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I've just entered next year's Manchester marathon, and wonder if there's any particular plan or system you'd recommend? My last outing was two years ago, where I got 2:54. Training through summer has been going well, and during a recent spate of racing got my 5K time down by 1min in a month from 18:40 (agonisingly poor) to 17:46. I think I've continued to improve since. I'd like to go under 2:50 and even dare to think a sub 2:45 might be a AAA target. Thoughts please....

I am Martin Cox, a former professional mountain and road runner. I provide one-to-one online coachin


Congratulations to Fiona Pascall who continued her great 2022 season on Saturday with a win (and 4th overall) in a very long fell race, curiously named The Fellsman. Fiona covered 100km and 4000m of vert in an excellent time of 12hrs 07mins. This race has been going since 1962 and as far as we know this is the third fastest time ever recorded by a woman (the record of 11:09 was set by Jasmin Paris in 2016).


Congratulations Robbie! A close second to Jon Albon in one of the world's biggest mountain races, the OCC (56km/+3500m). Jon ran 5:03 and Rob ran 5:05, both smashing Stian Angermund's course record of 5:19.


To say I'm stoked about this result is an understatement. Particularly because when Beth started training for this race at the end of 2020 we didn't know if Western was going to happen, and if it did if travel to the USA would even be possible. It was one of the highlight's of my 40 years in the sport. I'm in awe of the fact that Beth was able to run such a fast time (the CR belongs to Ellie Greenwood, 16:47) in such hot conditions (by lunchtime the temperature was 41 degrees celcius).

SDW100 13/06/2021


A real great run in very hot conditions by Peter Abraham yesterday to finish 5th overall in the Centurion Running South Downs Way 100 mile race in a time of 16 hours 59 mins!

SDW100 Check out my run on Strava.

The Canyons 100k Ultra Marathon Trail Race: How The Top Runners Qualified for Western States 100! 29/04/2021

The Canyons 100k Ultra Marathon Trail Race: How The Top Runners Qualified for Western States 100!

The Canyons 100k Ultra Marathon Trail Race: How The Top Runners Qualified for Western States 100! On April 24th, 2021 the MutRunning.com team traveled to Auburn, CA to interview and film some of the top runners in this year's Canyons 100km ultramarathon t...



Static stretching decreases performance. Being too flexible does harm to the runner as it decreases running economy. It impacts on various neuromuscular systems resulting in decreased muscle fiber recruitment, decreased muscle stiffness and, ultimately, less elastic energy return when running.

A runner simply needs to be flexible enough to go through the range of motion that is needed during running. There’s a very good reason runners tend to get more inflexible the more they run. It’s called adaptation. If you start running 100 miles per week the body adapts by increasing stiffness in the system - to make it easier on itself by becoming as efficient as possible by utilizing as much elastic return as possible.

As far as warming up for a race or hard workout, I advise to include some dynamic exercises (drills) that put you through your full range of motion and aid muscle recruitment.

📷 Cleo the Pitbull

Episode 121: FKTOY Europe Final 23/01/2021

Episode 121: FKTOY Europe Final

Beth Pascall's 2020 BGR record was voted No.1 in Europe by the fans and listeners of the Fastest Known Time website and podcast, along with Finlay Wild. And you can hear her talking about it again here with Buzz (from 32'30''). And Finlay (52'00'').

Episode 121: FKTOY Europe Final The finale! Voters selected the top two FKTs in Europe for Female and Male, from a Nominations List of 23, out of 1,308 FKTs set in Europe in 2020. Each one is different. Each person tells their story, in their own words. Listen up! And read the full article here.


For all the hype we put into mileage and monster track sessions, the ‘real’ training never ends up on Strava. The physio visits. The rehab work. The core. The drills. The strideouts and the hill sprints. The diet. The lying fu**ed on the sofa for a few hours after a long tempo run through the grim West Cumbrian winter.

I’ve been coaching Mark since the end of September. His current road 5km PB stands at 15’13”, which he ran in 2018 and hopes to improve on 'officially' when racing starts up again.


