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Whatsonradio1 is an online radio station that you can tune into across the globe through our website www.whatsonradio1.com or by downloading our app from Play store or Appstore. We play a mix of Rhumba, hip-hop, R&B, Soul as well as music from across Africa. Tune in for authentic conversations on topical issues, “edge of your seat” talk shows that are vibrant and well-curated to educate, enterta


Philosophy is a product of leisure rooted in curiosity. The ancient philosophers started philosophizing when they had settled the basic needs of food and water and shelter.

You won't be hungry and be analyzing which metaphysical element is the ultimate cause and what the knowledge of the being-ness of a fly portends in epistemology or phenomenology.

The same also is the quest undertaken by those tourists trapped down the sea. Almost everything that was discovered, came about through curiosity. If you are hungry, there will be a level to your curiosity.

This is why their exploration won't make sense to most Africans. We are still at the basic level of needs. . . Even our African leaders are still looking for salary increments.

Make we calm down. . .that was how the white man explored the world until he claimed to have discovered Africa.

Una no go go explore now, when others explore finish, colobi all the fish, una go come begin shout colonialism.




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Our Story

Whatsonradio1 is an initiative of professionals coming together to make a difference in the world of communication and entertainment. Born in December 2017, the idea was an off-shoot of another initiative based in France – with a common purpose to entertain, inform and build public opinion on contemporary events throughout Africa and the world.”

We pride ourselves in original ideas for Africa by striving to create a platform, that will be used to share cultural as well as new dimensional beginnings. All geared towards presenting the positive side of Africa, with a light touch.

Dolceradio1 promotes social ties through regular festive and cultural events open to all in partnership with stakeholders across the African Continent.

To carry out this projects, Whatsonradio1 1 has incorporated a diverse team of correspondents around the world: including but not limited to '' Kenya, Cameroon, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, France, Germany, USA, Tanzania and South Africa '', it is expected that with time this list will expand and be more inclusive locally and internationally.

Currently we have 6 presenters based in Nairobi, producing programmes in collaboration with correspondents from elsewhere. The diversity of our programs is dynamic: Sports, cinema, entertainment, culture in all its forms, health, and games....

As for the music we focus on R&B, Reggae, Rock, Gospel, Jazz and African music such as Lingala, rumba, , benga, zouk, Ndombolo, Salsa, Merengue, Zouk, Pachanga, Makossa; so each style has its place.

WHATSONRADIO 1 is a non-partisan radio available on the Internet at: www.whatsonradio1.com
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