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An international leisure reference. Experience quality service. He went on to build up a fleet of vans/tour guides, followed by day charter motor boat rentals.

From a very young age, Jean-Marc Ayache, the founder of Liven Up, was fascinated by the Mediterranean, boats and sports cars. In 1985, it was a no-brainer decision for him to share his love of the French Riviera and buy his first minivan for sightseeing. Jean-Marc had one aim, democratise luxury and make it accessible to all! So Ferrari and Lamborghini driving experiences subsequently followed in

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Which masterpiece will you choose: the sleek Ferrari 458 Italia, the elegant Ferrari California T, the luxurious Maserati GranCabrio, or the powerful Lamborghini Gallardo? ⁠

With Liven UP, the French Riviera is your ultimate driving adventure waiting to happen! ⁠


Sail a Lamborghini or drive one? With Liven Up Experiences, why not both? Meet the legend - a Lamborghini 63 yacht!⁠

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Best offer of this summer - explore the French Riviera with our custom tours in comfy 8-seater vans. You can choose between one of our packages and explore Monaco, Cannes, Antibes, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, St Tropez, or Port Grimaud with our passionate guides for an unforgettable day. And we bet they speak your language!⁠


Imagine it’s your dream day, gliding on a boat with your friends across the sparkling waters of the South of France.

The sun is high and warm, the gentle breeze carries laughter and the soft scent of the sea.

Around you, the scenic beauty of the coastline unfolds in vibrant colors, making every moment feel like a picturesque escape from reality.

It’s a day with LivenUp Experience…


A tick in your bucket list?

It's not every day you get to feel like James Bond - minus the tuxedo (although we don’t mind!), and, well, the license to kill.

Contact our team to book your supercar driving experience!

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The more, the merrier🔥

Nothing epitomizes luxury quite like the combination of supercars and the Principality of Monaco.

Our mission is to let you experience this firsthand!

Contact our team to book your group driving experience and live the dream✨


Can you imagine a more romantic scene than savoring the warm spring sunshine while sipping Champagne with your beloved?
Picture this aboard a pristine white boat, gliding across the water with the iconic Hotel Negresco as your backdrop…

It’s the perfect setting for creating timeless memories together!


Double the power, double the joy, double your experience🔥

Book a group driving experience and enjoy double excitement with LivenUp!

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The ultimate Lamborghini🔥🐎

001 Lamborghini Aventador Ultimate Roadster on the streets of Monaco🇲🇨



Agent de Réservation (H/F) - CDD 6 mois

Description du poste : Rejoignez notre équipe à Monaco en tant qu'Agent de Réservation pour contribuer à créer des expériences nautiques mémorables. Vous serez en charge de la gestion des réservations, de l'établissement de devis, de la rédaction de contrats et du suivi des paiements. Vous collaborerez étroitement avec nos capitaines et nos fournisseurs externes, démontrant un esprit d'équipe.

Disponibilité immédiate

Profil recherché :

- Anglais et Français courant
- Expérience dans le service clientèle et yachting
- Expérience dans la gestion d'un planning de réservation
- Bon relationnel
- Rigueur
- Maîtrise des outils informatiques
- Capacité à gérer les priorités
- Salaire motivant suivant qualifications et expériences

Envoyez votre CV pour postuler dès maintenant à : [email protected]


The summer season is finally here!!!🥳

Contact our team to book your perfect day on the water and be among the first to enjoy the fun, sun and the summer of 2024!


Monaco traffic jam be like🚦🇲🇨

Group driving is available for booking!
Contact our team and we will organise a dream experience for your friends or colleagues🔥


Here it is, a statement piece on wheels, asserting that true beauty doesn’t just race by— it demands a pause, a moment of admiration.

In Monaco, where beauty and luxury is the language, our cars speak volumes, arguing that to truly appreciate art, sometimes you need to put the brakes on.

Book yours!


