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🚩 Today's games:

⭐ D. Zagreb - Chelsea (18:45)
⭐ Dortmund - Copenhagen (18:45)
⭐ Sevilla - Man City (21:00)
⭐ PSG - Juventus (21:00)
⭐ Celtic - Real Madrid (21:00)
⭐ Salzburg - Milan (21:00)
⭐ Benfica - Maccabi (21:00)
⭐ Leipzig - Shakhtar (21:00)

🕒 Time: CET / WAT (-1) / EAT (+1)


UEFA is back ❤🏆


Goals! Goals! Goals!
Brace: ke ha motho ale mong a korile 2 goals in a match.

Hat trick : 3 goals in a single match by ome player.

Haul: 4 goals by one player in a single match.

Glut: 5 goals by one player in a single game.

Double hat trick : 6 goals by one player in single game.

Haul hat trick : 7 goals in a single game by one player.


I hate rain but when it comes to watching soccer ⚽ I don't care even if it snows. ❤


Happy birthday Linda Figo Mntambo ❤🎉💐...

#32 Pirates player.


"Football is a game of mistakes, whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins." Johan Cruyff🔥❤
Mid field
Middlefielders play most of the game in the middle third of the soccer field. They help to support both in defense and attack, a Middlefielder needs to have good ball control, and tackling skills to win the ball back for their team. Because they cover a lot of the ground on the field, fitness is a key for them.

We have :
Central Middlefielder (CM)
Defensive Middlefielder : (DM)
Attacking midfielders (AM)
Right and left Middlefielders(RM/LM)


"Attack wins you games, defense wins you titles" - Alex Fergusson

This is what you should know,
Defenders are the first players situated exactly in front of the GK. It's situated in the defensive third of the field, closest to their own goal. Their work is similar to that of the goalkeeper, to defend their own goal and blog the ball from scoring a goal.

Defenders should be good at tackling, marking and clearing the ball away from the goal.

Defenders can be :
2. Centre back
3. Left and right backs
4. Full back




I'll be analyzing UCL games on Thato ea hau FM
From 17:30-18:00

Please tune in.


We try again this week. ❤️


Today marks 1st anniversary of Football for beginners page...

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I am Ntsoaki khama, a 20 year old lady from, Leribe Matlameng. My love for football started when I was 17 and that was 2019. When I first paid my attention to football I didn't know many terms that were used and that took me a long time to know some.

My brother is a football player but he didn't want to teach me any part of it 😂, and I'm glad I learned it on my own. Today, I'm proud to say I am a girl who can analyze a football match on my own.

In 2020 I joined Sehlahla se maele Fc as a midfielder, but that didn't work due to lack of coaching, outfit and other things like people who support ladies football, in our village a few people would watch us and that made many players to loose hope, that's how it ended.

Because I loved and love football, I joined Limkokwing University women football club as a security officer, since then I wanted to improve my skills in football, I challenged being a goalkeeper and that worked.

Currently, I'm still a LUWFC security officer, and I wish to expand my knowledge further on this sport, I thank everyone who believes in me and those who support me in this journey.

For ladies who wish to learn football, I'm with you, contact me any time and I will assist where I can, Thank you ❤️


I'm sharing my story of how I started football today, 18:30. ⚽


2790 page likes, thank you ❤️ footballers


Another weekend to try our luck ❤️⚽


Every game matters, whether it's a friendly game or a league game and that's the mentality we need to have : STRIVING TO BEAT EVERY TEAM WE PLAY AGAINST.


