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Dry bones shall live ministries


Watch and pray so that you will not fall into
temptation , the spirit is willing ,but the bbody
is weak (matt:26:41)

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Pa Josiah Akindayomi, the founder of Redeemed Christian Church of God, who later handed over to Pastor Enoch Adeboye, is indeed a strange man.

He once died and then came back to life, and yes, there is a great and important lesson to learn here. Sit back and read.

In the second quarter of 1980, he fell ill. Members and elders of the church rallied round him to pray for him. He urged them to stop praying for him because they were dragging back what had to be done.

By the middle of October, he gave up the ghost. His wife went to his room and met him dead. As she was about breaking the news, he came back to life and related a very strange experience.

He saw himself in a beautiful path with a well laid garden and a very old man accosted him. The old man insisted he had to go back to where he was coming from. But Pa Akindayomi was so fascinated about the grandeur of where he had found himself that he begged not to go back.

The old man then showed him some beautiful apparels that were hung and that they were for him but the he would not be able to wear them till he had forgiven Brother T.

Brother T was Pastor T. Oshokoya, leader of Apostolic Faith Church. The incident happened 28 years back. Pa Josiah saw a tract by Apostolic Faith Church and reprinted it for evangelism. He didnt know anything about copyright. He was called by the leaders of the church and was found guilty. The rest of the tracts were retrieved and burnt. He held the grudge in his heart for the pain, loss and shame he went through.

As soon as he came back to life, he penned a letter of forgiveness to Pastor T telling him he had forgiven him. Shortly after, he died peacefully.

The lesson? Are you holding anybody on unforgiving spirit? It is not worth it and as you can see, an act of unforgiving spirit can become an eternal consequence. May you not miss out!

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Powerful secrets

100 benefits of speaking in tongues. Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome. Dsc. Dd

