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Cancer and HIV/AIDS awareness and the dealing of PTSD


My last post of 2021. The trick is, never blame any situations, take full responsibility so that you learn. Leave the past alone, start on a clean slate.
I wish you a happy, sanctified and blissful New Year, 2022, enter it with a bang💝💝☺️☺️🤲🤲

From QekiQeki David MonwabisiiQeki David MonwabisiwQeki David Monwabisi Young MindSetters Poetry Book


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Monwabisi Qeki (@QekiMonwabisiD) | Twitter 11/12/2021

Monwabisi Qeki (@QekiMonwabisiD) | Twitter

Monwabisi Qeki (@QekiMonwabisiD) | Twitter The latest Tweets from Monwabisi Qeki (). I am a writer, and the newly to be published Young MindSetters Poetry Book author


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Stopping cancer from recruiting immune system double agents 08/10/2021

Stopping cancer from recruiting immune system double agents

Stopping cancer from recruiting immune system double agents Cancerous tumors trick myeloid cells, an important part of the immune system, into perceiving them as a damaged part of the body; the tumors actually put myeloid cells to work helping them grow and metastasize (spread). A research team co-led by scientists at Rush University Medical Center have disc...


Itfut- Information Today For Use Tomorrow

RATED 18 YEARS AND ABOVE!!! MATURED MINDS ONLY!!! MESSAGE FROM LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL (LUTH)​ ​​​Please let your wife know about this,,This is a serious caution from medical practitioners [LUTH] to all female beings be it infant, baby girl, ladies, mothers; cancer of the vagina is all over pls avoid washing your vagina with soap, wash with only water, there is a particular chemical in soap generally that is very dangerous and possibly causes cancer of the vagina, cases of cancer of the vagina is all over most of the general hospitals so be aware of this important message. If you have feelings for others kindly pass this message to others that are important to you. ⭕ 56 Girls Died Because Of Using Whisper, Stay free Etc. ⭕ Don't use One Single Pad 4 d Whole Day B'coz Of The Chemical Used in Ultra Napkins Which Converts Liquid into Causes Cancer in Bladder & Uterus. So Plz Try To Use Cotton Made Pads And if You Are Using Ultra Pads, Plz Change it Within 5 Hours, Per Day, At least. If The Time is Prolonged The Blood Becomes Green & The Fungus Formed Gets inside The Uterus & Body. ⭕ Plz don't feel shy 2 forwd this msg 2 all girls nd even boys so that they can share with their wives N friends, whom they care for. ⭕ AIMS Kick Off "Breast Cancer". 🔺Nurse Ur Baby. 🔺Wash Ur Bra Daily. 🔺Avoid Black Bra in Summer 🔺Do Not Wear A Bra While Sleeping. 🔺Do Not Wear An Under Wire Bra Very Often. 🔺Always Cover Ur Chest Completely By Ur Dupatta Or Scarf When U Are Under The Sun. 🔺Use A Deodorant Not An Anti Antiperspirant. 🔺This is A Public Service Msg From Tata Cancer Hospital. ⭕ Pass it 2 All The Ladies You Care For Without Hesitating. ⭕ Awareness is important ⭕ I Care For You ⭕ Plzz Dont Hesitate To inform Other Females Forward 2 Evry Girl On Ur List..!!... ⭕ I'll Start with u ❣❣❣Send to at least one group

I felt like I had to share. Take care❣️❣️

Dr Monwabisi David Qeki

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What is justice?? Is living a life of a lie justice? Do you think you are doing justice with yourself by living a lie???


To be precise, HIV infection can be prevented by PrEP medication only when a person is at a 3% or above risk of being infected by HIV. Love yourself and let us help YOU take care of yourself...



The vulnerability of Women and Girls

'-If women are not aware of their fundamental rights, it becomes difficult to take steps in reducing their risk of HIV infection.
-Service providers and managers have to ensure the awareness of these rights in both men and women, and ensuring that people accessing their services are treated with respect.
-SRHR and HIV are linked, we should look at the two together and this is why we need to understand the specific links between SRYR AND HIV in every session held.'

Join us early August and let us take care of our lives.



Itfut- Information Today For Use Tomorrow

PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress and Depression) has been the most emotional danger in our society; especially the youth. On average level, many suicide cases in the youth are caused by PTSD. That is why ITFUT will focus on it too to decrease it. Three exceptional students of University of Witwatersrand(Wits University) In South Africa recently took their lives because of unresolved emotional issues. It is very dangerous. We need to tackle it! What do you think contributes to PTSD and what can we do about it? Please comment below.


Itfut- Information Today For Use Tomorrow Send a message to learn more.


Brief topics to expect once the campaign is officially launched:

What causes cancer?? Cancer is caused by the precense of abnormal cells in any part of the body.
Does it choose any specific part of the body?? It can affect any part without choosing.😔😔



Admins :
Monwabisi David Qeki :( David)
Relebohile Tjokosela : ( Tjokosela)


Topics we will be looking at: How do you know that you are likely HIV positive?? ❣️💯💯

Though it may come as a scare, being HIV positive is not the end of life.. you are not abnormal; you just have to take care of yourself ❣️❣️



Good day. I, Monwabisi David Qeki took the initiative to begin the campaign for Cancer and HIV/AIDS awareness and the dealing of PTSD in the youth and adults in general. It's better to be safe than sorry later. Join us today...

These are the handles for the posts from Monwabisi and Relebohile Tjokosela:
David :for Monwabisi
Tjokosela :for Relebohile




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