Min Destiny Grace Grace

Min Destiny Grace Grace


The Lord is my strength 🙏🙌
Grace Grace ❤️

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Wow Another one from Min Grace Grace Ketiku 👈 follow her fans page ?Destiny Gracecece

Min Grace is ready to bless the heart of people at the World Liberation church.

The one voice Independence & Flag day music concept.

14 of August

Marshall High way..

Don't missed it 🤝..

A promising liberian gospel artist Min Grace Grace Ketiku will soon be dropping her newest gospel song tagged "POWERFUL GOD" featuring King Henson and produced by: T-Que beatz.

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Happy birthday long life and prosperity many more years 🍾🍷🍾🍷🍾 age with grace
Your birthday is special for me
My bestie I want you to smile
May this day bring something big
And you have a blast all the while
Do what you love doing the most
As its time to raise a toast
On your birthday my friend
Wishing you happy birthday!
Destiny Grace musical fans
Hello how are you bybys
can are be a football player
Hello Grace
Add me please
Make use of this page to get your dreams actualize.Hurry don't Miss it

I'm an Inspirational Liberian Gospel min that share the word of God through my God gifted talent


I had a wonderful birthday – and not least because of you and all your lovely good wishes! Thank you for that, you beautiful people!

I was pretty chuffed about all the nice wishes for my birthday. I’m going to take them as an encouragement to approach the next year of my life with optimism.

I love you all family 🥰

Birthday celebration on Saturday.


Birthday Celebration on February 4 🙏
Thanks family for the wishes ❤️🥰🥰🙏..

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Happy birthday to me+++++1

LORD I'm grateful 🙏

Daddy you're not here to say happy birthday to me it's hurts 🥲..


Congratulations to any lucky winners yea🥰❤️❤️

Lonestar cards

Tomorrow orange giveaways 😍😍..


Orange and Lonestar credit in few minutes please be online family 🥰


Hey fam❤️

Please be inform that my birthday concert celebration program is now scheduled for February 4🙏😊

Due to some reason from others busy schedule and it's now on a weekend like Saturday please failed not to come 🙏..

Please come and celebrate with me 🙏

Happy Pre Tuesday to me 🥰..

Can't wait to see you all ❤️❤️😊❤️


“When we pray, God hears more than we say, answers more than we ask, gives more than we imagine, in his own time and in his own way.”

“God will never reject you. Whether you accept him is your decision.”

Grace ❤️
Daughter of Zion 😊

January 31st await me ❤️


May God give you the key to open the door of success in 2023 in Jesus name Amen 🙏❤️..



Liberian Gospel singer "Min Grace
Birthday concert celebration 🙌

It gonna be super fun to see guys, it is also a free entry for everyone 👏👏

Date: January 31,
Location: End time fire Church, RIA highway lower Margibi county 🙏



Every Tuesday AND Thursday
( Prophetic Hour And Live Healing ).

TIME ( 8:00PM - 9:00PM )

Please follow this page
Prophet Emmanuel N. WrightProphet Emmanuel N. Wrightt Wright

and also follow the Live service today 🙏🤗

See you all there fam❤️Min GraceGraceracece


This weekend will be my birthday giveaway 😊hope you-all ready 🙌.

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Surround yourself with people who are more excited for your birthday than you are.


Please be my guest on Feb 4 at my birthday concert celebration 🥳

Time fire church 🔥
Duazhon peace community 🙏

Entrance free 😊😊

It's just a reminder family 🥰


Believe God this 2023🎷
You will smile like never before, 🙏
If you see this post you are blessed.


Wow 😲!!

Congratulations bro🙌😊

Winner from the giveaway 👏👏

Only you got it right 👍

Please inbox this page and get the credit you need please.

Thanks everyone that predict the game but unfortunately they didn't get it right 😊..


Yes God did it!!
Congratulations Nimba county
We are the winner 🏆🥰🥰🥰🎷🎷🎷..


Nimba county Vs Lofa County
Prediction the game and win credits 🥰..

Please predict the score and don't edit your comments..

Happy Pre January 31 to me 🥰🥰🥰..

Prediction End tomorrow by 12:00 PM..

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A&G Children Foundation
Was created on January 12, 2023
A&G Children Foundation vision is to help children's with any materials they needs.

Just Incase you don't wanna missed A&G first donation of things 🤩you can please follow their page and be updated with good News..

Motto Developing smiles for Christ..

Here's the link to follow their page


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Here's our 4 winners from the prediction of the game between B**g county and Lofa👏👏..

Congratulations family
Please inbox this page and get the credits 🥰🥰🙏🥰...


