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Les services de santé holistique de calibre mondial...
World class holistic health services ... Nous travaillons avec des plus qualifiés cliniciens d'offrir des visites à domicile, un service complet à nos patients, partout dans le monde à tout moment.

We work with some of the most highly qualified clinicians to offer full service house calls to our patients, anywhere in the world on a moment's notice. 20/06/2018

L’Ordre des médecins prend position contre l’homéopathie Pour la première fois depuis la publication de la tribune contre les médecines alternatives en mars dans Le Figaro, le Conseil national de l’Ordre des médecins a pris position contre l’homéopathie, sans lui fermer la porte. 15/06/2018

The 19th-Century Crank Who Tried to Tell Us About the Microbiome Today’s understanding of the importance of microbes to health was anticipated by a rival to Louis Pasteur. 11/05/2018

Junk food fueled diet doubles infertility risk for women | IOL Lifestyle Women who regularly tuck into takeaways and junk food take longer to get pregnant than those who eat lots of fruit, says a study. 31/12/2017

3 Health Discoveries We Should All Know About From 2017 The pollution problem is getting more serious by the day. 09/12/2017

Type 2 diabetes is not for life Almost half of the patients with Type 2 diabetes supported by their GPs on a weight loss programme were able to reverse their diabetes in a year, a study has found. 09/12/2017

Colloidal Silver

There are no high quality studies on the health effects of taking colloidal silver, but we do have good evidence of its dangers. This fact sheet discusses the safety and effectiveness of colloidal silver and suggests sources for additional information.


The original complaint in the case 3:17-cv-02162-JSC before the United States District Court of San Francisco, alleging that it causes dental flourisis and other conditions. 05/12/2017

New York Times confirms Natural News investigation: Mumps now spread mostly by vaccinated children | Wise Mind Healthy Body This was groundbreaking for enhancing calorie burning and slowing cellular aging. It has the remarkable ability to "pop open" fat cells. 05/12/2017

700,000 Children At Risk After Pharma Admits Vaccines Spreading Illness In Philippines... Officials in the Philippines are now warning that the use of the Dengue Vaccine, made by Sanofi Pasteur, could cause dengue fever outbreaks. They've suspended the use of the vaccine, however, are acknowledging that over 700,000 school children already received it. They claim they ceased use of the v... 03/11/2017

Gut bacteria 'boost' cancer therapy Trials suggest the trillions of micro-organisms living in us alter immunotherapy's effectiveness. 04/09/2017

A Utah nurse’s violent arrest puts patient-consent law — and police conduct — in the spotlight

Insisting on ethical medical practices in the USA will get you beaten down by the police, which is at least part of the reason why we are not able to do business in the USA. Video showed Salt Lake City police detective Jeff Payne snapping at nurse Alex Wubbels after she told him he couldn't collect blood samples without a warrant or patient consent. 15/08/2017

Amish farmer sold herbal health products. He’s going to prison for 6 years.

This is in part why the USA and Canada are devolving into developing nations, while other countries which offer greater freedoms for their people are prospering. An Amish man was sentenced Friday to six years in prison for obstructing a federal agency and for making and selling herbal health products that were not adequately labeled as required by federal law. Samuel A. Girod of Bath County, a member of the Old Order Amish faith, was convicted in March on 13...


In the introduction to the Recipes Worth A Thousand [Pieces of] Gold, Sun Simiao says,

Bian Que 扁鵲,“human beings rely on the body (xing 形). What disturbs the harmony of qi (heq 和氣) is disease (bing 病). What treats anxiety and sorrow (fandu 煩毒) is medicine (yao 藥). What saves life and helps the endangered is the doctor (yi 醫).”Keeping the body secure depends on food. Curing illness in a timely manner depends on medicine. Those who do not know what is suitable to eat are not able to survive. Those who do not understand which medicines should be avoided cannot get rid of the ailment. 02/07/2017

Health warning: How sugar depletes the human body of 5 essential nutrients (NaturalHealth365) Most people are aware that eating too much sugar can cause high blood glucose, in... 18/06/2017

Shakopee hospital using acupuncture in emergency room Minnesota hospitals are blazing a trail when it comes to integrative medicine. Only two hospitals in the nation offer acupuncture in the emergency room.