1)Tongues is the entrance into the supernatural
2)Tongues is the prayer in the supernatural.
3)Tongues is a direct line to talking to God.
4)Tongues is the believers direct access to the throne room.
5)Tongues is speaking divine mysteries-divine cooled secrets.
6)Tongues is drawing secrets to life complicated issues.
7)Tongues is prophesying your God ordained future.
8)Tongues is praying out God's plan for your life
9)Tongues is knowledge, counsel and secrets witheld from the wicked.
10)Tongues is the entrance into the realm of the spirit, the miraculous zone.
11)Tongues is strengthening your inner man with divine might.
12)Tongues keeps you spiritually fit.
13)Tongues is praying out things that's been concealed to be revealed.
14)Tongues is decreeing the Rhemas of God.
15)Tongues pulls you from the past into the future.
16)Tongues is home improvement, and a source of edification.
17)Tongues is building a strong premise to carry out the anointing.
18)Tongues builds and stirs up your faith.
19)Tongues gives you an unstoppable progress that your enemies cannot fathom.
20)Tongues is giving praise and Thanksgiving well unto God.
21)Tongues lines you up with the divine will of God.
22)Tongues is speaking the language and the will of God, speaking the heavenly language.
23)Tongues helps to strengthen your weakness
24)Tongues is the ultimate assistance to prayer.
25)Tongues qualifies all things to work out for your good.
26)Tongues renders you to be God-inside minded.
27)Tongues makes you miracle-minded.
28)Tongues magnifies God
29)Tongues enlarges your perspective of God's potency in your life.
30)Tongues gives you spiritual refreshing and rest.
31)Tongues homes your sharpness and accuracy in the anointing.
32)Tongues facilitates the entrance into the gifts of the spirit.
33)Tongues equips you for the wonders of God.
34)Tongues is fine-tunning and also sensitizing your spirit man to the voice of God.
35)Tongues assists to bring your natural tongue to subjection.
36)Tongues develops more intimacy with the Holy Ghost.
37)Tongues is your private conversation with God.
38)Tongues is deep calling unto deep.
39)Tongues accesses revelation knowledge to your spirit.
40)Tongues helps you tap into the mind of God.
41)Tongues opens the scriptures to you from a divine perspective rather than an intellectual standpoint.
42)Tongues is part of the armor of God, the lance that shoots down the enemies.
43)Tongues causes damages to the kingdom of darkness and put them in utter confusion.
44)Tongues helps you develop your prayer life.
45)Tongues synchronizes you with God's timing:it helps live according to Gods dream for you in the earth.
46)Tongues is alignment with the assignments of God.
47)Tongues is à door of utterance and boldness
48)Tongues is the holy spirit searching your heart and praying through you, the perfect will of God.
49)Tongues is pulling treasures out of you.
50)Tongues is blowing the rams horn for battle.
51)Tongues is the rallying sound of victory.
52)Tongues is releasing angels on heavenly assignments, to change earthly situations.
53)Tongues is a brainstorming sessions with God.
54)Tongues help you tap into the creativity of Elohim.
55)Tongues overrules and overturns death assignments against your life.
56)Tongues reverses demonic assignments against your well being.
57)Tongues removes you from stagnation, limitations of the flesh to God's abundant supply of the spirit.
58)Tongues is making demands upón the power of God.
59)Tongues enables a closer walk with God.
60)Tongues is speaking the hidden truth and wisdom of God.
61)Tongues is the beginning of being led by the holy spirit.
62)Tongues is living supernaturally in a natural world.
63)Tongues opens the heavens and charges the atmosphere.
64)Tongues releases the shekinah glory.
65)Tongues is getting drunk on the new wine of the holy ghost.
66)Tongues is pouring in the oil and wine of the holy ghost.
67)Tongues are life filled words, faith filled and anointing filled words.
68)Tongues lights the fire of Godin your life.
69)Tongues delivers you from the scourge of the tongues of the enemies.
70)Tongues is unlocking every closed doors in your life.
71)Tongues is the beginning and the maintaining of partnership with the holy spirit.
72Tongues is releasing the word of God to flow in your life.
73)Tongues is the wind in your sail.
74)Tongues unleashes the winds of revival and refreshing in your life.
75)Tongues is refilling empty vessels.
76)Tongues is spirit to spirit communication.
77)Tongues helps you in living effectively in this last days.
78)Tongues is the ignition key to walk in the power of God.
79)Tongues is being endued with power from on high.
80)Tongues is rivers of living water flowing out of you.
81)Tongues is drinking from the river and reservoir of God.
82)Tongues is serving God from your spirit.
83)Tongues enables you to perform your priestly duties.
84)Tongues is building the image of God in yourself.
85)Tongues is expressing, enforcing and declaring God's will in your life and environs.
86)Tongues is extracting answers from the indwelling spirit to solve lives problems.
87)Tongue is interceding from your spirit.
88)Tongues is giving your spirit ascendancy and power over your flesh.
89)Tongues aids you to mortify the deeds and evil craving of the flesh.
90)Tongues connects the intercession of the holy ghost with your great high priest.
91)Tongues is the highest form of the prayer of agreement.
92 )Tongues is the divine agreement of the prayers of our earthly and heavenly intercessors with the plans of God.
93)Tongues is the threefold cord that will never be broken.
94)Tongues is ministering to yourself, to the Lord and also to other's.
95)Tongues is worshipping the father in spirit and in truth.
96)Tongues charges your spiritual battery.
97)Tongues confuses the counsels of the ungodly and equips you for the wonders of God.
98)Tongues makes even the devil afraid of you because he never understands you.
99)Tongues gives you idea's in dealing with the affairs of life.
100)Tongues makes your ministrations full of impact. Before going out to minister, blast in tongues and watch the move of the spirit.



Some time ago, we had electrician who had four children. We have a pastor who was our admin but now he's in Canada.

So, as I was about leaving, this electrician came to me and knelt down; he said, "Daddy speak a word, am going to University of Abuja for my master's exam". I laid my hands on him and stopped. I said to him, "don't travel".

