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The mess this Nyaope boy did no man can correct

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When it's weekend and you want to rest...

Photos from South African Police Service's post 05/09/2022

Photos from South African Police Service's post

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Please be on the look out for this young girl. Its has been 2 weeks since she disappeared from Lesotho. Her name is 'Mapotloloane Lets'olo also known as Phuthi..Anyone with the information could contact her family member at +26650557632/+26659723548. Or tye nearest Police.

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The 8 year old girl Thlohonolofatso Morolong was found dead with the signs of r**e at Naledi Maseru Lesotho today hidden under the bed at the suspect place (pictured).

The young girl was last seen on Sunday with her mothers boyfriend Isaque Joaquim who is originally from Mozambique.

The boyfriend is alleged to have fled the country to South Africa.( see the SANTACO taxi record attached here) He went to Johannesburg.

His exit point from Lesotho to South Africa being Vicksburg border post ( bridge) please help share this story until the suspect is arrested because he might repeat and kill again there in South Africa...


This is little Isaac he is 9 years old and his 11 month old little brother orphans from father and mother. They were chased by their AUNTIES who accused them of being witches.

They have been living in the streets for 2 months now,and they are feeding with the help of generous people they find on the street. But they don't have a fixed roof to sleep, they sleep on the streets with his little baby brother.

That bag they hold in their hands is their suitcase where they put their clothes. Isaac says his father was a taxi driver, he died due to lack of care as he was sick since he had no money to go to the hospital. Her mother died from cesarean during giving birth to her little brother.

While the majority of his family are at Goma the only aunt is at Kinshasa, unfortunately the Aunt ended up chasing them out of the house accusing them of witcraft which she said they ( Isaac and his little brother) are blocking her luck in her house and her businesses.

Without letting go his little brother, despite the suffering Issac says " If they are to die with hunger on the streets, so be it, He will never abandoned him......"

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Guys look what the bundle of joy has done..what should I do

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Some domestic workers on duty..


This took me 9 years to learn,but I'll teach you in 4 minutes.

Here are 15 uncomfortable truths of life.

1. Your current job doesn't care about you, they only pay you enough to kill your dreams.

2.The most difficult mission on earth is to focus on your dreams, the easiest task is to complain.

3. Skills and financial education are 10 times better than college degree,So grab this opportunity and learn more.

4.Let people win arguments on purpose to conserve your mental peace.

5.if you continue waiting for the "right time,"you will waste your entire life and nothing will happen.

6.One stream of income equates to financial su***de.

7.You will be 10 times happier if you forgive your parents and stop blaming them.

8.Even when you trust your close friends and family, don't tell them everything.

9.To realise the value of your life, you need to cut 99% of your friends who don't help you grow.

10. At the age of 30 your inner circle should be more focused on making money, starting a business and starting a family.

11.You don't need 100 self help book,all you need is self discipline.

12.Government and politicians will never save you from your problems. Only yourself can.

13. Free yourself from society from the society advice most of them have no idea of what they are doing.

14.You cannot expect honesty from people who even lie to themselves.

15.Take nothing personally and save yourself from 99% of your mental problems.

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Ladies just go to school and after graduations just look for a job to prevent something like this..

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How your local bakery prepares your bread


A Rwandan woman, RwaMugabekazi Lillian (24) was arrested and charged with public indecency after wearing a revealing dress at a concert by a popular French musician Tayc in Kigali.

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What you see here are two school teachers during the school trip in Durban Beach South Africa. Instead of watching over learners they were doing this.

Mr Jonathan Mudau and Mrs Agnes Mukwevho, you are a disgrace to the community of Nzhelele. The matter is now in the hands of Circuit office.

What is disturbing here is that this was witnessed by the same learners on the same trip who took these pictures and uploaded them on social media for the nation to see what their teachers were doing..

We understand that whatever that was happening between this two alleged intimate teachers was private but the bottom line is these two teachers were still at work amongst the under age learners from the said school...

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When a married woman finds her husband side Chick's it right or wrong thing to do...


The guy really do painting work...Please support his business ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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Shock in Lodwar after man catches his pregnant wife in bed with their pastor. The pastor, who is also an electrician, says the lady had called for help in repairing the fridge and that the lights went off immediately after he arrived, and so the wife told him to "chill and made himself feel at home" as they waited for the power

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30 more Illegal miners allegedly from Lesotho and Zimbabwean in Kagiso Westrand South Africa who are allegedly been terrorising the community by ra**ng and killing some members of the community were apprehended once again today..condoms were also found in their possessions..

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These are thieves caught with reported stolen goods retrieved from them. Happened in South Africa


Two suspects had been shot dead and 65 others arrested during a police operation to find a group of men who gang r**ed eight women at a music video shoot in Krugersdorp ( All suspects are from Lesotho and currently in South Africa illegally)
One of the models attacked during the Krugersdorp r**e was r**ed by ten men she is 19 years old.

The group was arrested in some mountains and bushes close to the unused mine dump where the r**e occurred.


Kenyans angered after a viral photo resurfaced online, showing a girl of an unidentified school being subjected to punishment and public redicule for allegedly urinating on bed.


Nigerian Pastor beaten by church members in Venda Limpopo South Africa for using churche's money to buy his wife a car. Pastor Johnson Adeleke used the money that was in the church's bank account to buy a gift for his wife's birthday.

The church members became angry and attacked the pastor on Sunday immediately when he arrived at church. Police are investigating a case of assault with intention to cause bodily grievously harm.


This is what they do in private and then come to Facebook and tell you not to.

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Community Police Forum patrol in the (Free State Province in South Africa) found these suspects and their weapons used to Rob in the Area..


