I am a mum of two and a Personal Trainer and have been active in the fitness industry for 20 years, recently qualifying as a Personal Trainer two years ago.

I am Les Mills trained and I used to teach Body Pump a number of years ago. My focus now in my training schedule is GRIT classes, RPM, CX Works and Crossfit. When I am not training I run child friendly bootcamps 6 times a week under Soul Fitness NZ. I provide daily inspirational messages, workout tips and ideas to help you get through each day the best you can. Working as a Personal Trainer helps


Good morning- feeling frustrated that you not getting results? Read this clip - all about being consistent and working towards your goals whatever they are! This was good to read today !!! Happy weekend ❤️


It’s that time of year! Getting a little bit excited! Up the Wahs! Hope you all had a great weekend and have your workout 🏋️‍♀️ planned for tomorrow, whatever time that maybe ❤️


Happy Saturday
I’ve been doing these workouts about 2 to 3 x a week and finally seeing the scale shift in the right direction; and of course 2 x strength training sessions a week.
So thought I’d share, very simple but effective!
Remember to warm up for 5 to 10 minutes
8 to 10 sets of 20 seconds hard out - choose 2 to 3 exercises ( some ideas below)
10 seconds rest between each set of 20 ( please extend rest period if you are a beginner)!!

Some ideas - if you have gym equipment:
Assault bike
Elliptical ( especially if you have injuries like me)
Rowing Machine
If you don’t have equipment then:
Mountain climbs
Squat jumps
Etc etc


PS. Remember you only need 20 to 30 minutes and repeat about 3 times per week. Start slow and build up - workout to your ability

Reminder that quality not quantity is key !!
Remember put that music up and enjoy the sweat 😀


The struggle is real lol for a bit of fun! Happy weekend ❤️


Stolen from my lovely friend Trishie, these are very wise words and a little true for me at the moment ! On that note , sleep tight ! Ready for a new day tomorrow 💪

Photos from KiwiFit's post 13/02/2024

I’m a big believer in taking small steps as I get overwhelmed if the end goal seems so un attainable. Today I had 2 goals - 1 was to get up to the gym in the morning before work ( I am not a morning person) even if it was a light 20 minute strength train. It’s about changing habits and becoming consistent ! 2nd was a very light run in the evening. Both achieved. Once I got going this morning I also threw in a HIT exercise 8 sets of hard 20 second effort. Tomorrow will be another 2 small goals. In posts to come I’ll share some of the information I have read about the importance of resistance training. Highly recommend reading posts by Dr Stacy Sims. She has researched menopause in detail and women in general . Really fascinating science about the changes in our bodies at the different phases in our lives.
It’s late and more to come and here are a couple of beautiful pics out on my run tonight . Goodnight from me Bron x


Hello again. It’s been a while and I feel that it’s apt to reintroduce myself again as so much has happened since I last managed kiwifit and this page. I have missed my beautiful clients and all the wonderful people who supported this page. I’ve been somewhat taken aback by the positive response from people and messages- I thought I may have been forgotten 😀
I’ve had a few challenges having been diagnosed with breast cancer on the first day of lock down in 2020 and then going through chemotherapy which forced me into early menopause. This is exasperated by ongoing hormonal blocking medication to provide some prevention for the cancer to not return. This will continue for another 7 years.
Side effects of no oestrogen are a challenge to say the least! Having to navigate around these are what has prompted me to start this page up. So many times I’ve felt helpless and alone, not understanding why my body just isn’t the same, why i can’t lose weight easily like I used to and trying to embrace this stage of life, with grace!
Perhaps I can inspire and help others facing similar challenges. Bear with me whilst I set things up and I’ll certainly keep you posted when things are ready to go. Yours truly Bron x

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How cool is this little quote!

Timeline photos 10/01/2016

So true. Keep up with your fitness, nourish your body and the rewards will be worth it.

Timeline photos 26/12/2015

Time to give the workouts a little nudge again post Xmas. Be inventive, 30 mins is all you need. Reflect, drink your water and try to eat well too. Andrea

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The race is on!!!

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Sweating or regretting. Dont get comfortable with workouts, keep challenging yourself.

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If you want something badly enough, you will do it. Enjoy another week!

Timeline photos 19/11/2015

Everything is manageable with this frame of mind! Enjoy the weekend. Andrea

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I have been very remiss lately and thought I would post something that could not be more true. I hope you are all well and coping with the busy time of the year. Take care. Andrea

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Keep going and give it your best shot. Always!

Timeline photos 08/11/2015

After such a stunning weekend it's time to embrace another week, chase our dreams, reach our goals and enjoy the moments on the way.

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So get that workout done and dusted and then enjoy the AB's welcome home!

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Being passionate about fitness isn't hard!

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Well, why not!!

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Its only 8 weeks till Christmas, keep that exercise routine going, keep food diaries to help you be accountable for your summer body. Most importantly, enjoy yourself along the way!

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A little Friday morning workout to set you up for the weekend. Enjoy. Andrea

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So true

Mobile uploads 11/10/2015

Something to think about.

Mobile uploads 08/10/2015

Love this little quote! Happy Friday!

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