My mission is to inspire and help educate people on the current health issues at stake and guide them in direction of a healthier lifestyle.

my name is Ashleigh , I am a busy mum of 2 beautiful boys, coming from a background in food i decided to change the game up. Now I am currently studying to become a personal trainer having finished level 4 in sports health and fitness i feel my path is to create a one stop wellness centre, that is realistic, time effective, family oriented but also fun and creative. My aim is to inspire change and

Operating as usual


FIT A*Z WITH ASH 24/01/2019

Why Keto? What I Learned That Made Me Change My Mind I was skeptical about Keto for a long time. I’d heard of so many programs and regimens but then I decided to really do some research on keto and figure out what Ketosis is all about. Ketosis in a nutshell is basically starving the body of carbohydrates and supplying the body with a surplus of oily... 05/01/2019

These 10 Exercises Will Un-Slouch Your Back to Correct Bad Posture And Remedy Back Pain Do you slouch? In our modern world filled with computers, smartphones, tablets, and sit down jobs, most of us are guilty as charged. Bad posture is an epidemic. But why is this a problem? Of course, a nice posture looks better and more confident. However, it’s more than that. Improving your postur...


Gina Wilson, Indaco Ltd

READ labels!


Plant Based Alternatives

Definitely giving this a try! 😍 love this page 27/11/2018

The surprising foods with more sugar than Coke Surprising supermarket foods that have even more sugar than soft drink.


Learning Mind 09/11/2018

How Gummy Candies Are Made (Shocking!)

Trick or Treat ??? With Halloween just been and Christmas just around the corner, it’s that time of year where we trick ourselves into having a treat or two, but have you ever asked the question, what are these little 'treats' actually made of?


Massive shoutout to the amazingly talented and beautiful @fitnessetess , for really stepping up my game today. For those of you who dont know , I have been working on my upper body strength because I want to do chin ups like my boss ass girl tess 🙌.
She has actually been my inspiration since the day i met her and she ceases to amaze me every time we catch up. If you ever get the pleasure this lady is such a blessing and im truly grateful to be in her presence every single damn time!!! .
Feeling strong today with deadlifts, squats , assisted chin ups and bag throws. I love how she knows when to change things up....
Am i girl crushing right now ??? Maybe just a lil 😂😘
Thanks for the amazing start to my week , love yah baybe 💝. .
P.s . Serious face for a serious session 😂😂😂

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Food Inspo🍳🥗🍽
Salmon 3 ways 🐟
Planning is everything when it comes to reaching goals. I used to leave everything till the last minute and beat myself up when I'd scramble in the heat of stress to get it all done on time. I quickly learnt otherwise and here is what I learnt on my journey. Focus on key factors and exert all energy HERE! One major key factor I will talk about is NUTRITION ( Yes I said it ) NUTRITION!!! Nutrition covers 80% of your needs when trying to reach physically challenging goals , whether it be weight loss , weight gains or health issues. Nutrition plays a huge role in how our body functions and reacts to the daily stresses of life. How we manage that makes ALL the difference. Because I'm a nurturer by nature, I always want to help others. Here is a couple of my tips to get you started on your journey as a gift from me to you 💝 Let me know if you find these helpful. A .

Let's break it down into steps
#1 Set aside time to manage your meals to get the best nutrition , this helps with Immunity , sleeping , energy levels , performance the list just goes on!!! Key fact here: ITS IMPORTANT! .
#2 Hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE , the results prove themselves, the more effort and time you put into these small changes the bigger and better the results. .
#3 KISS!!!! Keep it simple SILLY 😜
Dont rush into the next fad diet , use fresh ingrediants , seasonal and local to keep it budget friendly. Use quality Ingrediants to ensure your getting the most nutrients out of your food and avoid processed foods and sugars. Lastly , I can not Express it enough HYDRATE💧💧💧.

