Abo Mozamane Records.

Abo Mozamane Records.


Guys we are asking for a friendly combined rehearsal as Kubake Talented Theater & Kubake Talented Theater & Records.Kubake Talented Theater & Records.
How much does it normally cost to record 1 song🎙️🎤
Drop Style Dancers❤️🔥
KaKarabo QhalahKarabo Qhala️....
😓Haona taba 😭
No one has ever said to me"you're my world"🌍💔who knows maybe am just a country
Stop Gender-based violence
Speak up now its destroying ur mind
I luv u guys🤣😃😄😁🤤
matheater a matle k kpa ho letsibisa ka bithday ka laboraro lona lena so kopa ktlo mpinela dar
Ke kopa ho letsa botsa mathreater a khabane😇😇😇

home of entertainment where everybody is exposing his or her abilities.


Come And Pay Only M50.00 To Record A Well Mixed & Mastered Track....

If You Record Your Own Beat Not A Download Beat Bring M70.00 And We Shoot You A Short Promo Video For Free....


Ha U Batla Ho Tseba Tsa Mjolo Waka Tlohela Ho kena Ka festere U Mpo Kokote Monyako Ke Tla U Bulela


Are you helping or hurting? What energy are you giving out today. We send ripples of energy out each day. With each thought, word and action. It starts with you. Think about this. Own your energy. Have a blessed day everyone ✌💕🌎


A Mind Can Be Trained To Focus Only On Things That Bring Motivation & Success....

Take Care Of What You Put On Your Mind .....Not Everything Deserves To Be Stored On Your Mind ....



The richest man in China said, “If you put the bananas and money in front of the monkeys, the monkeys will choose bananas because the monkeys don't know that money can buy a lot of bananas.

In fact, if you offer WORK and BUSINESS to people, they will choose to WORK because most people don't know that a BUSINESS can make more MONEY than a salary.

One of the reasons the poor are poor is because the poor are not trained to recognize the entrepreneurial opportunity.

They spend a lot of time in school and what they learn in school is to work for a salary instead of working for themselves.

Profit is better than wages because wages can support you, but profits can make you a fortune.

Let's remember these tips.



Every Music That Has A Good Message Is A Good Music...


Ke kopa Motho A ka Nkolotisetsang Sethunya O Sa Ncheatile Hape...


This is a list of services I offer;
* Recording, Mixing & Mastering.
*Sound System Hire for any event.
*Features & Bookings
*Music production & Piano lessons
Don't hesitate to hit my inbox,I am very affordable 🙏🏾
📷TypTypac VisualssTypac Visuals


Ha u se Mozamane u tlo Shwa Ke Lefu La Pelo...


Are You Guys still Ready for a track called " Crazy nights by King Edmoh?


Dear upcoming artists, here are some tips I would like to share with you. There are stages in this music industry thing and I would like to share them with you. Stage one is when you believe you are talented but haven't really done anything about it. If you are in stage one I strongly advise you to save your money and download a recording app on your phone and only share your music with close friends & family who enjoy the kinda music you make.If most of them feel how you feel about your talent then proceed to stage two. Stage two is when you don't just believe but have confirmation that you really do have some talent in you. If this is where you are,you have to understand that your talent is still Raw and that you still have a long way to go. My advice would be to download free beats and start investing a little in your talent;Pay a visit to the nearest recording studio.This will help you reach out to a wider audience who can then also play a very serious role in your talent. Am talking other artists who are also in stage two, producers who believe in you, record labels, fans etc. As that Raw talent matures, it's time for stage three. Stage three happens when you are tired of doing it as a hobby and you finally wana see all that money you invested pay off. In these stage you can start buying beats from your local/international producers and going to top notch studios so as to get your tracks sounding international.You can also find producers who you can agree on sharing royalties with once your track sells. It is very important to buy beats or find producers who you can come to an agreement of some kind cause you cannot sell a song with a downloaded beat since you don't have full rights to that song. The owner of the beat can even sue you if he/she finds out that you are making money with his beat.
It breaks my heart to see upcoming artist spend their money ho sa hlokahale. Please share with others so that they also get informed.
Feel free to ask for clarifications.


Be Ready For A Snippet Of A Track Called..."Crazy Nights..."

TITLE: Crazy Nights:
ARTIST :King EdMoh
Genre: Kwaito

This snippet will be uploaded By The End Of This Month With A Short Video Clip...keep visiting the page for a link updates...

