Dr. Daniel E. Cassell

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell


Hello Dr cassell

Si vous êtes intéressé à étudier et à travailler au *CANADA*, voici une grande chance pour vous. Étude et stage rémunéré à l'Université de l'Alberta, Canada.

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To all of our Muslim brothers and sisters at home-Liberia and throughout the world, as you climax this year’s Holy Ramadan, on behalf of my family and the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), I say congratulations and happy EidMubarak2022!!! May Allah answer all of your prayers for us all and our nation-Liberia!!!

A message from Dr. Daniel E. Cassell
People's Liberation Party ( PLP) is in the mud as their Political Leader— Dr. Daniel E. Cassell has been arrested and detained by the US authorities on fraud charges in the United States.

What are your thoughts on this as Liberian

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Amb Diamond N Sumo
Hi Dr.Cassell.hope to see u back soon God bless u
May God give you peace during this time.
I'm in solidarity with you great leader
Hello my energetic, and diplomatic incoming Honorable Great President 🖐️ I highly salute and commence you for your humanitarian well jobs done.With such Legacies today's, You are seem to be such a profitable and beneficiaries to the plebians.Therefore, I do advice that in present day election,I Prince Sedrick Tokpah always tell my favorites candidates that"soonest has the chance to Success"Please, please, continue the excellent well jobs done, because our people are tired tormenting from poverty.
Am Chris Miller from district#4, I want to take this opportunity to appreciate our honorable Dr.cassell for his hard work and I wish to be part of this party.
Yes I'm a single mother working tellewoyan memorial hospital voinjama lofa county I'm a certified Nurse /AIDE/DISPENSER

Businessman, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Vision Bearer & Political Leader of The People's Liberati


Reflection of PLP’s Historic visit to CIEO!!!


To all of our Muslim brothers and sisters at home-Liberia and throughout the world, as you climax this year’s Holy Ramadan, on behalf of my family and the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), I say congratulations and happy EidMubarak2022!!! May Allah answer all of your prayers for us all and our nation-Liberia!!!

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell is now on WhatsApp. 20/04/2022

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell is now on WhatsApp.

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell is now on WhatsApp.

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell updated their website address. 20/04/2022

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell updated their website address.

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell updated their website address.


The Most interesting part within a Movie is not the many pains a Hero go through but the recovery stage and the remaining portions wherein he had bounced back with strategies to defeat his enemies!

In other words whenever a Movie ends at the point where the Hero had gone through pains and it stops right there, we are always never pleased and sometimes we mentioned that the Movie is bad or not enjoyable. we don't feel better to stop the movie just halfway either but zealous about its completion cuz we've seen the Hero already gone through a lot and our focus and heart desire is to see the Hero's Victory!

This Movie shall and will definitely reach its ENJOYABLE STAGE 🙏🙏🙏


This too shall pass!!! 🙏🙏🙏


Living up to our commitment!

Our National Vice Chair for International Affairs Mr. David Benitoe, arrived in Ghana and on yesterday met with Minister Counselor/Deputy Chief of Mission at the Liberian embassy in Ghana (Mr. Alieu M. Massaquoi).

The People's Liberation Party is about to intervene bigly with the current situation involving our people in Buduburham camp.

We will continue to demonstrate this genuine LOVE again, again and again!




(Monrovia - October 5, 2021) Fellow citizens, I extend warmth tidings and profound stately solidarity.

I wish to inform you that my attention has been drawn to the unfortunate situation unfolding on the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Accra, Ghana—where some of our beloved citizens have been seeking refuge for more than two decades now.

I have been reliably informed that failure on their part to vacate the Camp in line with the agreed deadline the Ghanian Authorities have embarked on a demolition exercise to compel them to relinquish the camp to make way for development initiatives by the host nation (Ghana).

