Amb. Robert R. Wherboe, Jr

This page is dedicated to the ADVOCACY of Human Rights, Which include, Children, Women, Disable and ROI Global Youth Ambassador Liberia

Photos from Motivate A Youth's post 11/04/2021

Many thanks to the Team at Motivate A Youth for the recognition.
My Family and our team at African Youth Action for Sustainable Development (AYA-SUD) really appreciate your institution.
Thanks a million


He's Alive! Jesus Christ is Alive!
Death could not hold him captive!
Happy Easter and Resurrection Sunday!

National Training Academy 03/04/2021

National Training Academy

Please take advantage of this opportunity.
You can kindly contact D Foeday Zinnah for more info on the application process.
Registration for African Presidential Leadership Program Batch 4 is now open
Apply NOW
حلم كل يوم بيكبر..
تنمية العنصر البشري في القارة السمراء..
وتأهيل الشباب الأفريقي لرسم مستقبل قارتهم..
فتح باب التسجيل للدفعة الرابعة من البرنامج الرئاسي لتأهيل الشباب الأفريقي للقيادة APLP لجميع الدول الأفريقية من سن 25 حتى 45 سنة
سجل الآن على موقع الأكاديمية الوطنية للتدريب

National Training Academy

Photos from Amb. Robert R. Wherboe, Jr's post 18/11/2019

Thank you ohh Lord for all you have done for me!!

Timeline photos 27/09/2019

The Achievement of the SDGs is a must


The Journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.
The passion to lead and make positive change just can't let me be...


As we perceive excellence throughout our journey book of life, it is incumbent upon us to reflect our aspirations and supports to that noble institution(Dujar) which make us who we are today. In this background of acknowledgement, I want to inform all Alumni that there will be a very important meeting on Sunday, August 12, 2018 @ 3:00pm at the school edifice. High on the agenda will be the review of our list of action plans, the set up of a constitutional committee, etc. It is my ardent hope to see you all present and on time as Dujar remain our cornerstone to progress.
Best regards!
Henry Garjay Brumskine
Acting Presiding Officer
Cell #: 0778073606/0880829192

Robert R. Wherboe Jr
Acting Secretary General


Fellow young leaders what is your role in helping to achieve the SDGs in Africa. Do not set there do something..





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This page was created for the gospel of Jesus Christ and nothing else matters.

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