We shall appreciate your Support Thank you


King EdMoh Esale A Sebetsa Ka Thata Ho Hlahisa Mmino Le Litshwantshiso ...Mme jwale nako e atametse hore re le fe kahare ho letsoho hore na rele tshwaretseng,


We are officially dropping on the 18th of this month and we would really appreciate your support in sharing this to as many people as you can 🙏🏾
This is my first ever Chill-hop track to be officially released and I promise nothing more than quality, timiless, soulful music 🇱🇸🎶🎵
Shout out to KingdomSky Sessions, Ape Allmaety, Ras Yowda & Sagy sTona Artist/Vocalist/Songwriter/Poet for making this special moment possible 🙏🏾
I appreciate you guys 💜
God bless


We still give thanks to everyone who keeps supporting us so far..
We trying to work hard to bring smile on ur faces though it's been so long but please don't give up on us keep visiting our page for new contents....


Stay Captivated For "Broken Lips " Audio link...

Artist: As AR Joe
Record Label: Abo Mzamane Records

Mixed By King EdMoh

Realist music for Real OG's....🙏🙏🎙️🎧🎼🎵✍️🎸🎹



Studio Recordings:
We charge 1Rand per minute, eg
If you come to a studio for Recording a 4 minutes track and you record it in exact 4 minutes meaning ur to pay 4 rand for a track....
We give it to you Raw without mastering &mixing it....

Mixing And Mastering costs are up to 50 bucks....

Come with extra cash for recording when you now ur a time consuming artist...

Start Your Bookings Now:
Email...[email protected]

Call: 56062076

Or write to our page for more information....

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We Just Recorded A Massive Hot Joint Yesterday, It Goes By The Name Of Broken Lips :::

Artist By As Ar Joe:
Mixed By King EdMoh

Stay Captivated For A Link...👊👊💣💣💥💥💥


This year we bout to deliver nothing but Hits musically .. We approach and defeat this industry in silence and nothing you can do about that....


How To End Your Relationship;
👨:Babe it's over, lerato le felile empa eseng tutututuuu...


The real Mozamane shall spend 50 bucks to end his year and he will be dope ...



1..Have fun but be conscious and not be friendly to everyone...

2 Always know some are there not party but to take advantages...

3. Make sure you be a security guard of ur friend don't let anyone to take advantage over ur drunk friend...

4.Dont intefer in other people's topics just mind ur own business....

5...Refrain from having a violent mentality.....

6...Don't let Alcohol make you vulnerable....

7...Don't take serious decisions with a dizzy mind rather post pone things for the other time when ur sober....

8.Always listen to your guard feeling....

Enjoy and have fun...see you next year❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🎧🎹🙏🙏☘️




Sepolesa Se Tshwenyehile Ke Botaoa Ba Bana....🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂


When my mom says "ngwanaka buy urself pair of shoes" I buy Studio headsets...

When she says" buy urself a trouser."
I buy myself Studio Condenser Microphone...

When she says"buy urself antapene"

I buy myself a keyboard and a guitar...

Until she realizes that iam willing to do whatever it takes to full fill my my dreams....

Don't let em disturb u more especially when you know what u wanna live for....


Ka Moqebelo hoseng ka 8 Abo Mzamane ba to etsa mohoanto wa khotso ho tloha Litshweneng hoea fihla teropong ya Mhoek...Mohoanto ke wa bacha bohle ba teng ka hara setereke ba ikopantseng ka talente tse fapaneng...Ho feta Mona Sepolesa se tlabe se le teng ho sireletsa Mohoanto ona hore o tsamaye hantle ka thello...

Mantsibua ho tla tshwarwa combined rehearsal ea Matheater e kholo ka monate o makatsang e tlang ho nka bosiu kaofela...Tlohong ka bongata bacha ba heso re tlo ithabisang mmoho...


Mosali a mamelang Makhadzi ena o hloka a ba sa shapuwa ka Divorce papers Hoseng without notice.....


Parents nowadays are gold diggers more than our gilrfriends...


E Jwalo...🤔


On the 18Dec from seven oclock we will be hosting a comb rehearsal with several theater's from local ....Golden Guys Theater, FL Theater, Naledi Theater, and Mpharane Theater... The comb rehearsal will end on the 19th....


We too old school and we never amazed by bullsh*t....


