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Wisse TV News 05/04/23

Legislative Women Caucus of Liberia concludes a one day interactive meeting with women of Margibi.

By: Patrick N Wesseh

Contact: (231) 886683172/770454316

WhatsApp: (231)770947271

Email [email protected]

The Women Legislative Caucus of Liberia in partnership with the offices of Margibi County District #3 representative Ellen Attoh-Wreh with support from the UN Women Liberia, ended a One day interactive meeting with women of Margibi County.

The day long Town-hall Engagement was held at the Kakata Cinema on Wednesday May 3, 2023 under the theme "Sustaining and Promoting Women's Political Participation and Leadership".

Madam Marayah Fyneah, Program Coordinator of Women Legislative Caucus of Liberia, called on the participants to take advantage of the pending October 10 presidential and general elections.
According to her, it's their constitutional right to partake in any democracy process of Liberia and as such, their participation in the October 10 elections will determine their future for the next six and nine years.

She further noted that the pending elections are not only meant for those who are currently at the House of Legislature and Executive but rather for the entire citizens of Liberia.

Madam Fyneah used the medium to pledged Women Legislative Caucus of Liberia full support to women who are desirous of taking on the mantle of authority at the level of the National Legislature.

In a special remark, Margibi County district #3 Representative Ellen A Attoh-Wreh thank the women of District #3 for their unwavering support towards her leadership.

The district #3 representative noted, women play a meaningful role in the governance process and developmental drive of Liberia.

She call on women to be supportive of their fellow women during electoral processes, underscoring that it is only women that understands situations faced by them.

The Margibi County lawmaker narrated, due to the lack of sufficient females at the House of Representatives, there are issues placed on the floor for discussion but are not given ears by their male counterparts.

She stressed the need for women to prioritize female candidates in the upcoming General and Presidential elections so as to have many females in both houses.

For their part, participants of the daylong leadership engagement hailed Representative Ellen A Attoh-Wreh and Women Legislative Caucus for the knowledge conveyed.

The participants lavish praises on Representative Wreh for her endless support to them, teaming her as 'Talk and Do, Iron Lady and Margibi County best lawmaker.

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Wisse TV News
February 11, 2023

Official Press release of Margibi Young Journalist Association (MAYJA)

For immediate release

Officials and Members of the Margibi Young Association, Media Executives and stakeholders, and distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the press.

We bring you the warmest greeting from God Almighty the creator of mankind.

Margibi Young Journalist Association(MaYJA) attention has been drawn to a threat alert by one of its members, Yawah Jaivey, Frontpage Africa Margibi County correspondent by Involved members of leaked audio from the Margibi County Health Team.

On Thursday, February 9, 2023, Journalist Yawah Jaivey informed media colleagues that a white Toyota Jeep belonging to the Margibi County Health Team infiltrated the residence with a team of unknown men.

The FrontPage Africa Reporter in
Margibi expressed grave fear of Strange men stopping his residence by afternoon hours, a situation that has led him to seek refuge in an unknown place, while his family life is at risk.

Yawah Jaivey also stated that the strange guys were noticed in a white Toyota land cruiser jeep late this afternoon focusing at his house. The Jeep is said to be operated by officials of the Margibi County Health Team.

Frontpage Africa's February 2, 2023 publication reported leaked audio involving the local county health officials contended share in a questionable procurement deal of a USAID-funded project in Margibi County.

Journalist Jaive disclosed that since the unearthing of the leaked audio, he continues to receive threatening text messages and calls from unrecognized people.

Margibi Young Journalist Association has seen these alleged threats against its member as a total violation of the right of Journalists and therefore called on those involved to desist.

MaYJA terms such actions as undemocratic, unproductive, and useless, a situation that has the propensity of impeding the works of Journalists in the county.

Margibi Young Journalist Association called on the government of Liberia through the Justice system for a speedy and impartial investigation of those involved in the leaked audio, and recommend a tougher penalty for those who will be guilty.

MaYJA thanks the Ministry of Health for the quick intervention in suspending the alleged individuals in the USAID fund scandal, and call on the acting Leadership at the Margibi County Health Team to do its best in saving the image of the County Health sector.

