Panmure Pioneers Petanque Club

Petanque is enjoyable, entertaining and accessible to all New Zealanders.

We are a values-based organisation that promotes Continuous improvement, Integrity, Enjoyment, Personal leadership, Relationships: trust, support and challenge and lastly Service. We believe that petanque is distinctive in its nature which offers many opportunities for all.


Good morning,

As we get ready for our fundraiser tournament this weekend there is still time to register your team.

Thank you to those who have supported team NZ so far.

Entries to date. If I have missed your entry please send me a message.

1 Na'a / Lui
2 Seti / Conrad
3 Allan / Ian
4 Ray / Virginia
5 David B / Kate Taylor
6 Angela / Ann Shields
7 Yasmine / Rose Morton
8 Joanne / Tanel
9 Lynne / Wayne Macdonald
10 Thierry / Jay
11 Arnold / Tracy
12 Yvonne / Maryan
13 Niau / Tapeta
14 Phillippe / Babeth
15 Sega / Partner
16 Bruce / Linda
17 Michael / Richard
18 Pa / Imelda
19. Yolanda / Leilani
20 Lee / Gordon
21. Pam / Laurel
22. Mary-louise / roger
23. Dave Murray/ Juliet leigh
24. David L / Eileen



Help Get us to the Pétanque World Champs

This page is to help fund the guys travel to the Pétanque World Champs in Dijon, France in December 2024


Earlier this year, an Auckland based team, Tiki Ruta, Niau Ruta and Charles Pene qualified to represent New Zealand at the 2024 Pétanque World Triples Championships after winning the National Triples Title in March. They have selected a fourth player, David Lippard.

This year the pétanque world champs are to be held in Dijon, France on 5th – 8th December 2024

This is the first time in 12 years that New Zealand will be represented.

This page has been set up to help the guys get to Dijon ahead of the competition where they can adapt to the weather conditions, time difference and terrain before competition day.

Tiki, Niau and Charles are members of the Panmure Pioneer Pétanque club and their club is holding a fundraising event at their home terrain on Tripoli Rd on Sunday 26th May. If you are unable to attend in person, please feel free to connect to the live stream on You Tube. All donations will be acknowledged during the fundraiser. Link will be updated shortly.

The guys are humbled to be representing themselves, their families, club, region and country and they would appreciate anything you can offer to support them by donating via this page. Thank you for supporting these exceptional players on their quest for World Championship glory.

Many Thanks

Tiki, Niau, Charles, David and their Families


Pioneers Doubles Fundraiser Entries so far

1 Na'a / Lui
2 Seti / Conrad
3 Allan / Ian
4 Ray / Virginia
5 David B / Kate Taylor
6 Angela / Ann Shields
7 Yasmine / Rose Morton
8 Joanne / Tanel
9 Lynne / Wayne Macdonald
10 Thierry / Jay
11 Arnold / Tracy
12 Yvonne / Maryan
13 Niau / Tapeta
14 Phillippe / Babeth
15 Sega / Partner
16 Bruce / Linda
17 Michael / Richard
18 Pa / Imelda
19. Yolanda / Leilani
20 Lee / Gordon
21. Pam / Laurel
22. Mary-louise / roger
23. Dave Murray/ Juliet leigh

Still time to get your teams entered. Last day for entries is Saturday 25th May.

Thank you for your support. More information will be advised closer to the date.

Have a good weekend.




Join us for a thrilling petanque fundraiser as we support Charles, Niau, and Tiki on their journey to represent New Zealand at the Petanque World Championships in France 2024.

To enter your team please email [email protected]

Any questions please contact Leilani 0211022635.

Photos from Petanque New Zealand PNZ's post 03/03/2024

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate the following Panmure Pioneers Petanque Club members. Niau Ruta, Tiki Ruta and Charles Peni who became the New Zealand National Triples Champions for 2024. After a gruelling two days, this team defeated a strong opponent in Jarod, Stephane and Michael 13-11. Niau, Tiki and Charles have earned the right to represent the country at the next World Championships in France. A special mention to Lani Tovo, Na'a Tovo and their partner Adeleys Taraunu (former Pioneer member) who paired up for the first time and went all the way to the semi finals. Lastly to Seti Mailei who also made the quarter finals. A massive weekend for the members who we are all extremely proud of. Check out the game on You tube


APA Regional Triples Entries

Entries close this Friday please get your entries in.

