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Police Threaten Court Action Against Cllr. Gloria Scott If...

Authorities of the Liberia National Police are threatening Court Action against Former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott for her alleged failure to answer Police questioning on the death of her daughter Charlie Musu. On February 22, 2023, unknown individuals attacked the home of Cllr. Scott, thereby killing her daughter and injuring other occupants in the home.

The Police, through a statement, are requesting Cllr. Scott and all occupants including Gertrude Newton, Rebecca Youdeh Wisner, and Alice Johnson in the house for questioning due to the murder to appear at the LNP headquarters on March 3, 2023, at 10 am. "Failure on their part to honor this invitation, the LNP will be left with no option but to take appropriate legal actions through the court of law", a statement from the Police noted.

Credit: Women TV


1.7 million Increment in Liberia's Population within 14 Years - LISGIS 2022 Census Provisional Report Revealed.

The Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS, With support from the Liberian government and international partners including the World Bank, Sweden, UNFPA, Irish Aid, ECOWAS, USAID, and Ghana, has successfully conducted the 2022 Liberia National Population and Housing Census.

The provisional results of the National Population and Housing Census 2022 released on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, revealed that Liberia's current population is 5.2 million people (5.248,62) which indicates an increment of 1.7 million (1,772,013) people from 2008 to 2022 (14 years)

According to LISGIS's 2022 Census provisional result, The de facto Population in Liberia on Census Night [November 10-11, 2022] was 5.2 million (5,248,621). The total population increased by 1,772,013 (50 percent) [when] compared to the 2008 census. Overall, the male population makes up 50.4 percent (2,644,450) of the people, and the female population accounts for 49.6 (2,604,171), given a national s*x ratio of 101.5 males for every 100 females.

The report also showed that a total of 1,187,388 households were enumerated with an average national household size of 4.4 persons, while the national population density is 140 persons per square mile. The completeness of the 2022 Liberia National Population and Housing Census (LNPHC) is 97 percent of the projected population, which is an internationally acceptable achievement.

In 2008, according to the Census result, the population was 3.4 million (3,489,072) on the night of 20th/21st March 2008. This figure falls between the official population projection estimate of 3.2 million (3,238,000) and the population estimate of 3.5 million (3,511,618) calculated using the number of households generated from the geographic mapping exercise and relative household sizes of the respective counties in the pilot census.

The report further revealed that 1,764,555 males and 1,724,517 females were enumerated in the census. This shows that the calculation of the overall s*x ratio gave a result of 102.3.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Resident Coordinator for Liberia, Madame Christine N. Umutoni, During the time of the release of the 2022 Census provisional result, commended the Government and people of Liberia for completing a successful national population and housing census.

She reaffirmed the United Nations' commitment to worki


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The Manobah Family in Madina Township, Garwola district, Cape Mount County is calling on the justice ministry to thoroughly investigate the land issue encroached by the a strange family. The family said they have been into this land issue for sometime now, but it's seem that the ministry has refused to do the due diligence in order to find a redress, instead they are given right to the encroachers.

Therefore, the family is calling on the national government to intervene into this land issue.


Margibi County Senator James Emmanuel Nuquay celebrates his 54 Brith anniversary in Kakata city with cross sections of Margibians.


The administration of the Gormalon P. Walker elementary and Jr. high school in Salala city lower B**g County is appealing to the government of Liberia and humanitarians to come on their aid as the school operating in a deplorable and non conductive learning environment.

The Vice Principal for Instructions (VPI) Mr Joseph G. Kollie and Madam Bendu Y. Momo the Vice Principal for Administration (VPA) told Journalists in an interview on Future TV that, the school lacks; instructional materials, stationary, Chair and desk for the kids, and part of the building falling due to a violent stomp damaged.
The administration added that, since 2019 they had the highest number of 500 students and has continue to reduce and now 100 students are in for the 2022/2023 school year. The VPA lamented that, due to the non conductive learning environment has caused students leaving the school and the school is slowly dying down the dream.
They are however calling on humanitarians and the government of Liberia to see reason of helping the school in supporting quality education in the country to gain back the school prestige in academic competition.

The school administrators can be contacted through cell numbers;
+231880372121 / +231776139095


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Release form the Head office of PUL
Future TV Liberia

PUL Membership Committee Releases Listing Of Registered Members Ahead Of November’s Congress
Future TV release from PUL Office;

In adherence with Section 7 of the Constitution of the Union, the membership committee with the approval of the leadership is pleased to release the listing of registered members for the upcoming congress.
Section 7 of that constitution of the Union states that the Membership Committee, with the approval of the PUL leadership, shall publish in not less than two local dailies registered members of the Union not later than 30 days before Congress. Lists of all registered members of the Union shall be disaggregated into categories of membership; males and females; due paying and non-due paying (delinquent) members; editors, reporters, etc.