It's been awesome to see the way in which motivation continues to remain high amongst most of the athletes I coach. Most recently, after the Tour de Helvellyn was cancelled unexpectedly, Mike Holliday went and smashed out a lap of the 60km/+2000m course in a mightily impressive 6hrs 15mins!

bethpascall.com 12/09/2020

A Bob Graham Round — Beth Pascall

bethpascall.com The Bob Graham is a fell running round in the Lake District, UK. The round takes in 42 summits over approximately 66 miles with 8000m of climbing. On Friday 24th July I completed the round in 14 hours 34 minutes, setting a new female record. It was back in March that I decided I’d do a Bob


It's been great to see the way in which motivation has remained high amongst all of the athletes I coach and many have taken on some cool solo projects. These have included PBs on the roads (Meryl, John), very quick performances on some of the classic Rounds (John x 2, Stuart), and number of F.K.T.s (George, Katie x 2, Josh x 2). Most recently Beth Pascall ran a Fastest Known Time for the Bob Graham Round (102km / +8000m) of 14hrs 34mins, taking 50 minutes off the previous record held by Jasmin Paris. Photo taken early on in the Round with Rhys Findlay-Robinson.

A 14:34 Bob Graham round. I am lost for words. I feel so fortunate that everything came together just in time for a perfect day. The support from my pacers and the fell running community was what made it happen. All I had to do was run my heart out 💚

There will be a longer post to follow, but for now I just want to thank everyone that made it happen. Firstly to my family - my husband , my parents, sister and brother-in-law. To my pacers and Broad Stand support - , Rhys Findlay-Robinson, , Neil Talbot, , , Shane Ohly, , Rich McGrath, & George Foster. Thank you for generously giving up your time to create some media content for the day.
I also want to thank those who volunteered to support me but weren’t able to due to my last minute change of plan - , Charlie Sproson, Andy Berry, Hannah Russell, Ben Abdelnoor, .naomi, .kaars.sijpesteijn, Kirsty Hewitson, Flora, - thank you for being willing.

Lastly, I couldn’t have done it without , whose role as my coach has extended far beyond telling me what training to do - he has acted more like my friend, general PA, weather forecast checker & mentor. Above all, he gave me the confidence to embark on something that I did not believe was possible.


Congratulations Katie! 34 minutes quicker than her previous best time on the Abraham's Tea Round...

I had a super fun day out on the fells today ⛰.
Chuffed to set a new female Fastest Known Time on the Abraham Tea Round in 6:26 🏆.
Action shots from moral supporter

researchgate.net 25/05/2020

(PDF) Effects of 120 g/h of Carbohydrates Intake during a Mountain Marathon on Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage in Elite Runners

I've always recommended athletes train to consume 90g to 100g of carbs per hour during a long race. This study is really interesting though as it shows that it is possible (with gut training) to tolerate 120g of carbs per hour during a race. Further, it also suggests that there are benefits in terms of increased performance and reduced muscle damage.

researchgate.net PDF | Exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) and internal exercise load are increased after competing in ultraendurance events such as mountain... | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate


It's been a tricky few months for many athletes with most summer races cancelled or postponed and travel being severely restricted. However, it's been great to see that motivation has remained high amongst all of the athletes I coach and several have taken on some very interesting solo projects.

So first up, congratulations to Keswick local George Foster who ran an impressive new record this morning on Abraham's Tea Round of 4hrs 52mins 30secs, taking almost 24 minutes off the previous best set by Ricky Lightfoot (05:16:09).

outsideonline.com 23/02/2020

The Skeptic's Take on Altitude Training

I've never been a huge fan of altitude training for sea level performance and this wee article explains why. Rather, I think it's more important to train for the conditions you're likely to race under. So altitude training is essential if you're going to be racing at altitude (just as if you're going to race in the heat, then you must train in the heat).

outsideonline.com Pretty much every elite endurance athlete trains in mountain air or the altitude-tent equivalent. But a few scientists think they’re wasting their time and money.


Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn

Smiles and miles of mud at today’s Tour of Pendle🥇!
@ Pendle Hill


Two very inspirational ladies!

I felt a bit star struck today sharing some miles (and smiles!) with Ironman legend Chrissie Wellington at the Endurancelife Gower Ultra. Chrissie is really strong on the flat but I had the edge on the climbs and technical terrain. We ended up 1st and 2nd overall 💪🏃‍♀️🥇🥈🏃‍♀️💪

Although we got off to a horrible wet and windy start the sun came out towards the end and it was glorious. The race has it all - staggering coastline views, energy sapping sand, a lot of mud, amazing volunteers ... This place is stunning! I can’t wait to explore the area more tomorrow.

Fuelled as always by My Spring Energy


George Foster and James Callender after the British Fell Relays last week, both looking fairly pleased with themselves!


Congratulations to George Foster in the Lakeland Four Passes race (30km / +1500m) on Saturday. It was a fast one with George blitzing the old course record by over 30 minutes, finishing in an impressive 2:46:50!

