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She gives me water OUT NOW🎉

Available on all streaming platforms: https://nurdjana.hearnow.com/she-gives-me-water

How can you support this music adventure? Give this tune a listen, add it to your playlist and share it lots😀🙏

A big big thank you to the following talented and incredibly hard working people:

Producer: Lucas Meijers (he is turning this EP into something so beautiful)🙏🔥🙌

Guitar: Tim Eijmaal
Drums: Pim Dros
Bass: Kasper Kalf
Keys: Sander de Bie
Trumpet: Matthijs Sepers
Saxophone: Bart Wirtz
Baritone Saxophone: Peter Broekhuizen
Backing vocals: SaraLee Vos & Ron van der Kraan
Mixing: Oscar de Jong
Mastering: Jeffrey de Gans at Da Goose Mastering Da Goose Mastering

Cover by Quentin Emeriau and my kids

And last but not least: Rob de Rijcke, Robert, The Wilson Method James Clemens-Seely, Henry Ng, Petra Honnef and Oliana and Robin (biggest fans of this tune😃)

Song written by: Rob de Rijcke (lyrics for this song might be my favourite)
Arangements: Lucas Meijers
🎉 WORSHIP is OUT NOW!! 🎉 It’s a song about honoring and celebrating your body, and the joy that is celebrating your body with someone else. I’m so happy that this tune is finally yours!! I hope it makes you want to sing, dance and appreciate the skin you’re in. Happy weekend y’all, lobi!! 🤍

Shout out to Bud Kolk with whom I wrote this song last summer, and who also produced the track with the help of Gijs Knol ✨

Shout out to Unexpected Records for always giving the support I need to bring my vision to life. Could never do it without you 💪🏾

Also a huge thanks to Floris van der Vlugt on sax, Jelle Huiberts on drums, Gijs Panc on guitar, Coos Zwagerman on trumpet and Efe Erdem on trombone 🤍

The track was mixed by Jasper Zuidervaart and mastered by Da Goose Mastering 🎶

Listen here: https://jeangu.lnk.to/worship
2021 has been interesting to say the least. For me personally it has been productive and transformative.
I’m gladly leaving behind those things that do not serve me or do not align with my purpose anymore.
My mantra is “keep it moving”.
I am a constant work in progress.

Thank YOU for your support. I’ve worked with so many wonderful people too. If you’re one of them, I thank you for sharing your gift with me.

Let’s keep keepin’ on❤️

Song : A nye’e fo’o ma (Home Cooking version)
Special tnx to
Slick Flick video
Lucas Meijers mix
Da Goose Mastering master
Lenny Oosterwijk/ Gallery Untitled
Рады представить вам наш новый трек "Океан". Ссылка в описании. Качаем,слушаем, делимся с друзьями.

Marina Borodina & Vi Ta Lee - Океан
Marina Borodina Vi Ta Lee

Mastering by Da Goose Mastering

Bandcamp: https://vimbmusic.bandcamp.com/track/-
Check hier de presentatie van Da Goose Mastering, het mastering bedrijf van AMP gastdocent Jeffrey de Gans.
‘A Little Greener’ featuring Pete Philly is OUT NOW! Listen, watch, and then show us some love in the comments 🌸😊✨

Listen: shorturl.at/wBDX9
Watch: https://youtu.be/UxNo-2vDkxQ

Creating this song was yet another creatively fulfilling adventure, from writing the first version of the song with Perquisite, to Bud Kolk‘s electrifying production, and of course the cherry on top that is Pete Philly’s poetic power and flow 💚

A massive THANK YOU to:

✨ The amazing director of the music video Kevin Osepa, and the entire team at Smarthouse! It was nothing short of a dream collaboration.

✨ The beautiful dancers Ricky Sheridan Nainggolan, Geronimo Huwaë & Kevin Gumbs

✨ The gorgeous styling by Ramona Marroquin Hawley & her assistant Jill Rompas

✨ Jazz Ben Khalifa’s perfect make-up skills

✨ My band members for blessing this track with their exquisite talent Rik Kraak, Gijs Panc, Patrick Rugebregt, Jelle Huiberts, Randell Heye, A Mili, Floris van der Vlugt & guest musician Efe Erdem

✨ Mixing by Jasper Zuidervaart & mastering by Da Goose Mastering
We zijn intens blij met onze nieuwe EP '𝗝𝗲 𝗛𝗲𝗯𝘁 𝗛𝗲𝘁' en we zijn ook heel benieuwd wat júllie ervan vinden! Laat het ons weten 🎉

Nu overal te streamen! Veel thanks Hit the North , Mailmen, Da Goose Mastering & Danny van Tiggele! 🙏🏻💜
✨SSEXM is nu uit!
Wat vinden jullie ervan?

