Gluten Free Education NZ

Gluten Free Education NZ


Hi There, just wanted to mention the Sally Holland is doing a cooking class at Millys on April 23rd to promote "goodbye gluten' book, should be good!!
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Making Eating out Gluten Free Safer


Today marks 100 Years since the outbreak of the First World War, A war that had a significant impact on New Zealand, although not fought here at home, but thousands of Kilometers away. We Will Remember them! #WW100


Draft Letter to business

To Whom it May Concern;

I am writing to you today as I have been informed that your business provides gluten free food.

I am currently starting a business to provide education to those in the food industry about the preparation and serving of Gluten free food, and by educating others, I hope to provide a safer environment for those who require a gluten free diet.

In recent years the demand for Gluten free foods in Cafés and restaurants has exploded, with a number of gluten free fad diets, celebrities and health professionals all saying how good a gluten free diet is for health and well being.

However, there is medical conditions where avoidance of gluten is not just a recommendation, it is the only treatment for a debilitating illness. For these people, a gluten free diet is not a choice, and even the slightest amount of gluten can make those severely ill.
How can I help your business? I can come into your business and train up your staff on the best practice for the preparation, handling and serving of Gluten free items, undertake an audit of your premiss to ensure that the risk of cross contamination is minimised, and to ensure that people know that your business has been “Gluten Free Educated” you will receive a sticker to place on your front window, and smaller stickers to place on menu boards and display cabinets where your gluten free food is. Your business will also receive a listing on our website and page which I hope will one day be the premium place to go to find places that are safe for those on a gluten free diet to eat out.

I would like to make an appointment with you to come and discuss this opportunity further, if you are interested, please contact me and I will come to you at a time that is convenient.

I look forward to working with you to make gluten free dining a safe and enjoyable experience


Wow what a response... 31 likes on that post. When I get some time this week I will make up the cards. In the meantime if you visit somewhere and see they have Gluten Free foods, flick me a message with the name of the cafe/restaurant and ill send them a Letter with information on how to get in touch with me, and what service I can provide them.


Hey guys,

Ive heard that there a few people still wanting this to go ahead. Ive pretty much put it on the back burner the last 6 months or so due to negative responses from people. However I am still happy to try and have this go ahead. But if its going to happen, those who will benefit most will need to help out.

If I can get more than 20 likes on this comment, I will make up some cards, and send them off to those who want to help, on the card will be some information about the gluten free diet, why cross contamination is bad, and how I can help. Every time you dine somewhere you see has gluten free food, give them a card.

After they get a few cards the businesses will probably start getting the idea that this is what people want, and get in touch with me.

My "Day" job has me traveling all around the country, so it doesnt matter where in the country you are in, I will be able to get to most places.

Timeline photos 18/10/2013

Makes you think.... If only 1/3 of those with Coeliac have symptoms, and 2/3 of those are causing Damage... How many out there are Damaging themselves without knowing it.


Sorry for been so quite for so long, had a few good leads, but nothing ended up coming of it, I am still keen to get this going, but I need your support... Next time you are at your fav place to eat out, maybe mention this page, or message me where you would like to me try and go.


Don't want to jump the gun yet... But thought I would let you guys know an exiting update... Today I got a response from a large franchise chain wanting to meet with me to discuss how I can add value to their business..... WATCH THIS SPACE


Visited a number of Cafe's in Downtown Auckland today... Had a decent response... However need to deal with the head office of franchises before any franchisees are willing to say yes or no... Places of note - Muffin Break, Gloria Jeans Coffee, Esquires, and Ensalada


Coeliac Awareness Week Starts tomorrow.... What are you doing to promote knowledge of Coeliac Disease???


Well business cards didn't arrive in time for Gluten Free and allergy show, but did discuss the labelling with a few people with a good response


Welcome to Gluten Free Education NZ, We Aim to make eating out safer for people on a Gluten Free Diet.

We go into businesses assess their preparation, display and how they serve gluten free foods. Then present a risk minimisation plan for them to implement. Once that plan is implemented they will be able to display our logo on their door/food labels, we will then make random assessments to ensure they continue on the plan. Making Dinning out safer for all on a gluten free diet





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