EVRST Music, Zwijndrecht Video July 4, 2021, 11:32am

Videos by EVRST Music in Zwijndrecht. EVRST Music is passionate in creating music for Amusement Parks and related sectors.

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RIP Spookslot - 1978 - 2022 - Efteling Theme Park Resort 👻💀 this was actually a pretty good violinist! 🙏 #themeparkmusi

What a phenomenal experience! Spooknacht at the Efteling was amazing. The atmosphere felt like a mixture between a funeral and a dreamworld! So much attention for the small details. On this level Efteling is unmatched 🙏🏻. A night to remember! Thank you Theme Park Science and most of all Efteling for the hospitality and worthy goodbye of my beloved haunted house! 🥂👻💀

Look what just arrived!
Look what just arrived! The @Theme Park Science - Official Soundtracks, Vol.1 CD !!!