Got any questions??? Or you just want to know more tips and tricks?
Comment below , like , share.
Ask about your free consult:
Email us @[email protected] .
80% .
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A Team Fit Bootcamp

Kia Ora whanau and friends please support us by following our page for updates on events, bootcamps hot yoga and any competitions or specials we have going. You DO NOT have to purchase anything just a quick like , share or comment goes a long way in supporting our new business venture as personal trainers.
Much love ATEAMFIT

Fun - Family Friendly -


Hot yoga!!! Today message to book in , limited spaces.
Summer bodies are made now , so dont delay start today 🙌.
See your there


Hi newbies, welcome to #fitazzwithash!
Dont ve shy introduce yourself, I am here for you! Ask questions, interact , tell me what your looking for and I'll work with you to achieve your goals. I am a qualified fitness consultant, chef and meal planner , life and well being coach and motivational speaker. My purpose is to be available for those that need a push in the right direction, I'm here to help. I hope you enjoy the content please add me on Instagram aswell at #fitazzwithash and I will endeavour to answer all your questions.
Thank you for your support , I appreciate every single one of you!!!


Need a little help buckling down?


I take pride in teaching my kids how to read food labels, its I.portamt we share this information so they grow up to make positive informed choices when choosing foods. We only get one body and I will do my very best to take care of it 🙌


David Wolfe

Seat tooth anyone?


Your Amazing Body

We are stars! Who knew?

They say you are what you eat, but do you recall eating half of the entire periodic table?


If your not already following me jump onto Instagram, this is where all the exciting stuff happens and you keep up to date with my progress and tips and tricks for life hacks!!! Cant wait to see you there. Give me a MESSAGE AND A SHOUT OUT after you follow me and go in the draw to win a months worth of personal training with me ALL FOR FREE!!! Offer ends at the end of DRY JULY people.


Just Eat Real Food

Food is medicine! 17/05/2018

Microwaving food kills 98%of cancer-fighting nutrients in broccoli, research shows Research suggests microwaving food causes a chemical reaction that destroys essential nutrients, leading some to assert that this method of heating is one of the worst ways to prepare meals. Natural News previously reported that, not only does microwaving obliterate important vitamins and plant-base...


Parenting Today

Schools are not giving kids enough time to eat lunch.


Hey whanau its that time again and I'm so excited! Proud of you for making a commitment , not to me but to yourself!!!
If you haven't jumped on board yet now is your chance, bring a buddy and ask for your discount at the door.

You can pay by cash or into the ateamfitbc account
Our lovely assistant will provide the details of you would like to DM , or text details are provided below.

Be sure to bring a towel for comfort ( optional )
Water bottle ( recommended)
Great attitude!!!

If you are new please allow 10mins prior to training so we can collect your information , this also allows us to answer any queries and check your abilities moving forward.

We cant wait to see you this evening 🤗


Jay Shetty

To achieve your dreams you need to put the work in. Thanks Will Smith


Power of Positivity


Uplift Connect

The law of attraction explained simply and beautifully.

Credit: New Perspectives


For those of you who dont know me, I am studying to become a personal trainer 💪🍑whilst working as a chef in a wholefoods cafe🍒🌶🌰🥑🍠🥗☕🍽. I LOVE LOVE LOVE food and I love fitness🥊🏊‍♂️ , So I have teamed up with 2 beautiful ladies from my course who share the same passion I do ALL to bring you..........
Details as follows:

Venue: Glenavon School ( blockhouse bay road )
Time : 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Cost : $10 pp Or $20 PER family = 2 adults & unlimited children
Rules : family friendly
Adult available to supervise children of age to play on bike track or playground ( within view of bootcamp) however children are welcome to join in.

10 sessions allows you a FREE SESSION
Thereafter your discount is 50% off as our appreciation to your commitment and loyalty to us ✌



America Versus


Japan's unbelievable school lunches are surprisingly educational.




Yum 💞


Community hub talks coming up very soon will keep you updated whanau 💪 🎉👊


Treat eats anyone?

#ohmy Chocolate Grazing Platter anyone? Spotted via Chic by Accident Homewares 💕


Speaking of less sugar 👌





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