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From peace mediation during Liberia’s civil war, to youth and students activism and reforms, to ma


More grace sister.

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Inside the district comes on every month second and last Sunday 3....4/5pm. Laraamand movement and his candidacy in district 12. BFM 103.9.


Today marks four years of the Weah government in power. We are looking for to hearing his SONA address and much more prepared to provide a critique of it.



My fellow compatriots,

Today is Christmas and marks the birth of Jesus. It is the day God sent his son into the world born of a virgin, born out of the lineage of David to deliver mankind from their sins.

Today Christians all over the world celebrate this joyous occasion of redemption. As we celebrate this day, let us reflect on the tasks and the redemptive roles each and everyone of us has to play in delivering our district from neglect, underdevelopment, and misrepresentation. Just as the glory shone, that Shekinah Glory that led the wise men to the stable to find baby Jesus, shine into your heart; let it be a burning desire that makes you want to do all you can to be apart of history making. I acknowledge all of you and all that you continue to do. We are in this together.

May the joy, peace and happiness of Christmas rest with you this day. I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2022.



What a wonderful way of reflecting on my speech delivered on the POWER OF LOCAL COMMUNITIES at the Monevia African Leadership Award (MALA). Have a wonderful start of the new week.


Today, we dedicate our official page in loving memory, but also, to the undying legacy of Comrade, Cde. Vallia M. Dorley, a scholar, policy expert, former student leader, and social justice campaigner who has gone to join many before us to eternity.

Rest-in-power! We shall finish the unfinished task you left behind. We will do so believing that one day, one day, the struggle will reach its logical conclusion.

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This morning, the Laraamand Nyonton Movement in District 12 conducted a massive cleanup exercise across the LPRC/ Glass Factory community. Thanks to the Cell leadership and the entire team.


Nothing stands in the way of million of voices calling for justice.

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Ongoing road work on the Stephen Tolbert Estate & Chicken Soup Factory back road.


Swagger Island Bridge Renovation Project

Friends of Laramaad Nyonton, a political movement in partnership with Sen. Abraham Darius Dillon have dedicated a bridge to safeguard residents of swagga island in district #12, montserrado county.
The bride project which is put at two thousand and fifty United states dollars($2,050) was initiated as a result of the exposure of residents to death trap.
Speaking at the dedicatory ceremony, the spokesman of the group Steven Morris said the project is a token of appreciation to the people of the community for the election of senator Dillon.
Morris who described the project as lifesaving will provide safe passage for vehicles plying the bridge.
Isaac Doloyan, the community chairman speaking on behalf of residents said the rehabilitation of the bridge demonstrates signs of true friendship to the people of the community.
The ceremony was attended by scores of community leaders and residents of the area.


We dedicate our page to a Liberian success story of the most disadvantaged and deprived generation in history. Mr. Amara Quardu Muhammad Kamara bags duo degree from East Africa. We are super proud of you.

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More photos from yesterday's colorful dedication ceremony of a newly renovated bridge turned over to the Swagger Island community.


The honorable is working.


No matter which side of the political spectrum you are, Frank Foko's story is an inspiration to thousands of young Liberians and his District. I want to send a message of Congratulations to you as you've been officially inducted as Representative of Electoral District #9



Retrospecting an interview done with studio 4 of the Voice of America (VOA) in 2018, I clearly spoke of the intersectionality of education and youth empowerment, and the need to revolutionize education in such a way that we can return vocational and technical education back to high schools. Take a moment and watch. We still need these solutions right now for the educational sector.

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When built on the foundation of unity and solid leadership, community strives. This is true with our engagement with the Stephen A. Tolbert Community and the Stephen A. Tolbert Extension Community.

Guinea enters 'epidemic situation' as seven Ebola cases confirmed 15/02/2021

Guinea enters 'epidemic situation' as seven Ebola cases confirmed

The resurgence of Ebola in neighboring Guinea is concerning. Guinea must not be left alone in these early stages of the epidemic. ECOWAS and the MRU must show leadership and coordinate a rapid response immediately.

I also urge the Liberian government to be vigilant. Close the Liberian-Guinean border points with immediacy. Increase awareness and Ebola-related messages on symptoms and prevention among citizens with immediacy. It is only safe we take all the necessary precautions now to avoid the terrifying experience and hideous effect of this virus as we did in 2014.

Guinea enters 'epidemic situation' as seven Ebola cases confirmed Health minister says officials ‘really concerned’ after three deaths from the infectious disease


The Supreme Court's decision yesterday to uphold the Lower Court's verdict on Bownie Jeffrey Samukai, Jr. is welcoming. I would hope that the CPP's leadership doesn't remain silent on this. To do so, will be cowardice. We cannot avoid to lower the bar in the fight against corruption and in our stance to uphold the highest standards of integrity. Corruption yesterday was wrong, and so it is today. A verdict on a member of the CPP recently elected to the senate places the onus on the current leadership of the CPP to demonstrate leadership. I call on the current CPP that she truly stand against corruption, and for justice to the poor. The current leadership of the CPP must put pressure on the leadership in which Mr. Brownie Samukai upholds his membership to indefinitely suspend him pending his fulfillment of the Court's mandate to restitute the AFL pension fund unlawfully misappropriated.