With God above our rights, Liberia and Liberians will certainly prevail.

Long live all officials and Members of the Margibi Young Journalist Association.

Joekai George Yango
G. Secretary

Patrick N. Wesseh


Arrival of Liberia's former prime minister Nathaniel McGill after days out of the country.


Wisse TV Liberia will go live few minutes from now regarding the arrival of former prime minister Nathaniel McGill.

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Wisse TV News
December 27,2022

District #5 representative hopeful Alice Tonieh Baysah assures Residents of the district good leadership if elected.

By Patrick N. Wesseh

Contact: 0770454316/0886683172

Email: [email protected]

(Gibi district) Margibi County District #5 Representative Hopeful had assured residents that she will provide necessary engagements that will improve the living conditions of citizens of district #5.

Speaking at the climax of a three days Christmas celebration organized by the friends of Alice Baysah in PAYE Town Gibi district, madam Baysah assures that her commitment to the process is to ensure that she work with everyone in different aspects until the light of development is implemented across the District.

Her message was conveyed to the people of District # 5 when Thousands of citizens from various Towns and Villages gathered in their numbers to climax the Christmas celebration in PAYE Town.

Meanwhile, the Citizens however expressed gratitude's to madam Baysah and the Team for what they described as the first of it kind in district #5

However citizens of Gibi district vow to engage others residents of the District in support of madam Alice Baysah activity in order to get her elected as the first female Representative of District #5 in the upcoming coming elections.

At the same time the Director of Media and public relations, D Will's Jomah said the visitation of madam Alice Baysah in Gibi district was interactive and rewarding which according to him the three days event was a historical, Mr. Jomah added that their engagements were marked with Soccer games, Cash donations for Household, including the distribution of Lappas and used clothes among others to residents of the area.

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Former minister of states for presidential affairs Nathaniel McGill identify with fire 🔥 victims in Kakata.

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Wisse TV News

December 5, 2022

Margibi County district #5 representative aspirent Alice Baysah fulfill
promises made to residents and institution in district #5

By Patrick N. Wesseh


Email [email protected]

Weala --- As part of her continue engagements citizens of district #5 the Chief Executive officer of the Friends of Alice Baysah (FOA) made Cash and material affecting society and its people in District #5. The female Representative hopeful has made several interventions affecting the Church and the Friends of Alice Baysah Movement.

Speaking at the gathering organized by the Nyenkar-Ta Lutheran Church, Madam Alice Baysah lauded the leadership of the Church for supporting the work of God in the area.

Madam Baysah in her remark at the Thanksgiving program at Nyenkar-Ta Lutheran Church in District #5, Representative hopeful Alice Baysah said she was very happy to be a part of the program especially in the presence of God.

Meanwhile The CEO of FOA made available a cash amount of (LD$30.000.00)thirty Thousand Liberian Dollars, as a Thanksgiving seeds due to the lot of spiritual and physical attack that she had been face with in past time.

In a related development, madam Alice Baysah however presented four Motor bikes to coordinators of the movement, Friends Of Alice Baysah (FOA)in the District.

The Bikes according to her, will enhance the works of the coordinators across District #5, Margibi County, according to the female Representative aspirent the Cash and materials donations is part of the many contributions she intend to give the people of District #5.

However beneficiaries lauded madam Baysah for the Cash and materials donations, indicating that their support to her endeavor is unbending comes 2023. Noting they are willing to ensure that she is elected as the first female Representative of the District.

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Wisse TV Liberia News


A man believe to be in his early thirty's
Allegedly chopped to death his girlfriend

By our Nimba County correspondent

Sanniquellie --- man only identified as Saye has allegedly chopped his partner multiple times dividing her head into two halves following quarrels between them.

The incident occurred late Saturday evening in the New Barracks Community in Sanniquellie City.

What appears to be her lifeless body is still lying on the scene of the incident as police are yet to arrive.

The man has also absconded the scene and is same to be on the run.

The actual reason for his action is yet unknown.

