M.k meat market/butchery/mzuku.ha moronti

M.k meat market/butchery/mzuku.ha moronti


Hi Mike
Ke kopa mosebetsi, ke tseba mechine eohle eaka selakheng, pls ke kopa mosebetsi
looking 4 de job as a waitress
Shisaaa nyama every dayy! Jst come and enjoy
Get satisfactory meal papa and shisa nyama

This shisa nyama provides, papa and nama at lunch times come and enjoy good meal in mohale s 'hoek


Supplier of Good food and bevarages! Mohale s hoek old town near ken con


we require skills not qualifications! post your photos on machine work!! e.g slice of meat/ sausage revoval


gut holidays chommies


O dula kae? Please Send all your information including your qualifications!

Timeline photos 21/10/2014

Daily fresh meat


Spane khafetsa


Good and fresh pork always! Have you ever tasted it with chilliable sauce#add some new flavour!!!!!


Dnt u have something 2 eat! Dnt wrry! Jst come with m25 and get full meal! Papa and sourceble beef stew! We also cater! Just give us orders!

Timeline photos 23/07/2014

Timeline photos


Supplier of good and fresh meat always!


Anybody 2 b with me on easter?


Supplier of quality meats in lowest prices! Meals taste better with coke! We offer u lunch and also we accept orders!


Pork fans!
come and enjoy this lunch at old stop!


We offer you fresh pork ,beef and sausage! Papa you only get it by 3maloti. So! Get a good meal . Business hours!mon to fri... 730 to 600 hours! Sat to sun! 9O0 to 400hours! Every body is welcomed



Old Stop Near Ken Con
Mohale's Hoek

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