Apple Hostel Cholpon Ata

Apple Hostel Cholpon Ata


Run by the most beautiful girls in Kyrgyzstan and they are the most selfless and helpful people I've ever met. They do things for free without thinking of themselves.

Welcome to the most fun, innovative and homy atmosphere in kG! We are happy to see each one of our guests and introduce to a local culture in a fun way!


❤❤❤ Happy Valentine's Day! ❤❤❤


New video by aigul kubatbekova

Macarena by Miles, our guest from California :)


New video by aigul kubatbekova

Our Korean guest performance #applehostelcholponata 28/12/2017

Первый проморолик о Третьих Всемирных играх кочевников (смотреть)

World Nomad Games. September 2018. Are you in? 😎 Видеоролик рассказывает историю великих кочевий, которая зародилась в далекие времена 26/10/2017

3 Places to Visit in Cholpon-Ata Apart from the Lake By Anushervon Shoimardonov, Aidai Chekira and Dinara Bakitzhanova. The authors of this piece are participants of the Media and Debate Camp 2017 organized by the IDEA CA International Educational Association in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyz Republic. Cholpon-Ata is the most popular resort town on the


Drone Pilot Discovering Amazing Kyrgyzstan | Кыргызстан | 4k | DJI Phantom 4

Kyrgyzstan from a Bird's View

Drone selfie video by DJI Phantom 4 during a video-making project for exploring Kyrgyzstan impressive nature and mountains. Soundtrack: "Tove Lo - Habits (St...


This Is Kyrgyzstan | 4k | DJI Phantom 4 | قيرغستان | Кыргызстан

This is Kyrgyzstan!

This video is a part from volunteering project "Sayakat 2016" for promoting Kyrgyzstan tourism through photography, blogging and video-making. Kyrgyzstan is ... 20/02/2017

Zakirbek Duishenbek Uulu - комуз домбра

Kyrgyz Komuz vs Kazakh Dombra Zakirbek Duishenbek Uulu Kyy Taymash Astana 2016 Nooruz


кыргыз бала турцияда 1 орунду ээледи

A boy from Kyrgyzstan is playing Komuz and singing a traditional Kyrgyz song... 06/02/2017

Sultan Sadyraliev - Kyrgyz Biyi (Kyrgyz folk dance)

One of the most popular Kyrgyz songs ... Көптөн күтүлгөн "Кыргыз Бий" клибибиз жарыкка чыкты. Султан Садыралиевдин аткаруусунда, Алтынбек Сулайманов агабыздын колдоосу менен, Рысбек Жабиров байкебиз... 01/02/2017

Beautiful Dance Performed by a Kazakh girl...

Kyrgyz & Kazakh dancing styles have many similar features ....


100 Years of Beauty Makeup: Kyrgyzstan Style 1900-2016 th

100 Years of a Kyrgyzs Woman's HairStyle 1900-2016


7 Facts about Kyrgyzstan

Did you know?

Learn, Share, Subscribe ------------------------------------------------ Watch the Asian series here:


Wanna travel to Kyrgyzstan?

Well, here are some Kyrgyz words to check out before your trip :)

Survival Basics for Kyrgyz back to top




What's up?
Emne boldu?

How are you?

Good, thanks, and you?
Jakshy, rahmat, ozunguz?

Good bye!
Kosh kalyngyz!

See you later!

Sorry! Kechirip koyunguz!

Do you speak English?
Siz Anglische suyloy alasyzby?

I only speak a little Kyrgyz.
Men bir az Kyrgyzscha suyloy alam.

I understand.
Men tushunom.

I don't understand.
Men tushunboym.

Thank you!
Rahmat! 09/01/2017

10 Reasons Why Kyrgyzstan Is OutSTANding - Goats On The Road

Here are 10 Reasons Why Kyrgyzstan Is OutSTANding. Credit goes to Goats On The Road for writing up this article :) Of all the Stan’s in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is the most talked about amongst travellers, and for good reason. No visa hassle, open borders, forward thinking people, stunning mountains and community based tourism projects will ensure that Kyrgyzstan will always stay near the top of the Central Asia... 02/01/2017

Ultimate Female Packing List for Trekking in Kyrgyzstan - Her Packing List

For Females Only!

What do you need to pack for trekking in Kyrgyzstan? Find out @
Ultimate Female Packing List for Trekking in Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan is off the beaten path for most travelers but it is an excellent place for hiking. Margaux shares her packing list for trekking in Kyrgyzstan, complete with a full gear rundown.




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