HEALp Pty Ltd

HEALp is an e-commerce company, incorporated in December 2020. Taking the model


Good Morning Our Favorite Human BeingsπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Have You Realized How Fast Time is Moving And How Rapidly Technology Is Changing? Talk about Data Technology Era... Times Where We Have Everything On Our Finger Tips. Times Where There Aren't Excuses As To Why You Don't Know About Or How To Do Something.

Healp Is Staying Abreast To Technology As It Looks To Provide Solutions To Your Existing Problems.

Have Got A Friend For Life!!!

Buy With Us!!! Save Your Time And Money

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Want to know an amazing secret?

We have discovered that you don't need to be an Einstein to make a difference in someone's life, because it's the smallest things in life that make the greatest difference.

Would you in a million years think that a thing as simple as "shopping from home" can save your life, or even help you save a friend's life, literally?

Well, turns out it can. Many lives have been lost by the roadside, many more have been lost on the road, by accident. Mistakes that have claimed, and continue to claim countless lives day by day.

We're proud to know that what we do can save a life which would otherwise be lost to a silly, uncalled for mistake.

We invite you to participate in this exciting act of contribution to society. Save a friend's life, one life at a time, no one ever has to lose their lives just trying to go shopping ever again.


Jeb Blount thinks business, at the core, is simply one person trying to solve another person's problem.

And at HEALp, we think Jeb Blount is right. This is our commitment.


We still got you.


People are taking advantage of the most affordable and secure way of shopping. From Maseru to other districts.

Do you have something from Maseru you want to buy or transport? Don't hesitate to call us.

I promise you: The only problem you'll have is why we weren't there the last time you had to go through all the trouble of buying from Maseru.


If you have something you'd like to buy from Maseru, then talk to us.

You don't have to travel unnecessarily anymore.


Back in the 80's, in our country, you had to travel from Leribe to Quthing to have a conversation with your loved ones at home, but today, in just a few clicks you can have a whole conversation with them, and check on them every hour of the day.

Can you imagine a person travelling from Leribe to Quthing today just to ask their child how they did in the exams? Of course that would not make sense, but in the last we had to.

This happened, and we sure deserve it. We deserve ease, comfort, and some luxury in our lives.

In the same sense, in the coming years, it won't make sense to go to the shop in order to buy from the shop, it'll all be done without moving an inch.

And that time's starting now, because we deserve it too.


There are two types of people in this world:

Those who go to the shop to buy, and
Those who do all their shopping from home.

The time is now to choose.


For those who value their time, and their money.

Buy stuff from Maseru and get it delivered to Maputsoe for just M60.

This is how you make your money work as hard as you do.



You can now buy from Maseru and Maputsoe, and get everything delivered to you.


Take advantage of this great opportunity:

_ Say Goodbye to Bathing even when you don't want to, or when it's freezing Cold.😬

_ Say goodbye to worrying about what clothes to wear to town.πŸ•Ί

Buy from Home. Buy with HEALp.



Are you adventurous enough to try a new way of shopping?

Want to know how it feels to do your shopping from home? Experience remote shopping with HEALp.


Doing all your shopping from home.

It's not nice, it's not comfortable, it's MAGICAL!

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When we started in February, we thought we were bringing online shopping to the country, but we had to see our dreams crash because almost all the big stores in our country have their headquarters in South Africa, and we could not get the shops to the website.

That was a major setback, and we had to regroup to restructure our way forward. The result came out to be what we call Remote Shopping, which we started on last Monday, May the 10th, and once again I have to mention, we have received a humbling support from our community.

What is remote shopping, you ask, and what is the difference between online and remote shopping?

Well, I'm glad you asked. Online shopping allows us to see the product details online, and HEALp's major tasks here are coordinating deliveries, and ensuring good, respectful customer service.