Luister hem hier:
Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/SpotifySSEXM
Apple Music: https://tinyurl.com/ApplemusicSSEXM

Muziek & productie zoals altijd doorrr Timon Massop 🤤

Mix: Gijs Knol
Master: Da Goose Mastering
Extra synth: Arnold Hoorn
Hond: Lemmy!
Ondersteuning: De Nieuwe Oost pop

#ssexm #release #bnnvara #laatmaarlos #spotify #newmusicfriday
The new album “Music Ruined My Life” is out today! 💫

Vinyl / Download - https://moods.lnk.to/MRML

The band:
Feiertag 🥁
Yasper 🎸
Rik Kraak 🎸
Bart Wirtz 🎷
Dirk Beets 🎺
Oscar de Jong - co-prod
Lucas Meijers - engineer

Franky Sticks 🧶

Marc Haers Fotografie ( www.marc-haers.nl ) 📷

Cursa Media

Da Goose Mastering

Out on Boogie Angst

It's been a beautiful journey to work on this project.
Thanks for the support guys ❤️
Big credits to Da Goose Mastering🙌. He did a great job for my new upcoming track "All night long by Güstav (NL)" on Ambiophonic Records! Keep up the good work Jeffrey de Gans🎧📢
The recap video of the El Ritmo Dorado writing camp is online now! Full video: https://youtu.be/hzP1GzctBrg
Location: Wisseloord Studios, powered by: BMG, PM Recordings.
Masterclass: Da Goose Mastering. Artists a.o.: Jones Suave, KILATE TESLA, Nicole Manzo, Peso El Connect, ReyCarlito, Alina, Papi Mikey Dinero, Karyo, Sattivo 9, JORDA, Its Natascha, Team Rush Hour, Alex Sargo, JR Kenna, Artistic Raw, Monq, Luna, Raymiro and more!
Follow the movement! Unete al movimento!
De Mat is eindelijk uit, met een sicke videoclip die het einde van de mat van Nachtburgemeester Juno laat zien 😲

Check 'm hier: https://youtu.be/bgYlAsAnGtY

Shoutout naar De Nieuwe Lichting voor het mogelijk maken!

Video by Noel Deelen
DOP: Sjors Mosman
Compositie: KUZKO & LE MOTAT
Tekst: Jordy Dijkshoorn Tato Wesselo Nachtburgemeester Juno
Productie: Sam Ouwehand
Mix: Mokosound
Master: Da Goose Mastering
Special thanks to SUPERWOW Creative Agency en Ted Langenbach

My name is Jeffrey de Gans and I am the proud owner and head-engineer of Da Goose Mastering. My studio is located in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, the Netherlands.

This is where I dedicate my life to give your music the final touch it deserves. About Jeffrey and Da Goose Mastering

For years, Da Goose Mastering has been the primary mastering studio for numerous of artists, record labels and mixing engineers seeking a high-end mastering experience. The service rides on its reputation of superior results and a personal, individualized approach to your music. D

Werkend zoals gewoonlijk


I got some questions about the forssell DOA's in my eq. This is what it looks like. Designed and build by the great Fred Forssell. A DOA is a Discrete Operational Amplifier. Basically it's the same as a regular opamp chip but made around matched discrete parts. Is it better? It depends on where and how you use it. In this case, it really helps giving something extra to the sound of this eq. But like said, it really depends. There are also some DOA's which might look great on paper but don't work as you might expect in a circuit because the circuit and the DOA might not 'like each other'. So is it worth it? Once again.. It depends.. It's definitely not a drop in replacement for any opamp.


Doing some maintenance on my sontwc based EQ which I build about 10 years ago. I'm actually still impressed on how I did this back then. It was a LOT of work and effort but since I still use it every day it was worth every minute and cent I spend on it. Such a powerful beast with it's forsell discrete opamps and all stepped switches. Maintenance is basically opening it up, blowing away some dust and being impressed by it's looks..



This is hanging on the wall in our living room. This is how I see things. Do, don't wait, go for it and make mistakes, That's where you learn the most.



Back in 2011 I had a vision; run a studio on solar power! In 2012 this came reality... It's 2022 now which means Da Goose Mastering is running on solar power for 10 years! 🔆🌞 I'm thinking of adding more panels actually, they are now cheaper and more efficient then back then and it simply feels good to be more self sufficient.

NOTE: this picture was taken in 2012, right before the panels hit the roof.



Even though it's not a problem, exporting a mix done in 44.1khz in 96khz, it will not add any information above 22.05khz because it doesn't excist. It will just make the file bigger and most likely make your computer work harder to make the export. The general rule for this is, export in the samplerate you have worked in. Now that we are at it, I notice a trend among mixing engineers working in 48khz which I applaud. Bitrate is a totally different topic though.


Warning! Within 1 hour I had 5 cases of corrupted files that I send out or received from @wetransfer ! Even from different channels and different clients and no matter where it came from or went to. Zips corrupted, file headers missing, all kind of strange things going on. Be warned if you send or receive right now using wetransfer.


Early Wednesday morning synth pads on a phasescope. Sounds like a good name for a painting or another art piece in a muduem, but it's actually great and moody music.


My approach to mastering is feeling the music, not by just listening to how it sounds. If it feels great it will also sound great, not the other way around. Music is always about feeling..

