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Fit 4 Life is a, north shore, Auckland based business which helps people get and stay fit 4 life But what is advanced health coaching?

Well it is about looking at the whole body both inside and out, not just the outside which typically is the focus. Using advanced testing for food sensitivity (see website blog for more) and adrenal fatigue (see website blog for more) we are able to assess the levels of stress in the body and then establish a plan to reduce them through treatment that suits you. This involves better eating choices


"A simple rule that makes life easier:

Always strive to give value before you ask for value."

James Clear


Is Empathy in Decline?

Despite the drumbeat of meanness and destruction in our daily headlines or newsfeed, new data suggests that as a group we may be much kinder than the news suggests. A survey of thousands of younger adults found that, while there had been a dip in empathy since the 1970s, people today are just as empathic as they were back then.

The findings, published in the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science were reported by Sara Konrath and co-researchers at Notre Dame. Their findings contradict the cognitive bias that has us see the worst side of things – like assuming how rare empathy has become. News reporting is, sadly, lopsided: we hear lots about all the horror people create, but little about all the good done daily.


"You can cold email nearly anyone, but nearly everyone overlooks how powerful it can be.

Sending one email each week that feels like a stretch can change your life. Will you get turned down? Sure, most of the time. But you only need one to pay off for something amazing to happen.

Take your time, write a thoughtful message, and muster the courage to press Send."

James Clear


"You'll probably surprise yourself with what you can accomplish—if you're focused on one thing.

You'll probably frustrate yourself with what you fail to accomplish—if you're doing 5 or 7 or 10 things.

Nobody performs well when stretched in a half dozen directions."

More JC wisdom


When I learnt about and experienced emotional change technique®️, it changed my perspective on previous experiences so profoundly.
I am still aware of them but now they seem more distant, almost only visible through frosted glass, if they could be seen of course.
This process is a component of my 6 week transformation coaching programme. It really is life changing.

This one thing... 15/05/2024 is this weeks misive....

This one thing... I think I can make you even weller!!  This one thing when done daily can have a massive impact on your wellbeing for a miriad of reasons. Here are some of them and how they make that difference - it really is a no brainer!


Continuing the series….
Our internal dialogue is one of the most important aspect of success, we are our thoughts.
What are yours?


"You will never find one answer to what makes you happy. There are many answers, and they change based on your current state.

People need to relax, but if all you do is sit on the beach, it gets old. People find meaning in work, but if all you do is work, it gets exhausting. People benefit from exercise, but if all you do is exercise, it gets unhealthy.

Happiness will always be fleeting because your needs change over time. The question is: what do you need right now?"

Thanks JC


Love this one, resonated as I’ve been carrying an injury for weeks! (It is gone now 😅)
How do you see running?


Slightly different angle this week.
As Carol Dweck cleverly asked, do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?
Stop and think, do your actions and thinking align with growth or with stagnation?


Simple ways to have a peaceful moment:

🟢 Close your eyes and just breathe for two minutes.
🟢 Leave your phone in another room for an hour.
🟢 Watch a cloud form and then dissolve.
🟢 Stand in the sunshine and notice how it warms your skin.
🟢 Light a candle and watch the flame dance.


-Stephen R. Covey


"How to connect with others:

Share with someone who wants to listen or listen to someone who wants to share."


"A simple recipe for finding opportunities:

Be pleasant
Ask questions
Engage daily
It's hard for a warm and pleasant person who is asking a lot of questions and engaging in their industry daily to not come across interesting opportunities."


Slim and simple today.
How you view your world is how it’s communicated to others via both vertical and non verbal communications.
You may be unaware of these if you have never given it a thought. Self awareness requires a little reflection now and again.
When do you do yours? What routines do you have in place to achieve this?
How can you do better at it?


"You don't need to worry about progressing slowly. You need to worry about climbing the wrong mountain."


Want to hear more?
Comment “Mindset” below.


It’s not just the accomplishment of picking up something that weighs 100kgs off the ground, it’s so much more, stay with me! (That is pretty cool though!)