Congrat to my giveaway winners
Once I reacted on your comment ❤️
Please inbox your number and pictures.
Lofa 3


Predict the game and win credits 🥰
B**g county Vs Lofa County
Who will win ?
Prediction end 1:00 😊😊


End Time fire church 🔥

Are you ready for your miracle?

Get Prepare For Wednesday Deliverance And Prophetic Service at the End Time fire church 🔥with Prophet Emmanuel N Wright.

Bring the sick, demons possessed and all manner of sickness and diseases as the Mighty Hands of Jesus Christ will be present to heals his people.

Location of the church,
R2 Peace Community RIA Highway


Numbers to call for direction

Hope to see you there family 🥰

Please follow our church page

ProProphet Emmanuel N. WrightmProphet Emmanuel N. Wright Prophet Emmanuel N. WrightProphet Emmanuel N. Wrightight
You are blessed 🙌🙌


B**g county all the way ❤️💪💪
Congratulations B**g county..😇😇


2023, They Will Ask," What's Your Name?"

"Your Name Is Congratulations!"
Congratulations 👏👏


You are blessed in 2023,🙏 and it's
Your Year of Devine Harvest in Jesus name Amen 🙏
Grace 🥰..


This amazing and powerful gospel music will blessed your heart family 🥰..

Let's us start this New Year with Gospel music 🎵

Here's the link to get your copy


More grace minister 🙏🥰

You are Loved 😍
By God people...

Happy New Year family 🥰

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Here I’m declaring my heartfelt thanks to everybody available on Facebook. We are not socially connected only, but we are family. I never expected this, yet all of you got it going. Indeed implies a ton.

I started doing music with in the period of 2years and see how God has blessed this ministery 🙏

Most churches, radio stations, video directors, music producers,and many more knows this ministery ❤️‍🩹 well🙏..

Album was lunch this year June 19, 2022..

Music reaches people around the world to Heald souls 🙏
God Did it...

What God has done within this short period of time it's uncountable family 🥰...

Thanks for following 👏
14k + family ❤️..

Happy New Year to come ❤️
Happy Pre Birthday to me 🥰
January ❤️...


Get your copy of my song ❤️


Thanksgiving service tomorrow at the End Time fire church 🔥🙏🙏

It's good to appreciate the LORD for everything he has done for us family 🥰..

I will be there 🙏

You can be my guest also please 😊..

Please get your copy of Jehovah Take 🔥


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May this season be full of light and laughter for you and your family.
Wishing you peace, joy, and unconditional love at Christmas and always.
The bells are jingling. ...
This Christmas, I wish you all the happiness and success you can wish for! ...
Merry Christmas!

Grace 🥰

Get your copy of my song ❤️


Oh Yes!
God did it 🥰
Here's the Live interview video you both asked for family 🥰🙏

God's the plug ❤️


Pre Birthday to me🥰🥰

Anytime soon January ❤️❤️❤️

Happy blessed weekend family 🥰..


Please turn to 100.9 FM
Now interview is ongoing family 🥰



Jehovah Take ministration at my church 👏👏

End Time fire church 🔥 put out wedding partner today ❤️🥰🥰

Congratulations family 🥰

More to come 👏👏


Have you listened to Jehovah Take song?
Be honest 🤗


Jehovah Take on TikTok
Please use the sound 🥰🥰

Here's the link to get your copy




New release 🙏

Click the link 🙏

Jehovah Take on all platforms..


Are you ready??


May God give you a wonderful testimony before the end of this month family 🥰🙏..

Photos from Eagle Eyes Online's post 09/12/2022

Thanks daddy 🥰


When do you think we should drop
Jehovah Take Song?

Voting in progress ❤️🥰 Family..


Once You see this post 🥰
You're part of my family and I love you 🙏❤️

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God's really wonderful 🙌I meant to say just look at this video fam❣️
You shall receive good news in Jesus name amen 🙏🥰
“God will never let us down because his love is unconditional.”God will settle You in Jesus name amen 🙏Min Grace Grace K...
Happy first Sunday fam🥰
Wow Time goes too fast 🥰Throw back video on He will settle you,@The light  center church old road.Memories never lost ❤️...
Let's do this together 😊Sunday remain Holy 🙌..MiMin Grace Grace KetikurMin Grace Grace KetikurMin Grace Grace KetikueMin...
Celebration ❤️End Time fire church,2 years
New song coming soonBigger God🙏🏻Min Grace Grace Ketiku
Revival 🙏🏻
God said come into my house with Thanks giving 🙏🏻,Let this song blessed your heart 💓..Don't skip 🙏🏻🙏🏻Min GraMin Grace Gr...
Let's worship 🙏






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