Did you know that computers and algorithms can't feel? Actually, they can't even listen! I approach your music by feeling it, experiencing it and expand that feeling even more. With the help of real human guts and emotions, just like how you made your music.

Dare me!


This is not something which I do on a daily base, but sometimes, masters just simply need to be this loud. This is one of those cases and it sounds exactly like it should be. My main goal is always, make it sound the best it can. Making this less loud would not make it sound right, no matter what you say or think.


Monday. Have a great week and be nice to each other.


Worlds smallest VU meter or could it be a shortcut?


This cute little, but solid and heavy wooden box is a RIAA preamp which I made over 10 years ago. It still serves me well and I'm pretty sure it will continue doing that over the coming years. I use this connected to my sl1200 turntable and the balanced output goes directly into my monitor controller. Clean and honest sound for checking test-pressings.


Vintage studio lamp from the 70ties. Still live this lamp with 2 of these bulbs.



Working on some awesome music as always. Still feeling blessed to call this my job.


#2245 #1971


Sunday afternoon vinyl listening session in the living room.


For those interested, there is a Spotify playlist with a small selection of music that I mastered over the last couple of years. I add new music quite often and I think it's a fun and eclectic playlist to listen to as well. Go check it out! There is a link on the website but also if you search for Da Goose Mastering I'm pretty sure you will find it.


The vibey vintage style back of the studio. The well known green cosy Chesterfield, the funky green handmade cushion, the 70ties white standing lamp, the vinyl records and more. I think having a good vibe is important.


Not your average door but a studio door with a fractal diffusor build on top. This door weighs about 60kg and is one of the 2 doors that makes the studio entrance. Double doors, double walls is the key. Soundproofing and diffusing at the same time, what's not to like?


Home | My Site 21/01/2022

Home | My Site

Recently I helped a student (Stijn van der Zalm) from UVA (Amsterdam University) with his 'Current Debates in Music' case about the loudness war. This turned into a really nice and easy to read article. You can find it here: https://stijnvdzalm.wixsite.com/my-site

Home | My Site Artists want to stand out, making their music as loud as possible. But do we even care? Or do we notice at all? Through this website we are showing what the Loudness War is all about, what it does, whether it even exists and what it means in our lives. Follow the story below to follow this journey.....


Updates for 2022!

I decided that from now on (January 2022) the default masters that I deliver are masters optimized for streaming, so with a max peak of at least -1dB. The previous streaming masters had the word STREAM after the master date, from now on that will be removed. So that means all masters are streaming masters and you don’t really have to worry about what masters to use for what. They work great for streaming, they will sound brilliant on the radio, they will sound awesome for download-portals and soundcloud will thank you later for this. If you really want a ‘louder’ master, so with the chance of ISP’s/clipping, you have to let me know instead and I will gladly make that MAX master for you. But you always have to keep in mind that in the end it will not be louder, it could just potentially sound more distorted. It’s up to you.

More info and the full BLOG can be found here.



For some reason some people still think that mastering is about getting some 'mastering preset' and you have a master ready to go. It's not at all like that... The most important part of mastering is listening, objectively, in an environment you can fully trust and with your own judgement you can fully trust. Then you make dicisions based on what you could actually do to improve it, make it sound even better then it already does. Sometimes you do this, sometimes you do that, sometimes you just leave it alone because it already sounds great and there is nothing more to improve. But those dicisions are made by listening and feeling first and then decide. Not by putting on some 'magical' preset which you found somewhere online. There is no such thing, there is no magic involved here though it could sometimes sound magical for sure.


Besides a local hdd sync, backup to a Raid5 nas (running in 5 drives with sad cache) which is synced to a backup nas with Raid5 (with 4 drives), and a cloud backup system I buy a hdd once a year which is used for a full external backup from that year combined with the files from the year before. This means that the files are also locally /externally stored on 2 different drives. So this means I have a drive with masters from 2018/2019 another hdd with 2019/2020, next 2020/2021, next 2021/2022. So basically, your masters are safely stored in 5 different places. Never ever trust 1 backup system. There is a general rule, if you don't have your files in at least 2 places, you don't have those files.
You have no idea how many messages I get from people that lost their masters because they had a laptop crash or something like that. Backups people, backup, backup backup. Computers will fail, drives will fail, storage will fail, USB sticks are lost. Did I mention yet that you need to backup yet?

Video's (alles zien)

Da Goose Mastering the Netherlands introduction 2021/2022



I offer my mastering services to musicians, producers, bands, labels and studios.

I use only the best analog hardware and digital software to improve the clarity, definition, and depth of your precious recordings.

I also offer stem-mastering, though most of the times stem-mastering is not needed and it will not make your master better. Please contact me first if you think working with stems will be the way to go.



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For years, Da Goose Mastering has been the primary mastering studio for numerous of artists, record labels and mixing engineers seeking a high-end mastering experience.

Our service rides on its reputation of superior results and a personal, individualized approach to your music. Da Goose Mastering combines this world class mastering experience at affordable rates to produce masters that stand the test of time and whose techniques are consistently acknowledged by the industry.


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