I stand for GOD, Who do you Stand for?

All about God and His purpose for our lives


When you pray for any break through in your life, first consider what the Holyspirit says about you. Lern to forgive, learn to give, learn to appreciate the little you have, thank God for every big or little thing in your life. See, you cant pray for bigger things while you cant handle the little. Again you cannever break through unless you pay attention to things that need to be dealt with. Jesus told the disciples to remove the stone in Lazarus ' tomb, for Lazarus to hear the voice of God and live. Stones need to be moved, start to pave your way, God is waiting to give an order,for your breakthrough.Pray intercede ,break go deeper have the Connection with you God🙏



I pray for the favour of the Lord to be upon you in Jesus Name🙏 Amen. Proverbs 2:2 says"making your ear attentive to wisdom and inclining your heart to understanding. In another version it says to direct your heart to understanding.To direct a heart to do good is not easy especially a heart that has been hurt, deceived, broken many times. All it wants is to do as it pleases thats why in verse 4 same scripture it says to seek understanding like silver and search for it as for hidden treasure.Yes you going to sweat when you look for hidden things, gold is not on the shallow, but burried deep. So the moment you find understanding and wisdom of God you'll know how to protect your heart. You wont respond to everything, you will walk away from unnecessary arguments, fights and gossips. Wisdom lets you speak with authority like Solomon. Wisdom lets you choose your words before you speak. Wisdom lets those who want to accuse you instead judge themselves. When they brought to Jesus a woman caught in adultry, He wrote with His foot on the ground and did not answer instantly, He was calling for Wisdom of God. And He said anybody who did not have a sin must stone her. They Judged themselve and walked away but to the Woman He said to see that she sins no more. Understanding and Wisdom of God acts as a shield to protect our hearts. Now I want you to pray for the understanding and wisdom of God in your lives. And say this words " touch, heal, deliver me Jesus" in Jesus Name let it be so.Amen🙏

direct your heart to Jesus


God is Faithful! Just say "God you are so good" it doesnot matter where you are right now, you still alive? God has a specific purpose for you.Listen, many did not make it, they wish they had but time! Who has our future if not God? I urge you to make it right with Him today and tell Him you are willing to crossover to 2023 with Him guiding you. You are no longer your own but God's, and He will not let you suffer, no! Hes true to His word, He is Faithful. Whatever it is you were going through in 2022 has expired with 2022, Receive your new blessings,receive your breakthrough, whatever you were praying for you about to see it happening,Pray until God does it cz He is waiting for you to confess it.

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Its not by our might or by our power that we make it in life, its by the Spirit of the Lord. Thank you Jesus for the Holyspirit, we acknowledge your presence and may it never leave us. Like Moses we say "there is nowhere we gonna go God unless your Presence goes with us"🙏


Matthew 15:29 says tjat Jesus went on a mountain and the crowd followed Him there, on a moutain we have to climb, He did it already before us, He felt the tiring that we get ounce we reach the top,He saw that we can do it otherwise if it was difficult He would have told the crowd not to come. Ounce they reached the top the Bible says He felt pity on them and told the apostles to feed the crowd. And then told them to rest, He will surely raise His hand and speak upon our lives each and every individual, He will surely tell us to rest and feed us Himselves. Even though He climbed the mountain, He doesnt look at Himself how much He is tired or bruised. He hides the bruises and care for yours and mine. Who is a God like Him? Who can care so much for us ppl who hurt Him everyday? He never give up on us, He never fall short of His love. God Help us not to murmur and complain about what you hvnt done but be thankful for what you have provided for your mercy is sufficient for all🙏 thank you Jesus, Hallelujah


Let us pray for transformation in our lives. The stage where we dont see with our own eyes but look within ourselves and obey and submitt to the will of God. And we start enjoying the riches only He can provide. You will lack nothing. He is Jehovah Jarah, The Lord my provider, Psalm 23:1 says "I shall not want". Cant we remind Him through prayer not that He forgot but that you need to say it and believe that He is an able God. Thank you Jesus fo your word is life unto us, what would we have become if you didnot love us so much! Oh let us believe in every word you say to us for it only leads to your rightousness🙏


There is nothing God wouldnt do for you, Rest in Him and have patience...God will give you things of value, Quality not Quantity. Today tell Him how much you want Him in your life. Just Praise Him for who He is and He will open the windows of Heaven, pouring out His Blessings on you, Your cup will overflow🙏 Thank you Jesus for loving us so much that even when we go the wrong way, you still call us unto your mercy, you bless us beyond our understanding, Help us to obey your word and do as you say for your death was Life unto us, your wounds to bring healing unto us, Help us to declare in your name and all sicknesses will vanish, the pain in our bodies will go away, the lame will walk and the blind will see in your name🙏Amen


Trusting God in everything we need. God does not go by a time frame, 10 years could be minutes in Him. So we get tired and loose hope,,, Abraham was promised to be the father of nations, yet he had no child of his own. He had to wait for 25 years but He stayed in the promise of God until it came to pass. Now what did God promise you?