Even though we are not happy to see our people homes being demolished with no immediate hope of a reasonable alternative to salvage their well-being, I like to express profound thanks and appreciation to the government and people of Ghana for the incredible and historic show of generosity in hosting thousands of Liberian Refugees in their country for well over twenty years. In every respect, Liberia owes Ghana a depth of gratitude for such degree of kindness that cannot be quantified in any quantum.

Consequently, In the spirit of the African Solidarity which Ghana has pioneered for several decades, I, on behalf of the People's Liberation Party (PLP) would like to seize this opportunity to humbly appeal to the Government and people of Ghana to exercise restraint and due consideration as they have always graciously done for our people over twenty plus years, to halt the ongoing demolition exercise and allow negotiations to prevail from which a possible and amicable solution to end what now seems to be humanitarian crisis would be reached.

We know, that in all efforts to reclaim the land on which the Buduburam Camp sits on for the sole purpose of national development. The government and good people of Ghana would never be happy to see thousands of homeless Liberians languish in the streets of Accra to the peril of their safety. Henceforward, we plead with them to pause the demolition to make way for possible inventions to suitably bring this crisis under control. And while plead for the compassion of Ghana, we call on our people to remain calm and refrain from all acts that have the potential to further exacerbate the crisis afoot.

At this point, I respectfully request the prompt intervention of ECOWAS, the United Nations, the International Red Cross, Medicine San Frontiers, and other humanitarian groups to quickly engage with the government of Ghana in finding the best solution to ending this crisis and preventing our people from further despair and trauma.

While we make these SOS calls, I must state how appalled, stunned, and disappointed I am yet again to see that while Liberians are faced with a painful and unbearable humanitarian crisis in a foreign land, the George Weah-led government has said and done absolutely nothing to address the plight of its citizens on the Buduburam Refugee Camp.

I would assume that considering the circumstances besetting our people, a responsible, sensitive, and patriotic government, would by now, be deeply engaged with the government of Ghana to halt the demolition exercise and forge a workable outcome to ending this nightmare—suffice to say by now, we expected to see representatives of the Weah government in Ghana comforting and instilling hope into our brothers and sisters, but sadly, it seems the plight of Liberians both at home and abroad doesn't matter to the government of Mr. George Weah as we recently saw how the government insensitively and recklessly responded to the scaring wave of mysterious realistic killings across the country.

It marvels Liberians that while young girls and ordinary citizens are being murdered in cold blood and body parts gruesomely abstracted, Mr. Weah and his confidants are fabulously celebrating his birthday party for days at the expense of the already strained national coffers. If such behavior is not irresponsible, insensitive, careless, wicked, and unremorseful, I know no other way to describe the continual disposition of the Weah government.

I send my prayers and solidarity to fellow compatriots on the Buduburam Refugee Camp and would like to inform all Liberians that the People's Liberation Par ty (PLP) will dispatch over the next few days its Acting National Vice Chairman for International Affairs to Accra, Ghana to meet with our fellow Liberians so as to assess the humanitarian conditions on the Camp, and establish how we can effectively mobilize needed support for our brothers and sisters enduring this painful and demeaning condition.

To the government and dear people of Ghana, I once again express abundant thanks and appreciation for all you have done for our people and plead with you to allow the "United Africa" solidarity championed by your founding father Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to prevail now and always. We are One Africa and Africa is home to all Africans, no matter which geographical location an African finds him/herself.

May the saving and divine grace of the Almighty God intervene and intercede in this life altering and historic event of our Liberian Citizens in Ghana!

This message was approved by: Dr. Daniel E. Cassell-Vision Bearer/Political Leader and Founder/CEO of Dr. Cassell Humanitarian Foundation


The same God is still ALIVE and is about to shift someone's family from nowhere to somewhere!

Blessed Sunday to all!

It's all within the SPIRIT OF LIBERATION!




For immediate release!

Greetings, fellow Liberians, and Liberators at home and in the diaspora.

From the fountain of Liberation, I bring you greetings of unity, hope, peace, and love! It is my fervent prayer that we as one people would become enlightened to the truth, as the truth and nothing but the truth shall set us free and enable us to make informed decisions about the future of our lives, and that of our children and our country.