How about splashing into a sunny laughter-filled spring day on the water, eh?

Sunseeker Superhawk 48 has a length of 14,5m and is perfect for a group of 10!

It's an impressive boat in terms of speed,
seaworthiness, handling and interior comforts coming with a fully-moulded wetbar, a teak bathing platform, hot and cold deck shower, a spacious storage...

Contact us for more information!


A day-trip itinerary


🌿 Morning Aroma in Eze: Fragonard Perfume Factory
Start your day in the enchanting Eze village, exploring one of the most famous and beautiful villages in France. In Fragonard Perfume Factory you can immerse yourself in the art of perfume making and craft your fragrance amidst this medieval setting!

🏎️ Afternoon Thrill: Supercar Ride to Monaco
The transition from historical charm to modern exhilaration with a supercar drive to Monaco. Experience the thrill as you cruise to the iconic Hotel de Paris, enjoying stunning coastal vistas along the way in a Ferrari or Lamborghini - behind the steering wheel or next to a pilot.

👑 Monaco Sightseeing: Royal and Oceanic Wonders
For Monaco we got it all covered - we crafted the best program so that you see the most important in a day. You will visit the Grand Prince's Palace and the fascinating Oceanographic Museum. Cap it off with breathtaking views from Monaco's best vantage points, embracing the city's vibrant essence!

🛥️ Evening Bliss: Sunset Cruise
Conclude your day with a luxurious sunset yacht cruise. Isn’t it the best way to get back to your hotel? Relax with a glass of champagne, watching the Riviera's coastline glow under the setting sun—a perfect ending to an extraordinary day.


All the space aboard the Vandutch Yachts!

Liven Up offers various Vandutch yachts for rent on the Riviera, ideal to head for a quick cruise alongside the stunning coastline with friends and family to make the best of your holidays.


Local Gems and Hidden Spots

Village of Gourdon

🌄 Gordes: A Vision on a Cliff 📷

The first glimpse of Gordes is unforgettable – ancient stone houses clinging to the cliffside, overlooking the verdant Luberon valley, perched majestically in the Vaucluse mountains. This iconic view, especially mesmerizing at sunset, has captivated hearts for centuries.

🏛️ A Stroll through Centuries 🚶‍♀️

Every step in Gordes is a step through history. The village's past dates back to the Roman era, evident in its architectural marvels. The majestic Renaissance castle at its heart, originally built in the 11th century and rebuilt in the 16th century, stands as a testament to Gordes' enduring legacy. The castle now hosts art exhibitions, blending history with contemporary culture.

🏰 The Village of Borie and Its Ancient Heritage 🌿

Nearby, the Village des Bories, an open-air museum of dry stone huts, tells the story of Gordes' agricultural past. These bories, dating back to the 18th century, were used by shepherds and farmers, showcasing the ingenuity of ancient Provençal construction techniques.

🌿 Living the Provençal Dream 🍇

Gordes is the epitome of the Provençal lifestyle. Explore its lively markets, savour the local cuisine in quaint restaurants, and lose yourself in the narrow, winding streets that echo tales of bygone days.

🍷 Vineyards and Olive Groves: A Taste of Tradition 🌳
The surrounding countryside, with its ancient vineyards and olive groves, invites you to delve into the region's agricultural heritage. Taste the local wines and olive oils, each with a story rooted in the Provençal soil.


Your boat has arrived!

Step aboard your Vandutch with the Liven Up team and head for a cruise alongside the French Riviera, making the very best of your time in the South of France.


Local Gems and Hidden Spots

The Secret Gardens of Menton

🌺 Jardin du Val Rahmeh: A Botanical Time Capsule 🕰️
Nestled along the Mediterranean coast, Jardin du Val Rahmeh is a living museum, dating back to 1905. Established by Lord Radcliffe, it showcases a mesmerizing collection of exotic plants from across the globe. This garden is a sanctuary for rare species and offers a glimpse into the world's botanical diversity, all thriving in Menton's unique microclimate.

