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Mokhethi Marketing& Trading

Re u thusa ka ho fa marketing for li products tsa hao,ekaba tsa farming le tse ling tse ngata.


Likhoho tse boemong ba ho behela lia fumaneha.
Li order li butsoe

Khoho ka ngoe ke 113.

Potlaka le wena sehoai qale leruo


Lihoai hake re bue ka lijo tsa liphoofolo tse price ntse li nyoloha.

Ho ea ka Mokhethi Marketing &, Trading re hlokometse h**e lijo li fa beng ba li farm feeds chelete eseng lihoai tdeo li nang le likhoho or liphoofolo.

Ehape ke hlokometse h**e melao haeyo ea tsamiso ea li price tsa lijo lesitho moo for li price


Ekaba P**a e nele joang lihoai?
Ekaba leruo lona le setse joang esita le lijalo?


Lihoai tsa eso ekaba ntse le ea joang?

Ke kopa ho ikokobetsa ka hoba sieo nako e telele ke sa post.

Kea leboha


Ke nako ea lehlabula ena lihoai.
Likhoho ha lisa lahla masiba haholo se re li fepa h**e li behele feela kapo ke etsa phoso.


Seven (7) reasons why your hens are not laying eggs properly:

You might have observed one of the following scinerio in your hens.

- Hen refused to lay after 16 to 25 weeks or more.

- Sudden drop in egg production.

- Laying too small eggs, low quality eggs.

If you have observed such in your hens, here are the 7 possible reasons your chickens are not laying or stop Laying.

1. Low quality Feed:

The importance of quality feed, rich in essential feed ingredients in the right proportion can't be considered.

Poor quality feed will give you poor egg production. In some cases your hens might not lay at all.

Just make sure you get your feed from a reputable feed mill, or better still formulate your own feed.

Chicken feed is where your major expenses goes to, so you don't have to joke with it.

Negligence of quality feed can be very disastrous especially if you are into commercial egg production.

2. Molting Hen don't lay eggs:

Molting is a period of rest and rejuvenation for your hens.

During this period, they will experience a pattern of feather loss along with a cease in egg production.

It can occur at anytime, and it generally last about two months. (especially for local chickens)

So don't panic if your hens don't lay during this period ok.

3. Parasites:

Hen infested with external parasites (mite and lice) or internal parasites (worms) will stop laying.

Mite feed on blood and can cause anemia, while worms will cause a decline in nutrients absorption.

Ensure you follow your medication schedule to deworm regularly, and also use mite powder or spray when mites invade your hens.

Keep away potential parasites carriers like rodents, local Chickens, dogs, etc.

4. Weather Condition:

Extremely hot or cold weather can throw your hens off their laying schedule.

Try to adjust the temperature of your pen and chickens whenever the temperature goes extreme.

During hot whether, increase ventilation, give fresh cool water. You can add some ice cubes, serve t


Ke lihoai tse kae ka palo tseo li nang le record keeping.


Litsuonyana tsa khoho tsa nama lia fumaneha ha u li batla please inbox.


Lihoai ke kopa le hlokomele batho bao ba rekisang meriana online moo, emong a ka u batla o patale ka mpesa kapo ecocash pele a o fa moriana.Please say No.nka thepa o e patalla not e be emong o re o kae kae,ntle leha o ts'epa motho yeo


Na o le Sehoai o kile oa ba le Bothata ba likhoho tse jang tse ling joalo?
If so le mathata a mang a likhoho.
Thupelo ea one on one e tloba teng ho qala ka li 05/08/22 to 08-08-22.
Inbox for ho thusoa.


How to achieve a 100% successful vaccination for your chickens🐥

1. Ensure the birds are in perfect Health condition before administering vaccines

2. Stop /withdraw the administration of drugs 3-5 days before vaccination

3. For large farms; all attendants will need to be present to dispense the drinking cans and retrieve the exhausted cans as soon as possible.

4. Starve birds of water for 1-2 hours, depending on the age of the birds and humidity of the environment. Older birds may be starved longer than the above hours.

