Join us in celebrating Moshoeshoe's Day with some of the best acts in Lesotho as we raise a glass of authentic Lesotho beer!

Do not miss out! Buy a ticket here: #/

Skaftin Kommanda Obbs Nkobonyana LS DJ BOOTZ -MR Tjotjo Sqo LinFord Vodka Basutoland Ink Mohope Premium CRAFT BEER Senate Premium Gin
The Ba One Pop Up even is a one-of-a-kind musical and culinary experience in the heart of Johannesburg that you won't find anywhere else.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Buy your ticket today: #/

Kommanda Obbs Nkobonyana LS DJ BOOTZ -MR Tjotjo Skaftin Maluti Premium Lager LinFord Vodka Mohope Premium CRAFT BEER Basutoland Ink Senate Premium Gin Bonono Merchants Sqo
We're bringing Lesotho to you! Experience the Basotho brand of hospitality, music and cuisine right in the heart of Joburg.

The pop-up hosts an incredible lineup with loads of food, drink and entertainment featuring Lesotho biggest performing artists, including DJ BOOTZ -MR Tjotjo, Skaftin, Nkobonyana LS and more.

Don't miss out! Buy your tickets online today:

Maluti Premium Lager LinFord Vodka Mohope Premium CRAFT BEER Basutoland Ink Senate Premium Gin Bonono Merchants Sqo
Doops Art and Design Skaftin L-Tore Torey Tana Taks Beats Mj Elphy Neo Patsa

We got 1, next Wednesday
Maar ba be ba re tshetse ka eng??? 😭😭😭😭😭
Did Jeremiah just say that 🤣

Skaftin came by The Hub with the laughs a while ago, and reminded us to not be Covidiots!

Big thanks to Skaftin, Sehlabaka, Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, Glasswaters Foundation and Two For Designs for their support of this project!
We've postponed this event to 06/11/21💚💛
We've moved the show to 6th November 2021
From Maluti Mountain Brewery to His Majesty King Letsie III, happy birthday.

Visuals by:

Nkopane Mojakisane
Mosotho oa Lesotho
Institute of Content Engineering
Maluti Mountain Brewery



Comedian | MC | Ambassador | Influencer | Digital Creator


This week episode is powered by Spring Jump Off

Festive e qala hosane😎

Photos from Skaftin's post 23/08/2023

The annual is happening again this Saturday, 26th. Be sure not to miss out on our locally brewed talent, from comics, musical and dance performances.

Frame 3: How you can buy your tickets

Frame 4: Participating Outlets

Photos from Skaftin's post 18/08/2023

Labohlano ha lea tlameha ho fihla re blank-ile makhooa, hoseng joalo, re tla iphumana re omelelitse melomo, re shebelletse methaka e meng ha e ntse e inyakalatsa.

Se salle morao. Ka sehlaisoa sena sa morao-rao sa MulaSport Aviator se bitsoang "Aviator," u se u ka khona ho iketsetsa bonyane, kapa bona bongata, u ituletse lapeng kapa mosebetsing, ka fonofono ea hao.


Manala le bia

First Episode of Skaftin & UnclePartyPaulo drinking beer in strange places

For our first episode we decided visit Tsepy's Nail and Foot Haven and maaan we had so much fun


We have another date in a couple of hours, and it's with a very interesting individual. One who reminds that it's totally okay to sing your problems away😂😂😂

Anyway, join me and Uncle Party Paulo today at Cuban Linx as we break bread about everything about ourselves, what we do, the environment that we work in, how we have managed to evolve in a somewhat stagnant industry.