Remote shopping, on the other hand, is sending HEALp to the shops for you. This requires physical manpower, to go to town and buy everything on the orders we receive. We are your friend, and you can send us anywhere on this one. This is how we work currently, and we are excited because it has allowed us to employ a few people to work in unison with.

So, the major difference is with remote shopping we can buy anything you want even if it's not from a registered shop, we can buy you tomatoes or potatoes from the shacks in town, anything at all, while online shopping would be limited to the shops that agreed to register with our website.

Now, what do these differences mean to you as the customer?

While our strategy may have changed, the benefits to the customer remain the same. People are still buying from the comfort of their homes, and people say it's amazing, even hard to believe until you see it happen to yourself.

FUNNY STORY: One of our customers this week told us she felt like a Queen seeing the delivery car waiting for her at the stop.

This is the MAGIC of shopping from home.


Photos from HEALp Pty Ltd's post 16/05/2021

Today marks the end of our first week operating, we'd like to extend our hearty gratitude to all the people who supported us, and joined us in many ways on this journey:

_If you've liked our page and have been checking the announcements, WE THANK YOU.

_If you're one of the people who shared our posts so their friends could know about the new way of shopping in the country, WE THANK YOU,

_And if you're one of the people who used our service, and enjoyed the great results of shopping from home, HEALp THANKS YOU.

You're all individually a huge part of HEALp, and of the national future we're hoping to one day see.



Avoid MISSING OUT on your favourite TV shows, and weekend REST,

DON'T WASTE time and energy going to town: Contact HEALp, and buy without leaving your bed, or couch.


There are two types of people in this world:

Those who live in the past because they never let go of it: these people are usually depressed and stressful, and those who flow like water with the times because they understand that improvement is essential to long-term human survival.

In HEALp, You've Got A Friend, FOR LIFE.


We're still taking your orders in Maputsoe and Maseru.

Most people are asking about payments, so here they are:

- Total Cost of your goods.
- M7 HEALp charge
- One Way 4+1 Transport, (Local is M8)

If you pay M8 to go to your home stop, then you'll pay M15 on top of your grocery cost.

We hope this helps.


I'm not sure if it's for you, but most people agree they need a break from long queues and all the troubles of going to the shop.

We help you do all your shopping without leaving your home.

If you think you can benefit from our service, we're here for you from 8AM to 6PM.


Tloho re u thuse ho keteka bochaba ba hau hamonate.


Se fetoe ke monate oa ho phomola letsatsing lena le leholo sechabeng sa Basotho.

Lula hae, oka 'mele oa hau matetetso a mosebetsi, se sotle 'mele hape ka ho ea senya matla LiSHOPONG.

Reka u ntse u thoba maoto lapeng, re u tlisetse lithepa tsa hau ho uena.

Etsa WhatsApp kapa Please Call ho:
+266 58702420


"Today I tell my story in the future tense, as a distant dream, but tomorrow, I'll tell the same story in the past tense, as an unforgettable memory."

Don't worry about the hurdles which are inherent parts of the journey, 'every little thing' gonna be alright.'


"Don't worry about a thing
'Cause every little thing gonna be all right"

Want to buy anything from the shops in Maputsoe? We still got you.

Timeline photos 05/03/2021

Na u sebetsa bonyane matsatsi a mahlano bekeng?

Ebang ho joalo, u tseba bohloko ba ho sebeletsa chelete ka thata, ebe le ka weekend u sebetsa hape ha u hloka ho reka.

Ho ka ba joang ha u ka atleha ho REKA le ho PHOMOLA ka nako e le 'ngoe?

Sena ke mosebetsi oa HEALp, re teng ho u imolla. Nako ea ho itima phomolo le monate oa weekend e felile.

Timeline photos 04/03/2021

Bophelo bo matsoelintsoeke, empa re na le khonahalo ea ho etsa khetho ea ho apara pososelo kamehla.

Bebofatsa bophelo ba hau, qoba mela e melelele u reke joaloka bo-'Mampoli.