Press Union of Liberia
Membership Registration 2022
No. Name, S*x.
1 A. Leslie Lumeh M 34 Agatha T. Thompson-Venn F
2 A. Omaska Jallah M 35 Agnes M. Tarr F
3 A. Wado Sloh M 36 Ahbraham B. Zayzay M
4 Aaron B. James M 37 Ahmed Bah Jallazo M
5 Aaron D. Kubahn M 38 Ahmed Sheriff M
6 Aaron S. Cormay, I M 39 Akoi M. Baysah, Jr. M
7 Abednego G. Grualee M 40 Akosa Ike M
8 Abegail M. Tennie F 41 Al Bowier, sr. M
9 Abel Pobleh M 42 Al – Varney Rogers M
10 Abel S. Sorty M 43 Alaska Moore Johnson M
11 Abigail Moore M 44 Albert M. Fanla M
12 Abigail P. Ballah F 45 Alberta Kesseley F
13 Abra C. Sirleaf F 46 Alberta Kesselley F
14 Abraham A. B. Boimah M 47 Alberto Dixson M
15 Abraham A. Sumaworo M 48 Alex A. Tokpah M
16 Abraham B. Doryea M 49 Alex Dahn, Jr. M
17 Abraham D. Cooper M 50 Alex Deeme M
18 Abraham Dayen M 51 Alex N. Arthur Larmie M
19 Abraham K. Morris, sr. M 52 Alex N. Mofageh F
20 Abraham kollie M 53 Alex S. Yormie M
21 Abraham P. Taylor M 54 Alex V. Williams M
22 Abraham Parker M 55 Alex Yomah M
23 Abraham Sollie M 56 Alexander G. Musa, Jr. M
24 Abraham Wheon M 57 Alexander Brown M
25 Abu Kamokai M 58 Alexander Clarke M
26 Ackollie E. Nanakpallah M 59 Alexander D. Jallayu M
27 Adam W. Freeman M 60 Alexander D. Luo M
28 Ade Wede Kerkulah F 61 Alexander G. Piah M
29 Adolphus B. Morris M 62 Alexander King M
30 Adolphus Singbeh M 63 Alexander Musa, Jr. M
31 Adrian S. Pabai M 64 Alexander Peiah M
32 Adu Kromah M 65 Alexander Z. Nyeneken M
33 Agatha D. Faryombo F 66 Alfred Collins M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
67 Alfred D. Rogers M 103 Angeline D. Glaywulu F
68 Alfred J. Joemah M 104 Angeline Dehnue F
69 Alfred Kollie M 105 Anna Juwle F
70 Alfred M. Geyzaye M 106 Anna P. Nance F
71 Alfred Z. Johnson M 107 Annestean Ziemah F
72 Alieu M. sheriff M 109 Annie T Gballah F
73 Allen Tenjoe M 110 Annies P. Dweh F
74 Alloycious David M 111 Ansay Dewellie F
75 Aloyscious Makor M 112 Anthony A. Stephens M
76 Aloyscious S. S. Chea, Jr. M 113 Anthony B. Sumo M
77 Aloysious Chea M 114 Anthony Gargbay M
78 Aloysious S. Sehwhy M 115 Anthony Gray, Jr. M
79 Aloysiyus John Flomo M 116 Anthony Koikoi M
80 Alpha A. W. Bah M 117 Anthony N. Williams, Jr. M
81 Alpha D. Senkpen M 118 Anthony Q. Jiffan M
82 Alphonso Bonar M 119 Anthony T. Flahn M
83 Alphonso D. Nyanti M 120 Anthony T. Puiyoe M
84 Alphonso G. Geah M 121 Anthony Tamba M
85 Alphonso M. George M 122 Anthony Varwen M
86 Alphonso Toweh M 123 Antoinette W. Hodges F
87 Alppanso Gbor M 124 Anton M. Gonlor M
88 Alvin L. Sieh M 125 Archie Boan M
89 Alvin Worzi M 126 Archie George M
90 Amelia C. Zaward F 127 Archie Sei Bob Yini M
91 Aminata Kromah F 128 Aria Deemie F
92 Amos Darby M 129 Arthur F Beare M
93 Amos G. Gruzan, Jr. M 130 Arthur F. Blackie M
94 Amos G. Yormie M 131 Aryee P. Davis F
95 Amos Harris M 132 Assata V. Kaba F
96 Amos P. Korzawu M 133 Athony Selmah M
97 Amos Willie M 134 Augusta Lafalay F
98 Amos Z. Boimah M 135 Augustas McGill Pshor F
99 Amudu Barrie M 136 Augustas S. Lafalay F
100 Andrew G. Gaye M 137 Augustine Bill Kollie M
101 Andrew Tellewoyan M 139 Augustine Cooper M
102 Angel Morris F 140 Augustine Myers M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
141 Augustine Octavious M 177 Bobby Korboi M
142 Augustine T. Saah M 178 Bobby W. Livingstone M
143 Augustus Auggie A – Doe M 179 Bobson Bob kwiti, Jr. M
144 Augustus B. Fallah M 180 Bockarie Musa M
145 Augustus D. R. Bortue M 181 Boris Korey M
146 Austin J. wesseh M 182 Bortfeldt Lloyd M
147 Awalayah Miah, Jr. M 183 Bridgett Milton F
148 Ayoubah G. D. Swaray M 184 Brima Alpha Lalugbah M
149 B. William Johnson M 185 Brown B. Karyea M
150 Ballah M. Johnson M 186 Bryant B. Doe, Jr. M
151 Barclay Kenneh M 187 Bryant B. Doule, Jr. M
152 Barley Y. Karnley M 188 Buxton A. Davis M
153 Baryogar Dediah F 189 C. Elwood Dunn M
154 Beatrice Sieh F 190 C. Winnie Saywah Jimmy F
155 Bedeskoe Nyumah Tumbay M 191 Calixte S. Hessou M
156 Belthan E. K. Tano M 192 Calvin A. Brooks M
157 Ben Morris M 193 Carlisious B. Weayatoe M
158 Ben T. C. Brooks M 194 Carloine V. Garett F
159 Bendu White F 195 Carlton Boah M
160 Benetta T. Bowah F 196 Caroline V. Grnett F
161 Benita Thomas F 197 Carolyn Myers F
162 Benjamin Garkpah M 198 Carson P. Mehn M
163 Benjamin Johnson M 199 Cassano Wesseh M
164 Benjamin Lablah M 200 Catherine K. Conteh F
165 Benjamin Perry M 201 Cecelia D. Morlue F
166 Benjamin Q. Johnson, Jr. M 202 Cecelia F. Fallah F
167 Bernard A. Waritay M 203 Cecelia F. Wolah F
