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Cycling is my passion...


Sending best wishes to Tumelo Makae who's racing his first XCO of the season in SA tomorrow, Good luck Tumelo make us proud again💪💪💪

Photos from V-Power CYCLE Challenge's post 21/02/2022

Photos from V-Power CYCLE Challenge's post


Come join us welcoming summer at Lencers Gap sehlabeng the 31st October 2021 everyone is welcome it's either club or individuals..

For more information contact us here...

+266 63946399
+266 59106300
+266 59319022

Malefetsane Lesofe updated their business hours. 08/09/2021

Malefetsane Lesofe updated their business hours.

Malefetsane Lesofe updated their business hours. 25/04/2020 Access your account by logging in with your e-mail address and password. Check your balance, deposit or withdraw funds from your dashboard.

Photos from Malefetsane Lesofe's post 31/10/2018

We had two good days in a row, today it's our last day W2W 2018 Pinotage...


Journey still continues...Big Thanks to The Sufferfest: Complete Training for Cyclists and Triathletes for their great effort for more than 4years

Photos from African Dream Team MTB Lesotho's post 19/08/2018

Photos from African Dream Team MTB Lesotho's post


Tomorrow is a big day, finally national championships, Flu is better now no more high body temperature, will hear from legs.


I miss motor pacing


Malefetsane and Stephen Gallagher | Leederville Super Crit


We have been confirmed as an official UCI Mountain Bike Team again for 2018! This is the 5th year-in-a-row that we have been granted this prestigious status ... and once again, we are the only team in Africa to make it!

Thank you to all our for making it possible.
The Sufferfest: Complete Training for Cyclists and Triathletes, Alliance Insurance Company, Giant Bicycles South Africa, LIMAR Helmets, DMT, SR Suntour Inc., HIGH5 South Africa, HIGH5 Sports Nutrition, SIGMA SPORT Germany, TOKEN Cycling, Token, Pactimo, Pactimo Europe, UNIOR Bike ZA, Dig Deep Coaching, Stages Cycling, RitcheyLogic, Maxxis Tyres South Africa, , Velo Saddles, VELO-BikeSaddles, microSHIFT Cycling, KMC Chain, KMC Chain USA, Sq**rt Cycling Products, Unitrans, absoluteBLACK, Oakley


Uci camp about to finish now, time to pack my stuff and go back to Mountain Kingdom...getting ready for Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Photos from Malefetsane Lesofe's post 03/01/2018

Solo ride feels like we're three it's just me,myself and i....


Off season training more focus, the thing is getting serious Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games ..

African Dream Team - 2018 #DreamMakers 29/11/2017

African Dream Team - 2018 #DreamMakers

African Dream Team - 2018 #DreamMakers Become one of our - helping our team on our journey to become one of the world's best Mountain Bike teams and along the way bring hope and fulfilment to aspiring young cyclists from Africa.


Almost End of the camp, time go back to the gym some strength,looking forward to the season 2018


I have chosen skinny wheel for up coming months,that's a real good choice for me massive respect...


Champions rides Giant Bicycles

Wow. Just wow...


The Journey of the three Mountain Bikers representing Lesotho at this years' UCI Mountain Bike World Champs is a "Dream Come True." Wishing our Lesotho Ambassadors all the best!

"World Championships And What It Means For Us."

Four years ago, the MTB World Championships were held in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. We had been aware of the event for some time and had been preparing a team since 2012, when some of our riders experienced UCI World Cup racing for the first time at the same venue.
However, the short journey to Pietermaritzburg was very difficult and doomed for failure, until an article on changed everything ( ). Cuan Peterson from Oakley spotted the article and persuaded his company to sponsor the team’s trip.
Revisiting the article from 2013, really brings back memories ( ).

These 2013 World Championships proved to be a catalyst for change for riders in Lesotho. We went away from the Cascades track with a renewed vision of where we wanted to go as a team. By January (2014), we had formed Africa’s first UCI MTB Team and had secured sponsorship with our long-time partners, The Sufferfest, Unitrans, Giant Bicycles, Pactimo and Dig Deep Coaching.

Fast-forward four years ... and we stand on the brink of another milestone. It’s time to go back to World Championships – in Australia – this time, not as complete beginners, but as a well-drilled team with experience and self-belief. That’s not to say it won’t be tough – the chances are that we will still finish towards the back of the field, fighting to avoid being overlapped by the likes of Nino Schurter. But at least this time, we know where we are and where we are going.
We have been building over the past four years and putting in some hard work to rise to the top. With the support of our many partners – Dream-Makers – we have been able to race a productive season on the Southern African XC circuit and raise our nation ranking to 2nd in Africa and 27th in the world (ahead of Great Britain and just 3 places behind USA).

Racing in World Championships again is like a dream come true ... and an important step in our quest to see regular racing on the World circuit and gain qualification for major Games.

Thank you to everyone that has helped us on our way!
The Sufferfest African Dream Team
The Lesotho team for UCI MTB World Championships in Cairns is: -
• • •
Phetetso MONESE (Elite Men)
Tumelo MAKAE (Under 23 Men)
Eric RAMOHANOE (Junior Men)


On our way to Australia for UCI Mountain Bike World Championships. Some sports get official send-off ceremonies and warm wishes from the Ministry of Sports. We just focus on our goals and bring results. What other team in Lesotho can claim to be ranked in the top 30 in the world?

Photos from Malefetsane Lesofe's post 27/08/2017

5hrs down 125km solo ride, Altitude Ascent of 1037 Calories 2645 ,Mac Descent -505 Max Altitude 2833, Max incline 12% , Max -11%


I'm not alone I'm always with my SIGMA SPORT Germany Rox 11, that is why I'm always ready for the ride Giant Bicycles no worries.

THE RACE - DAY 1 - Lesotho Sky 16/08/2017

THE RACE - DAY 1 - Lesotho Sky

THE RACE - DAY 1 - Lesotho Sky Day 1 will start off with a bang, or rather a steep climb. So there will not much time for riders to warm up and get into the groove of the Lesotho Mountains.  Right out of the Ramabanta gate, riders will be grinding up Nkesi Pass, a steep 350m high piece of tarmac that you will be well acquainted w...

It's now easier to send Malefetsane Lesofe a message. 14/08/2017

It's now easier to send Malefetsane Lesofe a message.

It's now easier to send Malefetsane Lesofe a message.

Malefetsane Lesofe updated their phone number. 14/08/2017

Malefetsane Lesofe updated their phone number.

Malefetsane Lesofe updated their phone number.

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