1. Charles D/ Wayne m / Vaughan H
2. Pam J / Thierry P / Jay N
3. Margaret P / Barbara P / Virginia KS
4. Yasmine G / Maryan K / Lynette g
5. Yvonne B / Lydia D / Paul B
6. Alan F / Seti M / Joanne L
7. Ian B / Laurel P / Dianna G
8. Tanel V / David L / Junior P
9. Tiki R / Niau R / Charles P
10. Andre N / Keelan N / Christian F



Evening All,

Start time tomorrow is 9:30am so registration is 9am.

Rest up & See you tomorrow.

Saturday Day 1 ranking.

Thank you


**** Update sorry 1 more spot available ****

Evening All,

Just a few reminders as we get closer to this weekend pioneers open tournament.

Payment: Please do pay online if possible ASB 12 - 3083 - 0477835 - 00 use name as ref or Pioneer representative will be at the club on Friday from 4pm - 6pm to receive cash payments.

Saturday only start time is now 10am

Limited parking via Tripoli road entrance.

Food will be available for sale on both days.

Bar available onsite will be open 10am both days

And the best for last

Line up for this weekend.

If you have registered and do not see your name please make contact with me urgently. As you can see we now have 4 spots available if you would like to play pls also get in contact.

1 Thierry Pannetier /Jay Newton
2 Tanel /Junior Puletiu
3 Bruce Inglis / Linda Inglis
4 Andre Noel / David Lippard
5 Keelan Noel / Jackson
6 Tapi Vaina / Ly Waout Christian
7 Gaspard Mahuta / Vane Mahuta
8 Bernard Yao / Steeve Tetuanui
9 Sam Rameha / Rupearii Aiamu
10 Kevin Bucahut / Yann Nauta
11 Heiarii Nauta / Tehui Nauta
12 Robert Teng / Vickson Tuaiva
13 Francis Teikihuavanaka / Heimata Natiki
14 Alphonse Ateo / Daniel Tcheou
15 Jacqueline Ateo / Louise Tematahotoa
16 Marie-Claude Terei / Marie-Stella maraetaata
17 Heimaire Terei / Claude Terei
18 ErinA Tufaara / Teanatea Pihaatae
19 Matairea Gaucher / Lise Teriitehau
20 Teva Pihaatae / Rodolphe Teriitehau
21 Leopold Tavaearii-Tihoph / Romeo Tematahotoa
22 John Leetham / Tetuanui Rua
23 Gilles Ly yen Foc / Heifara Siaou Chin
24 Yves Hapairai / Gustave pito
25 Allan Marua'e / Partner
26 Maryann Kennedy / Robbie Sihamau
27 Aturia manuela / Tapeta Celestine
28 Abe Mireta / Hosta Suzanne
29 Romea Chris / Romea Samantha
30 Terorotua Nadia / Aturia Mareva
31 Tumata / Mathilde
32 Tiki / Sonke
33 Alan / Seti
34 Mich/ Poany
35 Teva / Toma
36 Bobby / Sundy
37 Robert Tumg / Geogio
38 Christian fouquet /Ricardo
39 Robert U / Tomi
40 Jean Pascal cuer / Paul dalebroux
41 Stephen fitzgerald / laurel priestly
42 Shan Tania / Pati Manuel
43 Ann Shields / Robyn
44 Niau / James
45 Steven Matahuira / Huirai Mamatui
46 Raihei Tametona / Sebastein Matahuira
47 Eritaia vonshin /Tamatoaarii Temauri
48 Georges Graffe / Norbert Teahui
49 Meherio Terei / Helene Aka
50 Adams / Ly Junito
51 Otui Vai Here / Ludovic Maroaunui
52 Ina / Paul B
53 Patrick pang / Auguste Tchen
54 Paul maitui / Teva lequere
55 Thierry Wong / George's Moulon


****Panmure Pioneers Update****

We have 5 Spots become available for this weekends tournament! First in, First Serve. Please email [email protected], messenger or cell 0211022635.

Thank you


****Pioneers Double Update.****

To all who have entered our tournament for next weekend.We have decided to now change the time for Saturday play only from 9am to now 10am start time.

This time change is for Saturday 27th only Sunday will begin normal time at 9am.

Register your team by 9 - 9:30am for 10am start. If you are 5 mins late it will result in your first game being forfeited.