168 Bernice A. Doe M 204 Cecelia G. Clarke F
169 Bettie K. Johnson Mbayo F 205 Cedrick Kpadeh M
170 Bill M. Kanweay M 206 Ceedor T. Roberts M
171 Blamo N. Toe M 207 Cephas williams M
172 Boakai B. Kamara M 208 Charles B. Coffey, Jr. M
173 Boakai T. Mabey M 209 Charles B. Johnson M
174 Boakoi M. Fofana, Sr. M 209 Charles Dennis M
175 Bob Woods M 210 Charles L.S. Koon, Jr. M
176 Bobby B. Addison M 211 Charles Yates M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
212 Charlesetta W. Cole F 248 D. Ignatius Roberts M
213 Charry S. K. Johnson M 249 D. Kaihenneh Senegbah M
214 Chelreo P. Saye-Geh M 250 D. Mario Sackie M
215 Chester Smith M 251 D. Mark P. Saypay M
216 Chris Appleton F 252 D. Oliva Bayyou M
217 Christian Appleton F 253 D. Seth Gbealley M
218 Christian N. Tolbor F 254 D. Sonpson Weah M
219 Christiana Flomo F 255 D. Webster Cassell M
220 Christine Humaru F 256 D. Wilison Nornie M
221 Christopher G. Fahn M 257 D.Dalidon Yeany, II M
222 Christopher Harris M 258 D.Solomon Tayblah M
223 Christopher K. Seeton M 259 Dadekoli S. David M
224 Christopher S. kumeh M 260 Damawa Fofana F
225 Christopher S. Wargelee M 261 Daniel D. Wleh, Jr. M
226 Christopher Taylor M 262 Daniel Dahnqueewon M
227 Christopher Walker M 263 Daniel Kerekulah M
228 Christopher Yarweh M 264 Daniel M. Jalibah M
229 Chuckey Radanmel Thomas M 265 Daniel Nyakonah, Jr. M
230 Cisco A. Toe M 265 Daniel T. Zean M
231 Clara K. Mallah F 266 Danise Love Dennis F
232 Clerance P. Jackson M 267 Dargbe Toby M
233 Comfort Doe F 268 Darius C. Myers M
234 Comfort G. Giwlay F 269 Darius G. Kargo M
235 Comfort George F 270 Darius Zoryea M
236 Comfort M. Johnson F 271 Darlington Freeman M
237 Consolata Varney M 272 Darlington Porkpa M
238 Cooper Q. Menlor M 273 Dave M. Gbataqquillie M
239 Cornelius Stone M 274 David A. Yates M
240 Crispin Tulay M 275 David B. Wongbor M
241 Cyprian Paul Johnson M 276 David D. Kennedy M
242 Cyrus C. Scott M 277 David Delboe M
243 Cyrus Kaba M 278 David Johnson M
244 Cyrus P. Chea M 279 David K. Grayon M
245 D. Cyrus Fanciah M 280 David K. Yango M
246 D. Dalison Yeaney M 281 David Kaine M
247 D. Damo Nyanquoi M 282 David Kolleh M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
283 David L. Garsiah M 319 Edward B. Palmer M
284 David M. THAN M 320 Edward Blamo M
285 David N. Flomo M 321 Edward Boakai m
286 David S. Johnson M 322 Edward Dennis M
287 Dede Barpeen M 323 Edward L. Massaquoi M
288 Dee-Sinoe Howard M 324 Edward Steam M
289 Dekontee L. Weahgar F 325 Edwin B. Dolo M
290 Deltin C. Dorley M 326 Edwin C. Benson, Jr. M
291 Desmond G. Lowleh M 327 Edwin D. Clarke M
292 Diamon Sorwards M 328 Edwin G. Genoway M
293 Dickson Tamba M 329 Edwin Khakie M
294 Diego L.S. Dunn, Jr. M 330 Edwin M. Juah M
295 Dioda Wreh F 331 Edwin N. Dahnmos M
296 Dixon Tunateh Penie M 332 Edwood Dennis M
297 Dominic Farley M 333 Eldred W. Thomas M
298 Doominic O. Humanburg M 334 Elhel Tweh F
299 Dorcas T. Gboerreh- Boe F 335 Eli Karpeh Bai M
300 Dorinda L. Darkwe M 336 Elijah B. Hegbe M
301 Doris T. Lake F 337 Elijah Boima M
302 Dorithy H. Smith F 338 Elijah E. Kaykay M
303 Dorlebgbay Mansuo M 339 Elijah K. Jimmy M
304 Dorlegah MansuaH M 340 Elijah L. Wehyee M
305 Dougba K. McCay M 341 Elijah Pyne M
306 Drapper Tobert M 342 Eliza Dahn F
307 Dugbeh Marc Snoh M 343 Eliza Elliott F
308 Dyrus Zinnah M 344 Elizebeth E. Hoff M
309 E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor M 345 Elizebeth S. Tengbeh F
310 E. Oliver Williyou, I M 346 Ellis D. Togba M
311 E. Uriah Togar M 347 Elton W. Tiah M
312 E. Varney Kamah M 348 Emmanue wilson m
313 E.Orlind Cooper M 349 Emmanuel Bealded M
314 Ebenezer A. Zonoe M 350 Emmanuel Bonzo M
315 Eddie Harmon M 351 Emmanuel D. Mopolo M
316 Eddie M. Gidding M 352 Emmanuel Dahn M
317 Eddie Monah Dwuyee M 353 Emmanuel Jackson M
318 Edmond Boakoi M 354 Emmanuel Jipoh M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
355 Emmanuel koffa M 391 Eva M. Flomo F
356 Emmanuel M. Togbah, Jr. M 392 Evangeline D. sirleaf F
357 Emmanuel N. Harris M 393 Evelyn K. Sengbeh F
358 Emmanuel N. Johnson M 394 Exodus Gbor M
359 Emmanuel N. Mafelah M 395 Exodus T. Weah M
360 Emmanuel Sayonkon M 396 Ezekiel F. Tamba M
361 Emmanuel T. Degleh M 397 Ezekiel N. McGill M
362 Emmanuel T. J. Kollie M 398 Ezekiel S. Makundu M
363 Emmanuel T. Quiah M 399 Ezekiel Wesseh M
364 Emmanuel T. Weah M 400 Fabine W. Kwiah F
365 Emmanuel Tehteh M 401 Facia B. Harris F
366 Emmanuel Toe M 402 Famatta E. Thomas F