He said, "sir, you didn't hear me, exam". I said exam can be defend, don't travel. So, I gave him money to go home.

When I left, he went to the admin, is like Papa didn't hear me. The admin said, "ha ha, Papa didn't hear you? Papa heard you and said you should not travel"

He said, "My exam is tomorrow, I have to travel".

He travelled. Two days later, we got a call from Federal Road Safety. They said, we found a co**se but we found an ID card of the church and said we should come and carry the co**se. He had an accident in Abuja and died.

To him, exam was too precious but now, not only is he gone, children are now without a father.

If the children grow up and know that their father was warned, they will not forgive his spirit

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Hebrews 13 vs. 17.

>> Some members are a big Blessing and some members are a big Lesson.

>> Some Pastors are leading and bleeding at the same time.

But in the midst of all these, there is how to function as a member no pastor wants to lose.

If God is to take Permission from the Pastor of a local assembly before calling any member home, some members will never taste death until everyone dies.

Just because of their usefulness to the kingdom.
Now here are eight ways you can become a member no pastor wants to lose.

(1) Be Punctual and Regular in Church.

Be the person your pastor is always sure of seeing whenever the church is in session. According to Psalms 122 verse 1.i was glad when they say let us go to the house of the Lord.

(2) You must Know, Follow and support dyour Pastor's Vision.
Proverbs 29 vs18.

Where there is no vision the people perish. But where there are no people the vision perish. And after the vision perish, they will change their parish.

(3) Never compare your Pastor with your former church.

Isaiah 43 vs. 18-19. Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold I will do a new thing. No two church is the same. It is the same spirit but different administration and ministration.

(4) Be committed to Tithing and Kingdom Investments.

Malachi 3 vs. 8.
Any church where there is a financial challenge, someone in that church is not faithful to the church. Because God in his wisdom will always put resources for every vision in the hands of the vision helpers. Jesus would have appear as though he was not anointed, should Peter had refused giving him his boat.

(5) Take Care of an aspect of the church.

Let that be your contribution to the Vision.

It can be Fuelling and Diesel for church service, Clothes for your Pastor and wife, school fees for the kids, adverts and publicity, musical equipments, capital projects etc. It can even be monthly food stuffs for your pastors kitchen. How can the impact of your trade not be felt in your church. You sell water, Yet your pastor is buying water.

According to Luke 1 verse 9. Zachariah's assignment in the temple was to burn incense daily. Even though he was childless, yet he did it faithfully.

(6) Be Focused and Faithful in following your Pastor.

Proverbs 20 vs. 6. A faithful man who can find. There is scarcity of faithful men in the kingdom. Can your pastor trust you?
If you are focused in following your pastor, you won't have two churches you call your church. There are members who go to first service in one church, second service in another church and then third service in a different church.

(7) Never use your problem as the basis for staying with your Pastor.

Luke 17 vs. 11-19.
Miracle Seekers will always go. The other 9 that were healed still left. That is the problem of miracle seekers. They don't get it, they will go. If they eventually get it, they will still go.

(8) Give Gifts constantly to your Pastor in Cash and in Kind.

2 Chronicles 20 vs 20. The prosperity of the saint is not in the hands of God but in the hands of your God ordained Prophets. "A Prophetless Christain is a Profitless Christain. Now look for your Pastors Bank account and credit him immediately. It is not in the volume but in the value you placed on him.

Bishop Irabor Wisdom

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Remain ever grateful, life is a privilege not a right.

Gratitude, gratitude and gratitude…then altitude, altitude and altitude.

You’ll never drop in altitude unless you drop in gratitude.

Grateful people are never ambitious or contentious. Because they realized that they didn’t struggle to arrive where they are and will never have to climb up the next level by themselves.

Gratitude teaches contentment which cheaply qualifies you for next lifting.

Gratitude destroys pride, gratitude is the key to continuous supply of grace.

You cannot stop gaining ultitude unless you stop expressing gratitude.