Even as we provide this singular recommendation, it appears to be an uphill struggle for the current leadership of the CPP whose authority rests with the Liberty Party. Few weeks ago, the party resigned its integrity fate to Musa Bility, a man similarly in a legal battle with FIFA on corruption charges. The fact that CPP framework document prohibits constituent parties from melting into the internal affairs of each other, made it difficult for the UP, ANC or ALP to speak to the Bility saga. Therefore, it is going to take enormous amount of courage for the LP who currently holds the Chairmanship of the CPP to speak to what is internally UP matter. I hold the view that Brownie Samukai's matter is a CPP matter - he ran on the CPP's ticket - therefore, the current leadership of the CPP must act. I also hold the view that it is hard time we consider the dissolution of the constituent boundaries that exist within the CPP and embrace merger as a singular party with a singular goal. This will allow for an enriching environment to uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability so desperately needed for the cleansing of our governance space.


Each of us has to bear his burden and the heat each day as citizens. We do what the Lord gives us to do for the good of country and humanity.


You celebrate light (just few poles) as a major accomplishment, but what's ironically is that we are not lighting up as a people! The mediocrity is just too much. Liberia, in the 21st century, MUST advance in an era of SMART solutions and BIG plans. We can not continue to keep our people in darkness- poverty, disease, illiteracy, couple with massive looting of state resources, and expect the planting of few poles to be the solution the masses deserve.


Justice Archives

Reflecting on our role in standing for justice and to end the culture of impunity in Liberia, a full implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's report is the only way out. We might have lost the fight before it was even started - a nation captured by warlords and economic vampires at the signing of the CPA document in Accra, Ghana - presents a post conflict society that buries the trauma, pains, and a reverberating call for justice and renewal. In this video, I joined citizens of good will and conscience at the grounds of the United Nations in New York to stand up for 250,000 of our compatriots who lost their lives to Liberia's senseless war. This moment in history MUST be treated with urgency because we know time and nature is not on our side for perpetrators that have lived beyond six decades of their lives.

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The saying goes: "Family isn't always blood". Quite true! Spared a moment this weekend, despite the inclement weather to visit the State of Illinois, a longtime ideological brother (Samuel Jacobs). We shared unfading memories on Liberia, debated Dambisa Moyo's scholarly work: Dead Aid (arguing that Africa needs no more aid from the West), and a quite astonishing and emerging discourse on "Afro-optimism". Interestingly, we also cleared the snow to allow me get to the airport. 😀😀


Integrity is a key component of good governance. I must commend all citizens of good will that are fronting to make the LACC once more an integrity house. Bravo!


Leroy Archie Ponpon embodies courage. Our hearts and prayers are with him throughout these moments as he recovers.


As I think of Liberia, leadership is just not lacking. We have to face the menaces of social and moral decadence on one hand, and political and governance collapse on the other hand. Serious re-engineering of the social, political and cultural fibric of our society is needed right now. And at the center of this, the youth has to be properly guided. Watching the COP youth wing crossover to a political institution that is adding to our fundamental problems, means there are still serious work to do in providing guidance for our young people.


Poor national leadership or lack thereof. A nation in deep chaos, faced by open allegations of corruption, and zero political will to transforming the lives of ordinary Liberians. This is the state of Liberia, Sad!


Transparency is keen to winning the fight against COVID - 19. We ask GOL to public the contract agreement with WFP


Glad to have been featured on the Power TV local news in Liberia on our position on the President’s expansion of the State of Emergency by 30 days. Please follow.


I am pleased to announce that I have accepted an invitation to appear on Power TV (via phone in from the United States) to discuss trending national issues, including:
1. The expulsion of LACC’s embattled Executive Chairman
2. The controversy over the food distribution Program
3. The new NEC Chair & Co-Chair

Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2020 @ 9am. You don’t want to miss it!

CPP Member Denounces Postponement Of Midterm Elections 17/06/2020

CPP Member Denounces Postponement Of Midterm Elections

We submit our position on the postponement of the October scheduled elections.

CPP Member Denounces Postponement Of Midterm Elections A member of the Collaborating Political Party (CPP) has condemned government's decision on the postponement of the midterm senatorial election scheduled for mid October to December.Laraamand Nyonton who was a candidate in the 2017 Presidential and Re


I am so thrilled to announce my official page, which will highlight my activities a social reform activist and Vice Chairman for Communication and Outreach for the Grassroots Alternative Movement (GAM)

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Swagger Island Bridge Renovation Project
Justice Archives





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