367 Emmanuel Wise Jipoh M 403 Famatta Kromah Jabateh F
368 Emmanuel Y. Kortu M 404 Fanta Baysah F
369 Emmanuel Zaybay M 405 Fanta L. Kieta F
370 Emmauel Dahn M 406 Fatumata B. Talawala F
371 Emmett S. Yarsiah, Jr. M 407 Fatumata B. Talawollay F
372 EnouchM. Dormue M 408 Fayia Jonathan M
373 Eric A. M. Mulbah M 409 Federick Swen M
374 Eric Bondo M 410 Felecia T. Jallah F
375 Eric C. Chea M 411 Felicia D. Williams F
376 Eric Johnson M 412 Festus Poquie M
377 Eric M. Gwion M 413 Festus V. Guah, Jr. M
378 Eric S. Gbasue M 414 Fidel Saydee M
379 Eric T. Bannie M 415 Florence B. Flomo F
380 Eric W. Quaye M 416 Foday D. Saysay M
381 Ericson T. Gargar M 417 Foday Konneh M
382 Ernest G. sharper M 418 Foday Massaquoi M
383 Ernest Johnson M 419 Francis Allison M
384 Ernest K. McCay M 420 Francis D. Torpor, II M
385 Estelle Liberty kemoh F 421 Francis P. Tamba M
386 Esther B. Chegbo F 422 Francis Pelenah M
387 Esther Danyoy Johnson F 423 Francis S. Brower M
388 Esther Natalia Scott F 424 Francis Sahr Hallie M
389 Esther Thomas F 425 Frank B. Sainworla, Jr M
390 Eugene Nagbe M 426 Frank Jallah M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
427 Frank Lloyd M 463 George Kayee M
428 Frank Payne M 465 George Kiatomba M
429 Frank W. Payne, Jr. M 466 George M. Beson M
430 Frank W. Zlanyee M 467 George Morris M
431 Franklin M. Kwenah M 468 George S. katakpah M
432 Franklin Williams M 469 George T. Kiadii M
433 Fredino Wright M 470 George V. Bonar M
434 Fredrick G. Dao M 471 George Wehyee M
435 Freserick kumeh M 472 George Y. Sharpe M
436 G. Anthony Gargbay M 473 Gerald C. Koinyeneh M
437 G. Elijah Grando M 474 Geraldlyn S. Joines F
438 G. Isaac Moses, Jr. M 475 Gibson P. Gaye, Jr. M
439 G. Noway Gumeh F 476 Gifteen A. Tetteh M
440 G. Woizee Beyan, Jr. M 477 Giftere Tetteh F
441 Gabriel B. Sawah M 478 Glaymehn Turay M
442 Gabriel Doe M 479 Gloria T. Tamba F
443 Gabriel Kamann M 480 Godfred B. Quansah M
444 Gabriel M. G. Parker, sr. M 481 Gordon Garway M
445 Gabriel S. Birr M 482 Grace B. Gaie F
446 Gabriel T. Bundor M 483 Grace Q. Bryant F
447 Gamai Garyah F 484 Gracious Wonkulah F
448 Garsedal Wilsitoe M 485 Gus Jaeploe M
449 Gaye Guntoah M 486 Haji Massaley M
450 Gaye S. Siah M 487 Handful G. kollie F
451 Gblor B. Maron M 488 Handsome Nyumah Fayiah M
452 Gbolu B. Beyen M 489 Handson K. Belekabolu M
453 Genesis M. Gbeeme M 490 Hanfort D. Badio M
454 Genesis Paulkpa M 491 Harry N. Brown M
455 George Bardue M 492 Harry S. Flomo M
456 George D. Watkins M 493 Hawa Dolley F
457 George Des Kennedy M 494 Hawa Kona Smith F
458 George J. Borteh M 495 Hawa Woyea F
459 George J. Togbah M 496 Hector Mulbah M
460 George Johnson M 497 Hendrick T. Paye M
461 George K. Barpeen M 498 Henry B. Gboluma, Jr. M
462 George k. Boakai M 499 Henry B. Gibson M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
500 Henry B. Karngar M 536 J. Samuel B. Kpaiwru M
501 Henry D. Tarlue M 537 J. Teah Menrorwah, Jr. M
502 Henry Kamrmo M 538 J. Yekeh F. Kwaytah M
503 Henry M. Sumo, Jr. M 539 J.H. webster Clayeh M
504 Henry S. K. Fallah M 540 J.Samuel Semelee M
505 Henry V. Vicent M 541 Jackson C. Clay, Jr. M
506 Heston M. Jackson, III M 541 Jackson F. Kanneh M
507 Hilary Carter M 542 Jackson Kollie M
508 Hilary J. Colnoe M 543 Jacky Y. Mulbah M
509 Horine K. Dagbe M 544 Jacob G. Gardea M
510 I. Isaac Solo Kelgbeh M 545 Jacob Gardea M
512 Ibraham A. Sherif M 546 Jacob Kermue M
513 Ibrahim M. saysay M 547 Jacob Walker M
514 Ida A. Reeves F 548 Jacqueline Laphase F
515 Ignatius Jallah M 549 Jahem Tumu M
516 Inez M. R. Soko F 550 Jallah E. Grayfield M
517 Innis Saykpepo M 551 Jameal D. Davis M
518 Irene D. Horton F 552 James N. Kollie M
519 Isaac G. Redd M 553 James Y. Forkpa M
520 Isaac J. Ceegar M 554 James B. Gant M
521 Isaac Keah M 555 James B. S. Kwemellen M
522 Isaiah Yarkpawolo M 556 James B. Wolo M
523 Israel G. Tamba M 557 James D. Harris M
524 J. Alfred Chea M 558 James F. Kollie M
525 J. Baitermeayea Hilton M 559 James K. Kadi, Jr. M
526 J. Boimah Johnson M 560 James K. Weefar M
527 J. Calsious B. Weayaloe M 561 James L. Davids M
528 J. Ezekiel H. Cooper M 561 James Lahai M
529 J. James Sherman M 562 James M. Biah, Jr. M
530 J. Kaba Williams M 563 James M. Forkpa M
531 J. Korvah Beyan M 564 James M. Karimu M
532 J. Manson Kollie M 565 James M. Suah M
532 J. Nimene Pitah M 566 James McHingburg M
533 J. Nuwoe Foley M 567 James Myking Suah M
534 J. Othello Gbediah M 568 James P. Kwabo M
535 J. Prince E. Yengbe M 569 James Sherman M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