ArchBishop Benson Idahosa: The Man Who Vividly Predicted His Death 14/05/2020

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My Encounter With Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa Turned my Life Around - Aliko Dangote 14/05/2020

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1. Betrayers are angelic.
They are too good to be true.

"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." - II Corinthians 11:14 (KJV)

The devil does not just present himself as an angel but as an angel of light. He looks glorious, shining, holy and attractive. What could be better than that? Ugly characters develop strategies that make them look like angels. Beware!

Betrayers are so nice that it is sometimes unbelievable that a person can be so nice and pleasant.

Watch out for people who are so nice, so polite, so attractive and so pleasant. Can it be that there is someone who always smiles, is never sad and is never upset about anything?

2. Betrayers have things in their background that are not consistent with their claims.

Delilah was a Philistine and the Philistines were known enemies of the Israelites. Yet, she seemed to have some extra love for Samson who was the Archenemy of the Philistines (Judges 16:15-16).

You must not take things for granted. Look carefully into people's background and ask yourself why this person is going out of the way to relate with you.

3. Betrayers make you sign agreements that you will regret.

The Gibeonites pretended to be travellers who had come from afar. Through pretence they made Joshua sign an agreement that he would regret (Joshua 9:3-6, 15-16).

A little investigation and a little time would have exposed the Pretenders, the betrayers. Joshua would have been saved from a life-changing Covenant.

If you wait a bit and you investigate a bit you will be helped not to marry the wrong person.

It is not easy for pretenders to continue pretending for long periods. Sooner or later something comes up that shows who they really are. It took only 3 days for Joshua to discover that the Gibeonites had deceived him. It may take 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years for you to discover the truth about the people who are pretending to love you.

4. Betrayers give themselves away many times and you must believe the signs you see.

Delilah revealed who she was on many occasions before she destroyed him.

Samson found out that she was pretending but he did not take it seriously (Judges 16:6-10).

5. A betrayer is someone you cannot be at ease with.

You must not trust people whom you suspect to be pretenders. You must not relax in their presence. They will betray you.

You cannot afford to be at ease or to trust your life to them. Samson slept on her knees and that was the last enjoyable sleep he had on this earth (Judges 16:18-19).

It is important to know who to be at ease with.

6. Betrayers feign forgiveness.

Watch out for people who have been offended but seem to have completely ignored their offence and seemed to be even more pleasing and gracious than before the offence occurred. You must be sure that this person has genuinely forgiven you.

Jacobs sons pretended that they had forgiven the men who r***d their sister. They turned around and amazingly offered their sister in marriage to the rapists. The rapists presumptuously assume that they were accepted and loved by the brothers of the girl they had r***d (Genesis 34:13-26).

7. Betrayers have complete changes in attitude that seem unusual.

Jacob's sons seem to have a sudden change in attitude towards the people who had r***d their sister.

Watch out for this sudden and unexplained changes in people's attitude. There may be a reason for these sudden cheerfulness and exuberance.

Always ask yourself why people are eager to do things for you. Could there be some other reason that makes them so excited and zealous?

8. Someone who has served you for a short time has the potential to betray you.

Every leader must surround himself with loyal people.

What God has decided to do with your life will only be accomplished with good inputs and Wise counsel from the people around you.

We need the anointing but we also need the inputs of loyal people from all Fields of discipline. We need both the power and the wisdom of God.

"Select from among you seven men of good reputation, full of the Spirit and of Wisdom, whom we may put in charge of this task" - (Acts 6:3)

Much of the failure in ministry comes about through the absence of good advice.

Hushai was the quintessential impostor who pretended to give good advice to Absalom. Absalom was completely taken in by the pretence of Hushai.

"Then Absalom and all the men of Israel said, “The counsel of Hushai the Archite is better than the counsel of Ahithophel.” For the Lord had ordained to thwart the good counsel of Ahithophel, so that the Lord might bring calamity on Absalom." - II Samuel 17:14 (NASB)

Both the plans of Ahithophel (II Samuel 17:1-4) and that of Hushai (II Samuel 17:7-13) sounds good and few people would have been able to distinguish the good from the bad.

