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Our Idiom of the day is: “Vicious Circle”

Meaning: A vicious circle is a sequence of events that make each other worse. The phrase vicious cycle can also be used.

Example: If I bring Mrs. Smith the food she asks for, then she complains that I don’t make her healthier meals. It’s a vicious circle.



Our Idiom of the day is: “Under the radar”

Meaning: If something slips under the radar, it isn’t detected or noticed.

Example: We are not sure how the plane disappeared. It appears it slipped under the radar. We hope we can locate the missing plane soon.



Our Idiom of the day is: “Take a nosedive”

Meaning: When things take a nosedive, they decline very quickly and head towards disaster.

Example: After high school, he took a nosedive and ended up joining the traveling circus. His life has not been good since that decision.



Our Idiom of the day is: “Scraping the barrel

Meaning: When all the best people, things or ideas are used up and people try to make due with what they have left, they are scraping the barrel.

Example: I’m not sure why I was chosen for the new position at work, they must have had no other option and decided to scrape the barrel, since they picked me.



Our Idiom of the day is: “Rags to riches”

Meaning: Someone who starts life very poor and becomes rich goes from rags to riches.

Example: It’s the poor mans dream to go from rags to riches, but it doesn’t always happen.



Our Idiom of the day is: “Ouiet as a cat”

Meaning: If somebody is as quiet as a cat, they make as little noise as possible and try to be unnoticeable.

Example: Our house guests these past few days have been as quiet as a cat. We have hardly noticed them.



Our Idiom of the day is: “Paint the town red”

Meaning: This expression is used when you go out and enjoy yourself freely with your friends or significant other.

Example: This fall I plan to go to Spain with my friends for the tomato festival and we will paint the town red.



Our Idiom of the day is: “Off the grid”

Meaning: Someone who is off the grid lives outside society and chooses not to follow it’s rules and conventions.

Example: Sally has been living in the Ozarks off the grid for 5 years now. She seems very happy.



Our Idiom of the day is: “Nail biter”

Meaning: If a game, election, contest, ect, is a nail biter, it is exciting because the competitors are so close it is impossible to predict the result.

Example: “The game last night was such a nail biter. The score was so close the whole game it kept us on the edge of our seat until the end.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Make a song and a dance”

Meaning: If someone makes a song and a dance, they are making an unnecessary fuss about something unimportant.

Example: “There is no need for you to make a song and a dance about this young lady, I already told you no.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Larger than life”

Meaning: If something is excessive or exaggerated, it is larger than life.

Example: I saw something larger than life the other day and it really frightened me.



Our Idiom of the day is: “Keep it on the Q T”

Meaning: If you keep something on the Q T, you keep something to yourself or keep it a secret.

Example: “Frank, I’m gonna tell you something but you have to promise to keep it on the Q T. Mom said she thinks I’m cuter.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Just what the doctor ordered”

Meaning: If something is just what the doctor ordered, it is exactly what is needed to make you feel better.

Example: I have been so stressed out with work lately I feel burnt out. I think a little beach vacation is just what the doctor ordered to make me feel better.



Our Idiom of the day is: “If you are given lemons make lemonade”

Meaning: Always try and make the best out of a bad situation. With some useful ingenuity you can make a bad situation useful.

Example: Jenny was disappointed when she didn’t get to be in the school play, so her mom told her that in life if you are given lemons you make lemonade and so she should never give up.



Our Idiom of the day is: “Happy-go-lucky”

Meaning: If someone is happy-go-lucky, they don’t worry or plan and they accept things as they happen.

Example: Sammy was always a happy-go-lucky kind of cat. He was playful and loved to roll in the grass.



Our Idiom of the day is: “Get the green light”

Meaning: If you get the green light to do something you get the necessary permission or authorization to proceed.

Example: I got the green light from my boss to go ahead with the project.



Our Idiom of the day is: “Fence sitter”

Meaning: Someone that tries to support both sides of an argument or issue without committing to either is a fence sitter.

Example: Jack has always been sitting on the fence about the issue, he has never made up his mind.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Ears are burning”

Meaning: If your ears are burning, you sense or know that people somewhere else are talking about you in either a positive or an unpleasant way.

Example: “You ears must have been burning, we were just sitting here talking about you.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Dead Meat”

Meaning: This expression is used to threaten someone, they will be dead meat if they don’t agree with you.

Example: “Move out of the road Mr. Deer or you will be dead meat.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Call the dogs off”

Meaning: This expression has 2 meanings.
1.) If someone calls their dogs off they stop the search for what they are looking for.
2.) If someone calls their dogs off they stop attacking or criticizing someone.

Example: “Today authorities decided to call the dogs off after searching for the missing woman for a week. ”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Back burner”

Meaning: If an issue is on the back burner, it is being given low priority.

Example: “Dinner is on the back burner for now, we need to finish other chores before we start thinking about it.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “A Pretty Penny”

Meaning: If something costs a pretty penny, it’s very ex[pensive.

Example: “The most expensive dog in the world is the Tibetan Mastiff. In China it costs a pretty penny, some dogs being sold for millions of dollars.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Zero tolerance”

Meaning: If someone in authority has a zero tolerance policy they will not overlook any crime no matter how small or trivial.

Example: “My teacher told me she had a zero tolerance policy for cheating on exams but I didn’t listen and got caught. Now I have detention for the rest of the month.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “You are what you eat.”

Meaning: This idiom is used to emphasize the importance of a good diet as a key to good health.

Example: “My mother used to tell me, ‘You are what you eat. So don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.’ I’ll never forget those important words.”




