Nuestra Finca Sagrada

Nuestra Finca Sagrada


Rafael Wilson Castle maybe check this place out.
#Areaofregeneration: Culture
Part 2 of our #EcovillagePrinciple: Clarify vision and higher purpose

Below are more Mission Statements of some of the diverse ecovillages or projects that are part of our network*:

Quinta do Vale (Portugal): Off-grid permaculture education centre dedicated to raising ecoliteracy and empowering regeneration

Nuestra Finca Sagrada - Our Sacred Farm (Nicaragua): We believe in localised & diversified systems to build resilience for our community

Hunter Healing Gardens (Australia): Housing Homeless Girls for a Sustainable Future

Fiji Ecovillage Transition Project (Philipines): To support traditional villages in Fiji to transition to ecovillage in the face of climate emergency

Kinigi Eco Center Ltd (Rwanda): We promote eco-tourism, sustainable eco-friendly living, and support vulnerable people in Rwanda

Twin Oaks Community (US): Twin Oaks embodies our values of income-sharing, egalitarianism, cooperation and non-violence.

*which have updated profiles on our website:
GEN supports another collaboration! (7/9)
Nuestra Finca Sagrada (Nicaragua) and Familia Feliz (Spain) are now working together on “Terra Preta.” The goal is to create a new composting toilet solution, enhancing soil health, and adding resilience to the yields of fruit orchards. They also plan to employ local workers to help and share the experience with the wider community by documenting the process through film and sharing on their websites and social media.

Benefit: Once this project is complete, they will have created a closed-loop system for their communities' excrement, and be able to use the material gained to nurture their plants and the Earth. Familia Feliz will benefit by sharing knowledge and experience, this will allow Juan and his community to add more value to their extensive website. Others will benefit from this content in planning for the development of their own ecovillage.
Get to know one of our Twinning Project Finalists (13/18)

Nuestra Finca Sagrada (Our Sacred Farm) in Nicaragua welcomes every soul who has made the conscious choice to leave Babylon, this society & system which no longer serves us. They work for a system change by creating a new way of living through earth care, people care & a fair share for those communities surrounding the farm.

Their aim is to develop the land in an eco-conscious way, using permaculture techniques, natural buildings, growing sustainably while also being respectful of the local culture and tradition.

At the moment their long term plan is to create a food forest & communal housing, they’re focusing on short term projects like planting even more fruit trees and more compost toilets. They have plans to build a cob structure and a platform/treehouse above their water tower.

Their GEN profile:

Get a glimpse into the place:
For years there has been the practice of “twinning” within GEN, where ecovillages and eco-projects form mutually beneficial relationships. We are now supporting this in a more systematic way, as a ‘dating agency' and are pleased to announce the finalists for the 2020 Twinning Project, who will complete their collaborative projects by the end of this year. Stay tuned for more info as they develop their relationships and co-creations!
Peace Valley - Australian Bush Retreat (Australia) and Korogonas Ark - Κιβωτός Κορογώνα (Greece) are working together on “Peace Ark” to develop frameworks to bring inner/outer peace and regeneration.
La Aldea/ Multiversidad Mastay - MUMAY (Colombia) and Espace culturel et agricole Aduna'm (Senegal) are working together on “Four Winds Spiral” to support design techniques and small-scale building projects along with video tutorials as a resource for GEN.
La Bolina (Spain) and Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes (Togo) are working together on “New Story” to raise awareness on migrant issues and opportunities for improved quality of life.
Obrobibini Peace Complex (Ghana) and IBC - Instituto Biorregional do Cerrado​ (Brazil) are working together on “Water is Life” to implement two sustainable rainwater harvesting, storage and filtration systems using natural building materials.
Govardhan Ecovillage (India) and Kibbutz Gezer Olives (Israel) are working together on “Engaged community, water, and financial sustainability” to conduct impact assessments and share learnings with tribal villages and the scientific community.
Jacutinga do Caparaó (Brazil) and Catfarm (France) are working together on “Green Rivers Water Plant” to build a water management plan.
Nuestra Finca Sagrada (Nicaragua) and Familia Feliz (Spain) are working together on “Terra Preta” to create a new composting toilet solution, enhancing soil health and adding resilience to the yields of fruit orchards.
Ecovila nômade/ Instituto Çarakura (Brazil) and La Rosina (Spain) are working together on “João de Barro Twins, Co-bioconstruindo” to improve the infrastructure of buildings in the eco learning centres using natural, ecological and low-cost construction methods, while disseminating information and experiences.
Badilisha Eco Village, Kenya and Kalamos and Kastos, Greece are working together on “Training for trainers in ecosystem protection and permaculture” to facilitate acquisition of knowledge and skills in community forest conservation and management.
Part 2 of our #EcovillagePrinciple: Clarify vision and higher purpose
Below are more Mission Statements of the diverse ecovillages or projects that are part of our network*:

