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Watch this space!
A new playlist dedicated to Una Corda, the unique piano created by David Klavins, with music by Nils Frahm Alfonso Peduto, Olivia Belli, Milano Zilnik, Bruno Sanfilippo, Max Richter, Philipp Glass and me.
Please suggest me other music composed or inspired by Una Corda to add to the playlist!
Just heard about this amazing sound machine on the Outlook BBC world service...


"Latvian piano builder, David Klavins, has built the world's tallest piano. The piano is so tall that anyone who wishes to play it has to climb a staircase in order to reach it."

I immediately searched for performances recorded on this extraordinary instrument. So far I have found recordings by Thomas Duis, Nils Frahm, hania rani and Gergő Teleki.

Have fun travelling through space and time with Nils Frahm and Hania Rani or enjoy favourite classical works from a new perspective.

Nice wikipedia site on Klavins https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Klavins
Great pianos! I love them :)
Sziasztok ,

Érdeklődnék hogy hol tudok jegyet venni a Szept. 16- i koncertre Tristan Ericsson ?

Designing and manufacturing 21st-century acoustic pianos, including custom made instruments. Invento

Photos from International Cello Summer School In Kuldiga's post 10/08/2022

It was a great pleasure listening to these wonderful artists!🥰


This is my final message on Facebook - I don't agree with their obscene censorship on controversial subjects, and I don't have time to waste on superficial blabla... I'm grateful for the friends I found here, anyone who wants to keep in touch will know how to find me. Take care!


Today we are celebrating the Latvian Restoration of Independence Day - so I consider this a little gift for my team, as well as for Latvia! 😊🎹🙏🥂🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻

Happy Piano Day 2021 !! :-) 29/03/2021

Happy Piano Day 2021 !! :-)

Happy Piano Day 2021 !! 🎹🎹🎹😊

Happy Piano Day 2021 !! :-) A little improvisation of mine on the Una Corda 88, celebrating the 7th edition of this great musical holiday!! Wishing you all the best, stay healthy, happy...

Mondingo - Starlight | Nature Sessions 19/03/2021

Mondingo - Starlight | Nature Sessions

A beautiful video of our client Mondingo Durbuy Music - enjoy!! 😊🎼🎹

Mondingo - Starlight | Nature Sessions Mondingo's acoustic live session of 'Starlight' in the beautiful nature of Durbuy. Follow Mondingo:Spotify: https://cutt.ly/SxtlJO0Instagram: https://www.ins...

J. S. Bach - Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Gergő Teleki, Una Corda M189 - Klavins Piano 28/12/2020

J. S. Bach - Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Gergő Teleki, Una Corda M189 - Klavins Piano

Finally out - our first recording of - the Variations! Played by excellent Hungarian pianist Gergő Teleki, on the Klavins Concert - please see link to our product page.

J. S. Bach - Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Gergő Teleki, Una Corda M189 - Klavins Piano J. S. Bach – Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 – Gergő Teleki, Una Corda M189 These recordings are the first in what I hope will be a long running series. My goal is to find the perfect modern expression of Johann Sebastian Bach’s music by collaborating with the right musicians and providing the r...

Photos from Klavins Piano SIA's post 25/09/2020

Largely as a result of the Covid restrictions in Europe we have moved our piano production operations from Hungary to Kuldiga, Latvia. Nothing changes in regard to our clients, as all assets and existing contracts are being transferred from the Hungarian company Klavins Piano Manufaktúra Kft. to our Latvian company, SIA Klavins Piano. Our Latvian team is working hard to catch up with the delays that have been caused by this situation - over time we expect to be increasing our production capacity significantly.

Big thanks to all of our present and future clients, for your understanding and support! 🙏🙏🙏


To the attention of all the dear people who are interested to order an Una Corda Piano – prices are going up, due to a number of circumstances: from March 7, 2020, the 64-key version will be € 17,500 net, the 88-key version at € 23,900 net, the limited series M189 remains at € 59,000 net. Lead times don't change: around 9 months for the 64-key Una Corda, up to 12 months for the 88-key version and the M189, the Concert Una Corda Piano.


Among 20 bright, talented speakers and performers on the TEDxRiga 2019: stage, tomorrow! ✨✨

Just for your refference.. 😊 KLAVINS PIANO will be heard in the afternoon around 5pm (GMT +2) 🎹🎶

Programme’19 - Digital Freedom Festival 14/11/2019

Programme’19 - Digital Freedom Festival

Together with Katsushi Sakamoto we are honoured to open Digital Freedom Festival - already tomorrow morning!
There will be some magic! 🤩🎹🎶

☝️LIVE stream starts sharply at 10am (GMT +2):

Programme’19 - Digital Freedom Festival Register early – starting from 8:30 – to go for guided meditation, or meditate on your own and plan your day while enjoying a cup of coffee. Also, check out the DFF Matchmaking Application


Check out the music... It's a trip!