The Future is Calling Loud.

Timeline photos 26/02/2021


HEALp e khethile ho etsa lintho ka tsela e fapaneng! Re na le mabenkele a mabeli a seng a kene ho HEALp.net a Maputsoe, le a 'maloa a ntseng a le mothating oa ho kena.

Leha ho le joalo, ka weekend ena, re u Ela lishopong tsohle tse teng Maputsoe, ho kenyeletsa le tse so kabang li ngolisa le HEALp.

Re Rome hohle moo u hlokang, re u rekele re be re u tlisetse lithepa tsa hau ho uena.

U patala feela M7.00 kaholimo ho grocery EA hau ha u reka Fly Enterprise le Family Supermarket.

U patala M15.00 ha u reka mabenkeleng a mang kahare ho Maputsoe.

Natefeloa ke ho Lula hae, u phomole. Natefeloa ke nako EA hau le ba lelapa la hau mafelong ana a beke.

Roma motsoalle oa hau, roma HEALp, re u natefisetse bophelo ba hau, hobane seo ke oona mosebetsi oa metsoalle.

Timeline photos 25/02/2021

What do you believe in?

You've got to believe in something, because what you believe is who you are, and what your life is.

At HEALp, we believe that everyone has the potential at any moment to change the world for the better. We believe in change, change that moves the world closer to paradise, change that moves mountains, and makes the world a better place.

This is why HEALp has deteemined to change the way we shop, to move it online so that customers can buy from anywhere they are without having to go to stores and deal with angry cashiers and security guards, long queues, long distance walking, wasting time in traffic, and all the horrors of physical shopping. The best part of it all, is HEALp does all this for free, to the customer and to the stores alike.

HEALp is the first of it's kind, the one business that cares nothing about making money but only seeks to bring about change in all ways possible with the resources at hand.

It was made for you, to be your friend for life. When the storms hit and you can't leave your door, HEALp will be there. When you are tired and you cannot take another step, HEALp will be there to do the walk for you. And when you cannot make it on your own to the stores in time, when you have other engagements to see through, HEALp will run the mile for you, and always bring your needs and wants to you.

You'll see as time goes, that in HEALp, you'll find one of the best friends you'll ever have in your lifetime.

Timeline photos 25/02/2021

Is time-travelling truly impossible?

Let us challenge the impossibility.

How amazing would it feel to be on a ShopRite, Pick 'n Pay, or any great business store's wall, even over a 100 years after you're dead?

History exists because human life ends, and yet, our names do not have to. Imagine living some 50+ years and then being forgotten right after you die, nobody talks about you, nobody remembers you, as if you were never even born. That's painful. It is because of running from this that cavemen used to go out, use Lion tactics to hunt, and then when they get home, use the animal blood to draw themselves on the cave walls.

There are other great men in history who existed thousands of years ago whose names we still know to this day, and there are others today working hard to have their names worthy of remembering by the future generations. These cavemen, the great people of the past, and the modern people chasing greatness did and do all these to send one very important message to the future: I WAS HERE!

We have been asking ourselves how we can help the people who live today to experience this form of time travel, have their lives matter, and their names engraved in the walls of history. After much deliberation, we came to a conclusion, and boy am I excited to announce this great news to you all!

HEALp has determined to honour the people who start this great journey with us. We are putting together a list of our first 77 customers in every district, starting in Leribe, soon to be in Maseru, Berea, Butha-Buthe, and Mohale's Hoek.

This list will stand the test of time, and even a hundred years from now, in selected HEALp stores, on the walls will be the names, pictures and short messages of the people who were there at the beginning of the journey with us.

Hurry now to be part of great history. Let us help you send a message to your children's grandchildren, and their grandchildren after that.

Buy with HEALp now, and forever become part of HEALp's WALL OF PIONEERS.

Become part of the first mission ever to travel in time.

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The Future is Calling Loud.




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