Quinta do Vale (Portugal): Off-grid permaculture education centre dedicated to raising ecoliteracy and empowering regeneration

Vila Céu do Mapiá (Brazil): experiencing human and spiritual development in a new and fair system of community life, in harmony and nourished by the forest, as an experimental alternative towards solutions for the current global environmental, social, economic and cultural crisis.

Bowden House Community (UK): The Bowden House Community is a group developing conscious, authentic eco-mindfulness

Nuestra Finca Sagrada - Our Sacred Farm (Nicaragua): We believe in localised & diversified systems to build resilience for our community

Hunter Healing Gardens (Australia): Housing Homeless Girls for a Sustainable Future

Isinilang na Maharlika Ecovillage (Philippines): To co-create pathways of personal growth and socio-economic development for a regenerative future.

*which have updated profiles on our website:
🌱[Carnet de voyage de Chloé Laborde] 🌱

Retour sur le lundi 23 mars. Il y a maintenant 1 mois Chloé se trouvait au Nicaragua dans l’écovillage Nuestra Finca Sagrada depuis une semaine. Elle vient de suivre une semaine de formation en bioconstruction (autour de la bauge et du bamboo). Maintenant place au jardinage !

Grâce aux conseils de Sarah, Chloé a découvert quelques principes et savoir-faire basiques utilisés en permaculture :
- couvrir un sol de feuilles tombées des arbres afin de le régénérer et de lui apporter les nutriments nécessaires aux futurs plantations
- couvrir ses plantations de paillis afin d’éviter la pousse des mauvaises herbes
- « net pattern » : cette méthode de jardinage consiste à planter dans des petites dépressions (plantation dans une forme de type cercle qui se trouve un peu plus bas que le niveau du sol), ces petites dépressions sont reliées entre elles par des tranchés. Cette méthode permet de faciliter l’arrosage dans le cas d’un potager mais également de retenir l’eau de pluie.

Elle a notamment planté un jardin de melon et des Moringa afin de conclure l’apprentissage par la pratique ! Merci Sarah pour ta gentillesse et cette passion que tu mets à transmettre tes savoirs

YAKA vous souhaite une belle fin de journée !

Back to Monday, March 23rd. 1 month ago Chloé was in Nicaragua in the ecovillage Nuestra Finca Sagrada for a week. She has just followed a week of training in bioconstruction (around the bauge and the bamboo). Now it's time for gardening!

Thanks to Sarah's advice, Chloé discovered some basic principles and know-how used in permaculture:
- Covering the soil with fallen leaves to regenerate it and provide it with the nutrients needed for future planting.
- cover your plantings with mulch to prevent weeds from growing
- Net pattern": this gardening method consists of planting in small depressions (planting in a circular shape that is a little lower than the ground level), these small depressions are connected to each other by trenches. This method makes watering easier in the case of a vegetable garden, but also helps to retain rainwater.

In particular, she planted a melon and moringa garden in order to conclude the learning by doing! Thank you, Sarah, for your kindness and the passion you put into transmitting your knowledge.


Volvamos al lunes 23 de marzo. Hace un mes Chloé estuvo en Nicaragua en la ecovilla Nuestra Finca Sagrada durante una semana. Acaba de seguir una semana de entrenamiento en bioconstrucción (alrededor del bauge y el bambú). ¡Ahora es el momento de la jardinería!

Gracias a los consejos de Sarah, Chloé descubrió algunos principios básicos y conocimientos técnicos utilizados en la permacultura:
- Cubriendo el suelo con hojas caídas para regenerarlo y proporcionarle los nutrientes necesarios para futuras plantaciones.
- cubra sus plantaciones con mantillo para evitar que crezcan malas hierbas
- "Patrón de red": este método de jardinería consiste en plantar en pequeñas depresiones (plantar en forma circular un poco más abajo del nivel del suelo), estas pequeñas depresiones están conectadas entre sí por zanjas. Este método facilita el riego en el caso de un huerto, pero también ayuda a retener el agua de lluvia.