After Rozi Mákó and I had recorded our music and interview for the Episode 3 we decided to build up the microphones again just to play for ourselves...
So this is what happened...
Please check out my getnext and if you like InTubaWild subscribe to get the uncompressed audio, videos and more :-)
Special Thanks to Rozi Mákó, Lili Miklósi , David Klavins, Klavins Piano Manufaktúra Kft. and Guillaume Ohz Thévenot, Røde - Germany


TEDxRiga 2019, see you there!🙏🎹🎶

Meet another talented and impressive TEDxRiga 2019 speaker - piano builder David Klavins.🎹

Dāvids Kļaviņš is a musical engineer, pushing the boundaries of how pianos are made. He builds vertical concert grand pianos, which are the largest in the world.

His forray into building musical instruments started at the age of 15, when he quit school to do something more hands-on and eneded up as an apprentice at the Schimmel Pianos factory. Uninspired by the status quo of piano building, Dāvids set out to discover improvements to the already globally-accepted grand piano.

In 1987 he presented his first creation – 3.7 meter high piano the ‘Giant'. Though it took another 20 years to find the market and financial support to continue this endeavour. In 2018 in Berlin he presented a 4.5 meter high vertical piano, which served as a kickoff point his growing business.

Now his pianos are used in studio recordings, digital sound libraries, and are being built into concert halls around the world.✨

More about the event: 2019.tedxriga.com

L'Abîme | Flo Sabeva 03/10/2019

L'Abîme | Flo Sabeva

A very beautiful video, thank you, Flo Sabeva !! 🙏👏👏👏🎶🎹❤️

L'Abîme | Flo Sabeva "L'Abîme" Written and performed by Flo Sabeva Enjoy, Like, Subscribe for More! Follow me here: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/0oLBsDeabEf5pTorKfbGks...

Shida Shahabi | Ventspils | 28-Sep-2019 29/09/2019

So sorry I couldn't attend, as I'm on a business travel... beautiful pictures - thank you, Aivars Ivbulis!! 🙏🙏😊🎶🎹

28. septembrī uz Dāvida Kļaviņa instrumenta 470i savu vienīgo koncertu Latvijā sniedza irāņu izcelsmes zviedru mūziķe Shida Shahabi.

Foto: Aivars Ivbulis


The great composer and pianist Barnabás Dukay recently came to check out the piano - some exciting plans are now in the making...🙏😊🎶🎹


Making friends with - people love the DunaCorda concert series..! 🙏🎶🎹😊

Koncertzālē Latvija uzstāsies pianiste Šida Šahabi 24/07/2019

Koncertzālē Latvija uzstāsies pianiste Šida Šahabi

Koncertzālē Latvija uzstāsies pianiste Šida Šahabi 28. septembrī Ventspilī, koncertzālē Latvija viesosies irāņu izcelsmes mūziķe Šida Šahabi (Shida Shahabi), sniedzot koncertu uz sagatavotām Dāvida Kļaviņa klavierēm 470i, informēja koncertzāles pārstāve Antra Lācberga.

ĪSFILMA: Unikālo vertikālo klavieru «470i» ceļš no Ungārijas uz Ventspili 22/07/2019

ĪSFILMA: Unikālo vertikālo klavieru «470i» ceļš no Ungārijas uz Ventspili

What a Legendary trip to Ventspils! Watch the short film, in main role M470i! Thank you Rinalds Zelts! 🙏🎹🎶

ĪSFILMA: Unikālo vertikālo klavieru «470i» ceļš no Ungārijas uz Ventspili 23. aprīļa rītā klavierbūves meistara Dāvida Kļaviņa "Klavins Piano Manufaktúra Kft." radītais unikālais instruments – vertikālās klavieres "470i" – devās ceļā no darbnīcas Vācā, Ungārijā uz jauno koncertzāli "Latvija" Ventspilī, uz vienīgo vietu, kur šobrīd šis instru...