We apologise for not being faithful to our promises...."The Back Up"video could not be uploaded due to Technical issues,,,but we promise u that we still working harder for a video


"The Back Up" short clip done edited....upload will take place on the 24Nov at night ....be ready for a link....youtube an tik tokwill be places to get it....re tla thabela ho utlwa maikutlo a lona.....


"The Back Up" which is a story in progress right now by Kubake Talented Theatre a short clip will be released on the 24th November...the snippet will be uploaded on You Tube and Tik Tok...Please Stay Captivated for this one since its one of the best videos we ever made....


On the 27 We will be hosting all night combined rehearsal ...we expecting every member from each Theatre to bring along 10 Rands...every artist, dancers etc, This event will take place At Kubake Talented Headquarters from 6 afternoon till Sunday morning ...Lets come in numbers cos its gonna be fun....


We Still Appreciate every one who liked our page so far....we still shooting a gansta appreciation film for you guys ,,,stay captivated on Tik tok and you tube.....thank u


We Still Appreciate every one who liked our page so far....we still shooting a gansta appreciation film for you guys ,,,stay captivated on Tik tok and you tube.....thank u


Are you feeling too broken to rise again?

You just need to find that unbroken piece of you. Yes, it is there even if you feel completely shattered.

There is something about ourselves that we usually underestimate, our inner strength. Our inner strength never gets lessen rather with every experience of life, it only gets built up more and more. You just need to trust yourself and trust the creator. There must be a reason you have to go through this phase.

If you ever find yourself so heartbroken that you have begun to lose hope, look within yourself. Remind yourself of how you have overcome many situations in life before this one, you will do it this time too.

Dr Bhawna Gautam


🔴 How pathetic we become when we try to be someone we are not.

How powerful we are when we return to our true design.

🔴 How pathetic we become when we try to fit into other people's agendas for us

How powerful we are when we know and trust our own hearts.

🔴 How pathetic we become when we look for safety in other people and external events

How powerful we are when we know that the true source of all that we need and desire, is within

🔴 How pathetic we become when we live life based on past experiences

How powerful we are when we tap into and live from our intuition/Connection with the Divine

🔴 How pathetic we become when we live from our history & stories

How powerful we are when we know that everything we need to know to flourish in life, will be delivered right when we need it and we stay in the present moment.

🔴 How pathetic we become when we secondguess our own desires

How powerful we are when we fully own the desires of our heart and choose to create them

🔴 How pathetic we become when we continually allow doubt to hold the reins in our life

How powerful we are when we KNOW OURSELVES to be the authority in our lives, when we take responsibility for all that we create and when we confidently & deliberately make the DECISION to prosper and thrive in life.

Let me be blunt...

Are you done with being pathetic?

Cos' I certainly got so fed up with my own crazy pathetic ways and I made the DECISION to rise victorious in my TRUE DESIGN, to rediscover my powerful self, to BE that powerful self.

No, everything did not become perfect overnight but I found ME again.

And in finding, trusting, continually uncovering more of ME, my life continues to expand and increase and visions and dreams come true.

Again, are you done with being pathetic?

Go now to https://mibusiness.lpages.co/coreconfidence/?utm_campaign=meetedgar&utm_medium=social&utm_source=meetedgar.com and get a copy of my brand new book - The Deliberate Millionaire's CONFIDENCE Book, if you are that driven and VERY DETERMINED spiritual person who is done with holding back from creating the relationships, body, work or money that you KNOW you desire and deserve.

Read through the page and join in now. There is no more time to keep being pathetic