I'm definitely looking forward to this one. Show starts at 7PM

Photos from Skaftin's post 08/08/2023

Pictures speak a thousand words, but real experience slaps even better. This is why you shouldnt miss any episode of Cuban Linx comedy Thursdays


How "mohlang re kopanang mona ke nna le oena" looks like🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️


Ha ke utloe na re sa emetseng

Photos from Skaftin's post 25/07/2023

Have you ever wondered what goes on in an artist's head as they create their pieces, be it a short film, a sculpture, a song, a photograph, or maybe a painting? I believe their motives and creative processes differ depending on a number of factors. I also believe that the only way to find out about this, is to

On this week's Cuban Linx Comedy Thursday, we are joined by Tsepo Mofana to come tell us about himself, his work, Lesotho's creative spacr in general, and his latest achievements.

Tsepo is a young, dynamically self-expressive and brilliant Abstract visual artist from Lesotho. His illustration Collection brings to life the concept of Botho (African Humanism) and also highlights the modernization of Basotho and African societies in general.

Show starts at 7PM

Photos from Skaftin's post 20/07/2023

We have another comedy show in our CBD area later today. We are highly recommended by doctors🩺👨🏾‍⚕️, after all rona the only thing we crack are jokes and your ribs of course, leaving you exploding with laughter.

Remember, this is an open mic invitation to anyone who wants to distress, engage and enjoy a good laugh. If are one of those people or you happen to know one/some. Don't hesitate. Invite them as well.

Join us every Thursday, 7PM at Cuban Linx


Happy long weekend Basotho🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸 even though it might be another chilly one🌨️🥶

You might feel like slipping into the DMs, please fight that temptation😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂


Sesotho se re,"Liketso tsa hao, li tla u latela!"


I'm putting word out, so le tle le ske la re,"How come we don't know!?"

This is an open MIC invitation to anyone who wants to distress, share a good story, and make everyone laugh. We all know that things aren't how we thought they would be. Well, at least for most of us.

Ka mora Covid-19 esale re makala. After that we convinced ourselves that we are going to make informed decisions individually, and collectively as a nation. We are trying but things aren't going as probably expected thet would🤷🏿‍♂️

So let's get together at Cuban Linx every Thursday and have conversations about all of it. I'm looking forward to sharing my stories, for the love of a a good laugh.

See you on Thursday

Photos from The Hub's post 06/07/2023

Today was a beautiful day

Photos from Skaftin's post 27/06/2023

Would you like to see the mountain kingdom🇱🇸 through my eye? 📷🎥 all the beautiful landscapes, places rich with history and locations you can visit to either heal, feel nature around you or rediscover yourself?

Then follow me and my mates as we showcase some of the places Lesotho has to offer through our creative lenses

Alliance Insurance Company



This is the 1st post of a couple to follow which will be adding up to a series of posts where I will be talking about my experience with school, hoba he se ntlhotlile boikhomoso😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣. Remember, this is my story, you may relate, not understand, pity or maybe find it hard to believe some of the things in it.

First of all, I need each and everyone of you to understand how important education is to each and everyone of us. Secondly, I understand the challenges that come with the quality of Education we get in Lesotho, Southern Africa or Africa as a whole due to lack of learning materials, student teacher ratio, lack of motivation just to mention a few.

I HATED school from STD 1/GRADE 1. Everything about it didn't make sense. My mother, who was the only parent, raising me and my older brother wasn't equipped enough to find a way around my hatred towards it. I spent half of my 1st year at school ke khutla tseleng. And each time abuti oa ka a ba kula, ne ke lula hae le nna ke re ha ke tsebe tsela e eang sekolong.

Our STD 1 teacher was an old lady who did everything within her efforts and capacity to teach more than 50 of us all at the. This meany that no matter what efforts she tried, it was close to impossible to reach all of us, recognise our different learning abilities, and even attend to our learning needs.

