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River Gee County Journalist Ben Tarbabolchelbo Brooks, is a Liberian journalist based in Fish Town, River Gee County and has worked as a community radio journalist for over 15 years.

Photos from RiverGee TV-Liberia's post 21/06/2022

Photos from RiverGee TV-Liberia's post


Conjoined Twins Dead in Lofa County


Monrovia, June 13, 2022: The Goverment of Liberia has received with deep sadness news of the passing of the conjoined twins born on Saturday, June 11, 2022, at the Tellewoyan Hospital in Voinjama, Lofa County.

Before their death, President George M. Weah had instructed Health Minister Wilhemina Jallah to ensure they and their mother were brought to Monrovia in order to make a determination on the next course of action. The health authories exerted every effort to take care of the newborns before they unfortunately passed.

The Liberian leader sympathizes with the bereaved family and has called on the public to keep them in prayers. The government will reach out to the mother to ensure she gets the care and support she needs.

Giving birth to conjoined twins is a rare medical phenomenon, with a very low survival rate. The Liberian government was committed to amassing the resources necessary, as well as stakeholders in the sector, both local and international, to carry out the needed procedure that would have ensured the survival of the twins.

Ledgerhood J. Rennie




Gbarnga, Bong County: 21 years old Isaac Stubblefield has gone blind based on what others characterized as wickedness and greed his Friends. Isaac is a motorcyclist.

Isaac's two friends allegedly wasted acid in his eyes, stole his motorbike and absconded the scene.

According to reports, Police arrested the two youngsters later in Ganta, Nimba County while making arrangements to sell the motorbike.

The two were charged and forwarded to court for prosecution.

The Court in Gbarnga on Monday further sentenced them to 25years each in prison.

Isaac is now a victim of alleged act of his friends for the sole purpose of selling his motorbike amid the Court's verdict.

The 21yrs old boy will now live the rest of his life visually impaired as the acid has sealed his eyes entirely.

Credit: WOMEN's TV- Liberia

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River Gee: Circuit Court Judge fines two public Defenders for being absent in Court.

By: Prince Copeland-Fish Town

Fish Town- 29/05/22: The 15 Judicial Circuit Court judge his honor George W. Smith has fines two public defenders of the assigned court.

According to resident Judge, George W. Smith at the 15 Judicial Circuit Court in River Gee, since the formal opening of it may term, the two public defenders are absent causing delay of cases prosecution.

He named Attorneys Jerome Pour and Amos Nyaneto to pay the amount of US$25.00 each into the account of the Judiciary system of Liberia, failure will be charged with contempt.

"No letter of excused or called from the two of them to know conditions they are going through". Judge Smith said.

"In the absence of a public defender, the court can't investigate any matter by law". He added.

He described their actions as undermining the judiciary system of the county and the country as a whole.

The May term of court in River Gee opened with the total of 22 cases on trail's docket, 14 criminals including rape and 8 civil matters.

When contacted one of the public defenders via mobile phone from the Monrovia as to why he were not present at the formal opening and up to press time, Atty. Jerome Pour said it was due to the deplorable roads condition but promised to be on court duties very soon in the county.

Meanwhile, River Gee County resident Judge used the medium and called on Ministry of Justice to complete construction of the court in the County.

The 15 judicial Circuit court in River Gee County is been runs in former UNMIL deplorable containers for little over 7years in Fish Town City, River Gee county.

The Court can't investigate any matter if it is raining or rain falls on the day of a trial because sitting areas and disks can be filled with water.

It can be record in 2012 Ministry of Justice begin construction of a court hall but said to be abandoned by contractors.

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River Gee County updated their website address. 23/05/2022

River Gee County updated their website address.

River Gee County updated their website address.



22 years old M. Kariah Dorley, student of the University of Liberia is representing the green, yellow and blue colors flag of our County, River Gee for MissLiberia 2022/2023.

Voting has started as to who will emerge winner of MissLiberia.

∆How to vote via Orange GSM:

✓Go to your message box in your phone and open.