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Your 5 favorite football players? ⚽❤️


🍻 To us who love football with passion ❤️☝️


CAF CL 2021_17 JULY 2021
Kaizer chiefs played against Al Ahly in the CAF champions league. A very good game for both teams though KC lost 3 nil to ASC. The game was a bit challenging to KC because this was their first experience in the CAF ever since the club's establishment, but they still managed to contain their opponents very well. For young players like Ngcobo, Mashiane and Blom I feel the coach was supposed to make them substitutes because they were panicking which is why they didn't convert their chances into goals. At least in the second half kabe ba kene se ba khonne ho bala game ba bone le liphoso tsali teammate tsa bona, hape ka hoba they have pace netla thusana haholo in the second moli opponent seli khathetse. The red card also cost them haholo in the second hoo li opponent li ileng tsa khona ho kora 3 goals eaba ke lose ho bona. Also, Akpeyi I think he should check his goal post because some of the goals li kene hobane anale hole le goal ha qeta asa icheba o eme kae, but well done amakhosi you were very much in the game but football can be unpredictable sometimes.

For ASC the connection of players was very good, they new very well horr hake sia bolo moo there's someone atla fihla ho yona because neba keepile position tsa bona hantle, look at the second goal by Kafsha assisted by Sherif, that was good.

Thank you ❤️


Kaizer chiefs will play against Al Ahly today at 21:00....

Let's wait for the match analysis on this page.

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Technique is not being able to juggle a ball 1000 times. Anyone can do that by practicing. Then you can work in the circus. Technique is passing the ball with one touch, with the right speed at the right foot of your team mate. ❤️⚽


The defense is situated in the defensive third of the field, closest to their own goal. Positions in this area of the field are tasked with defending the goal and preventing the opposition from scoring.

Playing in defense as a goalkeeper or defender requires the ability stop the attacking team by blocking shots, putting their bodies on the line and doing everything they can in the laws of the game to not concede a goal.

Defenders are generally good at tackling, marking their opponents and clearing the ball away from goal. They also contribute to the attacking side of the game, by passing or running the ball out of the backline to begin an attack.

“Attack wins you games, defense wins you titles”

Sir Alex Ferguson
You may have heard the above saying before. This was quoted by Sir Alex Ferguson, the English Premier League’s most successful manager. Here he is emphasizing how important the defense is to the success of a team.

The goalkeeper (also referred to as a goalie) has one of the most important roles in a team. The main job of a goalkeeper is to stop the ball going into the back of the net and preventing the other team from scoring a goal.

The goalkeeper can use any part of their body to save the ball and is the only player on the field who can use their hands.

Goalkeepers generally stay close to their goal, however, they are also allowed to venture out of their penalty box, as long as they don’t use their hands to touch the ball. If the ball is passed back to the goalkeeper by a teammate, the goalkeeper cannot pick up or touch the ball with their hands. This is why it is also important for goalkeepers to have just as good kicking and passing skills.

The goalkeeper also has a great advantage of having a full view of the field. This allows the goalkeeper to assist in organizing the defense, directing teammates and communicating instructions.

Goalkeepers wear different clothing in comparison to an on-field player. Here are some of the mai


Football set plays
1. Penalty: e rauwa ha defender ea opposite team e commitile foul ka penalty area eleng (18), bolo e joalo e defendoa ke gk fela. Penalty e ka rauwa hape ha team tse peli li drawile jl ho batloa team ele ngoe horr e winne

2. Offside: ke ha sebapali sa team e ngoe seka fihla ka li (18) pele ho defender tsa team e bapalang le yona, horr motho abe onside ho tlameya hobe le li bapali tse peli tsa defending team

3. Free kick : e rauwa ha hona le foul e etsahetseng ho motho oa team e ngoe ebe hotla etsuoa lebota ke defending team ho thibela bolo, e rauwa ke motho eho entsoeng foul ho eena

4: corner kick: e rauwa ha bolo e ka tsoa e fetile goal line fatshe kapa moyeng e bile e qetetse ho rauoa ke motho oa defending team ho sena goal

5. Throw in : ke mo bolo e akheloang ka matsoho hae tsoile ka mahlakoreng fela a lebala



Football terms
GK-goal keeper
LB- Left back
RB- right back
CB-center back
QB- quarterback
RW- right-wing
AM- Attacking Middlefielder
CF- center forward
SW- sweeper
RFB- right fullback
OM-offensive midfielder
LFB- left fullback
DM- defensive midfielder

To be continued...


This page is created for ladies who would love to learn and know football ⚽✨❤️...






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