Timeline photos 04/07/2019

Dears, the magic link: tinyurl.com/y6exq59t
Architizer Awards Architizer


Exciting news - the Klavins M450i has been chosen as a finalist of the Architizer-Architizer A+ Awards! 🙏🎶🎹🎹 👇https://vote.architizer.com/PublicVoting#/2019/product/finishes/acoustics
Mailitis architects 12 līnijas

Koncertzāles "Latvija" programmu ievadīs Reihs, Sigurdsons un Meļņiks 07/06/2019

Koncertzāles "Latvija" programmu ievadīs Reihs, Sigurdsons un Meļņiks

Tickets are on sale now, Lubomyr is surely to be a blast..!😊🎶🎹🇱🇻

Koncertzāles "Latvija" programmu ievadīs Reihs, Sigurdsons un Meļņiks 26. jūlijā ar diviem pirmatskaņojumiem Ventspilī durvis vērs jaunā akustiskā koncertzāle "Latvija", savukārt jau nākamajā nedēļā tajā skanēs izcilā amerikāņu komponista Stīva Reiha mūzika un koncertus sniegs divi pasaules līmeņa mūziķi: Valgīrs Sigurdsons un Ļubomirs Meļ....


LIELS paldies Rinaldam, Kristapam, un visiem citiem, kuri veidoja šo skaisto reportāžu..!! 🙏🙏🙏🎹

A BIG thank you to Rinalds, Kristaps, and all other people who created this beautiful report..!! 🙏🙏🙏🎶


470i. Ceļš uz Ventspili | OFFICIAL TRAILER

J.S.Bach - Goldberg Variations - Aria & Var1, Var2, Var3 20/05/2019

J.S.Bach - Goldberg Variations - Aria & Var1, Var2, Var3

For all those who admire J.S. BACH, please enjoy the very first 4 tracks of our CD recording that we intend to publish soon.
A BIG gratitude to Gergő Teleki ! 🙏😊🎶🎹

J.S.Bach - Goldberg Variations - Aria & Var1, Var2, Var3 We are happy to present you a very first listen of our CD recording with the Concert-UnaCorda (Klavins M189). Here you can experience the Aria, and the first 3 Variations, played by acclaimed Hungaria


Building 15-Foot-Tall Pianos

All our gratitude to Great Big Story!😊 🎹🙏

Pasaulē lielākās klavieres Ventspilī iemēģina to radītājs – klaviermeistars Dāvids Kļaviņš 06/05/2019

Pasaulē lielākās klavieres Ventspilī iemēģina to radītājs – klaviermeistars Dāvids Kļaviņš

Paldies, TV3 - Ilze Vēbere..!! 🙏😊🎹🎹🎹🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻

Pasaulē lielākās klavieres Ventspilī iemēģina to radītājs – klaviermeistars Dāvids Kļaviņš Nesamierinoties ar stagnāciju klavierbūves nozarē, klaviermeistars Dāvids Kļaviš radīja īpašas klavieres – ar tīrāku un sulīgāku skanējumu.


Saturday greetings from Latvia - celebrating Latvian independence, the Big Blue up and sounding..! 🙏🎶🎹🎹🎹


We did it..! The Big Blue sitting at its destination, the new concert hall in Ventspils, 3 m above ground..! 😊🙏🎶🎹🎹🎹

Photos from Ventspils Komunālā pārvalde's post 25/04/2019

The moment has come! 🎹🎶🙏🏻🇱🇻


Pasaulē lielākās klavieres ir ceļā uz Ventspili

On its way to Ventspils..! 🙏😊🎹🎹🎹

Q3Ambientfest Edition 2019 11/04/2019

Q3Ambientfest Edition 2019

A Boutique Music Festival Q3Ambientfest already tomorrow! 🎹🎶

Q3Ambientfest Edition 2019 C E E Y S A Boutique Music Festival Q3AMBIENTFEST Edition 2019 · Apr 12–14 Fabrik Potsdam Q3AMBIENTFEST is a three-day happening for neoclassical and experim...


Dull Mistake by LAVALU at Klavins' UnaCorda Concert Grand

Happy Piano Day!
Thank you dear LAVALU for beautiful music!!! 🎹🙏🏻✨

As You Touched My Soul (Piano Day 2019) 27/03/2019

As You Touched My Soul (Piano Day 2019)

As You Touched My Soul (Piano Day 2019) As I was in Vác visiting dear David Klavins, and trying his new beautiful creation concert Und-Corda, I did some recordings, and at the end of the day, where it was already late in the night and every


David Klavins: Una Corda hangszerbemutató (Piano Day 2019)

Photos from Ventspils Komunālā pārvalde's post 23/03/2019

Yes, This will be an amazing happening!! 🙏😊🎹🎹🎹

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