Today, I come to you in response to a very alarming news that has been circulated on several media outlets, which has to do with a shooting incident involving an executive member of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), in the name of the Acting Secretary General, Mr. David Beyan which occurred within his private time as a private citizen, and in no way, shape or form has anything to do with the PLP whatsoever!

It was initially reported that Mr. Beyan was shot by armed robbers in an unknown location in the vicinity of Kakata and was subsequently taken to the JFK Hospital where he was treated and discharged after a couple of days for continuation of care at home.

However, in a recent development on ELBC today during an interview with the Liberia’s National Police IG, it was reported that based on findings of the ongoing investigation, Mr. Beyan had previously told one of the nurses at the JFK that he accidentally shot himself in the left leg. It was further reported by the IG that Mr. Beyan has now recanted his initial claim of been shot by armed robbers. The firearm used in the incident was found within the proximity of 20th St. Sinkor and is currently in possession of the LNP, as Mr. Beyan is being charged with illegal possession of a firearm and providing false information to law enforcement officers.

Considering the severity of these alleged findings at this junction of the investigation by the Liberia National Police (LNP); as a government in waiting and a party that conforms with the laws and constitutions of the Republic of Liberia, the Executive Members of the Organizing Committee (OC) of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) strongly condemns this alleged violation of the law and do hereby suspends Mr. David Beyan from the position of Acting National Secretary General of the PLP for time indefinite, as these alleged behaviors are in direct violation of the PLP’s norms, core values and code of conduct.

Further actions shall be determined by the Executive Members of the OC upon the conclusion of the LNP’s investigation.

This message was approved by:
Dr. Daniel E. Cassell -Political Leader of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) and Executive Members of The Organizing Committee (OC).


Wednesday's message of wisdom to all Liberians!

1 PART 1:
At this crucial stage in our country, especially in the midst of shocking ritualistic killings, bad governance and immense economic hardship, other perceived and self-believed future leaders are now directing their focus on fighting over power instead of engaging the reality of what has become a nightmare for us Liberians whereas NATIONAL SECURITY is confirmed and can be properly identified as a major crisis in Liberia, something which seem to be overwhelming for this regime!

This race must be won by one who's well prepared; a stranger to corruption, a stranger to the Liberian made recycle political patterns, a stranger to war and economic crimes, a stranger to violence, a stranger to limitations, a stranger to backwardness, a stranger to all forms of evil and demonic engagements, a stranger to greed, a stranger to marginalization of the poor and less fortunate, a stranger to discrimination and a stranger to limited opportunity for our people.

As opposition, we shouldn't be a replica of what we condemned. We should be fully knowledgeable about the word CHANGE before coming up under such huge and well respected umbrella.

Serving the status as a patriotic citizens, it's now time to join the most focused and well prepared character Dr. Daniel E. Cassell and THE PEOPLE'S LIBERATION PARTY for this is the way and true light to redeeming this Nation.

Indeed, the time has come for the TRUE LIBERATION, a a realistic revolution of GENUINE CHANGE to overtake Liberia!


Dr. Daniel E. Cassell speaks out against ritualistic killings in Liberia!


For Immediate Release

(Monrovia - September 29, 2021) - Greetings, fellow Liberians, at home and in the diaspora. I extend to you a hand of solidarity, peace, and love.
I’m Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, the Vision-Bearer and Political Leader of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) and Founder of Dr. Cassell’s Humanitarian Foundation.

I like to inform you that I have been alerted to the callous wave of ritualistic killings across our country by evil-minded individuals.

Besides the escalating media reports on the shameless murdering of fellow citizens for ritualistic purposes, I have witnessed videos of individuals recounting horrifying stories of how they narrowly escaped death at the hands of these predatory ritualistic carnivores.

I have also heard a lady identified as Ellen Cockrum made striking revelations of ritualistic killings on various radio stations—linking top brass of the George Weah administration to ritualistic practices.