570 James T. Boeh M 606 Jerry L. Siakoi M
571 James V. Mulbah M 607 Jerry M. kai M
572 James W. Matadi M 608 Jerry T. Myers M
573 James Worquah M 609 Jess Walker M
574 James Y. Forkpo M 610 Jessica N. Flomo F
575 James Zeekieh M 611 Jimmy C. Fohngon M
576 Janet D. Warner F 612 Joana W. Barseh F
577 Janika Y. Kehyei M 613 Joanthan King M
578 Janjay F. Campbell F 614 Joanthan O. Grigsby, Sr. M
579 Jare R. Davies M 615 Joaquin M. Sendolo M
580 Jarlawah A. Tonpon M 616 Job G. Goroson M
581 Jeddi Armah M 617 Joe M Kollie M
582 Jediah Flahn M 618 Joe M. Tonkollie M
583 Jeff D. Jefferson M 619 Joe Noutoun Wander M
584 Jefferson H. Dargoue M 620 Joe Q. Gorson M
585 Jefferson Tenge M 621 Joe Wilson M
586 Jeffery J. Siboo M 622 Joekai G. Yango M
587 Jeffison Barpaye M 623 Joel Cholo Brooks M
588 Jehobah D. Bilo M 624 Joetta N. Kulah F
589 Jelbeh Johnson F 625 John Dennis Weah, Jr. M
590 Jemuel D. Davis M 626 John Dennis M
591 Jenkin V. Mabande M 627 John Fahn, Jr. M
592 Jenkins G. Davis M 628 John Fine M
593 Jenkins J. Freeman, Jr. M 629 John J. Goah M
594 Jenneh S. Kemokai F 630 John Kesseh M
595 Jennie Fallah Wounuah F 631 John N. Kumeh M
596 Jeremah Mulbah M 632 John Neufvllie M
597 Jeremiah B. Gayflor M 633 John P. W. Sheriff M
598 Jeremiah D. Sackie M 634 John Q. Gbedeah M
599 Jeremiah V. Wanto M 635 John S. Davis M
600 Jerey G. Poenah M 636 John T. Kesseh M
601 Jerome Carngbe M 637 John T. Monubah M
602 Jerome Saye M 638 John Weah M
603 Jerome W. Toe M 639 Johnny Nagbe M
604 Jerry Byepu M 640 Johnson F. Gbarntolenah M
605 Jerry G. Pelenah M 641 Johnson G. Kulah M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
642 Jonah C. Freeman M 679 Justic C. Gaddeh m
643 Jonathan J. Sunonteh M 680 Justic Randall Clarke M
644 Jonathan O. Nagbe M 681 Justin T. Korngor M
645 Jonathan Paye-Layleh M 682 Justina Hallie F
647 Jonethan L.Davis M 683 Justina W. Arthur F
648 Jonothan J. Sulnteh M 684 K. Ernest Taylor M
649 Josaih S. Wiah M 685 K. William Nugbe M
650 Joseph Allison M 686 K.Elijah Patrick M
651 Joseph B. Bryant M 687 Kcee Williams Nugba M
652 Joseph B. McCay M 688 Ke. Vin. T. Kpakolo M
653 Joseph B. Wheagar M 689 kehekoho Jean-Claude M
654 Joseph Charlie M 690 Kelvin Demey M
655 Joseph D. Sanyon M 691 kelvin Gonlah M
656 Joseph Deranamie M 692 Kelvin Teikah M
657 Joseph N. Bryant M 693 Kendrick Teawah Reuben M
658 Joseph N. Kerekula M 694 Kennedy Domah M
659 Joseph O. Jackson M 695 Kennedy S. Grahn M
660 Joseph Smart M 696 Kerkulah Solo, Jr. M
661 Joseph Solo, Jr. M 697 Kermue B. Dennis M
662 Joseph T. Gorloryorn M 698 King Brown M
663 Joseph Vicent M 699 king Bryant M
664 Joseph Weah M 700 klonnious Blamo M
665 Joseph Wongbay M 701 Kolubah B K. Zaysay M
666 Josephine E. Ogbodu F 702 Kongo Gborkorquellie M
667 Josephine Gekpee F 703 Korkulo Kpadeh M
668 Josiah F. Windor M 704 Korlu Jallah M
669 Josiah S. Pailey M 705 Korlu W. Kollie F
670 Josphua Mulbah, Jr. M 706 Korpo G. Tarweh F
671 Juliana Noah Johnson F 707 Kortee Nagbe M
672 Julius D. Jeh M 708 Korto B. D. Snow F
673 Julius Howard M 709 Kortue Snowe M
674 Julius Kanubah M 710 Kosain Bolo F
675 Julius N. Kouton M 711 L. Foday Dozon M
676 Julu Johnson, Jr. M 712 Ladyma Hunter Summon F
677 Junior B. Kesselee M 713 Lahai williams m
678 Junior V. Folley M 714 Lassana M. Donzon M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
715 Latta V. Bemah, Jr. M 751 Macpherson C. Marbiah M
716 Laurenzo G. Galary M 752 Madison R. Dolo M
717 Lawrence Fahnbulleh M 753 Mahammed F. Mausaray M
718 Lawrence Kamara M 754 Malcolm Scott M
719 Lawrence P. K. Allen M 755 Malcolm W. Joseph M
720 Lawrence V. Sherbo
Ledgerhood J. Rennie M 756 Malison P. Korkeh M
721 Lee N. Monjue M 757 Mambu James Kpargoi M
722 Lee Papay Layee M 758 Marciano M. Dennis M
723 Lennart Dodoo M 759 Marcus Malayea M
724 Leo Joboe M 760 Maretie Wornire F
725 Leosa K. tarr F 761 Marie Wille F
726 Leroy Sonpon M 762 Mark Dahn M
727 Leslie Duyen M 763 Mark G. Gray M
728 Lester Z. Gaye M 764 Mark Gardea M
729 Levi Cooper M 765 Mark Kulah M
730 Levitius P. Whamah M 766 Mark N. Mengonfia M
731 Lewis Konoe M 767 Mark Newa M
732 Lewis M. Paygar M 768 Mark P. Saypay M
733 Lewis S. The M 769 Mark S. Dahn M
734 Lewis T. Togba M 770 Marka Davis M
735 Lewis Zaipo M 771 Marlon K. Johnson M
736 Lincoln B. Jimmy M 772 Maron T. Gbor F
737 Lincoln Delieh M 773 Martha C. Barchue F
738 Lincoln G. Peters M 774 Martha Kpakai F
739 Lincoln P. Nyakpoar M 775 Marthaline Docras Flomo F