However one principle could have saved absalom; the principle of preferring a loyal person's imput to the advice of someone of unproven loyalties. Absalom should have chosen to listen to the advice of someone he had known for a long time.

Ahithophel was a long-standing supporter of the conspiracy to overthrow King David. Absalom actually sent for Ahithophel when it was time to overthrow King David. He was the person Absalom should have listened to. Absalom would have been safer with anything that Ahithophel proposed because he had already proved that he was on his side (II Samuel 15:12).

The advice of Hushai was lengthier and more impressive. It involved more options and counter proposals in case anything went wrong. Ahithophel's advice was brief and not as impressive as Hushai's. Unfortunately many people listen to New and flashy counselors rather than depending on old faithful people whose loyalties have been proven over the years.

This is a fatal mistake and it is at this point that many Ministries and even businesses begin a Downward Spiral.

Listen to the old people who have demonstrated that they love you and believe in you.

9. A betrayer can be identified by his impractical suggestions.

Ahithophel's plan hinged on targeting one person, King David (II Samuel 17:3) whiles Hushai's plan targeted King David and all the multitude of mighty men that were with him (II Samuel 17:12).

The grandiose idea sounded more promising and more impressive as it will get rid of all the mighty men that were loyal to David.

Many people feel that strength comes from targeting large numbers.

Ahithophel explained that the success of the entire operation depended on taking on one man.

When David fought back at Absalom, this principle was taken into account and David was not allowed to go into battle. They told him, "If they even kill half of us, it will not matter, but if you die, that will be the end of all of us", (II Samuel 18:2-3).

Absalom followed the bad advice of Hushai to go out himself whilst David followed the good advice and stayed back. This became a war between the wise and the foolish.

Just as Ahithophel predicted, the war ended when one man was killed. Absalom was the one man, whose death, ended the war! As soon as Absalom was dead, the conflict was over (II Samuel 18:15-16).

The devil seems to know the wisdom of Ahithophel better than most Christians. That is why he attacks believers one at a time. He is not so worried about the church you belong to. He will take you on when you are alone.

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." - I Peter 5:8

Lions hunt down their prey one at a time. You will never see a lion targeting 17 antelopes at the same time.

10. A betrayer can be identified by his love for procrastination and delays.

A crucial aspect of Ahithophel's plan was to attack David without delay.

King David was a strong fighter but he was not immortal or invisible. Given the right conditions , he could be defeated. Ahithophel knew exactly when and how David could be defeated and he said so.

"Ahithophel said to Absalom, please let me choose 12,000 men that I may arise and pursue David TONIGHT" - II Samuel 17:1 (NASB)

Ahithophel knew that conditions were favourable only for that night. David was weary and exhausted and Ahithophel wanted the attack to come on during David's lowest moment.

"I will come upon WHILE HE IS WEARY AND EXHAUSTED and terrify him..." II Samuel 17:2

Hushai also knew that David was weary and exhausted and he wanted to buy some time for David. That is why he asked him to wait until thousands and thousands of troops could gather. Can you imagine how long it will take to assemble all these troops?

There is a time to every purpose. If you miss the timing, you are not likely to succeed.

Ahithophel's advice was more genuine than Hushai's because he wanted the vision to be accomplished now.

"Now" is the time for most great visions!

11. A betrayer hesitates to implement his own ideas.

Follow the advice of someone who is prepared to implement what he is suggesting.

There are people who give advice but will not help carry it out. Infact they have no idea about how to carry out their own instructions.

Ahithophel offered to carry out the suggestion himself (II Samuel 17:1-4).

Hushai on the other hand never offered to help Absalom carry out the plan. He rather advised Absalom to endanger himself by going out into battle himself (II Samuel 17:11)

Unfortunately, Absalom could not see that he was being sent to his own death.

Many people have school certificates but cannot translate what they learnt in school into reality.