They made me repeat STD 1 two times, hoba ba re ke monyane. Selemo sa boraro my mother decided to take us to a different school. There weren't too many of us at this new school. The only challenge was that they didn't have enough classes, if any at all. STD 2, 4 & 5 ne li kenela ka kerekeng. Distractions everywhere. Kaba ka hopola crush ea ka ea le STD 5. She was a class behind mine, literally🤣🤣🤣🤣. As little as I was, ne nka qeta letsatsi kaofela fantasising about taking her own ke lo mo rekela mazimba le li fruits🤦🏿‍♂️

Anyway, I just realized that l left out an important part here. Ha ke tloha from my former school, my mom suggested that ba nkise bale STANDARD 3. Teachers of my new school agreed, having realized that I already knew a lot. This was of course was due to the amount of magazines and books I read ka lapeng. My house always had a new issue of BONA magazine, YOU, DRUM, PEOPLE and TRUELOVE. Hey Sis Dolly....

Still, I couldn't function in class. I found it haed to adapt to the new environment, which left me feelingoverwhelmed. So I decided not to communicate in class. I did not do any radio lesson exercises. And this pi**ed our teacher so much, she instructed that I should go back t9 STD 2. So we are back to to STD 2...

To be continued....


I made a new friend. His name is Leo


We are in Leribe today

Only 2 minutes remaining. We’ve 4 teams, representing 4 high schools, all trying to respond to as many questions as possible. If you are wondering what is happening here, visit Enigma Academy for more updates


I am this old

1100 was my 1st phone. How about you?

Photos from Skaftin's post 28/05/2023

“Weaving has formed an integral part of African culture for thousands of years. From baskets and bags to fishing nets and furniture, the art of weaving has transformed communities, and these coveted skills are passed down from generation to generation” Morija Arts Centre

The Weaving Club at Morija Art Centre held an exhibition today, and we were excited to see some of the beautiful pieces made by four of their apprentices. 1st frame is an installation by Natan Makhalenyane, called “Weaving Shrines.”

The exhibition is closing on the 4th of June. Do pass by if you are into crafts. Love🪡🧵


La ra re re ba bone ka stopong. It’s been a while😌

Photos from Skaftin's post 22/05/2023

“Create spaces you would like to go to”

On Saturday 13th this month, Artisan celebrated their 1 year Anniversary. Thank you guys for having us over for the celebration. I’m aware that it always rains whenever you guys host your events, but what always surprises me is that people always pull up. To more beautiful memories☕️🎂🍕


I went out to have a chat with Health Professionals about how work has been for them since the pandemic started. What challenges they've been facing along the way, and what they think caused them and this is what some of them had to say


Long weekend full of nothing but vibes. Ne re tsoile to a few places this last weekend, one of those being , we danced, laughed but most importantly, had conversations with the people, just to get to know who they are and what is it that they do. Here is what a few had to say


Art work by Nkoanyane Pitso


Morena Leraba in Maseru - ensemble in Lesotho for a few days and we're thrilled to announce we'll perform at CAFE What? in Maseru (Industrial Area) on Sunday : 09-04 - 8:30 pm - Admission : M100 (DOOR). S/O to Stella Artois for supporting us and this comes before our 2023 Europe gigs and we're humbled...


We shot this episode a week before I left for pop up in Johannesburg, last month. I posted two episodes that I shot after ena ea majita aka kasi. Ne se bile ke ba dodg-a hoba since since ke re episode ea bona ea drop-a, maar ba sa e bone. Hade jitas. But it's finally here. Do enjoy, tag a friend. But most importantly do share to your friends

happy Holidays


Weekend wrap-up; We attended a festival out of town this past weekend. Re ne rele 'Melese Lodge, Thaba-Bosiu. Bumped into old friends, made new ones, enjoyed the food, and free WIFi of course. We tried to ask simple questions this time around, since people came out to have fun, not for exams🤣🤣🤣🤣

Watch the video below, and here what they had to say

Photos from Skaftin's post 31/03/2023

APICA 2023

Photos from Skaftin's post 30/03/2023

Ke Skaftin ha nnngoe☝🏿
Ha beli ka mora stulo sena✌🏿

Hosane ke skebe ka utloa motho ea ntsa re o kalima pompo ea matrass😐


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