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I know I have come again,
Me: I love too
Come and register

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We are still waiting for you to decide
Am earning 5x in January alone
There's no job security & your generation will thank you
Contact me on 08133116137

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Take a look at our catalogue & pick from our variety of products,
contact me to order on 08133116137

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Your village people no do you this one oooo,na you do yourself, I hope you are aware that when your kids make a demand, they don't care how you get,all they want is that you get it done & their demands are met,am asking you to have a back up plan,no because it's by force but because I love you and care about your future & that of your children,
Call me up & let me lead you by the hand on


You asked me for ASSURANCE, you need ASSURANCE,am giving you a "LIFE TIME INSURANCE"
DON'T BE TOLD, this should not be your words of regret,invest now and be thankful later


Happy new year all My Excellencies & Queens
I want to say a very big thank you to everyone that made 2019 a great year for us, thank you for believing in us, most of you have never seen me before but have trusted me with your money even after some of you had been scammed by others, from my heart, I earnestly do not take it for granted, for your love, support & all of you that patronised us,we love you & we are happy & excited that you all made it to 2020 & we pray that this year
-more open doors
-more breakthroughs
-quick & efficient turn overs & sales
-no loss of anything whether life, money etc
-long life and property with preservation
-none will be sick or bury anyone

I love you all & we are all having to resume business with you all & for those of you still trying to decide to do business with us,we love you even better & are here to welcome you at anytime

Happy new year to all Longrich NG Team Philomenal & an awesome 2020
Feel free to contact or contact me on 08133116137


Someone earned this holiday, when all companies have closed
Oya join na,bcs when you spend all your money this December, you will understand the true meaning of endurance in January
Am waiting for you oooo

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See even if u don't want to register let your children pay their school fees for themselves, There are no boundaries in Longrich,even an unborn child can be registered,Imagine if they grow up & gain admission into the university,they are earning - "every Thursday oooo",abeg do you realize that you can build as many houses & buy as many cars as u want,let me tortori u, Longrich can offer them educational scholarship abroad as in all expenses paid, the only thing u will carry abroad is yourself and your box & they are still paying u every Thursday oooo,so ur payment every Thursday can feed u throughout,abeg if you no join Longrich NG Team Philomenal or register,na u do yourself, your village people no follow for this one oooo,oya hit me on 08133116137

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Good day my fellow Nigerians,
Active & Retired Civil Servants,
Marketers,Traders,Business owners
Am here to support the motion that LONGRICH IS A LIFE TIME INVESTMENT with the following the following points of mine below,are you still not convinced????
I still have more points,oya hit me on 08133116137 or

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Today was pay day & am just showing u a glimpse of the ice berge,am going to buy my Christmas rice tomorrow, you want your own,oya oooo hit me on

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This is a warm reminder that by 3rd week of January is school fees drive in your children's school
January has 93days 🤷🤷🤷
Remember that you are going to the village with the family & all the youths in your community have planned how they will roger you, don't forget the gathering by different relatives and chieves
Christmas clothes for the family nko,Why don't you just get involved with Longrich
All the toiletries you are planning to buy to travel with or you want to buy for family or personal use,do they pay you????,NO!, But Longrich pays you for using or buying their products,is as good as getting your money back, with 10k,40k,75k,120k,520k & 750k you can get products worth the amount you registered with & get to have a certain percentage in Longrich stock market & it's what I call SALARY FOR LIFE & GENERATIONS, you get paid every Thursday
For more information contact me on 0813 3116137