Granada Street Kids

GSK is a California NGO founded in 2010 to help Nicaraguan Youth stay off the streets and to give them bright futures.

Granada Street Kids is a Californian NGO founded in 2010 in Granada, Nicaragua. Its main project is the Escuela Nueva Vida (School New Life), a free-of-charge private school for the education and rehabilitation of young street boys and boys with complicated family backgrounds. The school offers a professional training in the following three vocational fields: English, Carpentry and Textile; as wel

Photos from Granada Street Kids's post 29/07/2016

visita y actividad deportiva de Futbol en Granada Street Kids con jovenes de Carolina del Sur

Photos from Granada Street Kids's post 10/03/2016

Visita de Jovenes Salesianos a Escuela Nueva vida,

Photos from Granada Street Kids's post 22/02/2016

Inicio de Clases Escuela Nueva Vida 2016

Cover photos 28/03/2015

Textile class

Photos from Granada Street Kids's post 19/03/2015

Students from Salesiano School visiting us at Escuela Nueva Vida.
Visita de estudiantes Salesianos a Escuela Nueva Vida.

Photos from Granada Street Kids's post 19/03/2015

Celebrating the birthdays of two of our students: Kevin V. and Kevin T.
Celebracion cumpleaños de Estudiantes Kevin V. y Kevin T.

Visit from Salesiano 07/01/2015

Visit from Salesiano

Timeline photos 02/01/2015

Happy New Year to all! May 2015 be full of love, happiness and success to each and every one of you. Thanks for your support throughout the year and we hope 2015 will see even more kids going from the streets of Granada to our school!


Happy holidays everybody!! May the Christmas spirit be in all of our homes and fills each of our hearts!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Timeline photos 15/12/2014

Vacation Time!!

Starting today we will be enjoying the holidays with our families! School will be closed for two weeks but some of us will be staying to enjoy the pool and play with our roommates.

Want to come and spend the day with us?

Contact the school offices at 2552 - 0748 and set a date, we will be happy to receive you!!


Our school year is almost over!! And we are happy to announce that all of our students will be moving to their next school level!

To celebrate it, we will be having a ceremony for them where diplomas will be given!

If you would like to join us in this great moment of their lives, please contact us and we will be happy to receive you!

Timeline photos 28/08/2014

Would you like to…
… dedicate some of your time to help the needy?
… meet amazing people and make friends you will never forget?
… get to know a fascinating culture and lifestyle?
… discover the diversity of a beautiful country?
… or just get some useful professional skills and speak Spanish?

Then join us and be part of the big GRANADA STREET KIDS FAMILY!

Nueva vida para niños de la calle en Granada 22/08/2014

Nueva vida para niños de la calle en Granada

The new article about Escuela Nueva Vida featured on El Nuevo Diario. Want to know more about us? Go check it out!

Nuevo articulo sobre Escuela Nueva Vida en El Nuevo Diario. Quieres saber mas sobre nosotros y el proyecto? Checá el articulo!

Nueva vida para niños de la calle en Granada Esperanza. Fausto comenzó en los vicios a los 14 años, mientras deambulaba por las calles de esta ciudad. Hace tres años fue rescatado, aprende un oficio y quiere salir adelante y formar una familia

Volunteers Farewell / Despedida de los Voluntarios 07/08/2014

August 6th was the last night we spent with our volunteers Keeley, Catherine, Declan and Annissa Walsh and Mark Mueller. We are so glad you all decided to join our school and participate in all of our activities. Thank you for all the laughs and great times spent together! We hope to see you back soon!

El pasado 6 de Agosto disfrutamos de una divertida despedida con nuestros voluntarios Keeley, Katherine, Declan y Annissa Walsh y Mark Mueller. Estamos muy felices de que hayan decidido unirse a la escuela en sus actividades y que hayan tomado tiempo para compartir con los chavalos risas y buenos momentos. Esperamos verlos pronto de nuevo!!

Photos from Granada Street Kids's post 29/07/2014

Working hard to get everything going smoothly for our recently opened furniture store! Have you checked our products yet? Stop by when going to or returning from Managua!!

Here are some of our students preparing the carpentry and textile products!!

Photos from Granada Street Kids's post 20/07/2014

What are you doing Saturday July 26 from 10 am to 2 pm?

Muebles Granada Street Kids will be having their grand opening! All profits from the store will go to supporting Escuela Nueva Vida.Visit this beautiful new store to meet some of our boys and help us celebrate our grand opening.There will be a free gift for every visitor and a drawing for a $50 gift certificate.

The store is located across from Cruz Azul just before Rotunda Jockey
on the North side. (Look for balloons)

Please share this invitation with all your friends. Hope to see you there!
PHOTOS: Two of the pieces that will be in the store and a map

Photos from Granada Street Kids's post 25/06/2014

As promised, here are some photos of the finished furniture the boys have worked so hard on. Which will be sold in the store opening in July. Check back for an exact opening date so you can go visit the store!

Timeline photos 18/06/2014

Happy Birthday to one of our boys, Jason, turning 14 today! Here he is pictured in blue with his friend, Jose Enrique.


Dear everyone, we are happy to announce to you that we have signed our first placement agreement! Charlotte, from France, will be interning at Granada Street Kids for two months starting in July.

If you too you would like to harness your skills, acquire new ones or simply practice/learn Spanish while helping a good cause, WE are the place! Feel free to contact us in English at: [email protected]

Timeline photos 10/06/2014

Two of our woodworking students, Fausto Ramón Cruz Paisano and Jonh Michael Sanchez Flores with the buffet they made for the new store. Check back for a finished product photo and for other photos of the kids wonderful works!

Soccer Thursday (June 5th) 07/06/2014

Every Monday and Thursday the kids play soccer. This Thursday the boys scrimmaged each other in several intense games.
If you would like to come play with the boys or just watch; games start at 4 every Monday and Thursday!

POWER OUTAGE! 06/06/2014

Last Monday the power went out at the school. We made the best of if by taking lots of photos with the bright flash!

Timeline photos 06/06/2014

At Escuela Nueva Vida, everybody is working hard and getting ready for the opening of our furniture store (planned for July).
In the photo: Maycol and Jonh Micheal, working on the sign.


Today is Mother's day in Nicaragua and it is a public holiday in the whole country!
So... feliz día de la Madre!

Photos from Granada Street Kids's post 19/05/2014

Last Wednesday we celebrated Pauline's despedia (Spanish for farewell party) after two and a half months of work at Granada Street Kids. Each kid had a word for her.
Thank you Pauline, we wish you all the best for your future!

Timeline photos 09/05/2014

Thank you very much to Oyin Bankole and The Jehovah Jireh Project for the very generous donation of 100 pencils and sharpeners!

Timeline photos 05/05/2014

Since we did not go out last Saturday, the boys took the opportunity to renovate our soccer field.
You can come and see it yourself at Escuela Nueva Vida Mondays and Thursdays from 4pm when we have soccer training with our coach Livio. Other teams are always welcome to share a game! Plus it is a nice way to get to know us and bond with our chavalos.

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May 1 is a holiday in Nicaragua like anywhere else. But at Granada Street Kids, it does not mean a "day off". We had several activities for the boys staying at school including board games, movies, the pool opened the whole day and for the laziest ones: siesta!
Happy Labor day everybody!

Photos from Granada Street Kids's post 28/04/2014

Outing at la Leona, Las Isletas de Granada, last Saturday



Escuela Nueva Vida Billares Pancho Modestano 2c. Al Oeste, ½ C. Al Sur Calle El Bolsón

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