🟢 You don’t get there over night so to achieve it means you’ve got grit, the patience of delayed gratification, a sign of intelligence by the way. (Google the marshmallow experiment)

🟢 Yes, you’re clearly strong, but again strong is a by product of turning up and patience put together, it makes a lot of jobs in daily life a hell of a lot easier.

🟢 Which leads me nicely onto adaptation, the real reason, this guy and his buddy turn up (more on that in a mo.) means being able to garden heavily (or sand and stain decking) most of the weekend and get out of bed on Monday recovered and raring to go, recovered and fresh. Seems normal at 20 but at 50+ can be a different story, not here! I think we call this resilience!

🟢 Having a buddy turning up at the same time as you, means they’re turning up for each other as well as themselves. This camaraderie and the healthy ‘jabs’ during a session provokes competition but is it really about support and love.

🟢 Finally, but I’m sure there are more. Mental health, there is a strong correlation between being strong and feeling strong in yourself. Self esteem, mental wellbeing there are a long list of mental benefits from this kind of activity.

PS 🟢 OTHER: blood glucose control, insulin sensitivity, bone density, muscle mass preservation, metabolic health, better quality sleep…..


Rich Ellis coaching packages live and open for clients.
Is coaching your next step to success?
Traditional or NLP based these packages for for busy professionals who need clarity, someone in their corner and the quiet time just to think and be heard.
🔗🔗 in bio for a FREE CHEMISTRY CALL, is this a good fit for you?


"I've made it a principle not to be over-influenced by minor disappointments."

Poet Marianne Moore


I like the simplicity of this one from Insight Timer:

“Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a forgetting of the breath”


“When the complex doesn’t work, maybe the simple is being missed”
Hellen Hall


Is this you or someone you know? It's a real simple fix and pain ain't anyone's friend......


I like this one, be the sunflower!

"Some people get addicted to chain-smoking their problems. They spend all day going from sorrow to sorrow. It doesn't have to be that way. You can live each day going from joy to joy—like a sunflower that turns to face the sun as it moves across the sky. It's not about having a problem-free life, but about focusing on the light. Sunflowers still have shadows, but they are always behind them."


"How to clarify a concept you can't articulate:

1. Change mediums. Draw it. Photograph it. Sing it.
2. Change levels. Explain what is one level up (bigger picture aka chunking up) or one level down (finer details/aka chunking down).
3. Change fields. What would this concept look like in different fields?"


I was listening to a podcast and it reminded me how society seems determined to get the quick fix, the hack, the magic pill which sounds like it would be satisfying but in fact I think it's the opposite...

Finding satisfaction in the journey, not just the destination! 💪🏼
✨ Let's talk about the thrill of hard work vs. the allure of shortcuts. 🚀✨

🔍 Hacks might promise quick wins, but here's the truth: there's no substitute for the satisfaction of putting in the effort, time, and hard work to achieve your goals. 💡💼 Whether it's mastering a skill, building a business, or reaching a personal milestone, improving your health, the journey is where the real magic happens. ✨

💡 Hacks may provide temporary relief, but they often lack depth and authenticity. 🚫🔑 True growth comes from facing challenges head-on, learning from failures, and experiencing the journey's ups and downs. 📈💡

👉🏼 So next time you're tempted by a shortcut, remember the joy of progress, the resilience built through hard work, and the pride that comes from knowing you've earned every step of your success.

🏆🌟 Embrace the grind, and let's create something truly meaningful together! 💼💪🏼

Call now to connect with business.


"The reason people get good ideas in the shower is because it's the only time during the day when most people are away from screens long enough to think clearly. The lesson is not to take more showers, but rather to make more time to think."

Immunity through movement 06/03/2024 This weeks blog on looking after yourself using exercise

Immunity through movement If you're not, or if you are prone to the winter bugs more than others around you, it may be because you're not moving enough, there are of course other factors. It doesn't take much but if you hit the link you'll find a couple of short articles that expand on this topic.  We know this right? Well,...


"In theory, consistency is about being disciplined, determined, and unwavering.

In practice, consistency is about being adaptable. Don't have much time? Scale it down. Don't have much energy? Do the easy version. Find different ways to show up depending on the circumstances. Let your habits change shape to meet the demands of the day.

Adaptability is the way of consistency."

JC wisdom

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