En particular, plantó un jardín de melones y moringa para concluir el aprendizaje con la práctica. Gracias Sarah por tu amabilidad y la pasión que pones en la transmisión de tu conocimiento.

Nuestra Finca Sagrada - Our Sacred Farm is located in the rural state of Carazo, in the Nicaraguan countryside about 25 minutes from Jinotepe.

The nearest town is La Paz de Carazo. Latitude 11.8235861, Longitude -86.0879378 Nuestra Finca Sagrada is Our Sacred Farm with the intention of practicing permaculture, building community with our Nicaraguan neighbors and sharing the fruits of our bounties. Volunteer opportunities are aplenty, we welcome WOOF-ers and any sort of individual that would like a place to ground themselves on a fruit and tree farm in rural Nicaragua.

Funcionando como de costumbre

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Its been a big week! Back at the farm! The Dry Season in has been increasing tough with temperatures higher & no rain for months now.
Our neighborhood & our farm are under very tough water restrictions, making it increasingly difficult to keep plants alive let alone simply take a shower each day....
Please remember.....
We hope to start a Water Security Fund here through our channels to raise money for a well ⛲ for our neighborhood. The WATER Well will provide self-sufficiency & a reliable source of water for the families surrounding our farm. This year they struggled without water for 3 weeks!
Yes, you read tht right 3 weeks! Our mission is to not let this happen again!
This is reminder to be grateful for access to WATER! GRATITUDE TO OUR MOTHER, WATER SOURCE 🌏🙏❤ May she send the rains early this year for the people of Nicaragua 🌏🙏❤
Peace ✌

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Viva la Revolution en el bano!

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Feliz Cumpleaños Nuestra Brendan!!
El visionario, el loco, el pizzero maestro y tu gringo local favorito en La Paz! Te amamos y tu comunidad te ama. por favor desearle a Brendan un feliz cumpleaños! ❤

We Need to Get Over Our Resistance to Recycling Poop 04/03/2022

We Need to Get Over Our Resistance to Recycling Poop

“Many of the solutions to environmental challenges centre around new innovations and technologies. But what if it’s about more than that? What if it’s more to do with culture, behaviour, learned taboos and prejudices? In our research we wanted to look at the idea of taboos around the subject and find out what might change people’s minds about technology that recycles human waste. As people seek greener ways to live and reduce their impact on the natural environment, the way we think about what is waste and what has value has to change."

We Need to Get Over Our Resistance to Recycling Poop Discover how recycling feces could generate valuable gas and fertilizer.


Leonardo DaVinci once said...."Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets".
💯 We learn by doing. It's that simple, we learn with our hands & a committed heart.
🛠 Building an entire kitchen + installing/securing a hardwood tree into the corner of the house.
🪓 Also having the experience to mill, sand & varnish the benches we harvested from the land here.
🔩 Wow is challenging!
🙏We want to remind you to go for it! Don't give in to self doubt! You can do anything!
Try out new skills you have no experience in, build a desk, make a book stand, do your own plumbing (maybe watch some videos for that one hah) better still....install your own kitchen!
🤗 And it won't be perfect, but it will be unique and it will be authentically your creation. AND save you 💰💰💰
🧡 We love our Kitchen! Thank you to our beautiful volunteers who helped us first paint the house and varnish the shutters.

Peace & happy DIY building ✌

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“Nunca dejes de sonreír, ni siquiera cuando estés triste, porque nunca sabes quien se puede enamorar de tu sonrisa.”
Amor, abrazos, besos para los dos, nuestra pura conexión con el amor. gracias por traer tanta alegría a nuestras vidas. los verdaderos enamorados.

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Happy New Year Familia! Fellow community, volunteers, neighbour's & fans!
👋 Hello to all of our new followers, what a perfect time to start off 2022 by introducing ourselves to our growing community 💚💚💚
We (Sarah & Brendan) are so grateful to have so many alternative living enthusiasts out there who are seeking a life closer to nature.
Welcome to Nuestra Finca Sagrada (our sacred farm), follow us on our journey to creating an Eco-Village, living Tropical Permaculture & experimenting with different modalities of Natural Building. Our mission is to inspire, educate and entertain you, while sharing our experience living in the rural dry tropical forest of Nicaragua.

