Loic Parden

Loic Parden


Natural Beauty is priceless but man-made beauty is pricey.❤🌹
Giving yourself responsibility helps you be a better person.
Being black is a blessing not a curse.
The more attention you give your dreams,the more powerful they get.❤
World impression always comes at a heavy price...Depression❗
Is that what you are willing to pay to impress people?
The more attention you give to something,the more power it gets.
So watch out what you give your attention.
Hi guys
One day we will remember your words like
"Niga look at my struggle😓😢"
And you'll be running the part of this game
Ke batla beng ba li track ba hane katsona 😂😂 olo performelang hosasa😂😂?
Ekare kea bona🏃🏃🏃🏃😂
How old are you bru😊👦🙆
You doing so well😎😁
Wealth , Health and Beauty products
Superlife world
Stem cell
Call 0836802059

IG: @Loic_Parden
Expect the best, prpare for the worst.About to give good music ♡ Music is a problem.. but rap is a fact... lyrical content.. Spit verses with no punchlines and bars just Motivating In rap kind and talking to God

LuwiSwiss - Voka featuring Tuts 30/09/2022

LuwiSwiss - Voka featuring Tuts


LuwiSwiss - Voka featuring Tuts Stream Voka the new song from LuwiSwiss. Featuring: Tuts Producer: (Vibeboy Beatz). Release Date: May 26, 2022.

Loic Parden-$hades in air freestyle_(Prod by MontagBeatz) 29/09/2022

Loic Parden-$hades in air freestyle_(Prod by MontagBeatz)

" I hate it when they compare me with niggas that I'm better than lemme take you back to"

Parden☆ Shades in Air Freestyle( Lyrics )


Diamonds in water crucifix manners blind souls bright future starting all poor to own more (quoted)

I plant raps and put rappers in the Garden
Blue tick trappers and leave em in the Eden
Purge the fame kill murders flows bars punchlines even the shooters know the name is Parden
Overdosing harvesting cash
Maturity jealously killing

Even if you can grab yourself a ladder to reach my level My venomous tongue will affect you with verses like we playing snake n ledders

The shawty be brown like a chocolate we trynna make her a snack she a lunch bar

Niggas be shifting body parts lately
You claim bieng a gangster but the only thing you ever shot was a screenshot

You ain't a husler
Your father is my customer
You might know me with this Same clothes but you'll never know what's coming next

I'm caught up in these feelings that i got
Just went to see my pops in the ATL like rashad
Came back with a new new view
On how i see you
And how i see myself,
I'm not a same bitch,
I grew
A few small feet,a few nike kicks
Would really help a young nigga find peace inside his brain
I know that I'm gon shine
So i find peace beside the rain
I know i got a couple problems on my father i could blame
But I'm not gon' play that game
Just leave me out the line up
My x asked whether I'm cold
I told that bitch I'll be cold unless I'm been in a coffin
I came a long way quotin

Here i give myself a.....................
here is Shades in Air freestyle (Link)

Loic Parden-$hades in air freestyle_(Prod by MontagBeatz) An instill Freestyle leading to Good Music


My Latest Lyrics Hit Home ...These Raps Gon Kill Me I Just Can't Wait To Serve Y'all... January Might Be Our Month But If Things Get Well Soon November We Dropping❤🙏 Shii Is In My Hands But Controlled By That OG above❤🙏👑


Sen' A Beat ...lets Work On A Hit Song 😊.
IG: LLoic PardenPLoic Parden

LuwiSwiss - Voka featuring Tuts 25/09/2022

LuwiSwiss - Voka featuring Tuts


LuwiSwiss - Voka featuring Tuts Stream Voka the new song from LuwiSwiss. Featuring: Tuts Producer: (Vibeboy Beatz). Release Date: May 26, 2022.

Diego Beats - Dreams ft Loic Parden 09/09/2022

Diego Beats - Dreams ft Loic Parden

Stream Dreams
Diego ft Loic Parden 🔥💯🤝

I swear you gon love it❤

Diego Beats - Dreams ft Loic Parden Stream Dreams ft Loic Parden the new song from Diego Beats. Album: Love Boat Rescue [Mixtape]. Release Date: March 29, 2022.


My nigga if you don't respect me there's no way you gonna be welcomed in my Guest 💣

Respect a bro if you wanna be in his Circle..
RESPECT cost no paper it's 4 free❣️🤟

Photos from Eli Sostre's post 27/08/2022

Photos from Eli Sostre's post

eli sostre on Twitter 26/08/2022

eli sostre on Twitter


eli sostre on Twitter “Runnin’ (prod. Soriano & Johan Lenox) https://t.co/IhATcCtwPE”


Make sure you become the greatest Everytime they hate🤞


Lemme Reintroduce to you the SM47 Slaughter house
A crew of yung Niggas willing to make it big with these raps

I'll let you know more when time goes
You know our Location (Red spaza Ha-mamotlatsi bridge near Sentebale) ... 🤞💨✍️🎵🎙️

01.TYDE ROCK 10/08/2022


Here we go again 🌹💕
E S T E B A N is out now 🤘

01.TYDE ROCK MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.

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Your Loic Parden  is on sum Gospel shiiit 🤣🤣🤣🔥😭
LOIC Parden & Hariz Swizz- 45shades .... You happy now though 😴✌️



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