Mission's Work - Central America, Managua Video December 26, 2017, 2:30pm

Videos by Mission's Work - Central America in Managua. Mission's Work is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to bringing medical and dental care to underserved communities throughout Nicaragua. The Director, Pastor Abid Fuentes, is a pastor and teacher in his own community of Los Hidalgos.

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God's provision

Medical/dental evangelical clinic 2021


Road cleanup

Octubre 2019 our last mission of the year. Thank you to everyone who helped make all this missions become a beacon of Hope and love for others just as God calls us to do, we're praying that all the seeds planted will sprout and faithful believer, we will be planning next year's mission's, so if you are interested in becoming a part of this very important commandment, follow your heart and take part in supporting us here at mission's Work Central America, you can send a message to us for more information. God bless you and your families. Mathews 28:19-20

Here is the video of the road flooded from the rain we had.

I want to thank God for always providing the means and support to accomplish his mission, also thank you to all who are involved in financial and prayer support. The July mission changed lives and sowed many seeds. Thank you king Jesus

My copastor and I visited one of our pastor friend who I a bit under the weather, we had a wonderful time worshipping our king Jesus this morning.

Nearly 100 a day Our March evangelical/medical/dental clinic was a huge blessing in the communities We visited it Thank you God for providing the help through selfless folks who love the great commission.

Feeding the children of the community is so rewarding and such a blessing.

During the feeding program, we also gave out free hair cuts to the children starting school next month.

God's blessings are so beautiful.

Our last clinic of the year

This was our last pastoral and board meeting for 2018 God bless all these leaders and pastors. Looking forward to a fruitful 2019

We spent a whole day aftrr churchdelivering provision to people in need, thank you Mature Ministries For providing in Nicaragua God is great

This morning worship, on the third day of class.

Birthday celebration.

We're working on making God's house pretty in the desert.

Devotional and worship for our week

Our work crew

Due to rain we were unable to drive to the church community, but yesterday we were blessed to travel there and bring food there children, their school lunch got suspended, i thank God and the people of God who supported our feeding program, so that we can feed them beautiful children 3 times a week.

Sunday service special, from these lovely young ladies to our great king JESUS

Sister Mercedes gave thanks to God for healing her foot, her family supposed her in this special service.

Update on Los Hidalgos, today we were able to drive in and bring food and medicine to the elderly and handy cap, also we made lunch for 40 people, 28 children and 12 adults I visited some of the elderly and handy cap to give them a medical check ups and free medicine, for they have a hard time getting it to the community, medical treatment is hard to come by, here is some pictures of the the mission for today, thank you God for leading us through it all, and we have a service tonight to celebrate and give thanks to God for his provision.

Our clothing give away was a success, glory be to God

Today mature ministries blessed 50 families in our church community, thank you for making a difference in a hard world, God bless you all.