🌀 Inspire you to live a life closer to nature by growing your own food & reducing your consumption.
🌀 Educate you to feel empowered to experiment with growing your own garden, composting & maybe even start natural building.
🌀 Entertain you with our experiences living farm life in the wild Carazo, Nicaragua.

Brendan, aka Mahoney is from the USA, but grew up in Venezuela, farm owner, land steward, mushroom grower, has always dreamed of starting an ecovillage & gathering community for many years prior to coming to Nica. Most recent goal is to become fruit sovereign, most importantly coconut & avocado sovereign!

Sarah, from Australia, half Turkish but learning Spanish. Fellow land steward, natural builder & artist. Dreamed of life outside the status quo, living closer to nature and working with her hands. Most recent goal is to create a closed loop system for our 💩💩💩 has been a goal for many years, to grow fruits & food from our own 💩 seems like magic alchemy of sorts!

💚🌀💚🌀 if you read this far, thank you for joining our community!

Please feel free to reach out to us here or on our Instagram @nuestrafincasagrada
We love to meet fellow 🌍 earth stewards and answer any questions about or


Hola Familia! 🙋🏽‍♀️ It's been a while since we have posted here, our lives have changed dramatically in the past few months. We wanted to let you know the dream of natural building, homesteading & deep Campo living still burns deep within us!
We miss the sound of the tropical rain, the morning howler monkey calls & the taste of fresh mangoes picked straight from the trees.
Our vision for a community focused, permaculture & oasis has to be funded somehow, the utopia doesn't exist without financial aid, for this reason we will be living in the US for next coming months. We hope to be back in Nica at the soonest possible chance.
For the moment though please get your hands dirty! Build that project, start that garden, bring your community together and let's keep inspiring each other to do our part for this paradise we call planet earth 🌏
Much love and peace ✌ to all of you!
Thank you for reading 💛


Hola virtual multiverse & volunteers 🙋🏽‍♂️
We wanted to let our community know, the farm will be offline and not accepting any new volunteers until October 2021 at the end of the wet season in Nicaragua. Sorry to any of those people who very kindly offered to come & work with us over the next few months.
We are currently travelling through Mexico & the US, we'll be back to Nicaragua to commence new projects in September.
Much love to all of you & happy planting 💚

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What would you make with all these delicious goodies? all of these beautiful plants is such an incredible feeling.
Each has it's our taste nutritional value, has its season and its uniqueness!

🌱 Purple Ocimum basilicum (sweet basil): very easy to grow, can collect seeds and start new plants with ease, fresh and super fruity aroma full of vitamin K
🌱 Tree Chaya Cnidoscolus aconitifolius: also known as Chaya, aka ‘Mayan Tree Spinach’ or ‘Mexican Tree Spinach’, is actually a large fast-growing and productive perennial shrub
🌱 Squash Flowers: the male flower of the squash plant is an excellent source of vitamin A, they offer a good source of iron, potassium, vitamin C, calcium and contain beta carotene.
🌱 Baby Avocado: an avocado a day keeps the doctor away, vitamin A, C, potassium, magnesium

🌱 Happy Harvesting 🌱

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How do you thrive? Growing food? Good health? Great friends?
We have been THRIVING!
Our little permaculture garden has been feeding us 😍 it got fancy with some new action! We are eating and almost everyday 🌞 and our peppers are about to flower and fees us 😋 if gardening in the tropics has taught us anything its & garden beds are crucial for health annuals. The clay soils here are tough on vegetable crops but this new system is working incredibly well!
We also used alot of soil to give the plants an extra kick!
Happy Gardening Friends 👩‍🌾


¿Cómo prosperas? ¿El cultivo de alimentos? ¿Buena salud? ¿Buenos amigos?
¡Hemos prosperado!
Nuestro pequeño jardín de permacultura nos ha estado alimentando 😍
¡se puso elegante con una nueva acción !
Estamos comiendo y casi todos los días 🌞 y nuestros pimientos están a punto de florecer y nos cobran 😋 si la jardinería en los trópicos nos ha enseñado algo, su profundo y las camas de jardín son cruciales para las anuales de salud.
Los suelos arcillosos aquí son duros para los cultivos de hortalizas, ¡pero este nuevo sistema está funcionando increíblemente bien!