5. Sufficient drinking cans should be made available preferably one (1) drinking can to 10-15 birds. This is the most important part of vaccination. Some farmers will allege that the vaccine failed when they start noticing twisted neck (NEWCASTLE) in their farms. This may be due to inability of birds to access drinking cans or birds had gone through stress conditions during vaccination.

6. Make sure all is set before removing the vaccine bottle from the ice/cooler/fridge to reduce exposure time.

7. Try to use the vaccines as soon as possible, the vaccines are reconstituted, delay may lead to decrease in the titre. Time sequence of vaccination should be accurate.

8. Watch out for birds that are reluctant to drink from the water cans, hold them gently and dip their beak into the water can to taste of the vaccine.

9. Wash /rinse water cans before reusing.

10. Throw away the used vaccination bottle far away from the farm (burn or buried).

11. Immediately after vaccination, administer plain water (without drugs).

12. Subsequently, administer vitamins to ease stress.



Buy your vaccine from reliable and reputable Vet Shop which has refrigeration facilities. Live Vaccines are normally stored at a temperature of +2C to +8C. They should neither be frozen in a freezer nor stored above +8C. When transporting, the same temperature should be maintained. Transportation in a flask with ice


tsebo o le sehoai/Ra-Khoebo

Na ke ntho e ntle h**e ebe o sebelisa chelete ea business ea hao mabakeng a hao?
Leka ka matla h**e at least chelete ea khoebo ea hao e phethe mosebetsi oa khoebo esita le ho e holisa feela.
Comment for discussion ea taba ee lihoai?


Infectious Coryza


It is a usually acute, sometimes chronic, highly infectious disease of chickens, occasionally pheasants and guinea-fowl, characterised by catarrhal inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, especially nasal and sinus mucosae.

Causes and Transmission:

Chronically ill or healthy carrier birds are the reservoir of infection. Chickens of all ages are susceptible, but susceptibility increases with age. The incubation period is 1–3 days, and the disease duration is usually 2–3 wk. Under field conditions, the duration may be longer in the presence of concurrent diseases.

Infected flocks are a constant threat to uninfected flocks. Transmission is by direct contact, airborne droplets, and contamination of drinking water. Management has essentially eradicated infectious coryza from many commercial poultry establishments. Commercial farms that have multiple-age flocks tend to perpetuate the disease. Egg transmission does not occur

Signs and sypmtoms:

In acute cases, lesions may be limited to the infraorbital sinuses. There is a copious, tenacious, grayish, semifluid exudate. As the disease becomes chronic or other pathogens become involved, the sinus exudate may become consolidated and turn yellowish. Other lesions may include conjunctivitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, and airsacculitis, particularly if other pathogens are involved


Sulphonamides, tylosin, erythromycin. Flouroquinolones should be used as directed by the manufacturer.


Prevention is the most effective method of control. Farms with good vaccination and isolation methods are the best way to avoid infectious coryza. Infected birds should be separated and treated.

Erythromycin and oxytetracycline are usually beneficial. sulfonamides, sulfonamide-trimethoprim, and other combinations have been successful.

Keep following the page


Khotsong lihoai!

U batla re bue ka eng li post hosane and other days?


Morning Lihoai!

Na ne le tseba h**e nakong e ho batang o ka fa likhoho tsa hao garlic ele powder oa e ts'ela ka metsing ao li tlo a noa,e tlo thusa likhoho ho futhumala?
Maikutlo a hao ke a fe tabeng ee?


Chelete ea khoebo ea hao,ha se ea hao kea khoebo.A ko e tlo helle e holise khoebo ea hao,leha ho le thata ka nako tse ling empa leka u tla kotula litholoana tse munate.

Kea le kopa


Good morning Lihoai

Ke kopa ho reka likhoho tsa nama tse nang le two weeks!!!
Please inbox or comment ka moo nka li tholang kea leboha


Dear Lihoai

Below ke litaba for lona lihoai tsa broiler chicken.
Broiler Vaccination Program
Day 1 - 3 Stresspack.
Day 10 Newcastle.
Day 14 Gumburo.
Day 22 Newcastle.
Cough and Snoring sound - Aloe.
Loss of Appetite - Clove of Garlic.
For detailed information get our broiler book from us by just inboxing the admin.