Let us pray that God today create in me a clean heart, Renew the right spirit within m'e, make me whole again🙏
There are lots of things that has torn us apart even in disbelieving that God exist! Our God is very much alive and be encouraged cz He cares for us deeply. So all the temptations, worries, heavy burdens give them to God and let Him carry them for us,,,,but first let Go, free that heart let it be like it ounce was! Pure. Clean my heart oh God.....


Our God is a wonderful God. 2chronicles 32, the whole chapter speaks about how to win our fight. Our war is not with the flesh but we got to fight a spiritual war fare. So Men of God prayed and in return the enermy was defeated. God sent His army out to fight for His people. We got to starve the enermy, make him thirst and not be filled. Make him walk around looking for a way in make him hungry and turn back dissapointed. We get trapped easily by the devil especially with things we love, things we cannot disconnect with, our long term union, either relationships, friendships, family or workmates. Some things are toxic enough to tell they are not of God. Ignore that voice today and follow Christ....dont make a dialogue with the devil, just a monologue. "I CAST YOU OUT IN THE NAME OF JESUS! YOU ARE DONE FOR! THIS IS WHERE YOU END".In the name of Jesus we are set free🙏


In order to change the situations around us we need to change ourselves. There is no way to order the situation to change when you don't have authority, the situation might as well laugh!!! But our God is a faithful God, true and just and He would never change, for He is after His word that we may fulfill it as He planned. Glory be to Jesus🙏


God put this in my heart this Sunday morning! That we go to church, serve the Lord, praise Him, Worship Him, for He is God who sees our future not our present. Focus on Him and Him alone, dont look at people that discriminate or focus on their accusation, bad mouthing or gossiping, what price will they get? But yours is greater in God! cheer up the Lord is with us and He is always good🙏


The Grace of God is upon us, His mercy is forever, no one can take away this Gift, it is a free gift, accept it today and thank God for it, Pray that it locate you where you are, and then favour will be upon your life🙏


He is God when there is food on the table, He is still God when there is none. Our situation wont deprive Him off His throne but our faith in Him would give us the right to become His heirs- in the throne🙏


God does answer our Prayers🤲
We pray and when God speaks we don't listen, this is to test our obedience to God and how worthy we are of His blessings. Example: You would be looking for a job, pray about it then God tells us to give the little we have,we hold on to them cz ofcouse the devil will tell us its the only thing we have but God says it's the key to opening more...


Often the road is tough, we need to get up high. Jesus would tell His disciples after they had climbed a mountain that, they should order people to sit down and eat,,,,after climbing a mountain. Now we have to go through tiring to get tired. Go through hunger to get hungry and He cares for us so much that when its time, He would feed us as we rest🙏


But with you my God I stand firm that all things you have promised will come to pass🙏 I believe


It does not matter how many times you fall but how many times you get up, the purpose is for you to reach the top,🙏 never give up


Lord Jesus🙏


Lets pray 🙏
Father in Heaven
I pray and ask for your favour in my life
Right now before this year ends
I pray for financial breakthroughs
I see many people getting their dream jobs, marriages and fixing their family situation in the name of Jesus🙏
Lord what is impossible with us is possible with you and most importantly give us what we need not what we want for you know what is good for us. Heal every disease as you have promised not to send diseases like you did to Egypt, heal us Lord and give us your Spirit that will teach us what to do the way to follow, May only your will be done upon our lives in Jesus name we have prayed Amen🙏


If God is for me then who can be against me🙏


We are creating a new non-Profit Organization that is going to help those in need, through agriculture, Food and clothings, or volunterilly supporting Financially.


The point is pray at every chance you get,and never stop until you see results, never stop thanking for the results and pray for more.


Sometimes we need to let go off our pride, let God deal with your situation and see if He can not reach out His hand🙏

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