✓Send text to 2020 with the contestant number.

✓Ms. Dorley is #20 okay to send

✓Each vote costs 0.20

2. For those who are out of Liberia, kindly download the Ewallie App from a google playstore or Appstore.

✓Install the App and open it.

✓Creat a reqular account

✓Deposit money on your account and go to the voting polls to vote

✓Each vote cost 10.20

This is not about Ms. Dorley, but our County River Gee. Let stand-up with votes.

∆Who can vote?

Anybody can vote and you can vote as many as you want any anytime and anywhere once the Orange Network is available to you in Liberia.

Deadline May 20-July 21, 2022.

Grand final, July 22, 2022.

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Photos from RiverGee TV-Liberia's post 15/05/2022

Photos from RiverGee TV-Liberia's post

Photos from RiverGee TV-Liberia's post 08/05/2022

Photos from RiverGee TV-Liberia's post



River Gee County: Know your District and Population per 2008 census.

There are 10 Administrative districts in River Gee County.

1. Chedepo District (10,518),
2. Gbeapo District (10,934),
3. Glaro District (4,992),
4. Karforh District (5,956),
5. Nanee District (6,002),
6. Nyenawliken District (5,159),
7. Nyenebo District (5,703),
8. Potupo District (7,337),
9. Sarbo District (5,320)
10. and Tuobo District (4,868).

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Photos from RiverGee TV-Liberia's post 02/04/2022

Photos from RiverGee TV-Liberia's post

Photos from River Gee County's post 01/04/2022

Liberia National Police - LNP Grand Gedeh detachment, Chief of Operations is one of the most discipline, down to earth and dedicated LNP officer ever in Grand Gedeh County. His working relationship and interactions with the Media and Citizens have been always cordial. Chief, Beh Lexington of UNIT-966 Happy Blessed Birthday🎂🎉and congratulations for your new age. More Grace.🎂🎉🎂🌹🌹❤️🌹


Official Launch - Local Voices Liberia Fact Checking Desk


Official Launch - Local Voices Liberia Fact Checking Desk



Press Union of Liberia says Cllr. Gongloe Apologizes to the Liberian Media.

(Wednesday, March 2, 2022, Monrovia, Liberia) - A renowned Human Rights Lawyer and Social Activist, Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe has apologized to the Liberian media for his demeaning comments targeting its performance.

Cllr. Gongloe’s apology was prompted by his description of the media after a junior high school pupil eloquently introduced him at last weekend graduation ceremonies of the Heritage Impact Senior High School, in Gompa City, Nimba County.

The Presidential Hopeful after being thrilled by the brilliance of the junior high female student heaped praises on the kid, relegated the reading skills of broadcast journalists across the country to elementary standards.
Cllr. Gongloe urged the broadcast journalists to take up lectures at the Heritage Impact School aimed at bettering their reading qualities.

Owning to this unprovoked comment, sections of the Liberian Media, especially in Nimba County are threatening media blackout on Gongloe’s activities.

To roll back the comments, Cllr. Gongloe on Tuesday, visited the Headquarters of the Press Union of Liberia and recounted his long standing relationship with the Liberian Journalism Community.

Cllr. Gongloe indicated that he has defended journalists during some of the darkest periods in Liberia’s history and is currently a champion for reforms in the legal regime guiding the sector.

Responding, the Vice President of the Press Union of Liberia, Mr. Daniel Nyakonah, said it is honorable that Cllr. Gongloe recognized his error and sought forgiveness.

Mr. Nyakonah said the media has challenges like other professions including lawyers, but indicated that it is always good to pinpoint media practitioners who perform below required standards in Liberia than categorizing the entire profession as a quack.
Signed: Musa MB Kenneh

Secretary General-PUL



Ukraine Crises: Ghana has become the first African country to evacuate its citizens fleeing the conflict in Ukraine following Russia's invasion.

The first group of 17 students arrived on Tuesday morning at Kotoka International Airport, in the capital, Accra.

Ghana's foreign ministry had earlier said some 460 students were en route to Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

They are expected to return home in coming days.

