Brittney’s Bungalows, LLC

Brittney’s Bungalows, LLC

Partnering with homeowners in Western New York to bring their short-term rentals to fruition.


We are almost into Q4 for 2023! That means there’s several months worth of short term rental data now available to assess which ZIP codes in WNY are seeing success. Listed below are the top 5 performing ZIP codes in WNY today. Some of these ZIP codes may be a surprise to you!

1. Burt, NY scored a 99/100 market score**
2. Machias, NY scored a 95/100 market score
3. Derby, NY scored a 91/100 market score
4. Silver Creek, NY scored a 86/100 market score
5. Franklinville, NY scored an 84/100 market score

If you’re an investor, landlord, homeowner, and or vacation homeowner, shoot me a message and we can take a look at what a short term property could do for you in one of these markets!

**Market Score is based on the performance of a ZIP code compared to the top 2,000 short term rental markets globally. 5 key metrics are considered into a market’s overall score.

Source: AIRDNA


Did you know?

📸80% of a guest’s decision is based on the photography of a short-term rental!

What makes the photography worth booking?

• Photos taken with a professional camera
The algorithm on Airbnb has the ability to determine the megapixels of photos. Cellphone photos aren’t going to cut it. Hiring a photographer is worth the investment!

• Lighting
Open all the curtains and turn all the lights on for the photos. Bright photos are more inviting to guests.

•Take a photo of the front of you unit
This makes finding your unit much easier for your guests and leads to positive check in reviews.


Superhost status 🚨‼️

I’m excited to announce since managing this property for one of my homeowner partners, the listing has been upgraded to Superhost!!

What does Superhost status mean? When recognized with this status as an Airbnb host, it means you are a top rated and experienced host that offers guests with the best hospitality.

As a Superhost you have more visibility on the platform, access to exclusive rewards, and more earning potential.


🎉 Fear of guests throwing parties on your property is one I hear often when speaking with homeowners. I’d like to help ease those fears by giving three practical ways I avoid parties from happening in short term rental properties.

1. Read reviews of guests who inquire booking with your property. If they have no reviews or bad reviews from previous stays with other hosts, don’t accept their stay.

2. It’s a major red flag if someone who lives in the same city or near by city of your property books a one night stay on the weekend. If that happens, do not accept the stay.

3. Have a ring doorbell or noise + occupancy monitor.


Have you considered, as a homeowner, how you can capture the financial benefits of having a short term rental? Listed below are various types of homeowners who are potential candidates for listing their properties on short-term rental platforms:

1) Vacation homeowners
2) Investors
3) Landlords looking for a change from long-term tenants
4) Those who've inherited property that they will not live in permanently
5) Those who travel extensive amounts of time away from their primary residence

If you fit the description of one or more of those types of homeowners, reach out to me today for a consultation to determine what it would look to list your property on short-term rental platforms! From there we can determine which service Brittney's Bungalows, LLC offers best fits your short-term rental goals.

Brittney's Bungalows, LLC

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Home in Angola · ★5.0 · 3 bedrooms · 4 beds · 1 bath 14/06/2023

The 5 star rated Beach Breeze House currently has dates available for you to book in August and September for weekend, long weekend, and week long stays!

This home is newly renovated and perfect for a family getaway along with your pets! Central to everything and equipped with a fenced in backyard featuring a private pool! During your stay you’ll be conveniently located across the street from Lake Erie Beach Park, within walking distance of several restaurants, and able to easily enjoy all the near by local entertainment.

40 min drive from Buffalo Int Airport
13 min drive to Sunset Bay Beach
5 min drive to Mickey Rats beach club
1 hour drive to Niagara Falls
3 min drive to Grandview Bay Golf Course (great course for kids!) & The Lucy Goose Bar and Grill
35 min drive to Lake Erie State Park
25 min drive to several wineries
1 hour drive to Niagara Falls State Park
45 min drive to Buffalo Zoo

Home in Angola · ★5.0 · 3 bedrooms · 4 beds · 1 bath Cozy home across from beach + pool + pet friendly


Brittney’s Bungalows, LLC partners with homeowners in Western New York to bring their short-term rentals to fruition. I provide two different services for your future short-term rental(s). These services include short-rental management & arbitrage.

- Management: Do you own a property that you’d like to see become a revenue stream for you, but don’t have the time for it? This scenario is the ideal candidate for my short-term rental service where I partner with you and manage everything for your short-term rental property. This includes everything from market research, listing set up, vetting and hosting guests, to cleaning of your property.

- Arbitrage: Are you currently a landlord? Have long-term tenants taken a toll on your properties? The short-term rental space offers many advantages over long-term rentals and is an option to consider as a landlord. Some of these advantages include less wear and tear on appliances and property, an extremely clean and well kept space, and guaranteed rent. These advantages can be gained via the arbitrage service. This is the rent to rent model where Brittney’s Bungalows, LLC rents from you, the landlord, and then lists your property as a short-term rental to vetted guests.