The Green Pastures Tabernacle Church- Meru

The Green Pastures Tabernacle Church- Meru

The GPTC- Meru under the leadership of Rev Reginald & Loise Kinyua we're located along Makutano-Ruiri Rd, 2nd Floor,VERA Beauty College Building.

Come worship with us every Sunday from 10am-12.30pm.


Walk about Zion, go around her, count her towers,
consider well her ramparts, view her citadels, that you may tell of them to the next generation. For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.


6 “Let’s go across to the outpost of those pagans,” Jonathan said to his armor bearer. “Perhaps the Lord will help us, for nothing can hinder the Lord. He can win a battle whether he has many warriors or only a few!” ( 1 Sam 14:6 NLT)


Feel most welcome to join us for our mid week services..


Are you in Meru and Makutano area..? Join us this Sunday for our worship service..

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