740 Lisa Diasay F 776 Marthalyne Nagbe F
741 LK. Matthias Woaneyean, Jr. M 777 Martin Blayon M
742 Lloyd G. Flomo M 778 Martina N. Fanciah F
743 Lloyd Nyonneonfarley M 779 Marvin F. Vah M
744 Love TL. Larky F 780 Mary Quimie F
745 Lovetee P. Dolo F 781 Mason Kollie M
746 Lucia K. Yintee F 782 Matalay S. Kollie M
747 Lusene Dukuly M 783 Matthew D. Glassco M
748 M. Alaska Denker M 784 Maxwell D. Johnson M
749 M. Figo Mansaray M 785 Melody M. Kitter F
750 Mack Rogers M 786 Meloshe D. Roberts M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
787 Melvin L. Suah M 843 Moses M. Jahhal M
788 Melvin Stewart M 844 Moses N. Doe M
789 Meme Simoke F 845 Moses Nyanti M
790 Memo Geeblsah M 846 Moses S. Bailey M
791 Mercy M. Kpaingbay F 847 Moses S. Dayoure M
792 Methuseleh Gaye M 848 Moses Sumo M
793 Miatta Roberts F 849 Moses T. Mandandoe M
794 Michael Karr M 850 Moses T. Sackie M
795 Michael Kemmie M 851 Moses Togbah, Jr. M
796 Michael N. Solomon M 852 Moses V. kowo M
797 Michael Solomon M 853 Mulbah Y. Reeves M
798 Michael Wroh M 854 Mulinda C. Mulbah F
799 Michlyne N. Williams M 855 Munan S. Lagree F
800 Mike G. Bordolo M 856 Murphyn Flomo M
801 Mitchell N. Milks M 857 Musa MB Kenneh M
802 Mohammed A. A. Kromah M 858 Musu L. Sirleaf F
803 Mohammed Bah M 859 Namopi Tapia M
804 Mohammed Kanneh M 860 Naneka A. Hoffman F
805 Mohmed Toure M 861 Nathan Kollie M
806 Molley Kiazolu M 862 Nathan M. Domon M
807 Momoh B. Siryon M 863 Nathan Matthews, I M
808 Moore Tuah M 864 Nathan Tarnue Jallah M
809 Morris A. Fatorma, Jr. M 865 Nathaniel G. Natty, II M
810 Morris Beayan M 866 Nathaniel S. Tokpah M
811 Morris J. Kamava M 867 Nathniel Success Tokpah M
812 Morris Johnson M 868 Necus M. Andrews M
813 Morris Karnga M 869 Nelson B. K. Dahn M
814 Morrison G. Momo, Jr. M 870 Nelson Kolleh M
825 Moses Binda Togbah M 871 Nelson Kollie M
826 Moses G. Kollie M 872 Nemenlah Cyrus Harmon M
827 Moses Garzeawy M 873 Nenwah Gaye M
828 Moses Geply M 874 Netty N. Nelson F
829 Moses H. Bunbah M 875 Never Garmah Lomo F
830 Moses Jallah M 876 Niclolas a. Dennis M
831 Moses Kollie M 877 Nico J. Gbor M
832 Moses Kpakolo M 878 Nimley S. Augustus M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
879 Noania Paulema F 915 Patrick F. Togbah M
880 Nobantu Ncube Taylor F 916 Patrick Flomo M
881 Nofestus V. Guah, Jr. M 917 Patrick Honnah M
882 Nonreka Gewleh M 918 Patrick Nyemah Mensah M
883 Nukanah Kollie M 919 Patrick S. Tokpah M
884 Nyanpee Darziah, Jr. M 920 Patrick Waylor M
885 Nyantee S. Togba M 921 Paul B. Harris M
886 Obediah Baryogar M 922 Paul Bordoe M
887 Obediah D. Flomo M 923 Paul Hebelamou M
888 Olive E. Thomass F 924 Paul T. Sirlie M
889 Olive Stevenson F 925 Paywala Jaugan M
890 Oliver Miclntosh F 926 Pekeleh P. Paye Gbuapaye M
891 O’neal Robets M 927 Pennoh Robertson M
892 Onesimus D. Leighe M 928 Perry B. Zordyu M
893 Onesimus S. Garway M 929 Peter Darblo M
894 Oral G. Wille F 930 Peter G. Kollie M
895 Orando Kromah M 931 Peter K. Moore M
896 Oretha Bundo-She F 932 Peter N. Dolo M
897 Oscar F. Mulbah M 933 Peter N. Toby M
898 Osman S. Conteh M 934 Peter Trune Tellewoyan M
899 Othello B. Garbleh M 935 Pewee F. Flomoku M
900 Othello Boieh M 936 Phebe Jeh F
901 Otis Kamara M 937 Philip G. Moore M
902 Oxford Brown M 938 Philip S. Browin M
903 P. Alphonsu Zeon M 939 Philipmon Kpor F
904 P. Freddy Y. Gayflor M 940 Preston Toe M
905 P. Mohammed Sheriff M 941 Prince Allison M
906 P. Nas Mulbah M 942 Prince B. Mulbah M
907 P. Uriah Suah M 943 Prince Copeland M
908 P. Vangerlin Kpotoe F 944 Prince D. Zoegar M
909 Papa Morris M 945 Prince Dunbar M
910 Patience B. Koromah F 946 Prince Harris M
911 Patience Jah F 947 Prince Joeway M
912 Patrick Blama M 948 Prince konah M
913 Patrick C. M. Kollie M 949 Prince L. Lormeah M
914 Patrick Doyen M 950 Prince M. Grandoe M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
951 Prince P. Gibson M 987 Robert B. Kpadeh M
952 Prince T. Kordoralee M 988 Robert Dixon M
953 Princess M. David F 989 Robert J. Clarke, Jr. M
954 Princess N. Eastman F 990 Robert Y. Mattaly M
955 Princess Zayzay F 991 Robert zeah M
956 Princeton G. Quiah M 992 Robert Zeah M
957 Prosper P.. Gray M 993 Robertson Pennoh M
958 Prosper Quayee M 994 Rochford T. Gardiner M
959 Q. Calvin Qunyea M 995 Rodney Sieh M
960 Quenah Cooper M 996 Roger T. Barh M
961 R. Jocelyn Weah F 997 Roland Bankorkai M
962 Rachel F. Saykiamien F 998 Roland Mulbah M
963 Rachel G. Kollie F 999 Roland Y. Worwee M