📚 Jardin Fontana Rosa: A Tribute to Literature and Art 🖋️

Created by the Spanish writer Vicente Blasco Ibáñez in the 1920s, Jardin Fontana Rosa is often referred to as the 'Garden of Novels.' This enchanting space is dedicated to the literary greats, with tiled benches and pavilions honouring authors like Cervantes and Dickens. The garden's vibrant ceramics and lush plants reflect the artistic spirit and cultural richness of Menton.

🌴 Jardin Serre de la Madone: A Horticultural Masterpiece 🌱

Developed in the early 20th century by Lawrence Johnston, the creator of England's famed Hidcote Manor Garden, Jardin Serre de la Madone is an oasis of tranquillity and beauty. It features a stunning array of plants collected from Johnston's global travels, showcasing a harmonious blend of exotic and Mediterranean flora. The garden's terraces, pools, and statues create a serene and picturesque landscape, perfect for a peaceful stroll.


A day-trip itinerary


🎨 Morning Inspiration in Saint-Paul-de-Vence
Begin in the artistic haven of Saint-Paul-de-Vence. Wander through its historic streets, where every corner brims with artistic heritage. Visit the famous Fondation Maeght, and admire works by renowned artists like Chagall and Matisse.

🍇 Vineyard Visit: A Taste of Provence

Continue your journey to the heart of Provence with a visit to a traditional vineyard. Experience a guided tour of the vineyards, learn about wine production, and enjoy a delightful wine-tasting session amidst the beautiful Provençal landscape.

🌆 Discovering Nice: Cultural Riches

Meet our local guide in Nice, the heart of the Riviera - we will explore the best of it! Or visit its vibrant markets, stroll along the Promenade des Anglais, and savour the local cuisine. Absorb the city's dynamic atmosphere, blending history with contemporary flair.

🌙 Evening Splendor: Yacht Cruise Under the Stars

As twilight falls, step onto a luxurious yacht for an evening cruise around the bay of Villefranche. Glide over the tranquil Mediterranean waters, gazing at the stars above and the luminous coastline, rounding off a day filled with beauty and excitement.


The brand new Vandutch 30 will take you on serene tours alongside the French Riviera!

Now available for tours on the French Riviera, the boat is perfect for a quick tour from Monaco to Cap Ferrat, stopping at the main spots along the coast.


The perfect Christmas gift for everyone: friends, family, colleagues, customers or business partners!

Choose the exceptional by giving more than just a gift: offer an unparalleled experience with a Ferrari or Lamborghini test drive.
An invitation to feel the adrenalin and savour pure emotion. It's much more than just a ride, it's a memory engraved on the heart, an unforgettable moment!

Make your loved ones' eyes shine with this extraordinary gift, a test drive where every second becomes a masterpiece of thrills and automotive passion. Experience available from Monaco.
Gift voucher valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

Gift the extraordinary this Christmas:

To book an appointment from Monday to Friday, contact us by email: [email protected] or by phone: +33


Let’s take a break!

The bow lounge of the Vandutch is ideal for sunbathing in privacy and spending some quality time with your loved ones.

Let the Liven Up team arrange your tour and show you the best spots to drop the anchor!


Dropping of our guests for lunch in Hotel de Paris!

There is nothing like enjoying a driving experience in Monaco at the wheel of a Ferrari!

Treat your boyfriends, clients or employees to a unique experience in Monaco with us.


The flagship of the Vandutch lineup - the Vandutch is the best cruising machine on the Riviera!

Hop aboard with friends a make the best of your days from Monaco to Cannes for a vibrant lunch in the iconic La Guérite.


La Voiture Noire!

The Lamborghini Huracan EVO is one of the most extreme road-legal supercars! Ideal to take for a spin on the Monaco Grand Prix track and live the utmost experience while in the South of France!

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