Young MindSetters Poetry Book

New, printed and approved Poetry book of young, vigilant and visionable Lesotho poets.


Our talent show was taken aback due to school issues. We'll be back after the 24th November, hopefully in partnership(we will communicate with other LIDDO members) with LIDDOLIDDO - Liberty and Integration in Development and Diversity OppressionLiberty and Integration in Development and Diversity Oppression

With love,
Monwabisi David Qeki-Ceki



All children are important, so play your role.πŸ“™


Young MindSetters Poetry Book is not deadπŸ”₯. It's still alive, with a copy just R130. Catch the Young MindSetters Poetry Book writer and LIDDO Initiative President Monwabisi David Qeki live on Television Lesotho on the Sunday of the 12th June 2022 at 2000 hours (8:00pm). πŸ’₯πŸ”₯


Happy Mothers Day πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŽ‰πŸŒŸ


Book's are still available at a discounted price of R130. Please buy local, please support local.


Happy World Book Day. πŸ“š




God thank you.πŸŒ„πŸ˜­πŸ’–

MindSetters Poetry BookYoung MindSetters Poetry BookYoung MindSetters Poetry BookYoung MindSetters Poetry Book


What does it feel to write your maiden book as a young boy like you? How did you know you have that passion? How did you do it yet you are living in an underprivileged country like Lesotho?

I always get these questions nowadays. See, the trick is not where you come from, or what you are in life, but it's all about what you want to be. What is your vision? What do you hope to achieve? These are the questions you need to ask yourself so that you know where you are going. It's not about what you are that's important, it's about who you want to be that matters. Relax, you've got this.☺️


Update: ALL The Young MindSetters Poetry Book at the book centres have been sold out. Please wait for another batch to be delivered to the Book Centres mid next week.

Thank you for your support.😊🀝



Ka mehla ha ke bona Cover page ena ke tiisa ke hlapanya h**e le mpitse HAMORE.
The book is only R130.00,


Young MindSetters Poetry Book

We are glad to announce to you that the price of the book has been readjusted to R130. Please spread the word, and support local.πŸ™‚ thank you very much.

QeQeki David MonwabisiaQeki David MonwabisioQeki David Monwabisi

Young MindSetters Poetry Book Send a message to learn more.


The price might go down to R130, but let's stay tuned whilst discussion progressions go on.


Readjustment of the price will be confirmed tomorrow evening, so stay tuned.


When I wrote this poem, it was a cry to serenity like my name means. Monwabisi~Serenity~Joy Bringer

Tears of the world

Sorrows of the unheavenly world,
Proof of the dissoluted initial word.
"Help!" she cried sorrowfully;
With pain whilst droplets of red liquid
Conquered her face. He watched her fall,
Then without hesitation, he went 'Punch! Punch! Punch!'
That was all; enough to send her down.
She went crashing down; a victim of the glass table she became!

Mama! Mama! Her children beckoned.
With a compassionate, but teary look, she assured them.
Everything was alright, she claimed, it was all normal,
But her heart was mourning her broken soul.
What is wrong with our world?
The humanity! What cruelty!
Inebriated he becomes, upon arriving at home, beating up her he tries to sober up,
What a jester he is!
How can one break their pillar of balance,
For without it, their building collapses?

The eminence of love on our women is lacked,
The world is confused.
Fear not our siblings and mothers,
For salvation is yours to claim.
A land of peace, now overshadowed with hatred,
What a blasphemy to humanity! Oh Lord! Bestow your power on us.
Betroth to us the heart of love,
For we have cried enough!
Let our tears fall on good soil,
To reap fruits of peace. We say

Qeki David Monwabisi


There might be a change in the price of the book. It might go down by 50%, but stay tuned for more information.

Qeki David Monwabisi


As from Monday 24th day of January 2022, you can get your copy of the Young MindSetters Poetry Book from Sentle Leluma, Reentseng Lerotholi, Kamohelo Ramarumo and me. Also, you can also get your copy from the nearest book centre from Early February.

Qeki David Monwabisi


Books are still available for sale. They will be available at book centers in two to three weeks. Please share and buy.

Young MindSetters Poetry Book


My last post of 2021. The trick is, never blame any situations, take full responsibility so that you learn. Leave the past alone, start on a clean slate.
I wish you a happy, sanctified and blissful New Year, 2022, enter it with a bangπŸ’πŸ’β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ€²πŸ€²

From QekiQeki David MonwabisiiQeki David MonwabisiwQeki David Monwabisi Young MindSetters Poetry Book


Young MindSetters Poetry Book

Merry Christmas fam. From the Young MindSetters Poetry Book πŸ“š family. Have yourself a safe, blissful and blessed day.πŸ’πŸ’

Do remember the book is out, and you can now get your copy from as little as R200.

Young MindSetters Poetry Book Send a message to learn more.


The books are now available for collection and sale. Get your copy of the y today. Support us, the Young MindSetters Poetry Book, and help us grow both Lesotho and Africa through artistic work.

WhatsApp or call us here: +26657911020 for more information.

Remember, if you buy a copy of the book, you automatically register for the YMS Lesotho Talent Competition.


Want to know how to move on? The trick is anthropology. Learn how to accept people's beliefs and personalities. You can then accept everything and move on with your life! I just had to learn it, so that I stop stressing about people who don't care about me ☺️☺️. Trust me, it's very healthy and lovely, and it works wonders.


