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Kendily Petals Kenya

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Preserved and Stabilised Natural Flowers and Foliage that lasts for over 2 years, with no water avoiding direct sunlight and humidity.The only maintenance is dusting them occasionally. Preserved and Stabilised Natural Flowers and Foliage.Lasts for over 2 years with minimal Maintenance.We can custom make to your liking both the arrangement and the pot.


When I was a child I like swinging from swings. Now I'm grown up I realise that a swing is basically flowers in motion


A gathering of great beauty


Boatful of beauty is how we want to travel through the currents of life


A flower can grow anywhere where there is love.
Preserved beauties


If Autumn had a voice, it would sound like this.
Preserved Solidago


Love at first sight.
Preserved flowers


Friends are like flowers. When you water them constantly, they enrich your life with beauty and smells of life.
Preserved flowers made to last for over 2 years.


For when you aren’t sure of her favourite colour.
Preserved natural rose on a wooden slice for Kes 1500


And you wonder why roses love being admired.
Preserved natural roses at Kes 400 per stem


Don't forget to celebrate all wins, no matter how small, with flowers


You can touch her with your actions. Or with a flower.


This flower reminds us of all the beauty that we see and we don’t.


Why are we afraid to go pursue the things we love with tenacity and devour? Why do we hold back?


Sometimes you walk into a room and there isn’t anyone waiting for you. Others times it’s a flower.


You achieved something, anything, doesn’t matter how small. Celebrate it. With a flower that won’t wilt.


It’s never about the money if you are led by passion. Of course the money helps a great deal.


You won’t find joy anywhere else but within yourself. But having a flower in your space sure helps a great deal.


With each petals breath ,Kendily’s love story with nature unfolds

Available,call or send us a message to order.We deliver worldwide.


With each petal,we pen a story ,crafting moments to be cherished.

Available at Kshs 6,700.Call or send us a message to order .We deliver worldwide


In every petal’s curve a piece of our heart a touch of Kendily’s magic.

Call or send us a message to order.We deliver worldwide.


At Kendily, petals are the ink and every arrangement is a stanza in the poetry of life.

Available.Call us or send us a message to order.We deliver worldwide.


In petals embrace,time finds its grace.

We deliver worldwide.
Call or send us a message to order.


Kendily's touch ,a story told
Natures wonders,captured in gold

Call or send us a message to order.
We ship worldwide.

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Preserved flowers
What makes you the happiest about flowers? Tell you what, at Kendily Petals, our preserved flowers1. Last up to 2 years2...
Pretty darn cute!thank you Suzzie
Coffee vibe
I must have flowers.Always,always.Check out these preserved beauties that will last for over 2 years,no water,no humidit...