Scores of community dwellers have gathered on the scene to have a glance of the victim who is lying in a pool of blood.

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WisseTV News

October 27, 2022

Former Minister of state for presidential affairs Nathaniel McGill identifys' with Margibi County health team.

By Patrick N Wesseh


Email [email protected]

(Kakata) Liberia former Minister of state for presidential affairs Nathaniel McGill have made available the sum of 1.5 million Liberian dollars to the health team of Margibi County.

Making the presentation Wednesday October 26, 2022 at the Kakata cinima, former Minister McGill said the money is indeed to help boost the County health team in order have sufficient drugs at verious health facilities within the county.

According to Margibi County senatoral hopeful, health and education remains the major concern of CDC-lead government, former Minister Nathaniel McGill at the same time said he remains supportive to the health system of Margibi County as health delivery his one of his priorities.

Meanwhile the Chief Executive Officer of the Porcupine movement also vowed to collaborate with ministry of finance for development planning in providing the sum of four million United States dollars for business community as mirco loan.

He however noted the four million United States dollars will be given to business people in order to assist boost their businesses across the country, something he said Margibi County is of no exceptions. Minister McGill meanwhile call on Margibians to remain supportive to the development towards the county in making him Margibi County next senator comes 2023.

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A 46 year old woman is being investigated by Police in Maryland County for allegedly breaking the leg of 2 year old child.

By: Maryland Correspondent

A 46 year old woman arrested in Pleebo City, Maryland county by the Liberian
National Police detachment in the County for allegedly breaking the right leg of her two years old grandchild in zone 4 Community Pleebo City.

The incident took place in September of this year 2022, meanwhile, according to report the family members allegedly withheld the information making Little Theresa Zabbeh suffer severe pains, therefore, the saddy situation has claimed the attention of several Citizens in the County.

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Wisse TV News

October 11, 2022

National Election Commission (NEC) certificate The People's Party Ahead of Liberia's Presidential and legislative elections.

By Patrick N. Wesseh

Contact: 0770454316/0886683172

Email: [email protected]

Monrovia: ahead of Liberia's presidential and legislative elections the National Election Commission have certificated The people's Party (TPP).

Speaking Tuesday October 11, 2022 Vai mobile phone the political leader of TPP
Mr. Joseph Bannie said youth in Liberia are becoming disadvantage due to the lack of empowerment for youth noting that the absence of youth programs and other youthful activities in Liberia young people have found pleasure in drugs adaptation.

The US base Liberian further noted if Liberia is to move forward as a country, government needs to create an avenue of inclusiveness for young people of the country.

Bannie at the same time added if elected as president of Liberia youth empowerment and agriculture will be his major parities, he also added that drugs importation will be a state crime under his administration.

Meanwhile the political leader of TPP have assure Liberians of a better Liberia if elected as president of Liberia in the upcoming elections.

However Mr. Joseph Bannie is calling on every Liberian to see the TPP as the party of liberation for Liberia, and work in making sure that TPP is voted comes 2023.

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Wisse TV News
October 5, 2022
Joseph Bannie presidential aspirant of Liberia pending election vows to create youth empowerment when elected.
By Patrick N. Wesseh

Contact: 0770454316/0886683172

Email: [email protected]

(Margibi) The political leader of The People’s Party (TPP) Mr. Joseph Bannie has vows to create youth empowerment if elected as Liberia’s next president.

Speaking Tuesday October 4, 2022 on a local radio in Margibi County,
Mr. Bannie said youth in Liberia are becoming disadvantage due to the lack of empowerment for youth noting that the absence of youth programs and other youthful activities in Liberia young people have found pleasure in drugs adaptation.

The US base Liberian further noted if Liberia is to move forward as a country, government needs to create an avenue of inclusiveness for young people of the country.

Bannie at the same time added if elected as president of Liberia drugs importation will be a state crime under is administration.

Meanwhile the TPP political leader Joseph Bannie said Liberia being one of the oldest countries in Africa should not constantly depend on the importation rice into her country, which according to him under his watch as president Liberia will grow her own food noting that Liberians is capable of producing their own food.