In the face of these impending tragic development, I have not heard President Weah or his government officials say or do anything significant about this wave of carnage, to curb the crippling fear being instilled in the public.

It is disgusting and disgraceful that a government would stumble on its constitutional obligation to protect its citizens and supinely watch evil-minded men slaughter them in cold blood.

I condemn in the highest term, the dreadful killing of our Liberian citizens and call on the government security forces to aggressively hunt down these barbaric killers and bring them to justice.

I extend condolences to the bereaved families of all who have been murdered by these carnivores. If this scene of horror hasn't claimed the attention of President George Weah and his government, I hope this statement draws their attention and causes them to expeditiously end the slaughtering of our people for ritualistic purposes.

In conclusion, I would like to caution all citizens to be mindful while in the streets and commuting across Monrovia and other parts of our country.

May the saving Grace of the Almighty God protect us all, I thank you!

Signed & approved by: Dr. Daniel E. Cassell


KEYNOTE ADDRESS delivered by Dr. Daniel E. Cassell at the 7th Convention of Association of Liberian Journalists in America (ALJA) in Trenton NJ, USA on September 25, 2021.


The President and officials of ALJA;
Dignitaries and other Invited Guests Gracing This Occasion;
Partners and Members of ALJA;
The Fourth Estate (Press);
Fellow Liberians Here In The U.S. and Those at Home following via live stream;
Ladies and Gentlemen;

My name is Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, Vision Bearer/Political Leader of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) (Liberia), Founder and CEO of Dr. Cassell’s Humanitarian Foundation (Liberia), Founder and CEO of Kwenyan Professional Health Services, LLC (USA) and Kwenyan and Associates (USA).

First and foremost, I magnify the God of the Hallowed Heavens, to whom all glory belongs, for the magnificent gift of life and for affording us yet another opportunity to gather as compatriots (Liberians) to honor and celebrate ALJA and its members. In honoring this occasion the opportunity avails itself for us to do a sober reflection on the significantly critical role the Liberian media must play in ensuring that our dear homeland Liberia is repositioned on a much-desired trajectory of Good Governance, Rule of law, Civil liberties, civility, peace, and tranquility.

With profound gratitude, I would like to thank the National Administration of the Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) for the extraordinary privilege of selecting me as your conventional Speaker, a task I don’t rank any less and pledge to perform with humility and honor.

Distinguished colleagues of ALJA, your 2021 National Convention is being executed under the theme: The Quest for an Independent, Sustainable, and Ethical Media in Liberia. What a theme so meticulously, perfectly, critically, and timely chosen. As Liberians yearn for good governance, fiscal probity, rule of law and the independence of the judiciary, effective and efficient political representation at the level of the Legislature, socio-economic empowerment of the masses, political stability of our statehood, press freedom, and other basic human rights, Democratic values, free, fair and credible elections, peace and stability, the role of the Liberian media is not only essential as we often hear but incredibly INDISPENSABLE. By this characterization, I am essentially and consciously submitting that without an independent, sustainable, and ethical media, Liberia is doomed.
Our collective dream for good governance and a better country in which all of us can find hope and possibility would wallop in illusion.

My dear friends of the press and fellow
Liberians, your profession is a noble, enviable, and sacred one. Journalism is a pride and honorable profession that emphasizes ethics and righteous prudence at the height of its practice. To further illustrate the relevance and power of the media British Parliamentarian Edmund Burke and political theorist coined the phrase "The Fourth Estate" (or fourth power) elevating and honoring the media as a powerful segment of society that wields an indirect but significant influence on society even though it is not a formally recognized part of the state political structure, yet the media is the "fourth estate" because it serves as a watchdog over the three others: executive, legislative and judiciary.

