Dr Raphael Banda.

Dr Raphael Banda.

Dr. Raphael, Has special burden for Community transformation and He's a Trailblazer, a record breaker From Certificate in Church Planting to PhD.


Topic: No Romance without Finance.

Money matters a lot when it comes to the issue of love. It ranks as top 3 in the five (5) main issues for relational crises, which are:

1. Communication: Many marriages with transactional communication end when the transactions are completed.

2. S*x: This was created by God as a level-er for both poor and rich couples to enjoy.

3. Money: This is our next major focus. Stay tuned for more.

4. In-laws/third parties: Nothing can survive without a third party because God is also a Third party in marriage. Put third parties into perspectives.

5. Unrealistic expectations: Some of the things that couples are expecting out of life are unrealistic.

As we continue in this series, we pray that you'll learn by revelation, not by experience.

Keep Your Dreams Alive.

Dr Raphael Banda.



Clash of the Titans

1. Men are logical while women are emotional

2. Men are moved by what they see while women are moved by what they hear (words)

3. Men have rough and untidy tendencies while women are upgraded version of men. This is why men need women to be better versions of themselves.

4. Men are mostly headliners, while women are more detailed in their discussion.

5. While women find fulfillment in their relationships with their partners, men find fulfillment in their relationships with their jobs.

Dr Raphael Banda.


If you want to achieve success in any field, you need to follow these five steps:

1. Set a goal: Define what you want to achieve and why it matters to you.
2. Make a plan: Break down your goal into smaller and manageable tasks and deadlines.
3. Stay focused: Avoid distractions and prioritize your most important activities.
4. Work hard: Put in the effort and dedication required to accomplish your goal.
5. Stay humble: Appreciate your achievements and learn from your failures.

I hope these steps will inspire you to pursue your dreams and reach your full potential.


One of the most important skills you need in your professional life is emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions and those of others. It also involves knowing when to be kind and when to be aggressive.

It also means knowing how to adapt your behavior to different situations.

Sometimes, you need to be kind and compassionate, especially when dealing with people who are vulnerable or in need of help.

Other times, you need to be aggressive and assertive, especially when defending your rights or pursuing your goals.

Being able to switch between these two modes can help you achieve more success and happiness in your personal and professional life.


Success starts with your mindset. If you believe in yourself and your abilities, you will be more likely to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

A positive/growth mindset can also help you cope with stress and setbacks, and motivate you to keep learning and growing.

On the other hand, a negative/fixed mindset can limit your potential and hold you back from reaching your full potential.

Therefore, it is important to cultivate a growth mindset that embraces change, feedback, and new opportunities.


One of the most valuable things in life is having a peaceful mind. A peaceful mind can help you cope with stress, make better decisions, and enjoy the present moment.

A peaceful mind is not something that you can buy or achieve, but something that you can cultivate and nurture.

By practicing mindfulness, gratitude, and compassion, you can train your mind to be more peaceful and positive.

A peaceful mind is a true treasure that can enrich your life and well-being.

Dr Raphael Banda.


If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail.

Planning is an essential skill for any successful endeavor. Without a clear plan, you may waste time, resources, and opportunities.

You may also face unexpected challenges and difficulties that could have been avoided with proper planning.

Planning helps you set goals, prioritize tasks, allocate resources, monitor progress, and evaluate outcomes.

By planning ahead, you can increase your efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction.


Never let anyone stop you from chasing your dream. Be unstoppable!

This is the mindset that will help you succeed in life and make a positive impact on the world.

You have the power to create your own destiny, and no one can take that away from you.

You have the potential to achieve anything you set your mind to, and no one can limit that for you.

You have the passion to pursue your dream, and no one can extinguish that for you. You are unstoppable.

Dr Raphael Banda.


There are always some people who want to see you fail. They are hoping that you will give up on your dreams and goals.

But you should not let them discourage you. You should keep working hard and pursuing your passion.

