Trille Album FROM INSIDE
AFRICA deserve ALBUM OF THE YEAR at the upcoming Liberia Music Awards in November 🙌🏿
The Album full of REALITY and every day happening in our society.

Hala to Kenzo Kiazolu for his modern studio.
A young man is striving to bring quality change to the entertainment industry in Liberia.
We have an excellent working time together( Trille One Life Video Production ). His quest for better and advanced video production is outstanding.
I am so proud of him and how far he has pushed his career. I can wait to work along with him again.
Congratulations, bro. ❤️❤️
Because of the following song's from the album "From Inside Africa"

👉🏾 Da my problem
👉🏾 Human Being
👉🏾 Laypay Laypay
👉🏾 Gbaysulu

We safely say Trille is Artists of year

Those four songs mentioned above are amazing when it comes to Gbema and I believed the artist is best Gbema Artists ever in liberia

Keep it up Trille God gonna elevate your career some

Y'all please follow Blog LIB
Trille my favorite
Congratulations, Trille !! It's a big win for us.
When you take it Lapay-Lapay it will come with ease😍. Chill in your new friend.
Trille is a good musicians may God continue giving him the knowledge and good experience
I want to be a Singer
Trille is on the S.A.M Jam on State Radio 99.9 and ELBC Metro 89.9fm on Saturday. Join the conversations beginning at 7:30am

Graphic: Shekee Tro the Designer
Hi friends
Trille Thanks dahtor🙏🏿💚
Whether you Rich/Poor Human being will still talk 🙌🏿
Go check TrTrille Official FIA Album, it's 🔥🔥🔥
How can I get your new music prof
From Inside Africa 🌍 Already Dropped From Trille Official
Check the link below and listen to all the songs.👇👇👇👇
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Trille is a Liberia awards-winning artist who is playing a key role in promoting Liberia music with

Photos from Trille's post 12/12/2022

2023 will be your year, and everything will be worth the wait💕🙏.
Your Mor Say__

From Inside Africa (Fia) 10/12/2022

From Inside Africa (Fia)

The result is impressive ..thank u.
Lets keep streaming ❤️🔥

From Inside Africa (Fia)


I hope that December will be your breakthrough month. 🫶🏾

Photos from Trille's post 27/11/2022

Congratulations to the Legend, Takun J
,and his beautiful wife.💕🌟


.💕 🙏


I am dropping a real party jam banger—too much stress to release.🤩🍺 lets go!! 🔥


I only see love ❤️ here—too much love from you.

Photos from Trille's post 06/11/2022

Grateful ❤️
Yor more say ❤️🙏


Have you subscribed?


New Song Loading....!! ❤️🔥


✍️Thanks for the birthday messages. I received extraordinary love from you. 🙏❤️


Thank you Lord for adding another year. Thank you for your support.


The system is so messy. Sad for the upcoming and dreamers.


Trusting people is my biggest weakness 😔. I have always been the victim. 😴


Silent is the biggest weapon.🔛✔️


New!! 🔥


Somewhere in river cess county (LIB).
From inside Africa 🌍
Get the album from links below 👇

Photos from Trille's post 18/08/2022

Thanks Benedict and capital fm. Lets go get the Fia. Keep streaming


tomorrow. 6-7 Pm
Capital FM 89.7. (From inside Africa) your trending album. Let's talk about it. ❤️
Your Mo-Say __

Trille - From Inside Africa - TUNESLIBERIA 12/08/2022

Trille - From Inside Africa - TUNESLIBERIA

Fia 🔥 Go get it . 👇👇

Trille - From Inside Africa - TUNESLIBERIA

Photos from Trille's post 09/08/2022

Congratulations to us!! ❤️🙏🙏
FIA came with a huge blessing, but it couldn't have been without you. God is our plug. 🎉🎉🎉

Trille 05/08/2022

Trille is a little strange to us in Liberia.
This platform has one of fantastic and inspiring followers.
Please check it, and for those who want to buy the album directly.

Trille Trille is a Liberia top sensational musician who has produced great hits songs. He came into prominence when he released his mega hit song called "Zombie Dance." After this release, Trille has proven to be Constance with top record releases.


A little secret about Fia.

Good music never dies.


Song: Gbaysuluku 🦍 🔥


When they think they are closing the door, God is opening another one. Fia 🔥


B-Villle City ❤️

Photos from Trille's post 30/07/2022

From Inside Africa (FiA), and thanks for the reception.💓
Thanks fans, Fia is a Certified record.
Let's go000 hit the link 👇👇

From Inside Africa (Fia) 30/07/2022

From Inside Africa (Fia)

I have it all available on various streaming Platforms. It's easy just hit the link 👇.

From Inside Africa (Fia)

Photos from Trille's post 28/07/2022

Kpanto is defying the odds and breaking the bars in our industry. I feel so proud of him.
You are a living legend, bro. Make mama Liberia proud. Let's gooo 🏆❤️❤️

👉Go get the Album


Happy Independence Day 🇱🇷
@175, we are very proud of ourselves. We are work in progress. Let's celebrate this moment with peace.


Bring in foreign players and naturalize them to play for Lonestar. They will do better, and others will be motivated. It may sound funny, but the best decision for building a quick project with productivity and competition.
If we say we are constructing from the stretch, it will not work in the next 100 years. This is not the Liberia we knew before. Let's bring in competition.

Trille - From Inside Africa (Fia) 24/07/2022

Trille - From Inside Africa (Fia)

It's already Trending 🙏🙏🔥. Let's gooo👇

Trille - From Inside Africa (Fia) Stream From Inside Africa (Fia), an album by Trille. Featuring: Mr. Parbai, Barsee Mocopala Kiloda Release Date: July 16, 2022.

Photos from Trille's post 24/07/2022

It was really fantastic getting along with the Veteran entertainer and radio personality Baba Milkman Elliott Saytonneh and Incridible Transformer of Super Fm. Thank you Fam, and the Spoon Family. FIA is unstoppable. Let's goooo 💓🔥


Poor no Friend..
"Da money can make her bayga to dance".


8:30-11 am spoon FM/TV 107.5fm.
Let's talk about Fia with Milkman & incredible Trans. Let's gooooo !!


Tell your favorite songs on Fia Album?


I spoke Mandingo in one of my Fia Tracks. Now, they are asking me where I learn it from. ( only Mu'soo will understand)


Happy Birthday to you bld, you are such an amazing personality. Wish you all the best in your new age, Barsee!

👉👇Go get ( Body Rhythm ft Barsee)


Fia is out❗❤️


Bees don't waste their time explaining to flies why honey is better than sh**t.

Fia( Album) hit audiomack 10k in 3days 🙏💗

Videos (show all)

Somewhere in river cess county (LIB).From inside Africa 🌍Get the album from links below 👇
Shout out to you if you are still grinding with me. Let's get on, Fia. (From Inside Africa)
Thank you PUL. Am Honored!Let’s take it Lapay-Lapay❤️🔥 Official song will be on the album. Follow 👇🏾
@DJmorizo in USA, came through with unstoppable energy but Wetin I Know - 😃❤🔥💕🙏🔥🔥
This song is a fire 🔥 🔥💪❤#Do_ur_own👇
Go get the new hit 🔥🔥 : Forget about eating rice and eat good music.  Because good song lives forever 😍🥰🤩❤ https://youtu...
#onecopy 🔥🔥🔥🔥





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