Training ea likhoho tsa mahe le nama e teng online ka li 25 July 2022.which is Today.
Deadline ea ngoliso ke 14:00 today kea leboha
Ngoliso ke R50
Inbox for linthla tse ling


Dear lihoai
Lets please read this for our knowledge of Poultry Farming

Four poultry rules for your farm:

Do you have passion for poultry and really wish to stay long in the business? Then, obey these rules!

A.Rule (1)
.."Only order for birds you can conveniently take care of".
This is the most important rule of all.

Instead of stocking 500 birds and then struggle to feed them or give them medication, buy 200 ,feed and give them good medication.

Trust me, you'll make more profit than keeping 500 and struggling to feed and give the medication. If this happens, you'll battle with stunted growth, recurrent morbidity or disease outbreaks and high mortality.

B.Rule (2)
.."Never borrow money to start poultry business unless you are an expert".

Of course, there is no expert in poultry business. In fact, we learn everyday. Every stock you take in will always teach you something different. However, Haven learnt from all the different characteristics displayed by each stock, you get to know more and won't be excited when challenges come. You'll know how to handle them without much damage.

C.Rule (3)
.."Be vigilant".
The little things you don't take as anything matters.

If you want to succeed in poultry, you must take it as a real business. Do you know what a business man does every morning when he gets to his store? He pray, then open the store and go round to check if everything is in its place. He take stocks of what he met there and relate with his records yesterday before closing the store.

Don't just open your Pen and start rushing to give your birds feed and water and rush out again. Check around. Watch how they behave when you came in. Check what fell and what is no longer in its place.

D.Rule (4)
.."Never ignore warning signals".

Yes, I call them warning signals.

1.Bad smell
2.Withdrawal from feed
4.Withdrawal from water

Photos from Mokhethi Marketing& Trading's post 24/07/2022

Ke rata h**e Basotho bohle ba ke ntseng letsoho ho thusa Ausi oa rona.Molimo a ba hlonolofatse ka ho sa feleng.

Lesotho we want Lihoai


Dear Lihoai tsa likhoho

Tse ling tsa tsela yeo reka bonang h**e likhoho tsa rona li na le mathata ke ka ho sheba"Poop/droppings"tsa tsona.

Pic ena ke sign ea khoho e nang le stress.

Happy Sunday lihoai!!

Photos from Mokhethi Marketing& Trading's post 23/07/2022

Ke rata lihoai tsa tamati le ke le latele ZZ2(which is ba bang ba lihoai tse producer tamati haholo)Tamati ba re bonts'a h**e ha se ka greenhouse feela e kabang ntle empa ele ka tsebo for example:

1)Na peo ya hao e disease and pest resistance kapo entse tlo hloka o shebana le other pests.
2) Yield ya yona e joang.

3)E thabela sebaka se fe including mobu and weather.

follow the page for more knowledge about agriculture in general.


Tse ling ts li ntho tseo Lihoai li ka li hlahisang ka boleng bo holimo ke litapole.

Haeba mmaraka oa litapole
o la koaloa h**e ho rekisoe litapole tsa Basotho,seo se bolela basotho ha re ka lema haholo reka thola market.

Ha re yeng Masimong lihoai.


Lihoai tsa heso ke rata ho qala pele ke le botse na lona ba likhoho tsa mahe pele,na likhoho tse 1000,nka li fepa lijo tse kae ka letsatsi?Mabaka ke afe le h**e na nako ntle ke efe ea ho li fepa.

Kea Leboha


Mosebetsi oa motho tla mo latela.
Ela hloko lintho tsena haeba o batla litholoana tse munate:

-ikopanye le batho ba nang le lilemo ba etsa bohoai boo u bo etsang e le ho nka tsebo,leho tseba mathata ao ba kopaneng le ona le solution tsa bona.

-Ho ea thupelong ha se chetele e senyehileng,ho ba seo u lo se thola moo ke tsebo e lo ntlafatsa e sentse e le teng.(N.B hlokomela li scam moo li media leska jooa.

-Ithute ho ngola record letsatsi le letsatsi,e tla o thusa haholo le eona.


Dear farmers

Lets focus more on things that gives value in the long run and we will remain unshakable.

Please like the page for more information about Farming and Marketing

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