The total number of Ghanaians living in Ukraine is unknown and the government is currently meeting parents and guardians to document all students in the country.

It is estimated that more than 1,000 Ghanaian nationals are currently studying or working in Ukraine.

Credit: BBC News Africa



Local Voices Liberia presents another edition of an intriguing discussion about how to stop the spread of and in Liberia.

Source: Local Voices Liberia

The spread of misinformation and disinformation is becoming endemic. If nothing is done about it, fake news would continue to wrongly influence the decisions people make and undermine socio-economic development of communities.

So, how do we deal with this program? Another edition of a panel discussion on how to stop the spread of misinformation and hate speech comes alive Saturday, February 19, 2022 at the Youth Center in Zwerdu, Grand Gedeh County beginning at 2pm.

Four panelists will be joined by over 25 persons in the audience to discuss this topic and suggest common solutions to this unending problem. Stopping the spread of fake news and hate speech should be made a national discussion, so you can also join the conversation via Facebook by following live on Saturday, February 19 .

This is powered by the co-financed by the European Union in Liberia.

Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs & Tourism (MICAT)
Executive Mansion
Press Union Of Liberia Official
Internews in Liberia
U.S. Embassy Monrovia, Liberia



Sports Update.

FIFA name Chelsea player as Man of the Match against Al Hilal.

Source: The Real Chelsea Fans

Chelsea beat Saudi side Al Hilal 1-0 on Wednesday to advance to the final of the Club World Cup thanks to a first-half goal from Romelu Lukaku and two brilliant second-half saves from Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Chelsea midfielder Mateo Kovacic was named Man of the Match by FIFA following his impressive performance in midfield as the Blues beat Al Hilal.

Kovacic had 85 touches of the ball, made 61 accurate passes, completed all 3 dtibbles that he attempted, provided two key passes, and won 2 tackles.

The 27 year old Croatian midfielder was entirely satisfied with his own performance. He said: “I made some unforced errors which I normally don’t do, but in the end I’m happy.”

Photos from River Gee County's post 27/01/2022

Breaking News: News/January 27, 2022

Source: B-Square TV

Anita Wontee has called on wayward children, alias ‘zogos’ to consider themselves as the most important people than those who discriminate them in society.

Addressing scores of disadvantaged youths on the day marking her graduation from the wall of high school, transformed disadvantaged youth, now Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Wontee blasted others who perceive wayward individuals as waste in society, stressing that the best gifts and different talents are discovered in the ghetto youths.

Minister Anita Wontee is famously known as Lady Piso by her many followers and is said to have spent several years of her life living in the Zimbabwe Community, a popular base of several disadvantaged youths on the Bushrod Island.

As part of her graduation from the Mount Zion Christian Academy, Lady Piso chose to celebrate her program with her friends who are still living in the ghetto where she encouraged them to add value to themselves.

Narrating her experience during her days in high school, the talented gospel musician stressed that the brilliance and importance of ‘zogos’ were proven when most of those claiming to be special were always begging her test answers.

She also believes that people with great potential are the ones the devil usually runs after to damage their future and turns into what she calls societal burden.

Lady Piso then promised to always seek the welfare of her friends who are still commercializing sex and taking in narcotic substances for living and to please their desires, adding that with the help of her General Manager, Smith Nugba, she will use her connection through her singing talent to win the hearts of her partners and admirers in and out of Liberia to address some of their key challenges.

Meanwhile, Minister Anita Wontee has lauded her spiritual father, Reverend Samuel Fornatee Nugba and General Manager, Smith Nugba for their godly and financial supports to her life.