You should prove them wrong and show them that you are unstoppable. Let them wait forever for something that will never happen. 🔥


“When the aim is to compete with others, you focus on defeating others.

When the aim is to achieve your goals, the focus shifts to improving yourself.”

Most people consider success to be the best among all. This is one of the reasons why people do not feel successful even after achieving a lot in life.

When we see success in being ahead of others, we lose sight of our real goals.

Instead of focusing on what we want, we focus on what others want so that we can get ahead of them. That's why we never get what we want and remain dissatisfied.

Focus on your goals and improve yourself. If you compare yourself, you only end up where others want to be.

Dr Raphael Banda.


One of the keys to success is having a positive outlook on life. No matter what challenges you face, you should always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

This belief will help you overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and enjoy the journey. When you expect good things to happen, you attract more good things into your life.

You also inspire others to be more optimistic and hopeful. So, always believe that something wonderful is about to happen, and you will be amazed by the results.

Dr Raphael Banda.


🔥 If you want to win big, be committed. One of the key factors for success in any endeavor is commitment.

Commitment means being dedicated to your goals, persevering through challenges, and staying focused on your vision.

Without commitment, you may lose motivation, give up easily, or settle for less than you deserve.

Commitment is what separates the winners from the losers.

Dr Raphael Banda.


In your life, you have two options: work for the boss or work to be the boss.

The first option is easier and more comfortable, but it limits your growth and potential.

The second option is harder and more challenging, but it offers you more opportunities and rewards.

The choice is yours, but remember that you are responsible for your own success.

Dr Raphael Banda.


NEW RULES OF LOVE Masterclass (Module 5) - Clash of The Titans: The Gender Class.

10 Difference Between Men and Women (Cont'd)

6. Men get easily turned on; while women take time to be turned on: Men are driven by what they see; however women are gradually taken on a journey of love making.

7. Men are less sensitive than women: To succeed as a married man, it's important to always respect the sensitivity of your wife. Wives, don't manipulate your husbands in the name of sensitivity.

8. Men tend to forgive and forget easily than women: God wants us to walk in the Spirit not in the flesh. With this, it becomes a bit easy for both parties to forgive and forget.

9. Men talk less than women: Men are headliners while women are detailed.

10. Men are hunters while women are incubators: Once a man achieves a goal, he moves on to other goals. For women, the seed sown into them will be incubated and given back in multiple folds.

To succeed as humans, we need to always pray the Serenity Prayer:
✓ Lord, give me the grace to handle what I cannot change.
✓ Lord, give me the courage to change what I can change.
✓ Lord, grant me the wisdom to know the difference between the two.

Dr Raphael Banda.



Text: Hebrews 11:1-3, Ecclesiastes 9:11.…

The centre feature of the definition of faith is: "Confidence and trust in God and in His Word."
If God does not approve of you, you are not guaranteed of winning the race of your life and destiny.
The "race" is personal, yet competitive and it requires beyond speed.
Your race talks about the purpose of God for your life.

Challenges come as part of the package in the race of life.
It is your faith in God that enables you come out victorious from the challenges of your life.

Gaining God's approval should be more important to us than our personal agenda.

It is important for you to develop your ability to hear from the Holy spirit so as to know what to do per time, in pursuit of your purpose.

How to run your race:
Hebrews 12:1-2.

Lay aside every besetting sin. Ask God for the Grace to rise above every sin that easily holds you down.

Dr Raphael Banda.


Dear Friends.

It’s the second quarter of the year already and I really do hope that you are taking things seriously and learning from them.

I want to share with you friends the 8 regrets of life so you can learn and act as we move on in the year.

We all have only one life to live and there is no room for rehearsals. We, however, need to realize that if we live this one life well, one lifetime is enough.

Some executives in their 70s were asked what they would have done differently, and they listed the following as the top regrets that they have:
1: I would have taken charge of my life and set goals early:
No one will plan your life for you if you don't plan it for yourself and if you don't set goals for your life, you cannot score goals in life.