Messages will be sent out to all players.

Any questions please contact me.



Afternoon all,

If you have any questions regarding entries for our pioneers doubles tournament please contact me directly.
via email [email protected], messenger or cell 0211022635.

Thank you


She's looking pretty this morning 😍
Have a good weekend😎

Photos from Panmure Pioneers Petanque Club's post 08/01/2024


Good evening,

Firstly would like to wish everyone a happy & prosperous new year.

It's that time of the year again as we gear up for our pioneers open doubles tournament at the end of this month.

We currently have 5 more spots available so if you have not registered and would like to participate in our tournament please message me your entry ASAP first in first serve.

Those who have already entered but have not advised who they are playing with we now ask you to get in contact with us so we can update our entries.

As for Payment, if you would like to make payment online please do so with the account number provided on our flyer. Thank you to those who have already paid.
And for those who are unable to pay online, we will be at the club on Friday 26th from 4pm to 8pm to collect payment before Saturday unfortunately if we receive no payment prior to Saturday will result in no pay no play. So pls ensure your entry is paid by Friday 26th.

Look forward to seeing everyone soon.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Panmure pioneers.


Congratulations to Tiki Ruta and brother Niau Ruta in winning the 2023 National Doubles Tournament in Christchurch. A great achievement for them both.



Parking available on Tripoli road at the back. Limited parking first in first serve basis

See you on Sunday register 8am for 8:30am start.

1. John Taylor
2. David Lippard
3. Joanne Lippard
4. Barb Parnell
5. Allan Fletcher
6. Ray Pierce
7. Charles Deane
8. Yasmine George
9. Thierry Pannetier
10. Seti Mailei
11. Tiki Ruta
12. Laurel Priestly
13. David Browne
14. Niau Ruta
15. Maryan Kennedy
16. Lynette Gibbs
17. Jay Newton
18. Heather Mathews
19. Paul Dalebroux
20. Wayne McDonald
21. Paul bickelmann
22. Georgio Vakauta
23. Junior Puleitu
24. Ian Baker
25. Margaret Penny
26. Vaughan Husband
27. Nicola Brock
28. Andre Noel
29. Keelan Noel
30. Christian Fouquet
31. Yvonne Bonfrer
32. Tanel Vahk
33. John carter
34. Dave Murray



Evening All,

APA Regional Doubles this Sunday if you have not registered your team please do send your entry forms in by Friday the 19th latest.

Email ✉️: [email protected]

Teams I have so far are.

1. Seti Mailei & JJ Puleitu
2. Margaret penny & Maryann Vigus Kennedy.
3. Bruce Inglis & Virginia Kirk Smith.
4. Ian Baker & Laurell Priestley
5. Thierry Pannetier & Charles Peni.
6. Alan Fletcher & Tanel Vahk.
7. Georgio Vakauta & Andre Noels.
8. Lynnette Gibbs & Wayne Macdonald.
9. Paul dalebroux & Barb Parnell.
10. David Browne & Toni Snelgrove
11. Tiki Ruta & Niau Ruta
12. Diana & Glen Glamuzina
13. John Carter & Christophe Costil
14. Heather Mathews & Yasmin George
15. Keelan Noel & Bayley Heywood
16. Renee Noel & Dylan Francis

See you all on Sunday

Lani Tovo.


Attention all Auckland Pétanque Association enthusiasts! 🎉🎉

Get ready for the APA Regional Doubles Championship happening on Sunday 21st May 2023 at Panmure Pioneers Petanque Club. This is an event you don't want to miss!

Entry fee is $20.00 per team, and entries close on 19th May 2023 at 5pm. With only 36 teams allowed, make sure you register early to avoid disappointment. Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the organiser.

Before entering, please ensure you have read the Entry Protocols, Player Code of Conduct & Health & Safety rules. Check them out on the APA website.

All entrants must be current financial members of a club affiliated to Auckland Pétanque Association and pay their PNZ affiliation fees through that club. Player eligibility also requires a residency of more than 12 months in New Zealand.

Registration starts at 8:00 a.m., with a players briefing at 8:15 a.m. and the tournament starts at 8:30 a.m. The format for the one-day tournament includes 4 rounds of Swiss followed by elimination rounds. Tea, coffee and water will be available throughout the tournament, but no BYO. Alcohol from the bar only. No smoking or va**ng on the terrain. Limited parking spaces are available at the back on Tripoli Road Panmure.