Photos from River Gee County's post 09/01/2022

Today, God servant has tourch the earth 🌎. Daddy, nothing much but to praise the Lord Almighty God for granting you his beautiful life and Grace in turning (+1) today. May the Lord,. Jesus, double your age with wisdom as you continue to lead the Harvest Intercontinental Zwedru-Central Church huge congregation. Happy Birthday 🎂🎉 to you my spiritual father and leader in Rev. Andrew Kollimine. More Grace 🌹🌹🪵❣️🌹🎉🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎂🎉🎂

Photos from River Gee County's post 06/01/2022

Hon. A Chersia Grant citizens engagement in pictures and ongoing developments below:

Hon. Grant made several donations across the County during his legislative break. These donations are and not limited to:

✓ 10 bundles of Zinc to Beh town for town hall roofing.
✓ 25 bags of cement to Tweh town for town hall
✓ 7 bundles of Zinc to New town for town hall
✓ 20 bundles of Zinc to five persons in Pennokon to reroof their houses
✓ rehabilitation of hand pump in Boley town for safe drinking water.
✓ 15 bundles of Zinc and 50 bags of cement to Petrokon for the construction of modern town hall.
✓ 20 bags of cement to John David town for town hall.
✓ 8 bundles of Zinc to reroof two persons houses in Duo town
✓ 3 bundles of Zinc to the graduating class project of the public health department at the community college
✓ 8 bundles of Zinc to the Nazareth's church in Ziah town
✓ 2.5 KVA generator to MOE, Grand Gedeh County, and among other developments.

He promised to do more whenever God blesses him. And our people are determined to make him senator 2023.



Courtesy to WOMEN's TV- Liberia

PHP, Barclay Training Center, Montserrado County -JANUARY 3. 2022: Women desire for the Army is becoming unmeasurable as hundreds makes the Barclay Training Center (BTC) Barrack their temporary home.

The applicants, mainly women use stones around the Barrack’s compound in claiming ownership of a specific spot, though the AFL recruitment is expected to officially commence on Tuesday, January 4. 2022.

The Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) recruitment is directed to Liberians from across the country with desire for the army.

Women and men at the BTC Barrack on Monday January 3, 2021, in separate views attributed their actions to their love for the Armed Forces while others conspicuously narrated that the compulsory interest is being developed due to the scarcity of job on the Labour market.

Winnifred Paye, age 27, from
Nimba County, was one of the many young women who assembled the Barrack since Sunday January, 2, 2021, as a means of being a part of the first badge of persons to be recruited.

Winnifred in an interview with WOMEN TV-LIBERIA said forming a part of the Army has been her dream since high school days. Her admiration for the army triggers on it’s objective to protect and guard the Liberian territories, as well as it’s moral uniqueness ranging from the customs to the different activities.

The 27 years old desire to be recruited in the army carries additional skills, as she’s reported to be a certified Electrician and an experienced heavy duty driver.

Contrary to Winnifred’s desire,
Josephine S. Tarnue, who hails from Lofa County is one of the few ladies whose desire of joining the Army absolutely far from the ambition, but is attempting to use it as a pathway in achieving her dreams of becoming a nurse.

In addition to those with overwhelming ambition, Amie Sheriff of Cape Mount love for the armed dates since her days as kid. Amie is a Registered Nurse (RN), at age 30.

Amie desire to being recruited to the military follows her interest not to just be a mere personel, but also contribute to the health department.

On December 15. 2021, the Armed Forces of Liberia announced the NATIONWIDE RECRUITMENT FOR THE ARMED FORCES OF LIBERIA IN FOUR GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS OF THE REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA, with a recruitment center in each of the GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONs.

Extending his view in regards to the turnout as well as the actual number of candidates needed, Johnson T. Nteleker a certified Driver who also appears as one of the many individuals whose involvement in the army will reflect in different capacities, expressed confidence in being among the chosen candidates regardless of the crowd.

Johnson is optimistic of demonstrating diverse roles at the level of the army, upon being recruited. His confidence dwells on his willingness to deliver the best he can, as he has solely desire over the years.

On the other hand, Isaiah Johnson who Monday marks his second day at the Barrack is one of those with a term desire for the army, but has since be unfortunate over the years.

Johnson is a farmer, who unarguably meet the different criteria for candidates interested in joining the army. As it is reported that individuals often escape the training process at the army level, he professed to believe in he’s capable and prepared to confront he different training, except the academy aspects.