Admin please post for Me....
Nothing hurts more like seeing your woman Glowing and happy after divorce.Does It mean she wasn't in love with you.

It hurts even more when you broke up with your girlfriend and she doesn't even cry. Please why are women like this..Please help Me understand them. Guys I am hurting ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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Congratulations..."He" gave birth to a bouncing baby boy..


Please post for Me...."My Sister son and daughter went last night to Absa ATM in Oudtshoorn to do a card less withdrawal...

After they finished the transaction, the ATM went crazy and just dispense lots of money. Do you know what they did..they safeguard the cash and called the police.....Proud to be called our Aunty..and for being a model citizen..."


Three men including a traditional healer were caught digging up a grave looking for bones in Mabopane ( Gauteng Province South Africa) they tried to bribe the police by offering them R1500.00

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A wife, Char Grey in the UK has bought a s*x doll named Dee in order to satisfy her husband's high libido.
It is said that she took the decision after her h***y husband Callum, suggested a threesome,which she wasn't comfortable with.

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He divorced his wife after 12 years on marriage and 4 children because he discovered that he was gay. He is now married to another man and they are staying together as a family of two...

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This is Nwabisa Unathi Hole (19) from South Africa, she posted herself on social media with this coffin behind herself saying bad things about the alleged deceased, though after receiving backlash from the public she stated that she was playing and there was no one in the coffin as she was shooting a movie..

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Here is Alexander ( South Africa) township shooting suspects.

Dumisani Sithole (35)
Ziphesihle Mnwango (21)
Sphelele Khanyile (18)
Khanyile Nlebia (25)
Lundokuhle Dladla (27)
Goodman Nene (33)
Nkokhelo Chongo (24)
Siyabulela Myeni (24)
Thunelihle Sibisi (18)
Andile Hlubi (29)

The state has opposed bail application, the case has been postponed to 25 July 2022. Everyone remains in custody while residents of Alexander wants them to be released to them for community justice.



Tembisa police needs community to help reunite this toddler pictured with his family. The child was picked up at Winnie Mandela Zone 11 South Africa at around 17:00pm yesterday, July 17 2022. The child is estimated to be +-2 years old. He does not talk at all and he is currently at the police station.

Anyone who might know the child or parents is asked to contact Tembisa police station on (011) 920-8000 or visit the police station at any time.

Remember there is no waiting period to report a missing person


My husband is acting MR NICE GUY I am thinking of leaving him.

Kindly post for me, I am a lady aged 26, I have been married for 5 years now with a son. My problem is that since my husband married me, he has never created on me. This is giving me a lot of thoughts because I always feel like he is not a real man. I am not saying he should be cheating on me, but atleast even a rumour that he has a girlfriend somewhere else would have been better..

Why is he not like other men. Please help me understand this.

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"He asked for it....." Said this woman (Pictured) after she was caught red-handed having s*x with a minor (13 year old boy at the teenager's parents home in Houghton Park, Zimbabwe.

The minors mother got the shock of her life when she returned home on Tuesday and caught her son being s*xually abused by the woman in picture. She immediately called in the police leading to the arrest of the accused pictured..


A man who was stabbed by a jealous girlfriend in Kasama says he has forgiven her, and he is begging her to move back with him.

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As a parent..How to punish a mischievous Child at home.

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He loved me unconditionally even though I was pregnant with quadruples for another man.

In February 2021, I found out that I was pregnant, their dad didn't want them. I prepared myself to be a single mother of 4. I started embracing the journey alone.

Then I met a man, he didn't have any children at all. He chose to be with me through my pregnancy even though doctors said I could never have children again after the twins. He was there when I gave birth d has been great father ever since despite the possibility of never having his own children.

Two month after the twins we found out that I was expecting and its twins Again.

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Guys this is Sinikeziwe Samkelo Ndlovu (7) she is currently a Grade 2 learner at Hector Peterson Primary school.

It was after school time when Sinikeziwe was waiting for her school bus to take her home within the school premises when a drunk driver was reversing and playing loud music in the car that hit the her and dragged her appropriately 6 meters without stopping.

The child was rushed to Leratong Hospital and suffered lung failure and bad head injuries in the process.

The case was opened at Doornokop police station but the police are not co operative and are dragging their feet to charge or apprehend the suspect till today.

The biggest concern to the child parents is that they sent their child to where they thought it was safe and this happened to their child in the school premises, when the parents approached the school principal, they were told that the incident happened outside the school hours and they cannot take any responsibility.

The issue here was that the incident according to the parents happened inside the school premises, but the school principal says it was "after school"

The child admitted at Leratong Hospital in the ICU, she is only getting worse day by day and she has now undergone 5 operation and she is unable to eat breath or talk on her own.

It is with great sadness to announce that thid morning the child has just passed on.

The parents now are seeking justice and to contact them here are their contact details. 0718161216/0606295505 Semamile Ndlovu 0766897084 Zakhele Ndlovu.


Love them all but trust No one...


A mother is devastated after losing 3 children in a shack fire on Saturday 02 July 2022 in Wesbank, Cape Town. It is not clear what caused the fire, but residents said the incident happened during load shedding.

"I have lost what I was living for. I lost the children I loved so much.I still don't know what to do." Said the devastated mother, Elma Nyakena as she broke in tears.

Elma lost her children Leana (9) Luciano (4) and Bruce who would turn one next week.

We have lost clothes and all our belongings that we can replace, what about a mother who have lost 3 children in the fire, we are heartbroken we are in pain said her neighbour Leticia.

The police are busy doing some investigation as to what let to the cause of the fire..




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