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Netus Nowine Jr (Suten).

when the sun rises, I encounter many choices;
Many choices, that I have to wonder about my way to go,
Even before the noon of the day, my choices can multiply by thousands.

when I get into the outside world, I meet battles;
Numerous battles to either withstand satanic influences or to live by God's principles,
Sadly, my peers usually follow the bright light without proper contemplation;
Never do they think about the implications that their youthful decisions have on their lives,
They live thinking that life has two halves
A half to feel their vibes and a half to live in God's manner.

In the morning, they look young;
so they chaste pleasures unceasingly
And they fail to understand that humans start to get old from the day of birth,
For every second, for every minute, and every hour we move forward in the age, and never are we gonna come back.

In the middle of their lives, they get hungry for more
Their consciences become dysfunctional;
Because they have continuously ignored their conscience
And they live like robots, they are controlled by their desires and habits.

During their distressful days, they retrospect and reflect on their live styles
Some regret their past but others inculcate those mistakes in their kids
And those kids walk on the same pattern, probably from generation to another, it continues.

our choice is our future
These are elements that gonna make our future better
so, our decisions are not a group work
Some seconds, some minutes, some hours we gonna be left alone
And our choices might appear to either hunt us or embrace us
So we have to wait for the right time because tomorrow isn't far.

Photos from Association Of Intellectual Composers Of Liberia -A.I.C's post 24/05/2022

One CUSU, One Cuttington University
Netus N. Nowine, Jr.

Today, I stand before you, Cuttington University
With words that I've penned with tears and agony
As I watch my fellow students not working in harmony.

On the contrary, I stand for one CUSU, one Cuttington University
We as students, we have lot to do and we should prove that we are torch bearers.
We stand for one goal, a goal to learn and change the narratives
We are not to sit in corners to maneuver ways to bring out conflicts
When we speak, we should speak unity and put a side our differences.

My heart ache with pains as I watch comrades intensifying issues of no benefits
Going to the polls with anger and hate
While mama Cuttington sits and watch us defile her
Because we have not taken her words to heart
We drop her words on the floor and widely open her doors.

And I cry and say one CUSU, one Cuttington University
But all I see is scorpions fighting, eliminating and castigating fellow scorpions
Instead of them working in union
And the bell of Epiphany Chapel fails to alarm us
We sit and allow politics to carry us separate ways rather than us being focused.

But I urge you all students here today to stand up and say no to division
If we have one CUSU and one Cuttington University, we can make this place a better one for everyone
So despite your political affiliations, let's unite in one bond
If candidate X wins, we all win
So I say to you today, one CUSU, one Cuttington University.


The Globe
Netus Nyenpan Nowine Jr

Bathroom keeps our secret, yet we misuse it,
Our ground is not respected because of its nature,
Humming birds never stop flying,
Roots never stop giving support to unproductive plants,
In spite of its beauty, it has been misused.

Care is no longer a word in this place,
Black is being seen as white,
Good is on the scarce,
Darkness is the order of the day,
Calendar is no longer useful.

Big trees have fallen, yet no one knows the cause,
Resources have clapped for us, yet we are in poverty,
Our homes are chairless,
Our food are not kept in cupboard,
Our soaps have gotten tire of cleaning us,
Our body is build but unable to withstand heat.

We store but we are not respected,
Our dinner tables have turned to garbage sites,
Our hands are being us to walk,
Many upstairs are unfurnished,
Light is undeserved by us.

Irons are melting like rubber materials,
Opaque objects have become transparent ones,
Our sand is finishing from the ground,
Ladder is not being used to climb pole.

The smoke from them has stumble other,
The cloud has become dark,
All our water sources have dried,
Our doors are left open to Intruders,
Our keys are not useful anymore,
Protective has turned to unsafed.

Can we go in accordance with the ultimate's will?
We are always schooling,
We are not progressing to graduation stage,
These terrible factors will be our siblings for eternity.


We are working toward the reawakening of this noble organization.
We will never give up on our dreams. Togetherness leads to accomplishment.

Quayee Jr


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