964 Rancy Clarke M 1000 Romeilia P. George F
965 Rancy S. Teewia M 1001 Romeo J. Togba M
966 Randall G. Gbayeah M 1002 Romeo W. Dugbeh M
967 Randall George M 1003 Ronald B. Campbell M
968 Randall P. Jackson M 1004 Roosevelt W. Torbor M
969 Randall T. Saykaimien M 1005 Rose S. Kollie F
970 Raymond C. Wah M 1006 Rose Yassah Stubblefield F
971 Raymond K. Zarbay M 1006 Ross W. Kayjleh M
972 Regina W. Juwle F 1007 Rudolph G. Gborkeh M
973 Rena Q. Wilson F 1008 Ruebin Guahn M
974 Reuben A. Yuan M 1009 Rufus D. Brooks, Jr. M
975 Reuben Bier M 1010 Rufus D. Carneh, Jr. M
976 Reuben Sei Waylaun M 1011 Rufus N. Bprley M
977 Rhodoxon S. Fayiah M 1012 Rufus Nimley M
978 Richard A. Kaine M 1013 Ruth Gbatoe F
979 Richard Manuba M 1014 S. Cooper Korkollie M
980 Richard S. Suah M 1015 S. Oliver Mcitosh M
981 Richard Williams M 1016 S. Peter Davis M
982 Richard Z. Wheh M 1017 S. Sonnie Morris F
983 Richmond Dunn M 1018 Saah Hudson M
984 Rita Yah F 1019 Saimbu Sannoh M
985 Robbin T. Hallie M 1020 Salam O. kalonko M
986 Robert B. Haynes M 1021 Sallu Swaray M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
1022 Salome Dioh F 1058 Saykpepo Innis M
1023 Salome Weah F 1059 Sayor E. Wahtoson M
1024 Salomie Fungo M 1060 Saywhar N. Gbaa F
1025 Sam K. Drue M 1061 Scolari Korsee M
1026 Sam M. Karto M 1062 Sebo M. Daniels M
1027 Sam Matadi M 1063 Seh a. Nelson M
1028 Sam O. Dean M 1064 Sei T. Koyea, Jr. M
1029 Sam Sarwah M 1065 Sengbor S. Jallah M
1030 Sam Topayon M 1066 Senghor S. Jallah M
1031 Sam Yomah M 1067 Sensee S. K. Johnson M
1032 Sam Z. Zota M 1068 Seyou Chea Tequah M
1033 Sampson G. David M 1069 Shadrick Tawily M
1034 Samuel Doe M 1070 Shallon S. Gonlor M
1035 Samuel A. Hasay M 1071 Shalloy G. Morley M
1036 Samuel B. Diggs M 1072 Shamma P. S. Dorbor M
1037 Samuel Boyah M 1073 Shannor G. Gueh M
1038 Samuel Dorweh M 1074 Shedrick J. Howelley M
1039 Samuel Dorweh M 1075 Sheku L. Kenneh M
1040 Samuel F. Morris M 1076 Sherman C. Seequeh M
1041 Samuel Flomo, Jr. M 1077 Sherman H. Dioh M
1042 Samuel G. Dweh M 1078 Shiek Sonnie M
1043 Samuel Holt M 1079 Siafa Jallah M
1044 Samuel Johnson M 1080 Siatta Scott Johnson F
1045 Samuel Lansana, Sr. M 1081 Siaway T. Miapue M
1046 Samuel M. King M 1082 Sidney Nicol, Jr. M
1047 Samuel S. Varwen M 1083 Sieboe Williams M
1048 Samuel S. Whamah M 1084 Siemon L. Wee F
1049 Samuel Solupal M 1085 Smith Toby M
1050 Samuel Teah M 1086 Solo U. Lewis M
1051 Samuka V. Konneh M 1087 Solomon A. Ware, Sr. M
1052 Samwar S. Fallah M 1088 Solomon B. Moore M
1053 Sando Boakai M 1089 Solomon Carter M
1054 Sarah A. Hayes- Cooper F 1090 Solomon Cooper M
1055 Sarah G. Kollie F 1091 Solomon M. Toby M
1056 Sarah Winnie Ellis F 1092 Solomon S. Dahn M
1057 Saye Messah M 1093 Solomon S. Ware M
No. Name S*x No Name S*x
1094 Sorbor B. George M 1140 T. Thelma Sayweh F
1095 Stanley B. Kamara M 1141 Taisiah K. Merfee M
1096 Stanley Seakor M 1142 Tarnue K. Worwee M
1097 Stephen A. Gobah M 1143 Tarr U. B. Garnett M
1098 Stephen D. Tarlue M 1144 Tarweh Surkula M
1099 Stephen Doito M 1145 Taweh B. Johnson M
1110 Stephen F. Dolo M 1146 Teah Doegmah M
1111 Stephen G. Felajuah M 1147 Teahyhn Kargo M
1112 Stephen K. Beyan M 1148 Tecee Boley Nyakonah F
1113 Stephen M. Roberts M 1149 Teddy W. S. Bryant M
1114 Stephen N. Sonpon M 1150 Tennyson Torplue M
1115 Stephen T. Gomosob M 1151 Terry C. Mehn M
1116 Sterling O. Harris M 1152 Tetee F. Gebro F
1117 Steve Nyuan M 1153 Thedphilus KBS Gippley, III M
1118 Steven F. Abullah M 1154 Thomas K. Roulhac M
1119 Steven M. Dorbor M 1155 Thomas Kerkulah M
1120 Steven S. Woembia M 1156 Thomas S. Tiah M
1121 Success Doe Jr. M 1157 Thomas Salay M
1122 Sumaka Keita M 1158 Thomas W. Vulu M
1123 Summerhill J. K. Kaizon M 1159 Timothy Blaye M
1124 Sumo Benson M 1160 Timothy K. Yao M
1125 Sumo I Jackson M 1161 Timothy P. K. Mongrue M
1126 Sumo M. Benson M 1162 Timothy T. Carr M
1127 Sylvester Dobson M 1163 Timothy Weah M
1128 Sylvester O. Dobson M 1164 Tina Siatta Mehnpaine M
1129 Sylvester S. seiyoe M 1165 Titus E. Desie M
1130 Sylvester S. Tamba, Jr. M 1166 Titus P. Kengo M
1131 Sylvester W. Worwee M 1167 Titus W. Tokpah, Sr. M
1132 T. Klay Wesley M 1168 Togar George M
1133 T. Konowloh Wesseh M 1169 Tokpah Justic Moses M
1134 T. Korta Dogba M 1170 Tokpah Tarnue M
1135 T. Michael Johnny M 1171 Tom N. Y. Paye M
1136 T. Prince Mulbah M 1172 Tonita N. Copson F
1137 T. Q. Lula Jaurey F 1173 Troble Suah M
1138 T. Quaqua Miller M 1174 Trojan M. Kiazolu M
1139 T. Teah Menrorwah, Jr. M 1175 Trokon Tarr M