However Mr. Joseph Bannie is calling on every Liberian to see the TPP as the party of liberation for Liberia, and work in making sure that they vote TPP comes 2023.

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WisseTV News

September 22, 2022

Margibi County District #3 Representative Ellen Attoh-wreh identify with Security sectors.

By Patrick N. Wesseh

Contact: 0770454316/0886683172

Email [email protected]

(Kakata) Margibi County District #3 Representative, Hon. Ellen Attoh-Wreh donates twelve (12) pieces of Security Radio to the National Federation of Motorcycles and Tricycles Association of Liberia (NAFOMTAL) Inc Margibi County Chapter.

The security radios according to the honorable will help ease some of the many communication burden on the Union.

At the same time, the Margibi County District #3 lawmaker promised to give additional twenty-eight (28) pieces comes October.

For his part, receiving the items Mr. Amadu Bility Acting President of NAFOMTAL received the donation with heavy heart of joy and appreciation.

Mr. Bility promised to used the items for the purpose intended.

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WisseTV News

September 21,2022

Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrance foundation
Lunch National youth mentoring program
in Kakata Margibi County.

By Patrick N Wesseh

Contact: 0770454316/0886683172

Email [email protected]

(Kakata) The Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrance foundation in collaboration with the office of
Margibi County district #3 representative Ellen Attoh-wreh have begun a three days national youth mentoring program in Margibi County.

Speaking at the start of the program Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrance said the program is intended to train over hundred girls in Margibi County regarding the SGBV/ domestic violence and sexual exploitation and abuse.

Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrance said lawmakers are being questioned about situation regarding the continue act of domestic violence and sexual exploitation in the country, she further noted that the Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrance foundation have undertaken such initiative in order to find solutions to end sexual gender based violence across Liberia noting that her foundation will work with twenty person from each county upon the completion of the national youth mentoring program.

The Grand Bassa lawmaker at the same time noted that those twenty person will serve as ambassadors in every County to fight against Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in Liberia.

Meanwhile senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrance said the Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrance foundation, have ended a three days National Youth Mentoring program in Grand Bassa and is now in Margibi County and is expected to continue such program throughout the fifteenth sub-political division of Liberia.

Also speaking at the occasion Margibi County district #3 representative Ellen Attoh-wreh lauded senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrance for such program indicating that it will help curtail the continuation of Domestic violence and Sexual Exploitation in Liberia.

According to Margibi lone female representative Domestic violence and Sexual Exploitation can only be combated through the support of their male counterpart.

Representative Ellen Attoh-wreh however use the medium to call on female to take the training seriously in order to end Sexual Gender Base Violence in Liberia.

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WisseTV News

September 18,2022

Citizens ofdistrict #3 welcome representative hopeful Lawrence Mulbah upon his return to the county.

(Kakata) Margibi county district #3 representative hopeful Lawrence Mulbah received an overwhelming welcomed from cross section of citizens after he has being out of the county with illness .

In a joyful mood dwellers of serval communities were seeing parading through the principle street of Kakata with representative hopeful Lawrence Mulbah.

For his part, the district #3 aspirant Lawrence Mulbah used the occasion to applaud his team for such a great welcomed, something he attributed as a great surprise. Speaking further Mr. Mulbah said he will remain committed to supporting the people of district #3 positively.

Meanwhile Hon. Mulbah encouraged citizens across the country most especially Margibi County to vote wisely comes 2023, he said those who had not been reaching out to people they are now coming in the name of seeking power something he said is a clear manifestation of power greed.

According to Lawrence Mulbah those wanting power were given opportunity and also place in national budget but failed to deliver the goods for the people they want to represent.

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WisseTV News

August 30, 2022

Senate Confirms Chief Justice Designate

By: legislative reporter

(Monrovia) The Liberian Senate has unanimously confirmed Her Honor, Sie-A-Nyene G. Yuoh as ChiefJustice of the Republic of Liberia

20 Memebers of the Senate voted for Justice Yuoh to be confirmed, Senators 5 voted against, one with abstaining.

The Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights, Claims and Petition recommended the nominee to be confirmed based on her unquestionable character, qualification and experience.

