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Hi, can you design a 5 day package for 8 ppl, starting 10 March 2021, 1st night-Tsehlanyane, 2nd night Katse, 3night Thabatseka 4th night Mohale, then drive back to Msu via Kome can you provide transport with driver, accommodation should preferably be self- catering, my contacts 58765858
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We do Camping and other adventurous tours Meraka Camping did have choose some areas that can be used as picnic site, camping site and wedding gardens.

We organise adventurous tours on the mountain kingdom to explore the beauty of Lesotho caves, rivers, mountains, dam and the highlands flowers. Moreover Meraka have different hiking trails and is also some different water sports that we arrange on and outside the country. We love being natural breathing the clean fresh air in the mountains.

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Google 'Entry Ninja' and open website, choose 'Road Running', search 'Malibamat’so Marathon', click 'View Event' and then click 'Enter for Malibamat'so Marathon'


Simply open below link:

Photos from Malibamat'so Marathon's post 03/05/2022

Run along the Katse dam and cross it two times at the Dam wall and at the longest Mphorosane bridge

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Never miss this marathon#2023Malibamats'o 42km


The date is set for the big marathon

High altitude Malibamat'so Marathon 2023 loading (March 4th). From Katse Dam village to Ha Lejone (42km, 21km & 10km). More information to follow on ENTRY NINJA.


It is that time of their year where Lesotho will have a lot of snow, visit the famous afriskii resort. It is also a good opportunity for the trout 🎣 fishing.


Enjoy our Holidays, while traveling make sure you are equiped with things that can warm you up as we experience cold weathers nowadays,enjoy!!!


April 8th - 10th. Sports and Entertainment weekend


Paramedics offering support along the route of Malibamat’so 15K Run (SUN, 10/04/'22)


Second overflow after a long time

Photos from Safricaoverland's post 06/02/2022

Photos from Safricaoverland's post

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There a lot of activities you can do in all 4 season in a year Lesotho and they are the following
Fly fishing
4x4 and bikers routes
High altitude camping
Horse riding trails
Hiking trails
Just select your route and we will make it happen for instance image fishing from your own camp tent.

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Visit Lesotho for the wild camping


Katse dam can give an eye catching view when it overflows,

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Every moment in our lives need be be celebrated, once in a while, just getaway from homy and have that happy and fun moments with others🛥️🛥️🛥️


End this year with mind blowing Afriskii Recreational Tour with Meraka Camping and Tours, call us for more information


Sometimes we just need a gateway to regain strength, to purify our mind from toxic work environment, from house chores and etc, so it just take a second to make decision to take a tour to freshen up, so make time while you still have chance🚙🚙✈️✈️✈️


Meraka Camping and Tours wishes Basotho a happy 55th Independence day. A milestone from 1966 to 2021. 4 October marks a big day for Lesotho and Basotho as a national day for celebrating our country Independence. Let's all honor and celebrate our Independence happily


Summer is here, we are celebrate, we are touring, we are hiking, we do so many things for pleasure and entertainment, with Meraka Camping and Tours everything happens with easy , we make things happen


It is quite cold with light snow today,,take care of yourselves. For those who will travel to Katse dam site, please avoid avoid night trip as there might be Ice at Mafika Lisiu pass after 06:00pm due to cold and light snow that has fallen, stay blessed,stay save, Meraka Camping and Tours cares about you

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It is at 3090 above sea level Mafika-Lisiu pass just have a look at the majestic beauty


Another year of grace to the King of the Mountain Kingdom, Meraka Camping and Tours wishes his Majesty King Letsie the lll happiest and fruitful 58th birthday


💃💃💃💃💃 getaway with us and go and explore the beauty of Drankensberg mountains,Sani top ⛰️⛰️⛰️


Meraka Camping and Tours wishes her Majesty Queen Masenate a happy birthday birthday, have many more Mabasotho


For those who will take journeys to Katse dam via Mafika- Lisiu pass be informed that there is snow and please avoid night journeys,stay save


Happy workers day,may you enjoy your holiday and make something fruitful out of this day,lot of 💕💕💕 from MerMeraka Camping and ToursmMeraka Camping and ToursdMeraka Camping and ToursuMeraka Camping and Tours

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Do you know that sometimes our sickness don't need medication but need us to just take a travel and explore the world,travel with us


Sometimes once a year you have to take a holiday with your loved ones and create good memories together

First snow for 2021 may fall on the Lesotho Drakensberg peaks from tonight 24/03/2021

First snow for 2021 may fall on the Lesotho Drakensberg peaks from tonight

It's time to get ready for the winter tours, snow is calling

First snow for 2021 may fall on the Lesotho Drakensberg peaks from tonight See the full forecast for details

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En-route to Katse dam there is a famous Mafika-Lisiu pass 3090M above sea level, see the video below.#merakacampingandto...




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