Learn to distinguish between people who talk a lot with high-sounding ideas and people who bring practical solutions.

Surround yourself with people who solve problems and make things happen practically.

12. A betrayer can be known by the unrest and panic he generates.

Hushai was a wise man and he knew he had to frighten Absalom and his followers from the path of success. His advice ignited much fear.

Hushai reminded Absalom and the other rebellious elders that David was a very experienced soldier; a winner of many battles. He reminded Absalom of the kind of person his father was. He described David as a bear. A female bear robbed of her Cubs. That is not an animal anyone would like to meet! (II Samuel 17:8 NASB)

He also reminded them of the kind of mighty men that were with David (II Samuel 23). After listening to an unsettling account of these mighty men, Absalom was frightened.

This same thing happened to the children of Israel when they first attempted to enter the Promised Land. They heard of the Giants and were frightened. They backed off from their God-given heritage because of the frightening details they heard. You will never do well so long as you listen to the advice that inspires fear.

Jesus said to Jairus, "Fear not, only believe." Jesus always comes with "Fear not." It is the devil who inspires fear.

Ahithophel's advice was a "can-do" advice! It was positive! It was practical! It was possibility thinking. It was advice that could be followed immediately. Most things that can be done can be done now!

Advice that can be implemented immediately is usually a good advice.

13. A betrayer is known by his lack of depth of thought, strength and timing.

Real strength comes from the Lord. Betrayers and pretenders do not have real deep commitment. A minister of the Gospel who is not genuine does not wait on the Lord to acquire real strength.

There are battles every strong leader will loose just because he is exhausted. That is why God wants us to have retreats and camps to strengthen ourselves. Your ministry will be transformed when you have camps.

Hushai knew that David would camp and become strong enough to fight Absalom so he misled Absalom into allowing David the privilege of having a camp to strengthen himself. David had a camp at Mahanaim and the camp director was Barzillai, the Gileadite (II Samuel 17:26-29).

"Now Barzillai was very old, being eighty years old; and he had sustained the king while he stayed at Mahanaim, for he was a very great man" - II Samuel 19:32

David later rewarded Barzillai was his help in refreshing them.

Don't try fighting David after he has rested and eaten. It was a fatal mistake to take on David's mighty men after they had eaten. It was simply the wrong time. Absalom should have fought them when they were tired and hungry.

Can you imagine the strength that Adino the Eznite, (a killer of 800 people) would have after eating a whole sheep? What about Abishai, (the killer of Goliath's brother) after eating a whole goat?

Success or failure depends greatly on timing.

Absalom failed because he allowed his enemy to develop the strength that he needed.

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1. Never store Onions and Potatoes together because both produce a gas that causes either of them to spoil quickly.

2. Put two or three orange leaves in your hot palm oil on the fire. Let the leaves turn black before removing it. By then your palm oil becomes pure groundnut oil also giving your food a nice taste.

3. To avoid feeling a peppering hotness on your hands after cutting pepper with bare hand scrub your hand with salt and red oil then wash it.

4. If you happen to over salt a pot of soup, just drop in a peeled potato. The potato will absorb the excess salt.

5. If your Soup or Stew goes sour while warming it, add little piece of Charcoal and remove after warming, the taste will come back.

6. Never put citrus fruits (oranges, lemon, lime, etc) or tomatoes in the fridge. The low temperature degrades the aroma and flavor of these fruits.

7. When storing empty airtight containers, throw in a pinch of salt to keep them from getting stinky.

8. If your salt is becoming lumpy, put a few grains of rice in with it to absorb excess moisture.

9. To reuse cooking oil without tasting whatever was cooked in the oil previously, cook a 1/4" piece of ginger in the oil. It will remove any remaining flavors and odors.



Look at what happened to men that rose against their father in the Lord.

See what happened to 4 Church Elders that persecuted Idahosa and removed him as Pastor years ago. Worth reading!!!

