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Retail pharmacy in Botha Bothe Lesotho. Providers of OTC and prescription medicines.


Khotso moreki ya khabane. Tseba h**e hosane re tlabe re butse.

Nako 08:30 a.m-03:00 p.m


Did you know coffee and tea can interfer with the absorption of iron?
Coffee and tea contain substances called polyphenols which can reduce the amount of iron absorbed by up to 90%.
It is important to note that the more polyphenols consumed the lower the absorption of iron.

So what is the significance of this interaction?
If you are healthy and have no health issues, the impact of reduced iron absorption may not be significant on your health.
In people with anaemia ( low iron in blood) coffee and caffeine can make the condition worse.

If you are anaemic avoid drinking large amounts of coffee or tea together with your meals.
If you have severe anaemia it is advisable to limit your consumption of coffee and tea until iron levels in your blood increase.


Ke Sontaha. Hopola re kwala ka 3 p.m


Pasekeng ena mamati a rona a tla be a ntse a butsoe.
Oint Pharmacy: " Quality Pharmaceutical Care"


Now open on Sundays, 10:30 a.m-03:00 p.m

Botha-Bothe Bedco unit 1108


How to sleep better
Do you struggle to sleep? Then read on...
1. Be consistent, establish a regular sleeping time and waking time
2. Create a relaxing environment in your bedroom. Avoids phones, TVs and other electronics in your room.
Switch off the lights to help you sleep
3.Avoid large meals before bedtime
4.Avoid caffeine in the afternoon. Caffeine is not just in coffee, it is found in fizzy drinks and most energy drinks.
5. Bathing an hour before bedtime can help induce sleep.
6. Take a glass of warm milk before bedtime.

It is important to note that these are just tips to help you sleep.
If you have serious challenges sleeping, it is advisable to see a health professional to get a thorough examination and medication.

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