Don't miss out on this exciting tournament! First in, first served! 🏆

Please share this message with your club members.

Photos from Panmure Pioneers Petanque Club's post 14/05/2023

Attention Petanque enthusiasts! 🎉

Are you ready for an exciting weekend of competition and fun? The Panmure Pioneers Petanque Auckland Anniversary Doubles tournament is back! 🏆

On January 27th and 28th, 2024, teams from all over Auckland will gather at Panmure Pioneers Petanque Club to battle it out for a shared prize pool of $5000NZD! 💰

But here's the catch - the tournament will be limited to only 48 teams. So, make sure to get your registrations in early to secure your spot! 😎

Entry is $100 per team, and you can find all the details you need below. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your petanque skills and compete against the best of the best! 🤩

Date: January 27th & 28th, 2024
Location: Panmure Pioneers Petanque Club
Entry Fee: $100 per team
Prize Pool: $5000NZD (shared)
Limited to 48 teams

Register now and let's make this tournament a memorable one! 🙌

Photos from St Pius X Catholic School - Glen Innes's post 15/03/2023

Introducing our sport to the upcoming youth 👍


Good Afternoon,

We regret to inform you that the tournament has been cancelled due to the potential flooding caused by the weekend's forecast. Ensuring player safety is our top priority, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you paid for entry online, we will process refunds as soon as possible, with confirmation emails to be sent by Monday at the latest.

On Monday, if the weather is good, the club will host a Pay & Play event in the Tahitian style. Participants do not need to find their own partners, as the format allows them to team up with anyone present. The event is expected to begin around noon, depending on the weather. If you would like to know more, please email [email protected] or via messenger on Facebook.

Please pass on this message to your partners and clubs.

Panmure Pioneers



Hi All,

Due to the weather forecast over this long weekend an announcement will be made today at 1pm if the Open Doubles Panmure Petanque tournament will be going ahead or not.

Please keep an eye out for this announcement.


Photos from Panmure Pioneers Petanque Club's post 23/01/2023

Hi All,

Just a reminder if you have not registered your team for this weekend auckland anniversary open doubles Petanque tournament please do get in contact via email or message us and we will get your team signed up.

Please see flyer for all details.

Note: Food and drinks will be available for sale on both days.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the terrain this weekend.



Happy New Year everyone. Wishing everyone a prosperous 2023.

A reminder to get in your entry for our Auckland Anniversary Doubles Tournament.

The line up so far is looking good with plenty still to come. Spaces are limited so don't delay.

Panmure Pioneers Auckland Anniversary Doubles 2023

1. Thierry Pannetier & Jay Newton (NZ)
2. Seti Mailei and Junior Puletiu (NZ)
3. Meherio Terei and Erina Tufaara (TAHITI)
4. Delphine Torii and Tumatarii Pere (TAHITI)
5. Rodolphe Teriitehau and Alfred Moevai (TAHITI)
6. Andre Noel and Keelan Noel (NZ)
7. Georgio Vakauta and Asion Robert-Tumg (NZ/TAHITI)
8. U Robert and Tim Yen Maurice (TAHITI)
9. Maryan Kennedy and Lynette Gibbs (NZ)
10. Paul Dalebroux and Barb Parnell (NZ)
11. Alan Fletcher and Tanel Vahk (NZ)
12. Tiki Ruta and Niau Ruta (NZ)
13. Tom Paulo and Naomi Paulo (NZ)

Photos from Panmure Pioneers Petanque Club's post 13/12/2022

Panmure Pioneers invites all teams to play in our 2023 Auckland Anniversary Weekend Open Doubles Tournament. Get in your team asap in as we are limiting it to 48 teams. Details attached to our flyer. Click, like and share with your clubs and petanque community.

Photos from Panmure Pioneers Petanque Club's post 05/11/2022

Elimination Rounds now on. Quarters,Semi finals followed by the Finals.


Who will it be?


National Doubles - Round 7 then Eliminations to follow!

Photos from Panmure Pioneers Petanque Club's post 04/11/2022



National doubles 2022 under way day 1.🙌🙌

Photos from Panmure Pioneers Petanque Club's post 03/11/2022

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the terrain tomorrow!!!

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National Doubles - Round 7 then Eliminations to follow!
National doubles 2022 under way day 1.🙌🙌




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