¡También usamos mucha tierra para darle a las plantas un toque extra!
Amigos felices que cultivan un huerto 👩‍🌾

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1 year anniversary 🎉🎈🎊🎉🎈 can you believe it??? This time 1 year ago today we were rolling into our last days of
8 humans all met in the rural forests of Carazo, Nicaragua to begin this great transition the world has been through, who knew it would be the start of a whole new chapter.
We want to thank each and everyone of you shining stars who lived with us, got muddy with us, worked together, sang together, made fire together, got through the good times and the bad. This past year has been incredibly challenging and yet some of the most rewarding moments of our lives. We couldnt of done it without you! We love you Brendan, Sarah, Mela & Baba 🖤🌀🖤🌀


“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

Anybody can build, anybody can learn to do this, connecting with your inner child to say 'let's get in the mud and play!'
with is one of those pastimes that always reminds us to be resilient, to be & to contextually make building decisions. This is a tropical cob mixture including:
- clay
- sand
- dried horse manure
- bamboo leaves
Everything in this mixture can from within 500m of our farm


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Terra Preta Sanitation System >>
Thanks to @ecovillage we are coming into the final stages of building our new toilets here at the farm ✌🏽🌞🌀
solutions is our aim.
It is a low-cost dry sanitation system either with or without urine diversion. Through biological processes of lacto-fermentation, charcoal addition and human excreta are converted into like soils subsequently used in agriculture & mulching fruit trees.
Cant wait to have our own soil making machine in the next 6 months!


First baby chick born! So glorious!


Happy Winter Solstice & Great Conjuction Familia! Planting seeds of health and abundance for the new year to come 🌱🌻🌿
We spent the day in ceremony with cacao and thanks to @iunify for bringing us together with a

🌱 Soli Mixture
Rice Husks + Bokashi + fresh topsoil + ashes + pumice/rock dust + watered down with compost tea made from + urine for extra


Just over 5 weeks since our foundation was completed! What a challenge this new project has been
Heres a few things we've learnt so far:
💥 Dont start a new project in Central -American Hurricane Season (2 in 3 weeks)🌀😤
💥 Be realistic and generous with your time estimates 🤓
💥 Building slow is beautiful, building low-tech is very rewarding, low energy &
building in season the appropriate season
💥 Value delivery and access as big determination factors for what you can build...🏠
💥 Have a clear and accurate plan, but also flow with new solutions as you solve road bumps.
💥 You can never have enough water harvest systems, capture all you can!

Thank you again to @ecovillage for the opportunity and sponsorship to make this new system come to life 🌏🏘🌱

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Todos son bienvenidos para unos deliciosos sabores mañana en el mercado de Granada 🧡
9 - 1pm hasta mañana 💃
Patio Hotel del Malinche

👌🏽 productos horneados, condimentos, arte, joyería y café

Event FB ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️



It's been Hurricane Season out here 🌀 We have experienced an extra long and challenging wet season this year. Building in the rain also might not have been the best decision but we all learn through our risks and mistakes.
Thanks to GEN @GlobalEcoVillageNetwork for the opportunity to bring this idea to life as part of the
Here's a little sneak peak into our life here and build progress on the new Compost Toilets!!


Hurricane Iota

Photos from Nuestra Finca Sagrada's post 04/10/2020

(Espanol abajo)
"You can spend your whole life traveling around the world searching for the Garden of Eden, or you can create it in your backyard."

We have recently been picking, harvesting and relishing in all the farms beautiful produce the past few weeks. Our new fowl family is settling in so well, we are now getting up to 5 eggs per day 😱 its incredibly rewarding and satisfying to know where your food comes from and out of the equation.

If you are looking to volunteer/work-exchange with us here, please send us a message as we have so many projects coming up we would love some eager hands 🤞



"Puedes pasar toda tu vida viajando por el mundo buscando el Jardín del Edén, o puedes crearlo en tu patio trasero".

Recientemente hemos estado recolectando, cosechando y saboreando en todas las granjas hermosos productos durante las últimas semanas.
Nuestra nueva familia de aves se está adaptando tan bien que ahora estamos obteniendo hasta 5 huevos por día. Es increíblemente gratificante y satisfactorio saber de dónde viene su comida y fuera de la ecuación.

Si está buscando ser voluntario / intercambiar trabajo con nosotros aquí, envíenos un mensaje ya que tenemos tantos proyectos en camino que nos encantaría tener algunas manos ansiosas 🤞


La Paz