Novelist and playwright Edward Bulwer Lytton pontificated the famous quote; “The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword”. All of these perfectly illustrate the immense power of the media, however, notwithstanding, such honor comes with much responsibility.
Journalists must at all times report the truth and expose the vices and excesses in society. While no story is worth the life of a journalist, a journalist must defy all odds to gather and report the facts plain and square. Journalists must be patriotic, uncompromising, and daring in their reportorial duties with the singular goal of protecting the interest of the state and its people. Editorials, Op-Eds, commentaries, special features, and lead stories must focus on governance and society and talk about the danger of corruption, bad governance, lawlessness, poor quality education, bad healthcare system, the utter disobedience to the separation of constitutional powers, impoverishment of the people, the rising insecurity obtaining in the state, impunity, the ineffectual nature of the legislature, the corruption in the judiciary amongst other abnormalities obtaining in Liberia. Journalists must write and speak about these issues with conviction, passion, and vehemence for if these conflict- trigger incongruities are not dealt with adequately they can potentially lay the basis for conflict and war.
Lest we forget, these were the very vices and egregious tendencies that plunged Liberia into a fifteen-year senseless bloodbath that crudely claimed the precious lives of hundreds of thousands of compatriots. These vices are once again marauding our nation and the Liberian people are witnessing another epoch of debauchery under the rulership of President George Weah.

Fellow Liberians and members of the fourth estate, Liberia is currently enduring what I term as "Vexing Paralysis". Every segment of the Liberian society has painfully nosedived to nothingness. Governance is quite dismal, to say the least. Health care is bad. Education is substandard, arguably the least in the sub-region. Roads are horrible. Electricity is inadequate and unreliable. Water is almost non-existent. No job creation. No foreign direct investments. Public transport is on the verge of collapse due to corruption and gross incompetence. The private sector is in the hands of Lebanese and Indians. Liberians are not in charge contrary to what Mr. Weah pledged to the Liberian people, that “they will not be spectators in their economy”. The economy is virtually weak as the balance of payment is very low. Transparency institutions are submerged into a functional coma because the Weah regime has no interest in accounting for state resources.

Fellow Liberians, these anomalous conditions besetting the country must claim the attention of the Liberian media and cause journalists to ask hard questions to those who are at the helm. Why is wrong with the country? Why are Liberians starving? Why the cost of living is so ridiculously high? Why lawmakers are allotting US$30K plus more to themselves amid a decimating Covid#19 Health Crisis instead of directing funding to the health sector? Why cost to clear a 20-foot container at the free port of Monrovia is outrageously astronomical? Why is the state-run University of Liberia lying in filth and professors underpaid? Why are teachers, nurses, police, and others serving our country underpaid? Why are road and building contracts being awarded to Lebanese in disregard for the PPCC laws and regulations? What became of the US$30 million stimulus package? At this juncture in our national existence, I would like to respectfully admonish The Liberian media to summon the courage to move from "official sources" reporting to crusading and advocacy journalism with emphasis placed on the governance of the country and the well-being of the squalor-stricken Liberian masses.