2: I would have taken better care of my health:
Health is wealth and it is not wise to lose your health in pursuit of wealth only to end up trying to use your wealth to buy back your health.
3: I would have managed my money better:
The inability to manage your money effectively will make you lose your money and deprive you of the ability to multiply.
4: I would have spent more time with my family:
When the chips are down, only your family is really your greatest asset in life and wise people know not to mess up their family in pursuit of anything else.
5: I would have spent more time on personal development:
The day you stop growing, you start dying and anyone who wants to win in life must make personal development a priority.
6: I would have had more fun:
It is amazing how people work so hard sometimes and fail to enjoy the journey only to make money for others to enjoy.
7: I would have planned my career better:
Career guidance and counseling is one major secret that many have ignored to their own detriment, hence they spend a major part of their life on the wrong track.
8: I would have given back more and been more generous:
Giving is living and generosity is a non-negotiable for those who desire to win in life, many have closed the door of greatness against themselves by being stingy.

Spend some time thinking about your funeral, how will you want to be remembered? And plan from now to ensure that when you are in your 70s you will not have any of these regrets.

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Freedom from Addiction
Prov 11:09

Addiction is a state of excessive appetite for anything. The longer an appetite goes unattended to, the stronger it becomes and drives addiction

1. You cannot survive without appetite.
2. Uncontrolled appetite will always lead an individual to addiction.
3. There are healthy and unhealthy means of feeding our appetite
4. The only appetite that should not be controlled is an appetite for God and his kingdom.

1. Behavioral addictions: These are addictions connected to the behavior of an individual such as gambling, glutton, Internet, and television addiction.

2. Substance addictions: Drug addiction also called substance use disorder is a disease that affects a person’s brain and leads to the use of legal and illegal drugs.

1. Cultural and societal influences
2. Peer pressures
3. Deceptive power of television commercials.
4. Child abuse and neglect
5. The bait of satan
6. Influences of temporary pleasures

Effects of substance addictions
1. Increases strain on the livers
2. The risk of seizures
3. The risk of lung diseases
4. The risk of mental confusion
5. The risk of brain damage
6. Psychological disorders
7. Violence
8. Su***de
9. Homicide

1. Find out what you naturally have a strong appetite for
2. How are you feeding the appetite?
3. Is your choice satisfying and healthy?
4. Follow your choices down the road

1. Ask for mercy
2. Take responsibility and stop apportioning blames.

Dr Raphael Banda.



Regardless of your age and race, you need good people around you to assist you and encourage you. Your circle can either make or break you.

It’s not enough to have a passion or to love something, you have to be disciplined to put in the work. God always rewards hard work.

It is important to fill your life with daily positive affirmations. Anything is possible regardless of what people think about you and your goals.

If I can, you can as well. There are no impossibilities with God.



Matthew 25:14
The most important resources are those that money cannot buy. Those who have more than money, always bounce back when they lose money.

These important resources are:
1. People
2. Goodwill
3. Time
4. Goals and vision
5. Failure

If you don’t have people, then you probably haven’t been a “person” to others. The question we should ask ourselves is who are we to people around us, and not who they are to us.

The gift of people can be in form of mentors, family or even colleagues.

On optimizing your time, note that what you do today would be the worth of your day tomorrow. If you want to optimize your time, take deliberate steps into planning how you spend your time daily.

Dr Raphael Banda.



A successful career means different things to different people. However, it is important to put retirement plans as one of the important things that define a successful career.

Success is not just hard work and discipline; it is also planning for the future.

If you do not know the purpose for which you were created, then your definition of a successful career is utterly meaningless.

Some of the ethics to take note of are:
1. Integrity
2. Hard work
3. Collaboration
4. Good relationships
5. Character

The core of life is spirituality. Everything else will pass away. So, as Christians we must live our lives through Kingdom principles and apply these principles to our careers and businesses.

Dr Raphael Banda.




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