Change For Girls-Lesotho

We turn periods into pathways by providing women & girls with sanitary pads and health education. W


Good day remarkable women of Lesotho 🌺

Feel free to open up to us , about anything and everything. We are here to listen to you .

For Requests ,such as Pads , clothes etc .. INBOX US . As soon as we have something to give back to our Strong girls , You will be our first priority .🥀

We need Change!!


Revolutionary Greetings followers

We hope you all well , we have been mute due to unforeseen circumstances.

Just a brief about this group
Objectives :
* Empower female youth in Lesotho
* Help with sanitary pads
*Educational advises
* Applications for bursaries/schoolarships
* Rescue them from abuses , Domestic violencs etc

To just mention few . Please SHARE and LIKE this Page .

If you willing to donates Direct Massage Us , be Pads , Food vouchers , old clothes or help with ideas on how we can reach other to disadvantage girls in Lesotho .

We need Change!


Charity begins at home🇱🇸🌹


Surviving in life as a young Mosotho woman is like heating a rock. A woman has so many challenges and problems to face everyday. Our environment is poor, politics are poor, economic developments are so poor, we only survive by His grace ♥️.

Our society talks about women empowerment only on papers but in actual sense it's not.

I am Juliet Mothebe, an Economics and Business Administration graduate from The National University of Lesotho. Founder and Director of a newly formed charity NGO: -Lesotho#, that aims at empowering young women and girls, providing sanitary pads and ensuring that they have access to education, health and success. I want to be different and beat the odd. I want to be like all in those forums saying things are fine with them. Help with ideas on how you can build a strong Mosotho lady who wishes to support other disavantaged women to better their lives. Crying out loud to Basotho for advises.

Please support and like the page: -Lesotho#



'Mate HaSelebalo

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