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- hair front refill ♡


COMBLINE is revolutionary method of hair extensions! Newest HAIR EXTENSIONS TECHNIQUE in Europe! Hair-to-hair technology helps you to bond hair even on very thin hair.
No more keratin bonds, microrings, tapes or even wefts. Welcome to the NEW AGE of hair extensions!

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Our talented student from UK ♡


Amazing REVOLUTIONARY technique!


So invisible bonds 👌 Just with COMBLINE ♡

COMBLINE Starter kits and TRAINING.
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New design COMBLINE KIT 🤩 in amazing case! Shop now:
And contact us for online training posibilities! ♡

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If you want to know COMBLINE technique well - we offer 2 options of training:
1. ONLINE class LIVE with our trainer. Its 3 hours class where you will get all the information about COMBLINE technique. You can join this class everywhere in the world ♡
2. LIVE training in Lithuania, Kaunas. Its 4-5 hours class, with intense practical part- where you can learn all from A to Z ♡


Comgratulations for our amazing students of Combline technique! ♡
Its never too late to start- if u start TODAY ♥️


♡ Love to work with hair? ♡ Then COMBLINE method is for you! COMBLINE hair extensions technique is revolutionary method, which opens us posibilities to make hair extensions even on thin hair, hair top or fringe!

Contact us NOW, and join our ONLINE training next week!

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Our trainer in Czech republic 🤗

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Our trainer Sonya, from Czech republic ♥️


COMBLINE is so unique hair extensions technology, which makes posible things, what other hair extensions methods not!
Contact us for more information and start Combline hair extensions in your country! ♥️


As a hairstylist, you always should be one step ahead- about hair fashion, about techniques, colours!
Combline is 10 steps ahead with hair extensions. This technique can offer you what other techniques cant- limitless possibilities of hair extensions ♥️

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Sometimes you want to help your client, but you see that its immposible- no method fits…
But COMBLINE - its a revolution! You can make amazing result! Pictures talks themselves!
Its not only about extensions! Its about sharing your care to to clients!

Master of this amazing work: (Lithuania) #нанокапсулы

Photos from's post 05/04/2022

Let us introduce you: founder of Combline technology - Carla and our traininer Ausrine and ambasador Gintarė.
Carla (in the midle) is from Australia, and she is working with hair extensions for about 30 years, and 2.5 years ago - she found new and unique - Combline hair extensions method, which is almost inisible and puts hair extensions in the new level 😍
Ausrine (in the left) is our amazing trainer! You will love her when you will meet her 🤗 she is not only profesional in Combline training, but also very warm person!
Gintare (in the right) is ambasador of Combline extensions for Baltic states.

We are so proud to introduce our Combline family!
You can be a part of our family too! ♥️


COMBLINE HAIR EXTENSIONS -> fronts ♥️ With our founder Carla! ♥️


Will be live sesion where u can get more information about this amazing technique and ask your questions! ♥️
Join us on INSTAGRAM: and we will update the LIVE session time! 👌

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COMBLINE Online and Live training. Contact US!

Order your Combline kit now: ♥️

Super fast shipping 😍


Our online class with our amazing trainer .biliene ♥️
Contact us! And be a part of hair extensions revolution ☀️
More info:

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Amazing work with Combline from 😍

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Our beautiful students directly from Paris, France. It is a big honour to have a guests from so far! Now France will also have Combline specialist! Congrats ♥️


Ar nori išmokti naujausio Europoje plaukų priauginimo plaukas į plauką metodo? Susisiek ir užsirasyk į MOKYMUS.
Unikali patentuota technologija kuri laužo priauginimo standartus į įveda naują standartą- praktiškai nematomą plaukų priauginimą!

Paskubėk ir prisijunk prie COMBLINE komandos! Tai viena labiausiai augančių ir populiarėjančių technikų Europoje! ♥️

O mes sveikiname pirmąsias studentes!


Lets have a look what is Combline starter kit inside 🤩


Our ONLINE TRAINING with student from LATVIA!
Bigest congratulations for FIRST LATVIAN COMBLINE MASTER ! ♥️

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Congratulations for this beutiful hairstylist ♥️
She was excelent in learning the technique 👌
Combline is perfect for hairdressers and hair extensions specialist to add extra product to their services.
They can use Combline alone or even mix with other techniques ♥️



Ar nori išmokti naujausio Europoje plaukų priauginimo plaukas į plauką metodo? Susisiek ir užsirasyk į MOKYMUS.
Unikali patentuota technologija kuri laužo priauginimo standartus į įveda naują standartą- praktiškai nematomą plaukų priauginimą!

Paskubėk ir prisijunk prie COMBLINE komandos!

O mes sveikiname pirmąsias studentes!


When people say- “its imposible”. We say- its posible! With combline ♥️
Only 57g of hair exensions can do miracles!

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Just look what a lovely result of Combline came from Greece!


Revolutionary hair extensions technique ♥️

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Live COMBLINE training! Congrats for our amazing student! You go girl! 🤗

If you cant come to our live training, we make training online express, with our amazing trainer .biliene

Contact us for more details!

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Highlighting with COMBLINE. Our colegues from Vilnius work ♥️


Colegues from beauty salon T.A.D.A. in Vilnius work. Just look how amazing highlights can be made without hair dying!

Photos from's post 02/02/2022

Training is what keeps us growing! ♥️


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Our student from Sweden ♡ Contact @hairbyhanse for this amazing technique ♡
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