The special meetings in Lagos, about two hundred miles away, were planned to last through the next Sunday, but at 3 0'clock in the morning on that Sunday, Benson was suddenly awakened. "There is a problem at home; you must go back immediately", the Lord told him.

There was no mistaking the message. Benson got up, dressed hurriedly, and hired a taxi to drive him back to Benin City. About 8 o' clock the same morning he walked into the house to find Margaret sitting at the kitchen table weeping.
"What happened, why are you here?" she asked. "I didn't expect you home till Monday."

Benson sat down beside her and took her hand in his. "The Lord told me to come home because there is a problem. What is it?"

"There was a meeting held yesterday", she replied, dropping her head and beginning to weep again. "You have been replaced as Pastor of the Church. The elders have elected Elder Ogolo."

"If the Lord wants to raise this man up, He will see that Elder Ogolo remains." Benson said, giving Margaret a handkerchief to wipe her tears. "But if it is not the Lord's doing, I will take my position. I am not fighting to be Pastor, because I am still doing my job at Bata Shoe Company. Come, wash your face and let's go to Church.

Benson fired up the motorcycle as Margaret took a seat on the fender, and they headed for Forestry Road. When they arrived at the storefront Church about 9 o'clock, the main service had not yet begun, but the new Pastor had already taken his place behind the pulpit

"Have you read Today's newspaper?" the man asked as Benson approached the platform with his Bible under his arm. At this point only a few worshippers had gathered in the building.

"No, I haven't', Benson answered.

"You should read page 5", Elder Ogolo continued. "There is the story that I have been ordained as the new Pastor."

"I am grateful", Benson said, crossing his arms around his chest. "What do you want me to do?"

"Well... Just take your seat in the congregation as an ordinary member of the congregation," Elder Ogolo answered, nervously wiping the perspiration from his face.

Benson gazed intently at the man a few moments, then without another word turned and sat beside Margaret near the front.

Elder Ogolo began conducting the service, leading the songs and calling on another of the elders to lead in prayer. After the prayer, and before Elder Ogolo had time to resume his position behind the pulpit, Benson quickly walked up on the makeshift platform. "I am preaching to you today from John 3:16, he announced to the people, "a sermon on the love of God".

The worshippers were surprised to see Benson come to the pulpit because they thought he was still in Lagos. However, most of them did not yet know a new Pastor had been elected. Elder Ogolo had planned to break the news in the service that morning.

Benson began his sermon, with his rival sitting behind him, hissing and pushing, trying to make him sit down. As he continued preaching about God's love, the people began to weep. The young Preacher continued by saying, "I'm not going to fight. If what God wanted me for is finished here, I cannot contest it. But people, I want you to know that when I went to Lagos I was still your Pastor, and before I came home a new man had been appointed. I am no longer your Pastor after today."

When he started to walk off the platform, the people all stood up and several of them called out, "You are our leader --you are our pastor. That man is not," pointing to Elder Ogolo. "We will leave the matter in God's hands, and see what happens," Benson said.

He and Margaret returned home, and on Monday morning he went to his office in town as he usually did. But as the week progressed, it seemed apparent that God was indeed directing the affairs of the little Church on Forestry Road.
On Tuesday, the son of the man who chaired the meeting in which Benson removed as Pastor died of malaria

On Wednesday, the elder who had removed the foundation stones from the building site lost his daughter because of illness.

On Thursday, the third protesting elder was taken to the hospital with tuberculosis.
And on Friday, Elder Ogolo, the newly ordained Pastor, was rush to a hospital with a heart attack, then taken to Calabar for treatment.

Within days the 4 troublemakers were removed. Benson resumed the pastoral duties of the little Church.

The following week, he conducted funerals for the 2 children who had died. He went to the hospital to pray for the elder with tuberculosis, but the man later died from the disease.

After a time, Elder Ogolo recovered, but he moved away from Benin City and got a job as a bricklayer.

Be careful how you point your hands to fathers of faith and those who ordained and give birth to you in ministry.

History can't be forgotten.


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