No. Name S*x No Name S*x
1176 Trokon Wrepu M 1212 Wellington Dennis M
1177 Ugbenday Massaley M 1213 Wil. Wilfred Duosi M
1178 Uriah B. Cole M 1214 Wilhelmina Garr Stevens F
1179 V. Vehzelee M. Sumo, II M 1215 William Decent Toe M
1180 Vangerline Pinky Kpoto F 1216 William Dobor M
1181 Varflay Kamara M 1217 William Nugbe M
1182 Varmah Kamara M 1218 William Payne, Jr. M
1183 Varmetta Johnson Freeman F 1219 Williametta T. Jabbah F
1184 Varney Dukuly M 1220 Willie Coleman M
1185 Varney F. williams M 1221 Willie N. Tokpah M
1186 Varney Folley M 1222 Wilmot D. Konah M
1187 Varney Gbessay M 1223 Wind Gargar M
1188 Varney Kamara M 1224 Windell Togar Shasha M
1189 Vasta J. Tarlue M 1225 Winston P. Karr M
1190 Vehzelee Sumo M 1226 Winston Parley M
1191 Veronica K. Nanoe F 1227 Winston W. Songay M
1192 Veronica W. Gasluashea F 1228 Winston Y. M. Polornore M
1193 Vicent Yelegar M 1229 Wleh Bedell M
1194 Vicentia S. Hunter F 1230 Wonne Dolokelen F
1195 Victor C. B. Smith M 1231 Yassah J. Wright F
1196 Victor C. Hanson M 1232 Yeato Brooks F
1197 Victor C. Johnson, Jr. M 1233 Yvonne Dolokelen F
1198 Victor Cooper M 1234 Z. Abedenego Wesseh M
1199 Victor D. Kezelee, Sr. M 1235 Zac B. Graves M
1200 Victor Jah Gowah M 1236 Zahn Dehdyugar M
1201 Victor V. Zoleglee M 1237 Zarbelee K. Woiwor M
1202 Victoria G. Wesseh F 1238 Zarwolo Selleh M
1203 Victoria M. Garuene F 1239 Zazay Kolubah M
1204 Victoria Weesah F 1240 Zeowheh V. Sumo F
1205 Vivian A. Cooke F 1241 Ziamah M. Zeligler M
1206 Vivian B. Teah F 1242 Zoe Horace F
1207 Vivian Nah Mulbah F 1243 Zoom Dosso M
1208 W. Omecee Johnson M 1245 Zoquah B. Kanneh F
1209 Wallace T. lovela M
1210 Washhinton T. Watson M
1211 Watta F. Badah F

Signed: Fabine W. Kwiah
Membership Committee/ PUL
Approved: Charles Coffey
President /PUL

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