Thou didst show me thy true colors.
My strength became my weakness.
The mighty I thought I was, that wasn’t the case with you.
That ore of my heart,
You separated it like nothing.
You melted it at high temperature
Proving how β€œhot” you really are.😁

It wasn’t because I was stupid or something.
It wasn’t because I was weak,
But that very same love I had for you
Didst keep me away from getting you.
In the midst of that very content,
Grief found its way in.

Thy presence hast kept me miles away from the world.
I was drowning in my own thoughts. Sorrow
Made me frown, but then love for you at the same time
Gave me hope every day.
Truth be told, I don’t blame you,
I don’t hate you, I don’t not trust you,
But then I think I have suffered enough now.......
Don’t you?

Monwabisi David Qeki


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YMS Lesotho Talent Competition- brought to you by Young MindSetters Poetry Book 12/12/2021

YMS Lesotho Talent Competition- brought to you by Young MindSetters Poetry Book

Register for the YMS Lesotho Talent Competition by clicking on this link: or

All ages can register, but the youth is our top priority. All around the country, you are eligible to apply.

YMS Lesotho Talent Competition- brought to you by Young MindSetters Poetry Book Registration for the competition

Monwabisi Qeki (@QekiMonwabisiD) | Twitter 11/12/2021

Monwabisi Qeki (@QekiMonwabisiD) | Twitter

Monwabisi Qeki (@QekiMonwabisiD) | Twitter The latest Tweets from Monwabisi Qeki (). I am a writer, and the newly to be published Young MindSetters Poetry Book author

Monwabisi Qeki on Twitter 10/12/2021

Monwabisi Qeki on Twitter

Monwabisi Qeki on Twitter β€œGood news.The books will be available from Thursday 16th December 2021,just after I celebrate my 16th Birthday on the 14th December πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ’―.Place your order for a copy of the Young MindSetters Poetry Book for only R200. Support the youth of Africa making a change. πŸ“¨πŸ“²+26657911020”


Good news. Uzalo got us thinking. Young MindSetters Poetry Book, management Qeki David Monwabisi and probably with partnership with Lesotho TV, depends on how negotiations will carry out, is planning to hold a South Region (Mohale's Hoek, Mafeteng and Quthing) talent show. To register (first 240 entrants), one must buy a book, and after all the 240 entries have been made, people will have to register by paying R100. Registering by buying a book makes you register for the competition, and also buy the book at a 50% discount. How good is that? The 1st prize will be R5000, second prize R2000, third prize R1500 and 4th and 5th places will receive a prize of R1000 each.

Please share this post to make this event successful. Young Future of Lesotho making impact.
The dates, venues and plans will be revealed after the 240 entries have been made.

Please share to make this a successful event, and register today.
Making the impossible, possible.
For further information or to register, contact us on +26657911020 or +26669208779. WhatsApp +26657991020 or message the page or message Qeki David Monwabisi.

Young MindSetters Poetry Book


Dad: Hey son, how did that glass cup break?😠
Me: Chelsea 😭
Dad: What do you mean?πŸ˜ πŸ€”
Me: It fell from the top of the table😭🀷.
Dad: πŸ€¦πŸ€¦πŸ˜”πŸ˜”


Good morning everyone.

If life gave you 1hour lasting power to do anything you want to do, what would you do?....


Going once, going twice... Can't wait to say it when the R700 cash price winner is announced... Find your Own Young MindSetters Poetry Book copy from as Little as R200. Place your order, and you may be the lucky winner. P.S. it would be to your interest in seeing how the future leaders of Lesotho and Africa begun their road ❣️❣️ Please support local. Together, we stand firm, divided we fall!


Selecting the first 50-100 entrants for the First Round of the R500 cash price competition. Place your Young MindSetters Poetry Book Order now to enter. First round entries ends 20 November 2021 then we will announce the winner. Why wait? Order whilst still early and it could be you walking away with the R500 cash price. Share and help by engaging with the book affairs and spreading the word and you could get bonus prices worth R200. T's and C's apply.

Young MindSetters Poetry Book

Second round entries open 1 December 2021 and close on 31 December 2021. Good luck.πŸ”₯πŸ”₯❀️


MindSetters Poetry Book πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ¦πŸ™πŸ™ Place your order today, now.. The earlier you do, the best chance you stand of winning R500 in cash prices. Order quickly while stock lasts. The more orders you make may give you more chances. MindSetters 's Future 's future Leaders


Now beginning to take the long anticipated Young MindSetters Poetry Book orders as soon as tomorrow. Order early so that the orders do not go out on youπŸ”₯πŸ”₯. I have appreciated your support for me in the long struggle and I hope you will continue to do. Help me grow in the Writing industry to help Lesotho and Africa grow through writing.❀️ Message the page for more info or MoMonwabisi David QekiaMonwabisi David QekieMonwabisi David Qeki


"Lord bless you and keep you, make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you...... Lord turn His face on you and Give you peace, Amen, Amen, Amen."

This Sunday I want you to know something. God has His time to work. Be patient and be faithful. His loyalty is the only one you'll ever receive in this world and His everlasting mercy will always protect you. Be patient, be patient, be patient. Be healed now, be saved now, be free now, be successful now, be worshipping now, be kind now, be loving now, be Caring now, rejoice, be thankful! The favour is upon you, please use it now! Don't procrastinate, do it now!πŸ™πŸ™ MoMonwabisi David QekiaMonwabisi David QekieMonwabisi David Qeki




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