Following the vote count, Grand Gedeh County Senator, Zoe Emmanuel Pennue filed in a motion for reconsideration to be tried before the final decision of the Liberian Senate.

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WisseTV News
August 27, 2022

Official Press release Margibi Youth against Sectionalism, Division, and Witch-Hunting (MarYoSedw)

(A Solidarity Support for Amb Joseph Orlando Beyan, Citizen of Margibi County, et all)
Kakata City, Margibi County, Republic of Liberia
Email: [email protected]
Motto: One Margibi, One People


Ladies and gentlemen of the Press, Margibi County Legislative caucus, Margibi County Administers, Civil Society organizations, Conscious Youth, Students, Marketeers, Health workers, Teachers, Plantation workers, Street Vendors, Fellow Margibians, one and all
We bring you greetings and will like to make known the many ills currently hovering Margibi County and if care isn’t taken, we shall all be left to regret the aftermath. Hence, the above solidarity group will like to have the public informed about issues stalling growth and demeaning progress in our county. The group will like to frown on the political maltreatment and continued Conspiracies being orchestrated particularly among the young people in the circles of Hon. Nuquay.

The Honorable has begun fighting the very people that stood in sun and rain, traveled places, and took insults to get him to where he is today. Hon. Nuquay intends to divide the young people of the county so he gets to do whatever pleases him. This is our mind is dangerous and has the propensity of fueling conflict across the length and breadth of the county yea the country.
We want to state emphatically clear, that we won't sit idle anymore and allow a repeat of his divide and rule method when he served as representative of District 5 and subsequently Speaker of the National Legislature. The young people are resolved and this time, they shall stand their ground and speak thru to the face of Hon. Nuquay.

Our cups are overfilled. We can no longer concede our feelings. Not anymore!
What we are about to say, has never been strange and we know the background of whence all of these unnecessary fights and a political clampdown on young people are coming from; Hon. Nuquay has been the key architect of division, witch hunt, disunity, hate messages, and creating animosity amongst young people in Margibi County instead of reconciling them.
Evidence to our claims points to the fact that the Honorable was or has been heard on several tapes preaching tribal politics and unscrupulously defending and willing to fight those who he perceived may not take legislative instruction from him, or become his stooges.

Where did we go wrong to believe our actions were guaranteed in the best interest of our people?
Is this our crime to do good?
Is this how he intends to pay us?
We refused to be used and abused this time! Let the message goes forth to Hon. Nuquay and his inner motive, this time, we will not take an inch of his weird political behavior. No way.....!
Under his dim-witted and disintegrated political maltreatment of the young people, he was heard referring to Margibians as “sugar ants” only because he enriched himself with ill-gotten wealth at the detriment of the downtrodden, poverty-stricken, and devastated masses. Furthermore, we have been vindicated by his unscrupulous attitude and evidence of some of the happenings in recent times.

Joseph Orlando Beyan as a national youth chair for his party (PUP) has now become his latest target after he has worked with all young people beyond political lines. This is a Young man who has committed himself to serving himself and the party with enthusiasm and inspiration; using his ability and resources to mitigate issues of young people.
It’s appalling that Hon Nuquay will choose to fight a young man of his party after serving him for all those years. Hon Nuquay has justified all of our claims and it’s now a glaring fact that he’s the real deal for Margibi's historical division and discrimination over the years.

The current Caucus can relate.
We are pondering as to who is even ill-advising or supporting the Senator in taking such decisions, most specifically one who has future political ambition-2029. Just as Hon. Nuquay has the propensity in affiliating with other political actors in the country, he should take into consideration that Stanley Cooper, Albert Benjamin Sonnie, Amb Joseph Orlando Beyan, and others have the right in doing the same.