Much Amazing Love


Read And Gain Wisdom

She’s not like the others, and he knew it from the first hello.
She was a gentle and soft spirit, her kindness shone brightly through her actions and tender words.
At first, he didn’t know her story, a painful tale of strife and struggle..laden with emotional abuse and hurtful feelings from a hard past.
But the more she came out from behind her walls, the more he could feel the subtle sadness emanate from her soul.
He didn’t know what had broken this beautiful woman, only that he saw a magnificent creature before him that was so deserving of love..and he knew he was the one to give her what she wanted and craved, so he did.
He could feel the doubt in her heart as the little voices of insecurity born of a painful past tried to steal her joy.
She had been alone and forced to be strong-so she didn’t want to trust..especially not depend on someone else.
And all the men she had ever cared about did just what the ones before had done- hurt her and walk away.
She’d always manage to put her broken heart back together, but each time, she grew a little more distrustful, a little more guarded..
Until she found herself distanced and alone, almost unwilling to let anyone in.
So, when he stood before her, trying to take down the walls she had built around herself, she fought back out of fear and mistrust..
But little by little, he kept showing up, kept loving her and making her feel safe.
He saw her demons, felt her pain and just did the most beautiful thing he could do:
He held her closer, loved her harder and helped her see herself through his eyes.
She was only ever used to seeing only her flaws, jagged edges and things she didn’t like about herself.
But as he held her hand, she slowly began to see herself for the amazing soul that she was..
Deep, kind and loving..among so many other wonderful things.
Tears streaming down her face, she turned to him and hugged him fiercely.
Her voice cracked as she spoke softly.
“Thank you for loving me when I needed It most..and for making me feel more beautiful than I ever have before..”
Smiling, he wiped away the tears from her cheeks.
“I will never stop loving you the way you deserve..and I simply showed you who you really are- beautiful, inside and out.”
Nodding emotionally, she felt a smile breaking through the tears as her eyes met his.
He cupped her delicate face between his strong hands and softly kissed her forehead and lips.
“All I ever wanted to do was love you.”
Sobbing happily, she forced her face into his chest and squeezed him tightly.
She didn’t know what she had done to deserve a man like him, but she was thankful in a way she had never known.
This was what peace and love truly felt like, she realized, as she hugged him.
Smiling, that’s when she knew that this was exactly where she wanted to spend the rest of her days.
Home, in his arms, where she had always belonged.

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“Human beings do not live forever. We live less than the time it takes to blink an eye, if we measure our lives against eternity. So it may be asked what value is there to a human life. There is so much pain in the world. What does it mean to have to suffer so much if our lives are nothing more than the blink of an eye?

I learned a long time ago, that a blink of an eye in itself is nothing. But the eye that blinks, that is something. A span of life is nothing. But the man who lives that span, he is something. He can fill that tiny span with meaning, so its quality is immeasurable though its quantity may be insignificant. Do you understand what I am saying? A man must fill his life with meaning, meaning is not automatically given to life.

It is hard work to fill one's life with meaning. That I do not think you understand yet. A life filled with meaning is worthy of rest. I want to be worthy of rest when I am no longer here.”

Chaim Potok, The Chosen


"If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be."



NOTE: To Underground Rappers:

We Give Away A Package Of 3 Underground Rap Beats Locally Produced By King Edmoh For 50 Bucks & Free Recording For Those Tracks With a High Quality and No Sabotage....Hit Our Page For more updates....This Offer Has No Limited Time....

Don't Be Surprised We Just Interested In Mzuku Talent Not The Money..Mzuku Artists Have Struggled For So Long When It Comes To Recording Now We Are Here To Eliminate That...


Are you feeling a bit lost in life?

The worldly journey is so full of chaos that most of us feel somewhat lost. This is because we feel that to participate in this material world we need to always be the best and have the best but this doesn't always happen.

When things don't go the way we want, we feel disappointed in life. Most of our disappointment comes from unmet goals, unfulfilled expectations, undesired behaviour and differences in opinion. When this dissatisfaction becomes unbearable, we want to break free from anything and everything that puts us to unease. This is the moment when we begin the true journey of life, finding ourselves.

This is the time when the material world stops disappointing us because we realise that once we feel satisfied and content from within, nothing from outside can affect our peace.

If you feel lost, you just to reconnect with yourself. You need to spend time to realise things that are truly important for your existence and inner satisfaction. Once you start satisfying your inner self, you will never feel dissatisfied from outside of yourself.

Dr Bhawna Gautam


Khotso le lerato li be le lona batshehetsi Ba Khabane...

Harea le lahla ka nnete qha feela mosebetsi o mongata..Re Ntse Re Tshoere ka Thata leka tlasa boemo bona ba covid...phomolo e ntse ele siko....Re Ntse Re leboha haholo ka tshehetso enang le mamello....hare tsoeleng pele ho tshehetsa Talenta ea kahare ho naha ya rona.....Haebe Khotso Le Lerato


On This Youth Month..We offering Low Recording deal As Low As Possible..

QUALITY...Mixed & Mastered( high Quality)
STUDIO TIME ...1HR :30 Min To Record Both Tracks...
Offer Starts From Now Till The End Of July...

For bookings Just leave a message on our page & We will get back to you As Soon As We Can........






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