Ethical journalism begins with truth-telling. I am aware of the risk involved with ethical and critical journalism in Liberia and other African countries but if this is the profession one is called to perform, God will protect him/her and endow him/her with the wisdom to carry on insofar it is done with passion and genuineness.
By the same token, I like to remind journalists that before becoming journalists, you were first citizens of Liberia and shall remain citizens of Liberia suffice to say each of you has a patriotic duty to protect your country, stand against its mismanagement and abuse by nefarious leaders, for you are direct victims of bad governance.
Today, we see unethical and compromised journalism on the rise because many claiming to be journalists in Liberia nowadays prefer GOLD over GOOD. Integrity is fast diminishing in the Liberian media. Truth-telling is being compromised for petty cash and material gifts. We are told some Journalists are proudly dining and winning with corrupt officials of the current government and sadly defaulting on their sacred duties to expose the ills permeating the homeland. Instead of being watchdogs, we are told that some Liberian media editors are taking monthly payments from public officials, ministries, and state enterprises to gate-keep and promote them. The question then lingers; who will protect the country from its disreputable officials if journalists are being paid by those looting and plundering their country?
However, we are also aware that in the face of these temptations some journalists continue to stand tall and keep the touch of integrity flaming in their line of duties. I salute their courage to remain loyal to the sanctity of their noble journalism profession amid the devastating economic realities suffocating the homeland.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen; The People Liberation Party (PLP) is of the ardent belief that Liberia can never be a wholesome functioning and civilized country without an independent, sustainable, and ethical media. Liberia cannot fight and minimize corruption and impunity, reduce poverty, ensure adherence to the rule of law, transparency, accountability, and good governance without a progressive, pragmatic, productive, and impartial media. This is why the PLP is solely committed to working with the Liberian media to build its capacity in terms of logistics, training, and in other critical areas primarily to strengthen and empower the Liberian media for the good of our nation.
PLP under my visionary stewardship remains open to working with ALJA and PUL to identify possible opportunities to build the capacity of the Liberian media and may I say, please consider us a ‘willing partner comes asking’. We are no doubt cognizant of the harsh economic hardship in Liberia and the media is not spared, but realistically, the media cannot make money or improve in a country badly governed. The media cannot flourish when the economy is contracted and businesses are unable to give ads to the media. The media cannot pay its workers fairly and regularly when there are no foreign companies to give huge ads. Journalists cannot make fair earnings if the media institutions they work for are broke and poor. If Liberia is governed well the economy will grow and bloom and the media will make money and journalists can become rich like lawyers, doctors, and engineers. Journalism is not a peasant profession as we see around the world. Media owners and journalists are millionaires right here in America and other parts of the world. That is why we cannot emphasize the urgent need for the media to use its power and influence to help Liberia get on the proper footing in terms of sound political and economic governance. This is why the PLP is seeking a viable partnership with the Liberian media primarily to ensure that the media is independent, sustained, and uncompromisingly unethical in playing the sacred role to which it is entrusted.

Ladies and gentlemen; I am pleased to let you know that back home, we have forged a cordial working relationship with the PUL and several media houses. We do so not for a favor or to seek fame. We do so in acknowledgment of the critical role the media must play to right the wrongs in Liberia—and to ensure good governance in Liberia. We consider it a righteous obligation to engage the media on the pressing need to remain the fearless watchdog of the Liberian nation-state so that democracy works, rule of law is adhered to, corruption and impunity rattled, transparency and accountability are institutionalized, democracy and civil liberties protected, holding the rulers of the country to account for their stewardship become a national tradition and regiment, ensure power and state services are decentralized and devolved on to the people, to protect minorities and promote diversity and religious tolerance. We also challenge the media to put us under the spotlight in our quest for national leadership.

In conclusion, I must submit that the People Liberation Party (PLP) vision and agenda to a.) Improve the socio-economic conditions of its citizenry through the good health care system, standardized educational system, job creation, economic empowerment, and other effective retirements, b.) Take meaningful steps to curb official corruption and institute accountability, transparency in the system of government, effectively and efficiently harness national resources, and avoid waste and plunder, c.) Improve and prioritize civil liberties and ensures security for all our compatriots irrespective of the political alignments, d.) Ensure adherence to the rule of law and ensure that the justice system works for all—haves and have-not. And discourage the perennial menace of impunity, f.) Improve on good governance and build public trust and confidence. Emphasize and ensure meritocracy and competence in the governing system, g.) Promote peace, unity, inclusion, and oneness amongst its citizenry. Protect minorities, promote diversity and religious tolerance, and h.) Prioritize youth and women. Provide educational opportunities to include vocational training for young people, empower and protect girls and women in every respect, we seek a solid partnership with an independent, sustainable, pluralistic, and ethical media to help us ensure socioeconomic dignity for ALL our PEOPLE, not FEW of our people, and together we along with you the media can accentuate our country to nobler heights and put some sense of pride and dignity on our dear people.

I Congratulate ALJA on the successful holding of its convention and wish you the best of luck ahead.

God bless our host country the United States of America, God bless the people of Liberia and the nation, and I thank you all.

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