National Youth Leader of a political party and citizens of Margibi has all rights to meet with all county officials despite politics. Of recent, we have learned that Hon Nuquay is so much afraid of Hon Ivar Jones and this uneasiness has further been turned into hate which got exacerbated when Amb Joseph Orlando Beyan and Albert Benjamin Sonnie met with Hon Jones to discuss reconciling the county regardless of political differences, an idea that promotes the “One Margibi Agenda”.
We are testimonials that it was Joseph Orlando Beyan, Albert Sonnie, and Stanley Cooper who were very instrumental in settling the differences between Hon Nuquay and Hon Gahr after the then-2017 electioneering year.

Since the guys meeting with Hon Jones and posting pictorials on their personal pages, Hon Nuquay has been so vindictive and divisive that; has chosen to go after the brothers by sending his thugs to attack and denigrate them. It can be recalled that Hon Nuquay was heard on tape threatening the life of an Office staffer of Hon Jones (Geovannie Brooks). In that tape back in 2020, he was overheard saying that he will send people to go after Mr. Brooks. Today as part of his usual antics has again chosen to send his thugs after these finest sons of the soil only because they met with one of his biggest rivals.

With amusement, Hon. Nuquay is again caught on tape this time around threatening a seating Lawmaker and her family of District #3, “I will deal with them”, “I will play with them”, that friskiness they on”; what a retrospect of 2017, “If even heaven open, I will go after them”
Can you see what people said about Hon Nuquay back then and today, he’s proving them right.
In Hon. Nuquay world, there is no team but a one-man accomplisher, this is in all of his presentations, “I did this, I did that, I built this, and I bought this”
As evidence of the facts, we should retrospect on what he did to Rep. Ben Fofana, Stephen Kai, and many others. He didn't stop there but fought members of his party (PUP) in Margibi County on tribal sentiment instead of competence.

Not just that, but again fighting Hon. Attoh-Wreh after her husband, Hon. Prince Anything Wreh supported him while serving strategic positions on his campaign team that brought him to power after being flogged in 2017.
Is Hon Nuquay telling us that all his supporters or loyalists are his houseboys? Is he telling us now that his divisive agenda is back on track? These questions need answers from the Senator who is after his loyalists only because of mere photos posted.

Additionally, the previous 2017 Elections should have sent a strong signal to the Senator after he made all those denigrating statements and it hunted him in return.
In all fairness, these brothers have been committed to the struggles in making Hon. Nuquay who he is currently and has been loyal beyond all reasonable doubts. They have stood the test of time and have provided their expertise in helping Hon. Emmanuel Nuquay achieves his developmental purposes in Margibi County. Is this how he's paying them back? Wow!! Fighting these very people that fought to rebrand and present you to the people of Margibi.

Finally, we won't allow continuous division and unnecessary fights among Young Margibians when we are still around. This is getting off-hands and we seriously frowned on it to the core and will do all to protect our own. Margibi is not Sen. Nuquay's personal property to keep fighting everyone for his political gains. We too have our potential and will join ranks with our young generation in making sure this will not be repeated. Hon. Nuquay has debased and parlayed the honor of the elder (Senatorial) seat of our county thereby resulting in monumental disappointment, frustration, and disenchantment among his supporters and colleagues.

We must speak the truth to our mothers, sisters, and fathers to awaken their minds, no matter the financial envelope they know that the gift from a wicked man is a trap.

Therefore, we are posted at the barricade and will always make known our positions, on any issue that has the propensity to undermine the peace, stability, and progress of our beloved Margibi County. We remain committed to fighting and resisting division, discrimination, injustices, and all forms of indigestion melted against the determined people of Margibi County that are so yarning for oneness, peace, unity, and coherence.
For his presidential bid in 2029, we will simply refer to it as history. Let the message goes forth one Margibi, one people irrespective of our political beliefs, we are bound to protect this agenda, our county desires better.

We are more than serious and will not sit anymore and allow Hon. Nuquay is proud of himself and thinks he’s a demigod. We will stop him. We are determining to.
Issued on this 27th Day of August 2022
Long live Margibi County!
Long Live the Youth of Margibi County!

Signed: __Gabriel Kuleh
Youth of Margibi County

Approved: Curtis Titus Garmonga Davis

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