Our Idiom of the day is: “X factor”

Meaning: X factor means you have an indescribable quality that makes you special.

Example: “I just met her last week but I can’t stop thinking about her. She has the x factor I have been looking for.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “X factor”

Meaning: X factor means you have an indescribable quality that makes you special.

Example: “I just met her last week but I can’t stop thinking about her. She has the x factor I have been looking for.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Walk a fine line”

Meaning: If you have to walk a fine line, you have to be very careful not to annoy or anger people or groups that are competing.

Example: “Since my boss has been so stressed out with work lately because of our competitors, I have to be very careful and walk a fine line so that I don’t upset her more .”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Vultures are circling”

Meaning: If vultures are circling, then something is in danger and its enemies are getting ready for the kill.

Example: “Keep moving everyone, the vultures are circling.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Under lock and key”

Meaning: If something or someone is under lock and key, it has been stored very securely.

Example: “Your heard your mother. Until you finish your homework and all your chores, your cell phone will be under lock and key.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Take a back seat”

Meaning: If you take a back seat to something or someone, you are in a subordinate position.

Example: “Let’s go to town Skip, you can take the back seat on the way there.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Safety in numbers”

Meaning: If a lot of animals or people do something risky at the same time, the risk is reduced because there is safety in numbers.

Example: “There is safety in numbers, so on the count of three we will jump.1...2...3!”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Rainy Day”

Meaning: If you save something, especially money, for a rainy day, you save it for some possible problem or trouble in the future.

Example: “When we had the tropical storm last week we found out the roof has a huge leak. Good thing we had some money in the savings account for a rainy day and will be able to afford to fix it.”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Quitters never win, winners never quit.”

Meaning: If you quit or give up you will never achieve what you want, but if you keep trying you will find a way to get what you want.

Example: “I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Quitters never win, winners never quit. I will reach my goal!”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Packed like sardines”

Meaning: If a place is extremely crowded with people, we say people are packed like sardines or packed in like sardines. This means there is no space to move around freely and it is a tight squeeze.

Example: “In Asia they have men who stand on the subway platform as “pushers” so that they can pack people in like sardines in the subway cars. ”



Our Idiom of the day is: “Off the beaten track”

Meaning: Somewhere that is off the beaten track is in a remote location.

Example: “I came to this island to get off the beaten track and take a break from work and instead I work more than when I am at home.”




#4 Trenel
Otros Escuela en Hermosillo (mostrar todas)
Escudero's - team Escudero's - team
Avenida Nuevo León
Hermosillo, 83000

clase de iniciacion al taekwondo niños de 3-5 años de 17-18 hr tekwondo principiantes mayores de 6 años de 18-19 hrs taekwondo mas de 6 años avanzados de 19-20 hrs zumba de 8-9 am y de 18-19 hr cardio kick boxin 19-20 hrs

Centro de Neurodesarrollo Integral Centro de Neurodesarrollo Integral
Avenida Trece #277 Colonia Jesús García
Hermosillo, 83140

Intervención en procesos neuropsicológicos que afectan las capacidades cognitivas, sensoriales, emocionales, conductuales y sociales en niños.

Top English Top English
Blvd. Solidaridad
Hermosillo, 83240

Enseñanza del idioma Ingles de la manera mas rapida, facil y divertida.

Colegio Americano del Pacífico Colegio Americano del Pacífico
Avenida Alfredo Eguiarte 263
Hermosillo, 83150

Colegio Bicultural

Villa Del Bosque Casi Esquina Con Villa Linda Col. Las Villas
Hermosillo, 83289

Centro de Atención Multiple Estatal Laboral en Sonora que capacita a jóvenes con discapacidad en ambientes reales de trabajo y habilidades socioadaptativas

Instituto Everest Hermosillo Instituto Everest Hermosillo
Monteverde 265
Hermosillo, 83180

Centro de estudios cuyos cursos se enfocan en la transición del bachillerato a la universidad.

Instituto Ángel de la Guarda IAP Instituto Ángel de la Guarda IAP
Israel Gonzalez Y Garcia Aburto
Hermosillo, 83140

La misión de Instituto Ángel de la Guarda es proporcionar atención especializada a niños y jóvenes con capacidades diferentes, desarrollando sus habilidades y propiciando su independencia, integración y participación en el medio social.

Academia del Aire del Noroeste Academia del Aire del Noroeste
Escobedo 24
Hermosillo, 83190

Academia del Aire del Noroeste es una institución educativa especializada, dedicada desde el año de 1979 a la formación integral de personal para el medio aeronáutico.

DM Estudio Y Academia De Musica DM Estudio Y Academia De Musica
Yáñez #133 Entre Colosio Y Sonora
Hermosillo, 83000

Somos una academia dedicada al estudio musical con Músicos jóvenes preparados para impartir las clases deseadas.

Amarte Centro de Capacitación Integral Amarte Centro de Capacitación Integral
Reforma 194
Hermosillo, 83180

AMARTE, Ofrece sesiones terapéuticas y capacitación utilizando herramientas Creativas. Dirigido a Personas (niños, jóvenes y adultos), Instituciones y Empresas que están buscando un bienestar emocional para lograr una mejor Calidad de Vida.

Técnica 72 Sonora Técnica 72 Sonora
Avenida Fernando Pesqueira Juvera
Hermosillo, 83296

Pagina creada para proporcionar información sobre las actividades a desarrollar dentro de nuestra Institución.

CIAD A.C. Hermosillo, Sonora CIAD A.C. Hermosillo, Sonora
Carretera A La Victoria Km 0.6
Hermosillo, 83304