CBS News

Tilapia skin may actually be pretty valuable, especially when it comes to healing burns.


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"Our care modality is health rather than illness driven..." 20/04/2017

Cannabis Based Medicine May Cut Seizures in Half For Those With Hard to Treat Epilepsy Cannabidiol could help cut seizures by half in children and adults with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, an extremely severe form of epilepsy, researchers report. 14/04/2017

7th grader is fighting cancer with green tea At 12 years old, Steven Litt has discovered cancer-fighting chemicals in green tea. 24/07/2016

VIDEO. Comment utiliser les plantes médicinales ? Les plantes médicinales : comment les utiliser ? Avec quelles précautions ? Les explications d'Olivier Escuder du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, filmées à l'Ecole de Botanique du Jardin des Plantes, à Paris. 24/07/2016

Ötzi : découverte de nouveaux tatouages sur l'Homme des glaces

Une origine européenne possible pour l'acupuncture? Ou s'agit-il d'autre chose? 23 ans après sa découverte, le corps momifié d’Ötzi n’en finit pas de livrer ses secrets. Sa peau, vieille de 5300 ans, porte des marques jusqu’alors insoupçonnées et révélée par une technique d’imagerie multispectrale.


Hadrian Mâr Élijah Bar Israël 15/04/2016

For legal reasons, the name of the clinic has been changed to LA CLINIQUE COMPLÉMENTAIRE, and now has a website located at:


As some of you may know, we are working hard to found a medical clinic which can make house calls around the globe in a number of hours. Complications in the legal process to make this possible are still being addressed and will take some time to fully implement. However we hope to be seeing patients by the beginning of 2017. If you are a qualified complimentary care physician and would like to work with us, please get in touch privately. 21/09/2015

Le gouvernement publie sans débat contradictoire une liste noire de médecines douces

Le gouvernement de la France a publie sans débat contradictoire une liste noire de médecines douces... La Miviludes, instance placée auprès du premier ministre, désigne arbitrairement, dans son dernier rapport, une quarantaine d’approches non conventionnelles comme susceptibles de conduire à des « d... 25/08/2015

A Review of the Role of Nattô Derived L-Glutamate (MSG) in Human Health

A new article has been published in La Journal de la Clinique Naturopathique Monégasque. This is a sample chapter from the forthcoming book 'Nattô', describing the role which L-Glutamate (i.e. MSG) plays in the body as a neurotransmitter, et cetera. 11/08/2015

Daoism - Chapter from Chinese Traditional Medicine

The first chapter of Chinese Traditional Medicine is finished, and you are invited to participate in the online discussion.

The purpose of the book is to provide an in depth review Chinese traditional medicine for both practitioners and students of the medical arts, who wish to improve their overall understanding of it's philosophy of treatment. An invitation to join Hadrian Mar Elijah Bar Israel's Session on 28/07/2015

NZ kanuka honey could treat nasty skin disease - National - NZ Herald News

Honey from Kanuka flowers can be used to manage Rosæcea, which is a common skin disease. Research published in the British Medical Journal said that The Medical Research Institute of New Zealand administered Kanuka honey to 137 people who had suffered from this chronic red face rash for 15 years. At the end of the trial, 65% showed 'some improvement', while another 34% showed 'significant improvement'. The disease disappeared completely in 12% of cases. The underlying mechanisms are still being studied, but the treatment is available now for those who want to try it. There are no known side-effects. A new treatment for a nasty skin condition suffered by tens of thousands of Kiwis could be found in honey produced from New Zealand's very own kanuka trees. - New Zealand Herald


Naturopathie, est la pratique de la médecine dans laquelle on croit que le corps peut se guérir. Ce comprend la promotion de la santé et de la vitalité à travers divers moyens naturels.
Naturopathy, is the practice of medicine wherein it is believed that the body can heal itself. This includes promoting health and vitality through various natural means.


"The young body is active, like a spinning top. As time goes by the spinning slows, and eventually begins to wobble. The slowing is age, and the wobbling is illness. Regardless of how old we become we must seek to keep up our speed, to never stop moving, and to recover our balance from those moments when our health begins to wobble. If we continue moving, nobody is likely to bury us." --Hadrian Mar Elijah Bar Israel in Kanpo Igaku



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