Pic: Ascend Events / Carlos Reina Photo


I'm very happy to see those nice people at iRunFar.com giving Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn the recognition she deserves for her amazing performance last weekend in the Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra.


Beth Pascall

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc - UTMB 2019. It was a tough shift for me so I’m over the moon to take 5th 🏅. It wasn’t a particularly well executed race on my part - I had some stomach issues early on and was dealing with the consequences for the rest of the race. My pacing was far from perfect and the final 40 miles from La Fouly was a painful grind. Despite this my time (26:26) was exactly the same as last year (which was on the shorter, bad weather route) so I must have done something right. There is plenty to be happy about!

The atmosphere out there was as wonderful as always. Thank you to all my fellow competitors - it was a pleasure to share the trails with you. Also thanks to everyone else to offered encouragement along the course. It probably appeared that I was too wiped out to acknowledge you but it was all hugely appreciated🙏


Training Diary: Episode 3 Centurion Autumn 100 - THE LAP recce

Part three of Gary's entertaining video diary on his training for the Centurion Running Autumn 100 (mile) race in October. In this episode, 5 hours in the mist in the Lakes with a bit of a cold...

Join me this week a recce of 'The Lap', the inaugural 45 mile race around Lake Windermere on September 7th that I will be racing along with other RUNSTRONG m...



Part two of Gary's entertaining video diary on his training for the Centurion Running Autumn 100 (mile) race. In this episode, 60 second hill reps in the rain and a 5hr run in the rain...


Week 3 is now available on YouTube - join me on two sessions and a bit more info on the training...



PS. Don’t go there looking for flash editing but you can still subscribe.

scmp.com 13/08/2019

Do not think of trail running as dollars per kilometres, says Ruth Croft

This article is important!

Personally, I'd never agree to coach a Junior athlete who's goals were to run multiple mountain marathons or long technical Sky Races or mountain ultras. It would be irresponsible.

Equally, I'd never agree to coach an adult who wants to race MUT or any ultra-distance event unless they've already got a couple of decent marathons under their belts. That would also be irresponsible.

scmp.com Ruth Croft is the silver medallist at the Trail World Championships, winner of the 42km Mont Blanc Marathon and the 56km OCC champion at the UTMB Even with all her talent, the Kiwi learned a harsh lesson at the 120km Lavaredo in Italy


Well done to everyone I coach who was racing this weekend: Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn and Dan Shaw (in the Peak Skyline), Chris Collins (in the Causeway Challenge Marathon),, Chris Richards and Shaun Dixon (at Thyon-Dixence), Stuart Crutchfield, John Yells and James Callender (at Creag Dubh), and Martin Cox (Subida Granada Pico Valeta)!!!

westerlandsccc.co.uk 19/07/2019

An Teallach Hill Race 2019 - Westerlands CCC

Informative and brief (ultra running bloggers please take note!) write-up on last weekend's SHR Champs race at An Teallach (possibly 10.6km and perhaps +/-1062m)... James ran well to finish top-25 (maybe) in 1hr 29mins (approx)...


switch4good.org 10/07/2019

Athletes Are Not Built by Chocolate Milk - Switch4Good

The idea of chocolate milk as a recovery drink for athletes was created by those with a vested monetary interest (namely, the Dairy Industry).

switch4good.org We asked our team of Switch4Good scientists to review pro chocolate milk studies, and just as we thought, there are glaring flaws.


Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn

I haven’t enjoyed a race quite as much as I enjoyed the Olympus Marathon Skyrace for a long long time 🙌🏽. It was a joy to share the trails with such strong women 💪🏼, especially the super fun 10km descent I shared with 👯‍♀️. I pretty much beamed with excitement and happiness every step of the way. Thank you and for creating such a magical race! 🇬🇷


Congratulations Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn

¡Podio femenino de la categoría Classic de Reventón Trail Fred.Olsen Express!

1 - Meg MACKENZIE 02:46:49 (nuevo récord)
2 - Katie KAARS SIJPESTEIJN 03:06:11
3 - Fernanda MOURA MACIEL 03:10:01

¡Muchas felicidades!

¡Otro récord femenino en !

Foto: Veintisiete Grados


Beth Pascall

Whilst all my northern friends were battling snowy hill conditions last weekend, I was having a blast tearing around the streets of London at The Vitality Big Half. Happy with a ~2minute PB in windy conditions 💨

Next up will be 50k in 10 days time, then back on the trails full time!



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