’t you buy your takeout coffee from any vendor using these cups? 💗 Instead of sending your coffee cup to a landfill, you soon might be able to plant it and watch it grow into a wildflower or tree Americans consume 400 million disposable coffee cups a day. Almost all of them end up in a landfill (or the ocean) where they take …


Hope you’re all OK out there! Sending sunny hugs 💛☀️


Good morning from Miss Viola, herb of the heart 💜


Inspiring Woman Growing a Huge Amount of Food in a Tiny Backyard in the City!

An incredibly inspiring and very relevant story of a young woman growing enough fresh produce to feed her household on a tiny NSW Australian backyard. 💚

The Plummery is a suburban home where a tiny urban permaculture garden measuring only 100sq/m (1076 sq feet) produces over 400kg/900 pounds of food year-roun...


Stay safe everyone 💛 19/03/2020

Dolphins and swans appear in Venice canals amid virus lockdown

Amidst all the chaos, nature hits reset...🍃💚 Residents of Venice have reported spotting dolphins, swans and fish in newly clear canal waters after the usually bustling city went quiet as coronavirus spread throughout Italy. 27/02/2020

Norway Becomes First Country to Ban Palm Oil Biofuel Linked to "Catastrophic Deforestation"

So brilliant to see a govt taking real ownership of the Palm Oil issue 🙏🏼 Palm oil consumption — which is already devastating the world’s rainforests — is expected to increase sixfold over the next decade largely because of its newfound-use as a biofuel Norway’s consumption of palm oil biofuel reached an all-time high last year thanks to laws intended to cut fossi... 18/02/2020

Colgate launches recyclable toothpaste tube and will share its tube technology with competitors

Heartening to see a big company like Colgate unveiling a recyclable tube AND offering to share the technology! 🙏🏼 #positivesteps Colgate-Palmolive said it will share its tube technology with competitors in a bid to help make recyclable tubes an industry standard Colgate has become the fir


Use code NOURISH to get 20% off this week!

Sumptuous, beautiful, organic oils and butters make for a soothing balm that loves dry, burnt or irritated skin. The Nourish Balm is a restorative blend based on Ayurvedic oil treatments that is useful anytime of the year. The formula is rich in antioxidants and anti inflammatory ingredients that are anti microbial and can help to slow premature aging and enrich dry or chapped skin. Soothing on bites and just generally lovely after a shower or a big day at the beach, this is one of my all time favourite products and staple addition to the bathroom shelf. 12/02/2020

Kittens Roam Freely In This Bookstore In Canada And Customers Can Even Adopt Them

Very sweet.... 🐱 If you ever wanted to adopt a cute little kitty-cat, your first thought would probably be to go to an animal shelter. However, have you thought of going to… a bookstore? 09/02/2020

Interview: Photographer Captures Enchantment of Real-Life “Fairy Forests” in Finland

Such stunning photos of wildlife 💚 Photographer Ossi Saarinen captures the many wild forest animals living in Finland’s mystical woodlands. 12/01/2020

Koala-sniffing detection dog the latest weapon in saving wildlife after devastating bushfires - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Bless this gorgeous wee dog working as part of the conservation crew in Oz 🙏🏼💛 For the latest updates on the NSW bushfires, head to NSW RFS or listen to ABC Sydney, ABC Illawarra, ABC South East or ABC Riverina.


Thankyou dear people for your support over 2019 and wishing you all a wonderful start to 2020. Xx 08/12/2019

Government moves to ban plastic fruit stickers, cutlery, and cotton buds

So wonderful to be able to say “Go N.Z!” A fantastic initiative from our govt to rid all those annoying little bits of plastic that end up in our waterways. 💚 The Government will move to ban non-degradable plastic apple stickers today.

Our Story

Belle Bird is a family of plant-based, natural skincare products that are made by hand from a lovingly formulated blend of organic oils and butters - designed to give your skin maximum nutrition and protection from the elements.

Originally designed by our founder Meg, who was working long hours in challenging conditions on international film sets and who needed a product that would nourish her skin and stand the test of time out in the elements. She made a product we now call the NOURISH balm to soothe and protect her skin and from here a whole range was born. Developed from a seed of inspiration based on Ayurvedic principles of nourishing mind, body and soul with daily rituals of self care, a small range grew. Through Belle Bird we want to share the magic of plants, the philosophy of conscious purchasing and the goal of an organic planet sustained by fair practice and kindness. We want you and our mother earth to both be beautiful together.



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